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Archive-name: SpecMome/treylisa.txt


Archive-title: Trey and Lisa

         Trey sighed.  It had been a long, hard day - week, in fact.  Lisa

     nestled in his lap, her face buried in his neck and shoulder as she

     floated somewhere in the soft and fluffy world their cuddling often

     generated for her.  She had some time ago softly moved herself onto

     his lap, pushed her skirt up and behind her, then, moving her legs far

     apart, gently pushed his two middle fingers up inside her.  She tugged

     her pussylips wide apart until they were taut, pink and shiny with the

     strain of stretching, then closed the heel of his hand upon it, his

     fingers still inside her.  She closed her thighs tightly and trapped

     his hand within her, gently rolling his hand with her movements,

     fondling him as she freed him from his clothing.  She particularly 

     loved the long, gentle lovemaking that began this way - he moving 

     his hands inside her vagina, clenching and unclenching his hand upon 

     her clitoris as she rolled her thighs back and forth, controlling 

     both the movements and the pressure of his fingers inside her and 

     his hand upon her.

         Gently she stroked him - slowly, softly.  It would not do to bring

     him on too fast.  Dimly, lost in the mists of her own pleasure, she

     was aware,to a surprising degree of the intensity of his arousal -

     and careful not to push him over the brink, either pysically or

     psychologically.  She loved his hands upon her, and in her.  She loved

     to fondle him - and could float this way for hours.

         Her belly rolled visibly.  She  dripped with wetness, as

     the movement of his fingers made soft sucking sounds, swirling,

     slowly circling inside her cunt.  She gasped as he crooked the

     first joints of his fingers and slowly pressed them outward in a

     circle just barely inside the sphincter of her cunt.  She spasmed and

     shuddered as she came.  Her nipples stood erect and puckered, an inch

     long at least, as his left hand curled around her and began to tease

     them, pulling and plucking, twisting and kneading, pressing and


         She had  come   that way several times in the past hour - each

     time her cunt grasping firmly at his fingers and pulling them up even

     deeper inside her.  But her arousal grew in intensity with each

     orgasm.  Somewhere deep inside her was a primal gnawing, a hunger for

     him and his seed that would not be denied.

         Careful not to move his fingers out of her, she sat erect, and 

     swung her legs to straddle him as she opened his shirt and pulled

     it off of him.  Finally she took him by his cock, and pulled

     him gently erect, legs spread wide for him to more easily retain his

     hold upon her, and tenderly tugged him down to the floor.  Again

     straddling him, this time with her backside facing him so he could

     continue to probe her cunt and play with her pussy, she bent carefully

     forward to drag her nipples along his abdomen as she pulled away his

     trousers and his underwear.  That done, she proceeded to lubricate him

     carefully, taking him slowly into her mouth, inch by careful inch,

     each bob of her head moving him more deeply into her throat until the

     final bob placed her so deeply around him her nose was buried in his

     sac and her lower lip rested on the hard bone that underlay the soft

     flesh surrounding the base of his cock.  She began to swallow, then to

     bob, swallow, bob, swallow, bob, her fingers lightly scratching his

     balls and the perineum that lay at the base of his pelvis.  From time

     to time she lifted high enough to breath, licking swiftly at the tip

     of his cock, rimming the head with a flickering tongue, her teeth

     lightly raking up and down the tender, swollen head.  She pressed the

     tip of her tongue into the opening that leaked his seminal fluid,

     lapping contentedly at the liquid she found there, plunging

     suddenly the full length of his shaft until he was firmly

     embedded once again within her mouth and throat.  She resumed her

     sucking, swallowing motions.  He was arching and thrusting into

     her throat, moaning.  But it was not yet the time...

         She was reluctant to tear herself from the sweetness that was

     flowing from his hands up into her cunt, shaking her belly with

     tremendous spasms, her buttocks clenching and unclenching as she came,

     and came, and came.  His chest was slippery with the juices that had

     dripped from her.  Swiftly she reversed herself, swapping ends with

     such alacrity that her pussy hardly felt the difference in the rhythm

     of the stroke between his fingers and his cock as he pushed deeply

     into her, probing the depths of her womb.  She took a moment or two,

     sitting quite erect, her breasts bouncing as she moved, to position

     him very carefully, so that his cock not only lay within her cunt, but

     pushed gently into her cervix pressing against the top of her

     womb, the feeling of fulness and completion that contact gave her

     threatened to overwhelm her yet again.

     He lifted his knees behind her so that she could lean back a bit,

     laying her weight upon his thighs stretching her pussy so wide it

     seemed the skin would have to tear, as she tilted  her cunt forward

     and up so he could see himself enter her.  Her clitoris stood firm

     and straight, a small errection of her own.  He reached forward and

     began to flick the tip of her clitoris with a finger, lightly - ever

     so lightly; then, reaching to run his fingers around his cock as she

     lifted slightly to pull a little of herself outside her cunt, he wet

     his fingers on her tissue and his cock, grasping her clitoris firmly

     at the base, and beginning slowly to wind it, like a watch.

         She began to pump him in and out of her cunt, carefully

     maintaining the highly visible posture she knew he loved - her thighs

     spraddled as widely as they would go, her pussylips, pinched firmly

     one in each hand, stretched wide and taut so her cunt was clearly

     visible against the background of her shaved pubes (she didn't like

     anything obscuring his view of her, not even her pubic hair...she

     *loved* the look in his eyes when he looked at her..)   Up and down,

     in and out, with each raise of her hips, a bit of her pulled out with

     his cock, and she gradually shifted her hands on her pussy so she

     could hold it wide with the heels of her hands, while she firmly

     grasped and squeezed herself around his

     cock.  She began to hammer her pussy on his pelvis, her moans rising

     in pitch as she rose in tempo.  She had come already half a dozen

     times, but he had not...not yet.  Orgasms she had had aplenty this

     day, but it was not enough.  She needed not just another orgasm, she

     needed *him*...his essence, his substance, that which made him what he

     was...and she began to plead and beg for it, to whimper,  her muscles

     pulling and tugging, sucking and coaxing.  He had for some time now

     been holding her breasts in his hands, kneading and squeezing, her

     long nipples clipped between thumb and hand - as much to keep her

     breasts from aching with the vigor of her humping as she worked

     ever harder, relentlessly compelling him to greater heights of pleasure.

         Her eyes closed, she could feel every nuance of the twitches and

     quirks of his cock's movements within her....she could almost *feel*

     his load mound up preparatory to the rush. "Oh, yes! OH, YES! **OH,


     *NEED* IT...I ***NEED***...." and as she spoke the word, he erupted

     within her.  A flood of warm, wet, sweet heat washed over her,

     beginning at a tiny, tiny point high up inside her womb.  As his hot

     liquid spread over her insides, so the point expanded, until she felt

     as though she were flying apart - then collapsing back into herself

     with a rush and a roar in her ears that made her head swim, and then

     she simply melted into him.  Disappeared.  There was no longer Trey

     and Lisa...there was only *them*, whatever you chose to name them.

     They were one, again.  Not forever, not even for terribly long - but

     so long as she could hold him there with her, she would.

         She lay down, rolling over, pulling him down upon her, carefully

     tucking her breasts between them that his weight would allow her tiny

     movements to roll her hardened nipples between them.  She lay, once

     again her face nestled in his neck as his fingers and hands roamed

     over her body, her legs spread as widely as she could, her cunt

     pulling him still deeper, massaging him softly, trying to keep

     him firm enough to remain within her as long as she could hold it.

     An hour later they were still there, she, still holding him within

     her, he still cradling her against him...and they slept, her pussy

     sucking softly at his cock...small movements that would have been

     visible from the right vantage point...her fingers still tenderly

     roaming his face and chest, touching, touching, touching, with a

     quiver to them every time they found him once again....and still she

     slept, tears of shared delight dampening the cushion which

     pillowed their heads...a smile drifting lightly on her lips...



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