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Archive-name: SpecMome/

Archive-author: James Charles Lynn

Archive-title: Touch, The


             (This story is dedicated to someone very special.)


   The stars twinkled down from a crystal sky. The moon was just a sliver,

illuminating nothing but making the shadows seem deeper. Four cars sat

silent in the driveway. The windows of the house were dark. A hush had

fallen over the scene.

   It was not long before the silence was broken by the whish-whish of

footsteps moving through the tall grass. Two shadows broke apart from the

others and moved to the side door of the garage. The taller of the two

fumbled in his pockets for something. There was the jingle of keys and the

door obediently swung open. The shadows dissappeared within.

   James flicked on the lights, blinding them both for a second. When

Theresa could see again she surveyed the scene. "So, this is it?"

   "Yep." James said. "Be it ever so humble--and they don't come much more

humble than this."

   The interior of the garage appeared to be a cross between a bedroom and

a storage shed. Tools hung on the wall. By the door was a rather

uncomfortable looking low bed with a bicycle parked next to it. Theresa

noticed one of the tires was flat and smiled. No wonder he went into shock

when it blew!

   At the other end of the garage stood a computer desk complete with

mandatory computer and plenty of other stuff stacked on the shelves.

Beside the computer stand was a large stack of white boxes. She could see

comic book covers through the oval slits on the side. The rest of the room

was hard to describe. Various pieces of furniture were stacked along the

wall, and every horizontal surface had something stacked on it. So much

was stuffed into such a small space that there was barely room to swing a

cat. Fortunately there were no cats available anyway. Against the opposite

wall a large standup freezer hummed contentedely to itself.

   Finally she said, "This isn't bad. It's a roof over your head." She

looked up and saw something strange. A mason jar strung from a hook

overhead with a cord running from it, nailed across the ceiling to a light

socket with a plug in it. "What is that?"

   "Oh, you'll like this..." James reached up and plugged in the cord.

Immediately the little jar lit up with colored points of light. Theresa

gasped a little, in spite of herself. It was beautiful. Then James reached

out and unscrewed the other ceiling lights just enough to put them out.

The little jar cast a pale, subdued glow about the room, like a tiny

galaxy all alone. Deep, mellow shadows surrounded them, making the room

more cozy and warm.

   "That's beautiful." She said quietly.

   "Nothing special, just some christmas lights I stuffed in there. Works

really well, I think." He moved behind her and placed his hands on her

shoulders, gently massaging them and admiring the way the light brought

out the highlights in her beautiful long brown hair. Theresa closed her

eyes and smiled as a sigh escaped her. "That's nice."

   After a long moment James stopped, rummaging through a sack on the

table. He pulled out a small plastic bottle. "I have to go get this heated

up first. You could, um, get undressed while I do that." He pulled a towel

from the dresser. "Is this fine?"

   "Perfectly fine." Theresa said, accepting the towel. "You go ahead and

do that. I'll be waiting..."

   "Okay." James said, a little nervousness in his voice. He closed the

door quietly behind him and a moment later she heard the back porch door

open and close.

   Silly boy. What was he worried about? Theresa was surprised to find her

heart was beating a little faster than usual. She sat down on the bed,

testing it. Three inches of foam over a solid wood platform with a

comforter on top. About as uncomfortable as it looked. Probably about

right softness for a massage table, except it was too big and too low. Oh,

well, James said it would work fine. She trusted his judgement.

   In the dim multicolored light she quietly undressed. Standing nude in

the middle of a man's bedroom she felt a little vulnerable and shivered,

gooseflesh running down her arms and legs. Not worried, though. She felt

she knew James well enough to trust him. But one could not be 100% sure

until the moment of truth. Well, guess what time it was?

   She shrugged off her concerns and laid down on the bed on her stomach.

She positioned the towel over her back so it covered her from mid-thigh to

her shoulderblades. Then she folded her arms and rested her head on them,

waiting patiently.

   James returned several minutes later, bearing a large plastic bowl of

steaming water in which the little bottle floated. He saw Theresa laying

there on the bed, her skin given a lovely golden sheen by the mood light.

His heart rate suddenly tripled as his mouth went dry. Jeez, get ahold of

yourself, man! he scolded himself. Be cool. He set the bowl down quietly

on the table. "Hi."

   "Mmmm." Theresa replied, enjoying the peace of the moment. James pulled

off his shirt, asking her if she minded. "Mmmm-mm." she replied distantly,

vaguely wondering why he had to ask so many questions. It was


   James worked his fingers a little to loosen them up. Not that he really

needed to, but he did need to regain some of his composure. Having a

beautiful young woman laying all but naked on his bed was a little

unsettling. No matter, he would act professionally!

   After a moment he felt more assured. He fished the bottle out of the

bowl and pulled the edge of Theresa's towel down to the middle of her

back. He squirted some of the massage oil on his hands and rubbed them

together. Then he placed both hands on Theresa's shoulders just on either

side of the neck and went to work.

   This was not Theresa's first massage by any means, and she could tell

that James hadn't had much practice. He used too much or too little

pressure, but not enough to hurt or tickle. It was just uneven. Then she

realized that while he wasn't experienced he was indeed talented and

fingers instinctively sought out the tension in her muscles and worked

them slowly out. It wasn't long before she felt like purring as his strong

fingers slowly worked over her back muscles. Moving downward, downward...

   James was out of shape. By the time he reached the small of her back

his fingers were aching. No problem. He oiled his hands again and gently

placed the heels of his palms side by side along her spine. He slowly ran

them up her back, putting a little weight behind them. He was rewarded

with an "Oooohhh..." from her and did it again several times.

   The he pulled the edge of the towel back up over her back. The he

swallowed hard and gingerly gripped the lower end of the towel, raising it

up over her back.

   It was a sight worth dying for. Her ass was magnificent, and he just

had to stop a second to admire the smooth lines of her form. She had great

legs, too. Then, embarassed, he quickly reached for the bottle and oiled

his hands some more, hoping she hadn't noticed the lapse.

   Theresa had noticed the pause and knew exactly what he was looking at.

She blushed a little but she was also flattered. Her pulse quickened and

she felt a warmth begin to spread out within her, starting out from a spot

not too far from where he had been staring...

   James began working the muscles of her lower back with gentle strength.

His fingers worked down over her hips and around until he had one

beautiful cheek in each hand which he kneaded slowly.

   James wondered how she'd feel if she knew he had a massive erection. He

doubted she'd be surprised.

   Theresa's warmth was quickly fanned into a flame by his gentle

ministrations, though he didn't know it. Where he was touching and how he

did it was incredibly erotic, and she hoped he'd spend extra time there.

   He did. It was with regret he moved on down to her upper thighs and

worked one leg at a time with both hands. He moved slowly, working every

square inch with great care. The fire soon cooled but by no means did it

go out. For either of them.

   Finally he laid her other leg down and quietly said, "Okay, let's turn


   A gentleman to the end, he closed his eyes and picked up the towel.

Theresa rolled over and took the towel from him, positioning it modestly.

For a brief second she toyed with the idea of tossing it aside but better

judgement prevailed. For the first time she saw the dim golden light wash

over his bare chest, and saw how thin he still was, so long after his

problems. A brief twinge of pity tugged at her heart, but it quickly

quieted. Thin or not, he was still not bad looking...

   James opened his eyes to see she was looking at him. He smiled back as

he began to work the muscles over her lower legs. Soon he was working up

to her thighs. He raised the edge of the towel as high as he could. His

eyes were well adjusted to the light and he couldn't help noticing a few

pubic hairs poking from beneath the edge of the towel. He kept his face

bland in case she was watching him (he didn't want to look) and

concentrated on gently knotting the muscles of her thighs.

   Theresa's eyes were closed as she concentrated on the powerful

sensation of his hands moving slowly up to her crotch. The fire had

returned and she felt her hips moving slightly in rhythm with his hands.

When his hands had moved all the way up one finger accidently (was it an

accident?) brushed between the lips of her vagina and made direct contact

with her clitoris. She shuddered at the explosion of pleasure from the

direct core of her being and he stopped suddenly. She knew he knew what

had happened. Eyes still closed, she waited to see what he would do next.

   Oh, shit, James thought. It was an accident (wasn't it?) but he felt he

had messed everything up. He felt it was a violation of trust and for a

second he considered calling the whole thing off. But no, if she didn't

say anything then why mess it up? She had promised to squawk if things got

uncomfortable and he didn't doubt she would. He pulled the hem of the

towel down, with more than a little regret.

   Then he gently worked the muscles of her hand. How tiny it looked in

the palm of his hand! For a brief moment he was flooded with an emotion

that had nothing to do with sex, then he got back in control. All the

trust she had placed in him seemed represented by her limp hand in his,

and he suddenly felt fiercely protective of her. Oh, knock that shit off!

he scolded himself again. He had no business feeling this way. Put it away

and concentrate on the work at hand.

   He gently kneaded the muscles of her forearm and upper arm, and then

leaned over to work the other one. Finally, he placed his thumbs on her

temples and massaged the muscles there. Then he sat back, massaging his

own aching hands. He needed to build up the muscles more if he did this

often. He hoped he would be doing this often.

   A long moment of silence stretched between them. Finally Theresa

stirred and sighed. "That was wonderful."

   "I do try." James said, reaching down to gently stroke her arm. He ran

his fingers lightly up to her throat. She tilted her head back as he

traced the line of her jaw. A smile crossed her lips, small but very, very

large in meaning.

   Almost before he knew what he was doing, James leaned down and kissed

her. Their lips met for an endless passionate moment that ended much too

soon. When they parted he saw she was looking up at him, and he knew she

was feeling the same things as he.

   Theresa reached up and caressed his chest. "That was nice. Let's do it


   So he kissed her again, their tongues meeting in an intimate embrace.

This time he didn't break contact, but instead traced his lips down her

jawline to the hollow of her throat. She giggled a little at the tingling

sensation this caused.

   Nor did he stop there. Taking his time he explored the lovely lines of

her collarbone, then moved down with slow, exquisite deliberation. He

moved the hem of the towel down until both her breasts were left exposed.

The nipples stood up stiff and hard. He took one in his mouth and the

other in his hand.

   Theresa gasped and squirmed at the waves of pleasure that swept over

her. He used teeth and tongue gently to bring her to ever higher plateaus.

Her hands roamed over his back, sometimes clenching and leaving light


   After a while James stopped. With a contemptuous flick of the wrist he

whipped the towel away. Theresa was startled by the action but his smile

reassured her. With his mouth he travelled down her belly, pausing a

moment at her navel. Then onward again, down to the dark triangle of her

pubic hair. The hair was very soft and he rubbed his face against if for a

minute, wondering what she must think of that.

   He moved downward a little more, teasing her inner thighs with little

licks and nibbles. With a gentle hand he parted her thighs and brought his

mouth to the very center of her pleasure.

   His tongue flicked out and teased the folds of flesh, then moving in

between them, quickly finding that one very special spot...

   More waves of pleasure, much more intense than the first, threatened to

overwhelm her senses. Theresa gasped and shuddered, astonished at the

intensity of the feelings. Within moments the pleasure had advanced to

true sexual lust that began to build and swell. Relentlessly he drove her

to the point of orgasm, and with a jolt she came with more force than she

imagine possible, the pleasure exploding in a trillion fragments of

feeling, filling her entire body with a shudder.

   A long moment her body tensed, muscles hard as iron, then all tension

drained out like water and she collapsed on the bed, utterly exhausted.

James collapsed beside her, holding and stroking her gently.

   In a breathless voice she said "My God. How did you...?"

   He shrugged. "I'm not really sure, actually. I just go ahead and do


   "You sure did it right." she hugged him close to her, muscles still

shivering from the release. She felt his hardness press against her

stomach, still covered by his jeans. She tugged at his belt and said,

"Considering the intimacy of the moment, aren't those kind of out of


   Without a word James stripped off his pants and hugged her close again.

The feeling of skin against skin was exquisite. Her breasts pressed hard

against his chest, generating more sexual heat. She was surprised how fast

she was recovering, and how much she wanted more. She roamed over his ass

with her free hand, feeling it's firmness. He was doing roughly the same

thing, she noticed. Then she reached around and grasped his erection, a

little surprised at its size and hardness. She pressed her hips against

his and was more surprised at the spark of sexual energy that exploded in

her. There was just one little detail that needed taking care of. "So,

where do you keep the, um..."

   "Um's the word." James chuckled, reaching somewhere over her head and

pulling open a drawer. He retrieved a small cellophane package which he

tore open with more than a little difficulty ("Damn high-security

bulletproof plastic!"). From the package he triumphantly extracted a

condom. "I knew it was in there!"

   After they stopped their nervous giggling he offered it to her. "Would

you like to do the honors?"

   She gingerly took the condom and placed it over the tip of his penis,

slowly rolling it down along it's rigid length. The pale rubber stood out

against the golden sheen of his skin and it looked damn funny, producing

more giggles. Then they embraced again, until he rolled over on top of

her. Their eyes met, and he once again thought about how dark and

mysterious and beautiful her eyes were. In a soft voice she said, "Please

be gentle."

   "Have I been anything but?" He silenced her fears with a last,

lingering kiss. Then he positioned his penis and slowly, slowly inserted

it. Then he was all the way in and grinding his hips against hers.

   For Theresa the pleasure returned, faster and more intense than before.

It felt so damn good to have him inside of her, so right! She never wanted

it to end.

   James thrust slowly in and out, propped on one elbow and running his

free hand along her bare side. He felt her moving under him in time to his

movements and her breath was warm on his cheek. It was a passing moment of

great power and beauty. He wished it could last forever.

   But of course nothing lasts forever. Too soon, it seemed, the pleasure

built in both of them until orgasm was inevitable. They came together in a

fury of gasps and moans, holding each other so tightly as to almost become

one, poised for one brief and glorious second on a much higher plain than

this one before returning to the real world elated and exhausted.

   Silently they lay together for a long, long time, enjoying the warmth

and closeness and each other's touch. Quietly, Theresa said "Thank you."

   "Well, thank you too." James whispered, hugging her tightly to him.

Again, the silence. Eventually he spoke. "Theresa?"

   "Yes?" she mumbled, somewhere between waking and sleeping.

   "There's something I been wanting to tell you. I-" he froze.

   "What?" she looked up at him, awake now.

   "I-" he started again, "Um-" he continued, finally he shook his head

and finished lamely, "I guess I must be tired."

   She turned away, dissapointed. "Me too." Maybe later he would be able

to say what he was feeling. Maybe.

   But she did not have much energy left for wondering, and soon both of

them were deeply asleep...




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