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Archive-name: SpecMome/theresa.txt


Archive-title: Theresa - Back Again

    The last time I saw Theresa, she was only seventeen, and I was twenty-

seven. Five years later, she materialized back into my life, and I found

that I can no longer resist her.

    Theresa's looks are remarkable.  She is petite, brown haired, with her

piercing blue-green eyes that seem to glow like gems.  Her figure is very

nice, with a slim waist and beautifully rounded hips.  When she stands, her

thighs don't touch, leaving a tempting, touchable area below her vulva.

    Her father and I are friends, and if he knew about us, well, I'd have to

learn to sleep with one eye open.  She is on her own, fully grown, a mature

woman, but she is always her father's "little girl".  Her arrival at my place

happened when she came home from college for summer vacation.

    I lay under the Turbo-Z, changing the oil, my friend Tim watching as his

car was his pride and joy.  I had just about finished, spinning the new oil

filter on when I heard sharp footsteps come up the driveway.  I looked and

saw an incredible pair of legs walking towards us, a barely knee length

skirt covering the best parts.  Since the legs stopped next to Tim, I figured

it was his latest girlfriend, and I whistled appreciatively.

    "Ohhh my!" I exclaimed from under the car. "Do those legs go all the way

up Tim?"

    I heard a giggle, then Tim's laugh.  "You might say that."

    Tightening the filter, I slid the creeper from under the car, wiping my

grimy hands on a shop towel, and looked up.

    My heart stopped.

    Theresa stood there, wearing a black skirt, tight around her hips and

legs, and a black sleeveless top.  Her hair was long, framing her face well,

and sapphire blue earrings dangled, complementing those eyes which riveted

me to the ground.

    "Hi!  Long time, no see, your dirty ol' man!" She laughed.

    Several seconds went by before I could manage a response.

    "Whew!  Look at YOU!" I said, taking it all in again. "What are they

teaching you in college?  How to give people heart attacks?"

    She laughed and we kidded while I finished working on Tim's car.  Thirty

minutes later, he drove off, leaving me with Theresa.  She told me she was on

her summer vacation, visiting her folks, and saw a picture of us at a campout

in the family album.  That prompted her visit.

    We talked while I used that mechanic's goop to clean my hands and arms of

the oil and grease, talking about her life on campus and how many guys she

had chasing her around.  Even when she was younger, she found me easier to

talk to about her "boy problems" than her mom or dad.  I gave her straight

and solid advice, the best that I could, telling her facts and not judging

her actions.  We were good friends, and we liked each other.  She told me

honestly that she had a crush on me, and I replied that she should use that

to compare her feelings for her boyfriends -- crush, like, love?  How do you

feel?  We parted good friends when I moved across the valley, not long before

she started junior college and more boyfriends.

    We went into the house where it was cooler, and drank iced tea.  The more

we talked, the more I could see something was bothering her.  Something she

was keeping back.

    "Ok," I said. "Spill it.  What's bugging you?  Talk to your big brother."

    She blushed and shook her head, her brown hair rippling like a mane.

    "Nothing really."

    "Homesick?  Boyfriend at college?  Mom & Dad?" I asked, watching her shake

her head at each one.  "C'mon, gimme a hint.  It is serious?  Pregnant?"

    She laughed, "No, it's not even that simple!"

    "Hoo-boy!" I said. "Tell you what, how about you tell me over dinner?"

    She looked up sharply, her magnificent blue eyes sparkling. "You really

mean that?"

    "Sure." I smirked, "Why not.  Let me take a shower first."

    I handed her the remote control for the TV and stereo and disappeared into

the bedroom.

    I was shampooing my hair for the second time when I heard the shower door

slide open, and startled, I shook the water out of my eyes, hearing it slide

closed again.  Theresa stood in the shower with me, naked and more beautiful

that I had ever dreamed.  I felt a familiar feeling deep inside as my desires

began to stir.  The look on her face was a mixture of desire, fear, and con-

fusion.  I opened my mouth to speak, but her hand touched my lips, making my

voice still.

    She picked up the soap and began to run it over my chest, staring with

her gorgeous eyes and my chest.  I fought a mental battle with my rising

loins, losing as my eyes roved her beautiful body.

    At twenty two, her body was splendid.  Firm and shapely, her waist making

a graceful recurve from her firm, full breasts, down to her lovely hips. A

brown triangle nestled between her legs, and her legs were lean and perfect.

Only five foot three inches, but everything was perfectly proportioned.

    She soaped my arms and shoulders, using the brush to scrub away the traces

of oil and grease from my arms.  She seemed intent on washing me so I began

to relax, not yet understanding.   Her hands urged me to turn around, and

she scrubbed my back with a washcloth, soaping and rinsing me clean.  She

knelt and lifted one leg to the ledge, soaping and cleaning the calf, working

her way up my thigh.

    When she started in on my thigh, I began to rise again, fighting against

her sensual touch, the look of her body, the smile on her face.  She turned

her head and looked at my cock, smiling, then looked away, rinsing the

soap from my leg.  "What the hell", I thought, "She's old enough to know what

she wants".

    She lathered the soap in her hands, and stood smiling at me.  The lack of

words was driving me crazy and my cock was beginning to stand up full and

hard. She moved towards me, dropped her hands and began to wash my cock and

balls, using only her soapy hands. Too much for me.

    I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her long and hard, our tounges meeting

quickly, her hands sliding over my cock, fondling my balls, making me harder

every second.  She leaned into me, and I wrapped my arms around her, holding

her up, keeping her tight against me.  Her breasts were warm against my chest

and my hands pulled her hips to mine.  Theresa moved her hands around and up

my back, pulling herself into me.  We kissed for long minutes, neither of us

wanting to stop.  My cock was pressing against her stomach, my balls were

nestled against her bush.

    We pulled apart, and looked at each other's eyes for several seconds.

    "Is this what you want?" I asked, watching her nod her head lightly, then

resting it on my shoulder.

    "For years, this is all I wanted." She sighed.

    I kissed her again, and gently rinsed us both off, making a game of it,

getting her to laugh.  We dried each other off, and I took great pleasure in

kissing away some droplets from her breasts.  I took her hand and led her to

the bed, pulling her down and kissing her passionately.

    After we rolled over to the center of the bed, I raised up and asked the

question as delicatly as possible.

    "Theresa," I started, "have you followed my advice at school?"

    She smiled and stroked my face tenderly, "Yes, I'm on the pill and I see

my doctor three times a year, like a good girl."  Then she reached down and

tickled me, making me jump. "And KNOW me better than THAT!"

    I fell on my back, pleading for mercy, and she rolled on top, straddling

my legs, laughing briefly, then falling and kissing my chest.

    "God! I can't tell you how much I've wanted you."  She breathed the words

while she kissed my nipples.  "How much I hoped you'd take me."

    I pulled her up to me, and kissed her on the mouth, passion flairing in us

both.  I pinched her nipples and careesed her lovely ass, running my hands

all over her.  Her hands rubbed my chest, one strayed and pulled my mouth to

hers.  After several minutes, I felt something warm and wet drip onto my

balls, my cock laying under her bush, her hips stroking me.

    "I want you now!" She panted, "Hard and fast, hard and nasty."

    She suprised me, and excited me at the same time. I rolled her over onto

her back, her legs wrapping around me.

    "Fuck me hard and deep!" She cried, "I want to feel you inside me."

    I slid between the lips of her pussy, feeling them part as I moved inside

her, sliding easily down her wet tunnel.  She was tight, and gasped as I slid

down deeper into her, down into her warm depths.

    "Ohhhh Godd!" She breathed, lifting her head to watch.

    Down I plunged, slowly, making it last for us both.  Her pussy was tight,

wet and warm, slick with her juice, feeling like a glove around me.  I finally

touched bottom, my cock firmly inside her, touching her cervix.

    "Ohhhh Jeeez!" She cried, "Don't...Don't move!"

    I felt her pussy contract, squeezing me tight, forcing my cock to swell in

response.  I flexed my cock against her squeeze, growing even larger.

    "Oooooo. Yes! Yes!" She cried, tears coming to her eyes.

    I smothered her neck and breasts with quick, tiny kisses, sucking hard on

her nipples, biting them softly, and feeling her pussy contract around me once


    "Ohh God!  Fuck me...Please fuck me!" She was smiling and crying at the

same time. "I want you so much."

    I pulled back, slowly, just as I had entered, feeling her tight pussy

grab for me.  I stopped with only the head inside her and moved down again,

faster this time, stopping when she gasped, my cock touching her cervix.

    "Yes... Fast...Hard...Pump me hard!" She groaned.

    I moved faster, sliding into her carefully, not wanting to hurt her and

wanting to fill her at the same time.  I kissed her fully, her tounge dancing

around, flicking at mine.  I picked up speed, several times bumping against

her deeply, getting a moan each time.  I lifted my head to breath, her hands

pulling me back to her lips.  As we kissed again, her tounge entered my mouth

first, stirring me on to greater passion as I licked the underside of her

tounge, caressing her tounge with mine.

    Her hips rocked, trying to meet mine.  I lifted her ass, cupping her cheeks

in my hands and drove into her hard and fast.

    "Yesss." She moaned to me. "Fuck me, cum inside me."

    Her legs wrapped and locked around my back, I pulled her ass up, impaling

her on my cock, shoving as deep as I could into her.

    "Ohhh...Ohhhh....God! YES!" She yelled.

    "I'm going to...Fuck you....hard and fast." I whispered in her ear.

    "And cum, CUM, CUM inside me.  Cum in my pussy!" she demanded.

    Suprised by her words, I started to plunge harder and faster into her,

feeling my own rising urgency. Feeling my balls bounce against her ass, her

pussy stretched tight around my cock.

    "I'm going to...suck you...hard again...make you fuck me...from behind."

    Her verbalizations were urging me on, making me swell inside her tight

cunt, filling her with cock, preparing for the explosion yet to arrive.

    "I want to...suck you off...have my mouth."

    "Oh Theresa...I've your mouth...for a long time." I

gasped, seeing a fantasy literally come true.

    "Hmmmm, yes!  I want you to come everywhere, all over me." She cried. "I

want you to cum in me!  CUM! CUM! Cum in my cunt now!"

    I did.  A gusher erupted as I plunged furiously hard into her, slamming

my hips against hers, grinding myself tightly with her.  Come flowed into

her like from a fire-hose,  flooding and filling her with my hot cream.

I thrust again, hard and deep, feeling another stream of jism soak the inside

of her pussy.  Her cunt milked my cock, squeezing every drop from me.  We

looked at each other, eyes meeting and locking, and we kissed, feeling our

sweat drenched bodies slick against each other.

    We lay kissing and holding each other for a long time, still joined and

warm.  She rolled us onto our sides and slid back, and went to the bathroom.

When she came back, she slipped into bed beside me, resting her head on my

chest, running a finger up and down my still slick cock.  She moved and

slipped my cock into her mouth, sucking hard against me, squeezing and milking

any remaining come from me.  Then she laid her head against me again, her

arms wrapping around my chest.

    "Rest, my sweet," She cooed, "then I'll let you come in my mouth."

    I sighed, and felt my cock twitch and swell.

    "You've learned a lot in college, haven't you?" I joked, tickling her.

    "Yes," She laughed, "you wouldn't beleive!"

    We talked and the more we talked the more I saw that she didn't talk at

all about her girlfriends.  When I finally mentioned it, she started to cry,

the story coming out in a rush.

    Her roomie this year was an attractive brunette named Paula, and she and

Paula shared secrets and discussed their boyfriends' merits and defects. One

night after some particularly rushed sex, she and Paula ranted to each other

about college "studs" being concerned only with themselves.  Half an hour

after lights out, Paula climbed into bed with Theresa and the two of them,

frustrated and horny, made love for three hours.  Afterwards, Theresa found

that her interest in men was waning, but her desire for Paula intense.  Her

passions were crushed, when she skipped a night class, arriving to find Paula

in bed with another girl.  An argument followed and she an Paula changed

roomies, neither of them happy.  Several months later, a blonde replaced her

then current (and very proper) roommate, and she found herself wanting Lisa

very badly.  She found herself making the first move, and Lisa accepting it,

making them both happy.  When Lisa introduced a strap-on dildo they shared

pleasing each other for many nights.  During spring vacation, they all went

to a party at someone's parent's house.  The parents were gone and the party

got wild, with people getting naked in every room, fucking with wild abandon.

Theresa found herself in a room with Lisa and Paula, naked and getting wild.

Two other girls came in and joined them making them all crazy and lusty.

The two girls left, only to return a short time later with another girl and

three guys.  The guys went wild, screwing each girl in turn.  The girl they'd

brought was straight, but Lisa and one of the other girls held her down and

Theresa found herself on her knees, some stud pounding her pussy, while she

ate the girl.  The girl protested until Theresa made her come several times

in succession.  Two of the guys jacked off on the girls tits, and she watched

as Lisa an Paula rubbed it all over the girl and themselves.  The guy fucking

Theresa pulled out and shot his load all over one of the other girl's faces,

and simply walked out.  She watched as Lisa fucked the "straight" gal with

her strap-on, while Paula and another girl convinced her it was a guy.  About

half way into her orgasm, the "straight" gal grabbed Paula and slid most of

her and in her pussy and fucked her hard, calling her all sorts of names,

and talking really dirty.  The talk excited Theresa and she came almost

immediately.  Once sated, the orgy scene bored and frightened her and she

dressed and went back to the dorm, alone.  She agonized over whether she was

straight, bisexual, or lesbian for several weeks.  For four months, until the

party, she had slept only with women, and the same since the party.  She

found men didn't really interest her that much any more, and was frightened

by how turned on she was by other women.  Taking me to bed was a test, to see

if she had really lost interest.

    "Well?" I asked.

    "No," She giggled, sniffling back some tears, "I'm still PLENTY interest-

ed.  As long as they're as gentle as you are."

    "Gentle?" I smiled. "After that pounding you took?  You're pussy should be

plenty sore."

    "Actually," She smiled up at me, her chin on my chest, "I'm still horny.

You didn't get me off!"

    I took care of that by eating her pussy until she came, over and over.

Her arousal was so complete that she had her first multiple orgasm on my

tounge.  She collapsed in a heap on the bed, letting me cuddle her from

behind while she dozed.

    Dinner consisted of delivered pizza.  I had dressed after phoning the

pizza place, waiting for the delivery.  Theresa slept like an angel, a smile

on her face, her knees drawn up, and her breasts peeking above the sheets.

The doorbell rang and woke her.  While I was paying the pizza boy, I heard

her start down the hall.  I quickly closed the door, and turned to see her

dressed in only her skirt and top, nipples pressing hard against the fabric.

    We ate and talked about our feelings for each other, and how would we ever

keep it from her dad?  Mom was ok, but older men didn't sit well with dad,

and besides, he'll think we screwed around before she went away to school.

We filled ourselves with pizza and laid naked by the fireplace, feeling both

happy and content.  We dozed off and slept.

    I woke to find her sucking on me, my cock fully hard.  Theresa was not the

best in the world, but her exuberance almost made up for it.  She went along

for a while then I stopped her.  From our talks it was clear that she didn't

end up giving much head to her boyfriends and she was shy about asking them

what she should do, so I instructed, and found that she was eager to please


    I showed her the target points, and had her watch as I stroked myself,

showing how a guy squezzes and flexes for extra sensations.  I showed her

how to flick the ridge on the underside, how and when to press her lips down

hard, forcing the head to pass her lips, when to rake her teeth lightly(!)

over the skin.  Too, I showed her how to lick and caress the balls, following

the line down between the sacks.  Of how sensitive the scar area is on men

who are circumcised, and how to grasp and pull the skin up alongside the

head.  By the time she had her lessons, her teacher was sweating with and

urgent need, close, yet not close.

    She began by sucking me deep into her mouth, using her tounge well, and

she licked me up and down, finding several variations of her own that were

driving me up a wall.  We were both tired, and she was leaning over me,

sucking me and pumping with one hand.  As she moved, she slipped and her

mouth plunged down on my cock, taking me fully down her throat.  She gagged

and sat up, catching her breath.  After a short rest, she continued and

I felt the familiar bubbling beginning down low.

    Without warning she changed her pace, slowing down.  Slowly she took more

and more of my cock into her mouth, stopping and backing up slightly as she

tried to 'throat' me.  The sensation was unbearable.  I wanted her to move

faster, but I wanted this to continue too.  I looked, just as she slid my

cock fully down her throat, her nose tickling my pubic hair.  She rose quickly

and returned to her slow downstroke.

    "Ohhhhh, God!" I moaned.  Then, almost breathless, "Remember to breathe."

    Her hand squeezed mine, assuring me that she knew what she was doing.  I

felt her throat open and slide me down.  I felt the pressure building, it

was becoming intense.  She stroked me several times, shorter and a little

faster, then swallowed me slowly.  I was on the verge of tears, ready to

come if only she'd move faster.  She pulled up, and as my cock came from

her mouth, her saliva dripped wetly down my shaft, her purring moan exciting

and sensuous.  She slowly engulfed me again and again, each time she raised

her head, my cock became wetter.  Her words didn't suprise me then, something

else did.

    "Cum in my mouth this time." She pleaded, "Please cum in my mouth?!"

    She swallowed me part way, and stroked.  Her pleading turned me on even

more, not because of her words, but her whole body, especially her mouth.

Everything about her was giving me head.  Her nipples were hard and erect,

and I could feel wet drops of her juice on my leg.  Her eyes pleaded with

me, shining, lustful eyes.  But it was her mouth, shiny and wet, and the

gobs of saliva that she drooled down my cock that made me ready.

    She had a rhythm, four or five short strokes to each long one, and I was

just getting ready when she dived on my cock, taking me all the way and

her fingers tickled my balls, running down to my anus and back to the sacks.

    I bucked into her mouth, firing a stream of cum down her throat.  She

slid up on my engorged cock, and I pulsed again, unleasing a raging torrent

into her mouth.  She jerked and continued to suck, her hand now milking my

cock.  More cum spasmed into her mouth, and she moaned with delight.  Her

hand pumping me milked another gush into her mouth, and as I saw some cum

run down my cock, white, and thick, I heard her swallow.

    When she swallowed I shot again, and she lifted her head from my cock,

moaning and pumping me against her neck and tits.  I was nearly spent, but

managed several more spurts before she lay down, rubbing my cock and cum

against her cheeks and lips.   I lay panting, unable to move.  My energy

seemed to have drained out of my cock.

    Later she told me that she actually came when I did, without touching her-

self.  She also said that once my cock touched her throat, even accidentally,

she knew she could do it again.  What she didn't expect was that each time I

moved to the edge of her throat, her pussy would contract and spasm, making

her wetter and urging her on.  She felt like she was cumming in two places

when I finally shot off in her mouth.

    We cuddled and kissed, Theresa staying the night.  We didn't worry about

her dad.  We were too happy and content.  All that summer, we found reasons

to disappear together and we enjoyed each other as much as possible. When

she returned to school, I told her to enjoy her life and if we were both free

next summer, we'd do this again.  She understood, and agreed, saying that we

would always be special to each other.

    Yes, Theresa, you are special. Always.



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