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Archive-name: SpecMome/theatre

Archive-author: anonymous author

Archive-title: Theatre

	Here's another story for you.  As with the first one ("Summer

Internship"), all people and events are products of the author's

imagination.  Any resemblence to real people or events is purely

coincidental and unintentional.


	I've never been one to really attend plays.  Whenever I am "forced"

(i.e. someone bought me a ticket and told me I was going) to go to them, I 

enjoy them immensely, but I never seem to make a point to go to them.

Pretty weird, I know.  You'd figure that by now, I'd have figured out that

if plays entertain me so much, I would go to them much more often.

	It's even stranger considering the university I attend has a very 

strong theatre program.  Many famous movie/television/stage stars went

here.  The department stages several plays each semester.  It would be so

easy for me to attend a lot of plays.  I just never think of it when I go

out to a movie or something.

	And I was still in this mode when a good friend of mine landed a

small part in a play being staged by the theatre department.  He's not a 

theatre major (nor am I), but he auditioned for the part and got it.  So he

demanded that I come and watch his performance.  He claimed he was going to

steal the show.  He got me a ticket for Friday night.  I took the ticket,

and at the appointed time, I showed up.

	I was dressed as I thought appropriate:  a suit and tie.  Not that 

it's any big deal for me to dress up because I don't mind wearing a suit 

(I'm actually comfortable).  But everyone else (mostly other students) was 

dressed much more casually than I was.  Jeans and a sweater perhaps.  I

felt a little out of place.

	I walked in and quickly found my seat.  I was about 4 rows from the

stage.  The auditorium that it was being held in was actually pretty small,

but it could seat about 150 people.  I browsed through the program looking

for my friend's name.  I perused the cast and the summary.  The lights were

dimmed and the play soon began.

	My friend was only partially right.  He probably did steal the show

in most people's minds.  But not in mine.  I was enraptured by the lead

actress.  She was beautiful.  And she was really good, too.  She really got

into her role.  My friend acted very well.  His part was the humourous

part.  His combinations of expressions and voice intonations were perfect.

I laughed very hard at his lines.  I was very impressed with his acting and

the play as a whole.

	After the play was over, I went backstage to congratulate my

friend.  I was one of many people that had made their way backstage.  Some

were parents of the actors.  Others were students like me.  I stood in the

middle of the crowd and looked around for my friend.  I spotted him a ways

away talking to a female classmate that I also knew.  I slowly made my way

through the crowd in his direction.  Just before I got to him, I bumped

into the lead actress.  I excused myself and she replied, "No problem."

	"You were fabulous out there.  Congratulations," I said.  I think I

must have blushed a little, too, because I'm definitely not the type that

says things like that to people I don't know.  Despite the heavy makeup,

she was still beautiful.  I grew really curious to know what she looked

like without the makeup and in regular clothes.

	"Why thank you!  Do you know one of the cast?"

	"Yes, I'm Jason's friend," I replied.  A moment later I realized I

should have introduced myself.

	"Well, I have to talk to my parents now."  She then pressed

something into my hand.  I looked down and found a ticket for the next

night's show.  "You'll be coming again tomorrow night, won't you?"

	It was almost as if she had me hypnotized and was making a

post-hypnotic suggestion to me.  And, in one sense, she did have me

hypnotized.  I hesitated, then gave in.  "Y-yes.  I'll be here."

	"Then I'll see you tomorrow night," she said through a big smile.

She squeezed my hand and then pushed her way throught the crowd.  I stood

there for a moment, glanced down at the ticket, and wondered what the hell

had just happened.  My reverie didn't last long, however.  Jason clapped me

on the back, bringing me back to reality.  "So what did you think?"

	I told him I thought the play was really good and that he did a

terrific job.  He grinned widely at my praise.  "I told you I'd steal the

show."  I corrected him.  "No, the female lead stole the show."

	"Yes, she's pretty hot, isn't she.  And you should see her body in

spandex.  She wore it to our rehearsals.  She could cause your heart to stop."

	I invited him out for a drink or something, but he declined, saying

he was going to a cast party.  I walked home in solitude, wondering just

what the hell was going on with that girl.

	The next night I was in the seat about 15 minutes before the play

started.  I just couldn't sit in my room.  I was just too anxious.  I

dressed up again, but in a different suit.  Again, I was well overdressed

compared to the rest of the audience, but I really didn't care.  I  sat

there and watched the play, totally concentrating on the lead.  I don't

think I saw much of the rest of the play.  Actually, that's an

exaggeration, because I did notice some little differences from the night

before.  Some people goofed up their lines a little.  Which is why going to

a play more than once is fun.  Try to pick out the differences from one

night to the next.  Some of those differences can be hilarious.  This night

the male lead spoke to Jason's character asking him about Jason's character

going bald.  Now, Jason has a full head of hair (apparently he was supposed

to wear a skull cap, but it looked horrible, so they changed the line to

going grey as opposed to going bald; the lead just forgot the change) so

the question didn't make much sense.  Jason just adlibbed a response, which

was actually very humourous.

	After the play I went back stage again and made my way over to

Jason.  I congratulated him again and as we spoke, I kept an eye out for

that girl.  I soon located her talking to a couple of other girls.  She

happened to glance my way and our eyes met.  She smiled at me, I smiled

back, and then she turned her attention back to her companions.  I talked

to Jason for a while longer, and then the backstage crowd started breaking

up.  Most of the actors were heading for the dressing room to remove their

costumes and makeup and to get ready for the next cast party.  I took my

leave of Jason and started to head for the exit.  A voice behind me

queried, "And just where do you think you're going?"

	I turned around and saw the girl.  The lead.  "Well, I was just

getting out of the way here.  You all are heading to the party, so I

thought I would take off."

	"I invited you here for a reason.  Perhaps I should introduce

myself.  My name is Allyson."  She extended her hand.  I took it and

introduced myself.  We shook hands, but didn't let go when we were

finished.  I thought that rather peculiar, but I didn't question it.  "What

are you doing this evening?" she asked.

	"Oh...I don't know.  I hadn't really thought about it."

	"Well, would you like to get together with me?  I don't have any

plans for later on."

	I was dumbfounded.  I was actually being asked out by this beauty.

"Don't you have a cast party?"  As soon as I asked that, I cursed myself.

I shouldn't have reminded her that she could have alternate plans.

	"Yes, but I won't stay long and we can get together after that.

Sounds okay?"

	"Certainly.  Where do you want me to meet you then?"  We agreed on

the entrance to the Atrium, a nature park at the edge of campus.  We were

to go for a walk and get to know each other.

	I went to our meeting spot a little earlier.  As before, I just got

too anxious.  I waited for what seemed like an eternity, but was in reality

only 10 minutes.  She then walked up.  We started down the paved path of

the Atrium.  Our conversation was all the get-to-know-you small talk.  She

was about 5'7", long brown hair and brown eyes.  She was absolutely

beautiful without her makeup.  In the moonlight I could see that she was

wearing very little makeup.  She was wearing pretty loose-fitting clothing,

but I could still tell that she had a really nice body.  I once made up an

excuse to walk a little behind her, and I nearly died.  She had a beautiful

ass.  It was so beautifully shaped.

	We reached the halfway point of the path, meaning we were as far

from campus as we could get.  She said something about how far behind with

homework she was because of all the practice for this play.  I put my arm

around her and hugged her to me briefly.  It wasn't intended as a move,

just as a friendly gesture.  She stopped us as I started to loosen my grip.

She turned me to face her, and I looked into her eyes.  I slowly bent down

to kiss her.  I really don't know what possessed me to do that, but

something told me that it was right.  She met me halfway.  Our lips touched

and paused for a moment.  Then we started kissing almost in a frenzy.  It

seemed that we couldn't get enough of each other.  I ran my tongue over her

teeth and then stuck it in her mouth.  Our tongues danced together.  The

feel of her tongue as it ran over mine was driving me crazy.  I could feel

my penis really swelling.

	And apparently, so could she.  She broke the kiss and mentioned

something about either there was a can in my pocket or I was just happy to

see her.  I replied that it was the latter.  She murmured "oh really" and

led me off the path and into the tall grass.  She then kneeled and unzipped

my zipper.  There was a shock of cold air as she removed my penis from my

underwear, and then the sensation of a warm, wet mouth.  She began sliding

her mouth along the entire length of my shaft.  It felt so good.  And it

was over too soon.  She stood up and asked,"Did you like that?"  All I

could do was roll my eyes and nod.  We then resumed kissing.  She massaged

my penis while we kissed.

	I then laid her down on her back and laid down next to her.  I

propped my head on my hand, and massaged one of her breasts with the other.

It was quite a bit smaller than my hands.  Her breasts were incredibly

firm.  I could feel the nipple harden under my caress.  I slid my hand down

to her stomach and then up her sweater and fondled her breasts through her

bra.  I tweaked each nipple, and then removed the sweater and bra from her.

Her breasts stood out from her chest, despite the fact that she was on her

back.  I moved my mouth down to lick and suck on each nipple.  She began

moaning softly.  As my mouth worked a little faster, her volume rose.  I

pinched one nipple with my hand, and sucked a nipple with my mouth.  Her

hips were soon bucking and she shrieked with her orgasm.  I whispered that

I hoped we were alone, because I might get arrested otherwise.  She laughed

and pushed me on my back.

	She undid the button on my pants and removed them, taking my

underwear with.  She then removed her pants and underwear.  She straddled

me and we ground our hips together for a little bit, bringing moans from

her and grunts from me.  She then reached over to her pants and pulled out

a condom.  She held it up, looked at me, and said, "You don't mind, do you?

I'm just kind of paranoid."

	"No, not at all.  Go ahead and put it on me," was my reply.  Now

that's not entirely true.  I can barely feel anything with a condom on.

But I also don't want to be a father, nor do I want to "drip."  And those

latter two desires really overwhelm the former desire.

	She rolled the condom on me with a little difficulty and then aimed

my penis.  She slid down a little, then stopped.  She moved up and down and

eventually reached the base of my penis.  She was so tight that the condom

didn't matter.  I could feel virtually everything.  We rocked a little, and

her moans quickly reached a feverish pitch.  I thrust up as best as I could

and she screamed again.  She then collapsed against me, panting.

	I lifted her up, slipping my penis out of her.  I rolled her on her

back and raised her legs.  I then moved the head of my penis up and down

her lips, teasing her by brushing her clit.  I then found the opening and

slid right in.  She was so went.  I pumped into her.  She quickly started

moaning loudly again.  I was getting pretty excited myself.  I reached the

failsafe point, and slowed down a little.  When I couldn't take it anymore,

I pumped into her feverishly and I shook as I felt the pressure release.  I

filled the condom with my semen.  I then collapsed against her, out of

breath, and we panted together.  "That was magnificent."  Both of us said

that at the same time.

	We then heard footsteps on the path.  I got off of her as silently

as I could, and we lay still.  The grass we were laying in was about 4 feet

tall, so there was no way we would be seen if no one knew we were there.

If someone heard us make noise, they might come and investigate.

Especially if that someone was part of the park patrol.  The footsteps grew

louder, then thankfully faded away.  We waited until we could no longer

hear them to get dressed.  Then we bolted back to her apartment and fell

asleep together in her bed.

	Allyson and I have been dating for about a year now.  I only wish

that I had learned to appreciate the arts sooner!!



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