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Archive-name: SpecMome/telnet.txt


Archive-title: Telnet

When I walked into the lab Friday evening I knew there was no way

Matt would be expecting me - I wasn't due there until Saturday. 

Perfect for my plans.  I spotted him right away and watched him

for a few minutes, just enjoying the sight of him.  Then I went

looking for a helpful student in order to carry out my plans.  I

found one and with his help logged onto the VAX and telnetted

back home to carroll1.  At 10 o'clock sharp Matt logged onto

carroll1 and we started talking, as usual.  He said he couldn't

wait to see me.  I typed, "Don't," got up, walked over by him and

wrapped my arms around him from behind.  As I let go he turned to

face me with a look of shock and surprise, but mostly of joy.  I

couldn't believe that look was for me, but it was!  

He stood up and we held each other for quite a while, just

reveling in the fact that we were finally together.  When we

surfaced enough to realize where we were we logged out, grabbed

our stuff and headed back to his room...hand in hand.  

Almost before the door closed behind us we were in each other's

arms again, this time thinking of what was to come.  He lifted my

chin and leaned over to kiss me.  Slowly he explored my lips with

his.  Then he parted my lips in order to explore my mouth with

his tongue.  I was glad for the support of his arms; I don't

think I could have stood without it.  We continued this slow,

sensual exploration until we were both gasping for air.  As we

pulled apart he moaned, "Debbie, what you do to me!"  I just

smiled, knowing the reaction was mutual.

Matt took my hand and placed it where I could feel the proof of

his arousal.  As my right hand explored this "evidence," my left

wandered to his chest.  Watching his face the entire time, I ran

my nails lightly over his nipple.  His reaction was more than I

could have hoped for.  Eyes closed, head tipped back, he didn't

say anything as I brought the other hand up and started

unbuttoning his shirt.  When I was finished I pushed it aside and

placed both hands on his chest.  Slowly I ran my hands from his

shoulders to belt and back again, stopping along the way to tease

any sensitive areas I found.  Then I set my mouth to the same

task.  After licking and nibbling his chest for a while I

returned my mouth to his for another long exploratory kiss.  

As we kissed he slowly lowered me to the floor and then began

kissing my neck.  As he nibbled he worked at the buttons on my

4shirt, just as I'd done his.  He removed my blouse, but left my

lacy bra to cover my body.  His mouth never seemed to leave my

skin as he worked his way downward.  When he reached the edge of

my bra he seemed to ignore it and continued down as if it weren't

there.  He slowly licked and sucked at my nipples through the

silky fabric.  

Then he began to work his way further down my body. Upon reaching

the top of my jeans he ran his tongue back and forth along the

edge of the material.  He slowly undid the snap and zipper on

them and reached inside to tease the skin along my hip.  His hand

drifted the inside of my thigh.  He smiled up at me as he

pulled my jeans down and off my legs.    

He kissed the inside of my knee, working his way slowly up the

inside of my thigh.  When he reached the meeting of my legs, he

reached out his tongue to taste my juices.  I gasped in pleasure. 

As he kissed and tasted and teased me I buried my hands in his

hair.  When he sucked gently I couldn't beleive the feeling.  I

wanted to give him the same pleasure.  

"Matt, please, I want to taste you."  He sat back on his heals

and I undid his jeans and eased them off his hips, but leaving

them on his body.  I teased him by kissing the outside of his hip

for a while before I slid his jeans the rest of the way off. 

Then I let my mouth wander inwards.  When I tasted him he moaned

slightly.  I took him in my mouth and sucked slightly.  I licked

and nibbled and sucked for a while until I couldn't wait any


I moved up next to him and kissed him.  "I want," I

told him.  He slowly moved over me.  "You sure?" he asked.  "Does

it feel like I'm ready?" I asked as I moved against him.  "No, it

feels like you're ready for me...very ready."  He gently eased

himself inside of me.  We both sighed in unison at the pleasure

in our joining.  Then he began to move inside of me and I cried

out his name.  He took long, slow strokes, filling me fully each

time.  I held him, trying to pull him closer.  Then he started

thrusting faster and deeper.  All of a sudden he shuddered inside

of me.  As I felt him come, I reached my own completion.  

We just held each other in the aftermath of our shared passion. 

"Oh, Debbie...that was incredible."  I smiled, "That it

definitely was.  And there'll be more just like it or better..." 



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