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Archive-name: SpecMome/steamy.txt


Archive-title: Steamy

     As I enter the room, I hear the spray of the shower.  Images of you

standing under the cascading waters create stirrings in my groin.  Smiling to

myself, I shake my head and begin to change into my gown.  Yet, the more I

try to ignore the sounds -- and the accompanying thoughts -- the more

pervasive they become.  Without warning I find myself debating in my mind --

my body wants to follow the sounds; my mind is saying stay.   

     I stand outside the bathroom door; I don't even recall crossing the room. 

My hand reaches for the knob.  Now there is a full-blown war between

subconscious desires and conscious caution.  Part of me wants so very much to

enter -- part of me is warning me to stay out.  What if you become angry at

the invasion of your privacy?  Whatever will you think of me?  But ... even as

I ponder these questions I find the door slowly swinging open.  My feet betray

me and I slip into the bathroom. 

     The clouds of steam give it an unreal feeling.  The moist heat surrounds

me.  I gaze at your outline through the opaque glass of the shower doors. 

Desire floods my body.  The trembling in my body is a combination of fear and

yearning.  Fear that you will be so very angry with me -- yearning for you

and the rapture that you can bring forth in me.

     You are still unaware of my presence.  I can still flee.  I decide to back

out of the room while I can -- and find myself sliding the shower door open. 

My legs feel like jello being rippled in a bowl -- I can no longer hide.  I see

the look of surprise on your face.  Searching your eyes for any hint of

displeasure, I stand just outside the shower.  The water now spraying my,

dampening my gown.  Madly I try to think of a logical explanation for my

presence -- then I see your slow smile that seems to convey total acceptance

of my presence.  Your body gleams from the water; I want to caress you so

very much.

     I feel your hands sliding my gown off my shoulders.  It slithers down my

body, dropping in a pile at my feet.  You reach out for me.  Your hand takes

mine.  Your hand, so strong neither draws me in nor pushes me away, as

though you are fully aware of my own doubts.  You telegraph to me that it is

O.K.  I feel you drawing me into the shower with you.  The trembling now

shaking my body.  I fear you will feel it too. "Ohhhh, Darling." 

     The water begins to cover me.  As you draw me even closer to you, I

feel the surges of emotion sweep through my body.  Every nerve is now alive

and signaling.  You lower your head -- your mouth covering  mine.  The kiss

is gentle yet provocative.  I'm glad for the shower spray; it conceals my tears. 

As you slide your arms around my shoulders to draw me even closer, my mind

finds sanctuary.  Your tongue now probing my lips reassures me that you are

not condemning my actions.  My own tongue slides out to entwine and dance

with yours.  Waves of desire flood my being.

      My breasts press against your wet chest.  The water lubricating our

bodies so that we glide together.  The swelling of your Staff presses between

my legs -- deftly signaling my senses that all is well!  The last of the fear

flees from my mind as your body reassures me that you are not rebuking my


     Joy sweeps through me as the quivering within becomes a sensation of

infinite pleasure.  How I want to be one with you.  Your hands stroke away

the guilt and shame.  Your tongue now delving into my mouth imparts

reassurance that there shall be no punishment for this.  How I thrive at your

caress.  I capture in memory the feel of your hands as they slide along my

body.  How secure I feel as you draw me even closer to you. The tender

memories of the first hug I ever received from you, standing in a crowded

airport flood through me.  From those sensations set afire that morning, so

much passion has grown.  Never had I dreamt that you might share the passion

and desire.  Or that one day, like now, we would have the chance to allow the

fullness and share it with each other.

     My hips begin a gentle rotation ... pressing against yours.  I feel your

Stiffness sliding along my mound ... and teasingly I press against it more.  My

hands run down your back ... my fingers gently rubbing your spine --

searching for each area; massaging; rubbing.  I take the soap and begin to

thoroughly lather your body.  Working in small circles, I watch the white

bubbles cover your skin in a spume.  I nibble your neck as my hands labor.  I

feel your warm breath on my ear as you explore its surface with your tongue. 

     You find the other bar of soap and slowly begin to caress me with it. 

As your hands slide across my large breasts, I hear a moan emanate from deep

within you.  Your fingers toy with my distended nipples.  Waves of emotion

sweep through me.  I press my hips even closer to you, the rocking now one

of eager desires.  I want you!!! 

     Time stands loses all existence as we dance together under the warm mist

of the shower spray.  Each passing second increasing the desires until it would

seem that our bodies must explode.  I take the soap and work up even more

lather.  My hands slide between us as I cover your engorged ROD with the

smooth, slippery soap.  Satisfied that your throbbing member is fully covered

with the slickness of the soap, I seek your lips for a deep probing kiss, then


   Playfully I turn in your arms. Now standing with my back against your

chest ... I move my hips at an angle to allow your pulsating Member to slide

up and down the slick crevice.  With mock pretense that it is just the

closeness of the shower limiting movement, I begin to rock back and forth. 

Your hands grasping my breasts, firmly massaging the nipples, I feel the

rapture of physical delights that I had so fully believed were purely


     Thunk.  The soap falls from my hands.  I tilt my head back to kiss you. 

My tongue probing your mouth.  Finally drawing away, I bend forward to pick

up the soap ... a smile toying with my lips.  I enjoy the pretense of 'just

picking up the soap' as though I am not aware that your Staff is now pressed

against the tight opening.  I use my body to signal you that I want you to

penetrate me -- to press into that tight, quivering hole.  Trusting that you

will move slowly inwards until the muscles relent to the pressure of your

STAFF and accept the pleasures of stimulation being offered. I derive immense

pleasure from the twinge of discomfort at first being entered there.  The

muscles relent at your steady pressure and you slide in ... so very, very slowly. 

Your hands reaching from behind to caress my breasts, massaging them.  The

nipples pressed between your fingers send shocks through my body.  I press

backwards against you, wanting you fully within me.  I reach down, and begin

to caress myself ... igniting flames of sensations that flood my being as you

begin to pump.  Now, the muscles are responding to the pleasant stimulation

and also sending currents of ecstasy through my body.  Mewing cries of

Pleasure escape my lips, "Darling ... Dearest .... NOW!!!!!"  ... you allow the

passions to erupt and thrust in harder and faster --- plunging into me like a

wild stallion.  I feel the warmth as your fluids flood me.  Your moans of

release filling my ears and my orgasm climbs to unbefore known peaks.

     ... Later, as we dry each other with the large, warm towels, I marvel at

the feelings I have.  Such complete contentment and satisfaction.   Your hands

on my body now just create a very deep and secure feeling.  You draw me

closer.  Your eyes lock on mine.  You hold my gaze communicating to me your

acceptance of the pleasures we have just shared.  As though you have found

the magical keys hidden by the evil genie so long ago, you make me feel like

a woman.  I am encased now in a love that promises protection.  I can not

differentiate which is more envigorating to me ... the fullness of my physical

satisfaction or the freedom from shame or the feeling of being accepted. 

Whichever, I flourish in your presence.  I see the impish smile on your face. 

I return it with a grin.  Gee.  Looks like there is more to come! 



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