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Archive-name: SpecMome/spa


Archive-title: Why a Spa?

	After work last week, I came in tired from a horrid day at the office.

The phones had not stopped ringing and the machines were breaking down. I had

been dragged from my peaceful programming job , sent out into the back room

to lift machinery and carry it to the storeroom. Hardly executive material...

	I arrived home later than normal and was dissapointed to find that

my parents had not cooked anything for me. However the note on the fridge saying

that they had gone to Sydney for the weekend was enough to make me forget about

trivial things like food, at least for now. I grabbed a beer from the fridge 

and sat down to watch TV, but thoughts of the swirling bubbles in the spa hot

tub working away the knots in my shoulders quickly drove me out onto the deck.

	I quietly eased into the water and took a seat, beer in one hand and

stereo remote control in the other. This is as close to heaven as you can get

on earth, I thought, with the exception of one thing - I was alone. Immediately

I felt better and closed my eyes, trying to relax. The sound of Richard Marx's

voice was softly carrying me into relaxation. I slipped a little deeper into

the water. I moved my head from side to side, trying to get the pain in my

shoulders to go away. Some time later I opened my eyes and was surprised to see

the object of my passion opposite me in the tub, staring at me and smiling. The

dolphin on her necklace was glistening beautifully in the sun, and delivered

my mind into temptation. I felt her foot rubbing my calf muscles as she smiled

ever deeper, losing me in her beautiful eyes. Then I heard her magical voice

say I probably needed someone to rub my shoulders for me, and before I knew it, 

she was moving gracefully across the tub. She began massaging my neck and

shoulders, continually assuring me that she could make all the tension in me 


	After about five minutes of neck work, she moved to my back, making 

small circles with her fingers and lightly tickling me with her fingernails. I

warned her that this was dangerous, as I was becoming aroused. She laughed,

her hair gently whipping across her gorgeous face. She assured me that she would

take care not to excite me, but she and I both knew, and hoped, that this was a 

lie. I could hardly keep still as she stroked my lower back, dragging her nails

across the sensitive parts of my buttocks. I was in heaven. A lot of people say

that, but if heaven is being somewhere in absolute ecstacy and wanting it to be

eternal, then I was there. She commanded me to turn around and began to massage

my chest and stomach. She worked in unison with the waves, and I felt the bulge

in my swimmers rise up in gratitude. She was driving me wild, and I was loving 

it. She could see my pleasure and was obviously getting enjoyment out of teasing

the life out of me. Just when I thought I could not take it any longer, I felt

a gentle tug at my drawstring. Much as I would have loved to go on with this,

I felt it only fair that I return the incredible massage that she had just given


	I asked her to sit between my legs and lean back against the wait of my 

hands. I began slowly rubbing her neck, trying to recreate the sensuous feelings

she had given me only moments before. I was worried that I would never be able

to repay such a debt, but her low moans of pleasure were encouragement enough

that I was on the right track. Just then, she turned around and wrapped her 

warm arms around my neck, kissing me passionately. Her breath was as refreshing

as mountain air and she probed every delicate place in my mouth with her tongue.

This girl knew how to turn me on. She gazed longingly into my eyes, and she

seemed to stare at me with a look of promises of dreams fulfilled. My heart was

in my mouth, and my body was at her mercy. I was powerless to stop the 

incredible surge of passion welling up inside me. I knew that this girl was 

right for me, and that we were completely in love. The way she kissed me was

enough evidence for me to believe that her feelings were mutual. I beckoned her

to turn around and let me continue the backrub, but she had other ideas. She

kissed me again, this time her hands exploring the contours of my back. I slid

my hands down her beautiful skin, resting them on her backside. People would 

kill to be in a situation like this, and there I was. I was in awe, and loving 

it. Her body was the most perfect creation on the planet. It seemed so smooth

and so well curved, as if it had been crafted by God himself. There was a 

strange sense of perfection about this girl, from her longe blonde hair, to

the immaculate jewellery around her slender neck. The bubbles of the spa were

reacting with the bubbles in the beer to give me the most incredibly light

feeling. Here I was with the girl of my dreams, and I was afraid that my head

would not keep track of things...! I was able to concentrate on a magical 

sensation on my neck. She had lowered herself down to my shoulders, and was

lightly stroking the nape of my neck with her tongue. It sent me over the edge

and I could not stay there. She stood, and sensuously slipped out of her 

costume. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. The material of the

swimsuit hugged every curve of her body as it slid to the hot-tub floor. My

eyes were warm inside, as my love stood before me in all her glory. She sat

back down where she was, and without speaking, she motioned me across to her.

I did not need to be asked twice...!

	She gently removed my shorts and motioned for me to move up to the tub's

rim. As soon as I did, I felt her lips engulf me. I leaned back while she

delicately teased every part of my friend with her tongue and lips. I could

barely stifle the moans as I drew nearer to the peak. She sensed this and slowed

the pace a little. I eased her away gently, gasping for breath and control. I

slid into the water and whispered words of love to her. She whispered gently

back to me - 'I am yours, Greg, take me now and take me forever'. It was not

so much the words that made my heart rush, but the tone and affection in her

voice as she spoke them. 

	We both moaned gently as she slipped down onto me, her weight slowly

shifting from the spa's edge to my waist. The hot water from the spa swirled

against my back as she moved up and down with the waves, sending surge after

surge of pleasure through my body. We both reached the point of no return

together, shuddering with ecstacy in each other's arms. The feeling we felt

at that moment surpassed every emotion in our entire lives. We were together.

We knew that we were a special pair, and that nothing could come between us.

	We held each other for several minutes, locked in a passionate kiss that

sent aftershocks through my system. It was at that moment that I knew that

nothing would ever come between us, and that our lives were enriched by this

wonderful experience. Love is wonderful.



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