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Archive-name: SpecMome/soyna.txt

Archive-author: Brian Edward Webb

Archive-title: Soyna

October, 1989

The first time that Brian ever laid his eyes upon Soyna was in a french

class that they had both taken. As Brian walked into the room the first

day of classes, this beautiful vision of a dream caught his eye. She

was beautiful. She had long hard brown hair, deep dark brown eyes they

were as balck as the midnight, and this most wonderful smile and there

were two little cute dimples in each cheeck when she smiled.

As Brian, entered the room he caught her eye to. She said nothing but

looked at time wishfully so Brian went and sat in a seat next to her.

They exchanged a few words in introduction and then the class began.

Brian went home that day a very happy person for just having met

Soyna and seeing the look she gave him and knowing the look that he

gave her. Brian finally got up enough courage to ask her for a date

and they had a most wonderful time. They enjoyed being around eachother

and they fell madly in love with eachother. Relaizing that they were

so very much in love, Soyna said, "Brian there is something I have to

tell you." Brian, said "What?", in reply. She said, "I am dying of MS but

I love you very much and enjoy your compaionship." Sonya paused, her

eyes got cloudy with tears in her eyes she said, "Brian, I could die but

I love you very much and you can have what life I do have left, if you

feel the same about me? Do you feel the same about me? Could you bear

to see me die? If it came to that?." 

Brian really thought a minute about what if she did die would it be more

than his heart could stand because Brian really did love Soyna very much,

with all his heart. Brian said,"Yes, sweet heart I love you with all my

soul, my mind and body. If you did die I could stand it and if just

if I can make your life better for the time we would have together

it would make me very happy." With that out of the way, Soyna reached

over and huged Brian and said, "I love you sweetheart." and Brian

said "I love you very much too." Soyna, looked at Brian with a fire in

her eyes and thier embrass grew tighter. His lips touched hers and they

enguaged in a most passionate kiss. That was the end of that date

and he took her home and he went home and felt if is was floating on


Soyna was in and out of the hospital with her MS and Brian was always

there by her side comforting her. A week after Soyna got out of the

hospital, Brian went over to her house to visit her that evening and

just wanted to see if she was up to going out on a date. It had been

so long since thier last date and he wanted to go out again. She smiled

at him and said, "I'm up to it if you are big boy!." Just by the smile

on her face and the firey passion in her eyes as she said that Brian 

knew that tonight would be special. He didn't know what she had planned

but he knew it would be special. He asked when would be a good time

to pick her up and she said about sevenish. Brian left and went home

and got ready for his date. He put one one of his best suits which was

a brown sport coat that had golden buttons and a white shirt and his

slacks matched his suit jacket. He went over to pick Soyna up and

when she opened the door and said "Hi there handsome." Brian couldn't

believe his eyes she had on this long navy blue evening grown that had

white sequins. She was more beautiful than he had ever saw her before.

They went out to a very classy restraunt. They had thier dinner and went out

just walking around town and window shopping. It was about 10pm and Soyna

said that she was sleepy and asked if Brian would please take her home

so, he took her home when they arrived at her house he noticed no one

was home. He asked Soyna were her parents were she said they went away

on a trip and will be back in a week or two and that they just left about

an hour after we did. She said "Can't you come in and stay for a while."

Brian hesitated because he knew if he was late his parents would be worried.

He explained this to her. She said that he could use her phone can call and

tell them where is was and they wouldn't worry because they knew Soyna's

parents but didn't know they were out of town. So they went in and Brian

told his parents where is was and everything was fine.

Soyna, said to Brian, "Make your self at home, I am going to go make myself

more comfortable." Brian sat down on the sofa and turn on the TV and pulled

his suit jacket off and his tie as they were umcomfortabke and loosened the

top button of his shirt. When Soyna came back she only had a teddy on and

when Brian saw her walking into the room he noticed her well toned thighs

and he also noticed her very large breast but he tried not to stare.

She sat down beside him, and said , "Anything good on TV?" Brian replied,

"No." and tured it off giving Soyna his undivided attention. Thier eyes

locked in a stare that must have lasted five minutes but seemed like

an eternity. Her fiery passion and hungry look said to him kiss me.

Brian put his mouth on hers and kissed her this time more passionately than he

ever had before. In the passion of thier kiss her mouth hoped to receive his

touge and he kissed her passionately thier tougues dancing and caressing the

others. Brian put his one arm around her neck and but other on her back

between her shoulder blades and held her tighly pulling her closer and closer.

Finally the kiss broke and Soyna said that she was tired and she extented her

hand out to Brian and said, "Brian, I love you very much and will you please

go to bed with me and make love to me." Brian said,"I would love to but

it's late and my parent's will be mad if I come home late." Soyna thought

and then she said, "Call your parents and tell them you are sleeping over here

tonight; they think my parents are home so they will think nothing of it."

Brian called his parents and they didn't mind him staying the night.

After Brian put the phone receiver back on it's hook. Sonya extended her

had again and said, "Come with me my love." Brian extended his hand and

she lead him up stairs and to the end of the hall and into her bed room.

They room was quite large and she had it beautifully decorated with unicorns,

she loved unicorns. She lead him to her bed and she too off his shoes and

shocks and then she sat down beside him on the bed again and they exchanged

another they passionate kiss. As they were kissing in thier passion embrass

Soyna was unbottoning Brian's shirt and she started to explore his front

with one had while keeping one around his neck. 

Finally the kiss broke and she took his shirt off and flung it over

beside the bed. She said, "My it sure is hot in here. You don't mind if

I take my teddy off now do you?" Brian said,"No, I don't mind at all."

She started to take it off and Brian said, "Wait let me do that for you"

Soyna smiled to show her approval and that she was pleased that he wanted

to undress her himself. Brian took her teddy off and flung it over in the floor

beside the bed. Brian seeing her in her nakedness for the first time that she

was the most beautiful creature than he ever did see. Her long hard brown

hairs cascaded over her shoulderes and she was very beautiful and he

just looks at her for a second in wonder and in appreciation of her body.

They emrbassed very so tightly and kissed again with thier lustful tounges

inside eachother mouths and her touge carassing his and his caressing hers.

As the were kissing she started exploring his body with one had keeping

the to ther around her. Her fondaled her brest as they kissed. Then he

settled his hand on just one of the best and started to tease her nipple

she gasped with pleasure. She explored is body lower and lower until

her hand came to his midsection and she started foundling his penis

threw his pants he began to get hard from her gentle but kind attention

that she was giving his penis. He was give her brest some attention with

teasing her brest but then putting his hand back and with his forefingure

and thub stimulated her nipples until they became firm and erect.

Their embrass broke as he moved his head down lower to suck one of her nipples

into his mouth. He supported her brest with his hand caressing it from under

neath and sucking on her brest with much power that she gasps from sexual

exicitment. He give her other brest the same attention and she moans as

he is pleasing her very much. After Brian finishes sucking her boosm

she lays Brain down on his back and undoes his belt and he archs back so

she can remove his pants from his hips and she is delighted to find that

Brian had no underwear on his hard erection is finally set free. 

She strattles him any lays down on him and begins to kiss her she can feel his

erect penis getting harder and harder against her inner thigh. They enguage 

in a passionate embrass and kiss wildly. They flip over and Brian kisses

her mouth, her neck working is way down he kisses each brest and her stomach

going even lower he kiss her innger tighs until he comes to her vaginal

opeing. He allows his touge to explore her clitterious and she moans in these

low moans witch excites Brian even more and he goes even deeper and really

gets down on her but she wants him to get closer so she takes his head and

dawns is as close as she can with her hands and he really does eat her out

good then. This makes her very wet and she says to Brian, "I want you inside

me now." So, Brian lays back down on his back and she strapples him and she

goes down on his stiffness guiding it in with her hand and then she comes

back up and goes down again. She moans as she thrust down as his penis

penetrates her womanhood. She and he find eachother's rythm and work trying

to work her into a orgasm. Brian tries hard not to cum but they just go

slowly and Brian don't have to waith that long she feels a release and

tightens down on his penis with her vagina that contraction causes Brian

to feel his release and she feels his warm explosion of love juice rush

into her vigina. She collapses on top of him and they just hold eachother

for a while. Then they turn over keeping Brian inside of her and Brian

lays on top of her and they start agian this time with a little faster

rythm and he just rides her up and down in a pumping action.

She reaches her second climax and not long after that Brian releases his

ejacutale into her but this time Brian is over come and collapes on her

because neither of them can control their muscles. They lay there as long

as they can just cuddling. That was their first encounter and they loved

each other very much and loved each other well. 

More romantic encounter like that followed and Brian asked Soyna to

marry him about a year and an half after their first encouter and

she accepted. They were to be marrried June 15,1988 but Soyna died

a tragic death on October 14, 1986. Brian was heart broken that his

fiancee had died of MS when she was just 17 but he knew that could happen

anytime and he did tell her that we could handle that and he did handle

that quiet well. To this day Brian loves Soyna very much and just

because she died doesn't mean she died in his heart and this

story is dedicated to my beloved Soyna who died a little over 3 years ago.

I know she would have loved this story. I just regret that she isn't

alive to read it. I had great times with Soyna just the one I chose

to write about was my first encouter with her and that's something

I'll always treasure. 




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