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Archive-name: SpecMome/sommelie.txt


Archive-title: The Sommelier

      It was the first time I'd ever seen a female sommelier. Not that

    women cannot be knowledgeable about wine, but in a restaurant situation

    one is far more likely to see women as waitresses or hostesses. I hoped

    she'd be well trained. Nothing worse than a clumsy or inept sommelier,

    particularly when one is spending serious money on wine.

      We were having our annual gastronomic fjte for our tiny corporation.

    Having finally achieved a profit, it was decided that we would make

    this a truly memorable occasion. Each year we'd have an expensive

    dinner at one of the fine restaurants in the area. This year we chose

    the Black Rose, an upscale place with french-american cuisine and a

    phenomenal wine list. My mouth watered at the thought of choosing

    something really special for my board of directors.

      I chose the tuna steaks with leeks served in a black truffle sauce

    for the fish course and chateaubriand for the meat course. I pored over

    the wine list like a hawk, while the sommelier awaited my order. With

    over 1000 selections, it was not likely to be quickly decided. "I'm

    going to be a few minutes, but in the interim we'd like a bottle of

    Batard-Montrachet, perhaps the 1983," I began, pointing to the entry on

    the list. "I'll bring that up immediately, sir," she replied and

    departed for the cellar.

      I continued to look through the list, which really was impressive.

    Verticals for many of the first growth Bordeaux, a significant presence

    of burgundy, California cabernets, german rieslings. A panoply of the

    greatest fruits of the vine. Susan, the sommelier, returned and

    presented the bottle for my inspection. It appeared to be in good

    condition, and I touched the bottle. It was already at temperature.

    I nodded. She deftly removed the capsule and put her corkscrew into the

    cork. It was neat watching her work; she was obviously well versed. She

    poured a small amount into my glass and I examined the pale gold

    liquid. Swirling it a few times, I inhaled deeply. Nuts and honey and

    pineapple greeted my nostrils. I smiled and said, "Oh yes, I believe

    this will do fine." She looked at me quizzically, as if surprised I

    didn't actually taste the wine before approving it. I didn't need to;

    the nose told me everything I needed to know. She poured more into my

    glass and then went around the table, filling the rest. "Cheers, ladies

    and gentlemen. To profit," I announced. Applause and laughter, and the

    clinking of glasses were the reply. The wine was terrific. A brilliant

    expression of the chardonnay grape.

      The sommelier returned presently. "We'll have a bottle of Chateau

    Haut-Brion 1961, in magnum." She smiled. "I'd tell you that's a

    brilliant choice, but I'm sure you know that," she beamed. I smiled and

    she went to retrieve our wine. She returned presently and looked

    uneasy. "We have but a single bottle left, and I'm afraid it is not in

    the best of condition. I'll bring it up for you anyway, if you like, or

    we also have the '61 in 750 ml bottles." I thought about it for a

    moment and spoke. "If it were your $900 to spend on a single bottle,

    what would you choose, knowing what we're having?" "The Domaine de la

    Romanie-Conti La Tbche 1964," she replied without hesitation. "In

    jeroboam," she added. "Of course, that's $1275," she continued,

    reluctantly. "Is there a bottle in good condition?" I posed. "Yes," she

    answered; "I've had my eye on one for two years." "Then let's have it,

    shall we?" The entire dining room had fallen silent while we spoke. Now

    it erupted in nervous whispers and mirthful commentary. She was back

    with the bottle so fast I was surprised to see her. She presented the

    massive bottle, I nodded, and in seconds she poured me a glass. The

    perfume was exquisite. I closed my eyes and smiled. "Now it is I who

    says that you have brilliant taste," I smiled. She beamed with

    appreciation, her cheeks slightly flushed. The meal and wine were

    fantastic. Everyone's expectations were exceeded.

      As my board of directors got up to leave, I prepared to settle the

    matter of the bill. The owner of the restaurant came to see me

    personally. "This is the sort of gastronomic experience I envisioned

    when I built this place," he beamed. "Thank you. Your chef is a genius,

    and your sommelier is top notch." "That's my daughter," he said

    proudly. "Susan," he called. She came around the corner, half out of

    her uniform (the place was now closed.) "Susan, you are an excellent

    sommelier." "Thank you, sir." "Call me Tom." "Ok, Tom," she giggled.

    "Would you like a glass," I inquired, pointing to the bottle, "seeing

    that you're now off duty." She looked at her father and he nodded. "I'd

    love to," she gushed.

      There's was enough for two glasses each before we hit the dregs. I

    was feeling no pain at this point, and she had a slight buzz on

    herself. The next thing I knew was that we were kissing. Mmmm. Nice.

    I opened my eyes and looked into a pair of really beautiful baby blues.

    They sparkled and shone like the sun shimmering across a rippled pond.

    "You can't drive you know," she began. I nodded my head in assent.

    "Shall I call a cab?" "No, I'll take you home." "Oh, baby!" I said in a

    voice filled with innuendo, and was immediately sorry, but her face 

    showed she was as tickled by the idea as I was.

      We got into her cute little Mercedes convertible and sped off into

    the night. I put my hand on her thigh and she didn't move it. Buzzed as

    I was, I started getting bold, moving it closer to her crotch. I could

    feel her heat. I gently stroked the inside of her thighs; she began to

    squirm. "You know, you're making it very difficult to drive," she said

    while taking hold of my hand. I smiled. "Where are we going?" "To my 


      We pulled into the driveway of a beautiful home, and a garage door

    opened like a giant monster gobbling us up. We stopped, and she turned

    off the engine. She turned to me and before she could say anything I

    grabbed her and pulled her to me. We nibbled softly at each other's

    lips, then tongues began careful probing. Her tongue was soft and

    increasingly active, and I began to feel a familiar stirring in my

    loins. "Let's go inside" she breathed as she flicked her catlike tongue

    across my earlobe.

      Entering her house, it was apparent that she was quite comfortable.

    Her furnishings were extremely tasteful and the house itself was really

    quite interesting. I plopped myself down on the sofa, and she turned on

    some music. Vivaldi; the Four Seasons, if I recall. "I'm going to get

    into something a little more comfortable, if you don't mind. Make

    yourself at home." "Ok, I will." With that, she went upstairs. I looked

    around a little bit, and got myself a large glass of ice water. Hearing

    something behind me, I turned around. I almost dropped the glass. She

    was standing in the doorway in the most incredibly sensual lace

    underwear I'd ever seen. "My, my," I stammered, "that is really

    something." I moved over to her and took her in my arms. Her touch was

    delicate and feminine. Her hands flitted over my body, removing my tie

    and opening my shirt. My hands roamed over her sexy back and gently

    squeezed her gorgeous ass. My cock was more rigid than kevlar.

      Her delicate hand undid my belt and opened my trousers which promptly

    fell to the floor. She pulled my underwear down and genty grasped my

    aching member. Her touch was so light, so delicate. She caressed my

    steely rod, and felt my swollen balls in their sac. A slight moan

    escaped my lips. "Come with me" she said and led me by my cock into her

    bedroom. I peeled her lace teddy over her head and caressed her silky

    breasts with excruciating slowness. Her nipples perked right up, but I

    carefully avoided them as I kneaded her smooth flesh. Her breathing

    began to thicken, and I knew she was really enjoying herself. I pushed

    her back on the bed and laid down next to her. "You are very beautiful,

    Susan." "Thank you," she breathed. Her face shone crimson. "Lick them,"

    she whispered. I chuckled. "All in good time."

      I began running my hands over her thighs and hips, feelings the silky

    material that covered her bottom. She was getting rather turned on; I

    could smell her musky scent even through her panties. I peeled them off

    and she was totally naked. I drank in her beauty as she lay before me.

      I knelt over and took a nipple in between my teeth, biting very

    lightly. She could feel the hardness of my teeth, but so long as she

    didn't move there was no pain. I flicked my tongue across it, and she

    wiggled her hips in response. I sucked long and hard on it for a few

    seconds then released the nipple. It puffed up, sullen and scarlet

    from its treatment. I did the same for the other, and she grabbed my

    cock and stroked it firmly. She pulled on it until it was near her

    face, then began kissing and biting it. The shaft, the glans, the base,

    my balls were all treated to her oral talents. A mixture of 

    unadulterated pleasure and tiny little sparks of pain as she'd nibble

    playfully took over center stage in my brain. Not to be outdone, I

    put my head between her thighs and began running my tongue along her

    wet slit and nibbling on her already distended labia.

      Soon we were teasing and exciting each other, bringing each other to

    a fever pitch. Breathing was labored and deep. I forcefully jammed my

    tongue deep into her hole and fucked her with it. She groaned deep in

    her throat, which sent ripples of excitement running up my shaft. I

    took her clitoris between my lips and began to suck. She screamed and

    began to buck her hips. "Oh, yes, yes, right like that! Don't stop. Oh,

    OH, OH!" And over the edge she went. I kept my mouth glued to her twat,

    and it occurred to me that pussy went very well with burgundy. She came

    screaming down one mountain and abruptly up the next. She came perhaps

    a half dozen times, and I was busily working my tongue or fingers into

    her pulsating cunt to keep her up there. Finally she pushed me away and

    said, "Enough! I can't take that anymore. I'm going to pass out!" I

    smiled and she dove on top of me, kissing me deeply and tasting her

    sweet juices on my lips and tongue.

      She kissed her way down my chest, biting each nipple rather firmly

    before continuing to my rock hard penis. She took me into her mouth and

    began working my length into her throat. Before long she had worked my

    entire cock down her throat, and was snaking her tongue down over my

    balls. I was nearly breathless with excitement. She got a steady

    rhythm going (in perfect time with the music, I might add) and in just

    a couple of minutes that sweet "here it comes" feeling began rapidly

    building in my sex. I ran my hands through her hair and began spurting

    deep into her mouth. Gobs of molten semen squirted hotly into her

    mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and was somehow able to keep

    from making too much of a mess. "Oh, Susan, that was wooonnnderful."

    She licked what little had dribbled onto her hands. "Um, delicious. I

    love tasting you."

      "Are you done for the night?" she queried? "Hardly," I retorted. "I'll

    just need a minute or so." "Oh, goody." Then she pulled out a 7 inch

    vibrator out of her nightstand. I took it from her, turned it on the

    lowest setting and rubbed it over her breasts. Her nipples promptly

    bloomed. I began working on them with my tongue as I ran the buzzing

    phallus over her ass and inner thighs, teasing her dripping pussy all

    the while. I'd let it directly contact her clit for just a second or

    two, which would drive her absolutely wild. Then I'd move it somewhere

    else, preventing her from getting very far up the trail to orgasm. I

    slipped it gently into her juicy snatch, working it in further with

    each thrust. Soon it was fully buried in her aching pussy. I flicked my

    tongue gently over her clit, and she cried out my name, begging me to

    finish her off. I wet a finger with my saliva and began working it into

    her brown pucker. I got in to the second knuckle and could feel the

    humming faux cock through the intervening tissues. She was throwing her

    head side to side, just seconds from a tremendous orgasm when I

    withdrew my finger and the dildo.

      "Nooooo! Please don't stop!" she cried. "I want to put the vibrator

    in your ass," I said. She recoiled in fear. "I promise I won't hurt

    you; I just know you'll love it. I just need to lube you up real good."

    She thought about it for a minute and nodded her ahead. She gave me a

    tube of KY, and held my hand. "Please be gentle." "I promise."

      I began to lube her taut brown pucker. She started to enjoy it almost

    immediately. Then I began to penetrate her with a finger, pushing lube

    in with me. I thoroughly coated her anus with lube before attempting a

    second finger. I took my time and was gentle, and her butt soon

    accomodated me. I would occasionally bang her clitty with my tongue,

    just to keep her hot. I withdrew my fingers, and put the tip of the

    vibrator (which was now off) against her slightly enlarged opening.

    Once I got about an inch in, I stopped pushing so she could accustom

    herself to the plastic intruder. My tongue continued to tease her hot

    pussy. I began sliding the vibrator deeper into her ass. when it was

    mostly in, I congratulated her. "I feel so full" she whimpered. "Almost

    full," I replied, then wiped my hands on a handtowel. I positioned

    myself over her, and began to work my cock into her pussy. It was a

    tight fit, but she was so wet and ready I slipped in without too much

    trouble. I slowly began stroking into her, and she was moaning very

    loud. After a few minutes, I stopped, reached down, and turned on the

    vibrator. I picked up the pace and in about thirty seconds she was

    positively screaming. Screaming and cumming, cumming and screaming. Her

    mind was nearly on sensory overload. Orgasms came back to back, and the

    buzzing I felt in the base of my cock caused a huge eruption as I

    careened over the abyss into the throes of a truly massive orgasm. As

    soon as I was able, I turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of her.

      My cock remained inside her. We dozed like that for about 15 mintues

    before we awoke. "My God," she said; "that was fantastic." "Why thank

    you; I rather enjoyed it myself." With that I pulled out of her and lay

    down beside her. I took her in my arms and we slept together like that

    until 10 the next morning.



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