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Archive-name: SpecMome/sextext.txt

Archive-author: Ojo de Ella

Archive-title: Our Special Moment

   I told him to just lay back in the  middle of the bed and I  would  do all

   the work.   I guess I just  decided that  it  was my  turn  to control the

   course of our love making tonight.

   I stradled his stomach and faced him.  I reached for  his hands and placed

   them on my breasts.   His hands instintively began to rub my tits until my

   nipples became erect and hard.  I let my head  fall back as  I enjoyed his

   touch.   Together we caressed my breasts  and made my excitement  grow.  I

   could feel my pussy getting  wet and I knew  that,  with my legs stradling

   him, he would soon feel it too.

   I began to rock back and forth on  his stomach which greatly  enhanced the

   sensations within the lower portions of my body.

   I was very ready and I wanted him to know it.   I stood up over him on the

   bed and said, "I'm so ready for you honey.  Let me show you."

   I moved up and fell to my knees.   This brought my crotch mere inches from

   his face.  Slowly, I rubbed my hands down my stomach and  between my legs.

   I lightly gripped my inner thighs.   I brought my hands back up until they

   covered my closely trimed pubic hair.

   With just the tips of my  fingers,  I parted the outside lips of  my cunt.

   They resisted just slightly due to the stickiness of my lubricants.   As I

   continued to slowly open myself to him, I stared into his eyes.

   Wider and wider I spread my lips.   I slid  the index finger  of each hand

   into my cunt and began to  open  my inner lips.   I knew he  had a perfect

   view to see deep inside me.  I clenched my internal muscles and could feel

   what he would see.   I could tell that a large drop of my cunt  juices had

   formed and was slowly  dripping  out  of  me  and  down  my  leg.  Without

   speaking a word,  he lifted his head up from the pillow and ran his tounge

   up my leg until he had collected all of the ellusive liquid.

   Again I got up and repositioned myself so that  I was stradling  his hips.

   My open cunt was right over his very stiff penis.

   I  grabbed his cock  with  both  hands and began to  rub it  all  over the

   outside of my pussy.  I rubbed his penis on me until it parted my lips.  I

   kept doing this  until the wetness from  my  cunt  had  covered  his cock.

   Without warning,  I sat down  and he  slipped right inside  in  one smooth

   motion.   Neither of us moved for an instant.   We just wanted to  take in

   every sensation.

   Slow at first,  I began to move up and down on his shaft.  Each stroke was

   a bit faster and deeper  the the last.   Each stroke caused  our bodies to

   produce more of our special lubricants.   Each time I rose up, I went just

   high enough on his penis  that my pussy would just  begin to  close.  That

   was so I could feel him open me up again each time I settled back down.

   With ever increasing speed his cock moved within me.

   I parted my pussy lips with my fingers so we both could  actually see what

   our bodies  were  doing.   We could see his  cock  coated  with  the slick

   mixture of our juices.   We could see a wet ring form around my cunt right

   were his cock entered me.   Each thrust into me made a sexy slurping sound

   that heightened out sensory pleasures.

   Faster and faster we went until I could feel that I would come.

   As my orgasm began, I leaned to one side to support some of my weight with

   my hand.  I looked down and watched.

   The spasms began.

   With each contraction, I watched my muscles grab his cock in an attempt to

   push him out.  Each time I would instinctively raise up slightly but never

   enough to  actually lose him.   Each spasm caused  my body to  spurt out a

   quantity of  my  cum that  immediatedly  gushed  from my cunt  and ran the

   length of his penis.

   When it was over, I sat back down and again took him in completely.

   I looked at him and without either of us speaking,  we knew his own climax

   was a few gentle strokes away.

   I wanted this to be  a completely internal sensation.   I just sat  on him

   and began to use my muscles.   I internally clenched down on his cock over

   and  over  again.   I knew that I was  caressing him in  exactly the right


   Again and again I squeezed until he came.

   My pussy felt the base of his cock swell.   The sensation  rose the length

   of  his shaft.   When it  reached the top,  I felt it.   The head expanded

   inside me and I felt the first burst of  his warm  cum against  my cervix.

   Again and again his  penis ejected its wet treasure  deep  inside me until

   there was no more.

   We remained still and enjoyed the sensation.   I just concentrated on what

   was going on inside me.   I could tell that  his cum was sliding  down his

   cock because I could feel the warmth travel between us.

   I slowly rose up.   His still erect cock  gently slipped from my  cunt and

   lay on his abdomen.   It was coated with the slick translucent film of our

   mixed cum.

   With  my fingers,  I parted the lips  of my pussy.     I began  to move my

   fingers  to  open  and close my  vagina.   Again  I  squeezed  my internal

   muscles.   What I wanted  came  to pass.   We both watched  and the creamy

   white  fluid deep  within  my  cunt  began to  emerge from my  vagina.  It

   collected around the opening and my movements began to make that squishing

   noise again.   Each time my cunt would open, the entrance was spanned by a

   web of  sticky  threads.   As my pussy  relinguished more and more  of the

   treasured fluid,  one long continuous drop began to reach down towards his

   crotch.   A second  began the downward  journey just as the  first touched

   half way up  the length of his cock.   I continued until I  had  pumped as

   much from my love vault as I could.

   I paused and just looked at the cum drip around his penis.

   I  got up and  repositioned myself between his legs.   I grabbed  his cock

   around the base well below the collection of white slippery goo that I had

   so carefully deposited.   Slowly, I moved my hand up along his shaft until

   I touch the mess.   As soon as  it began to coat  my hand,  I quickened my


   Faster and faster I went.  I wanted him to give me more.

   And he did.  Again his cock swelled and more globs of the hot creamy sauce

   oozed from the openning in his penis.   I just kept pumping  until my hand

   and his cock were completely soaked.

   I stopped and removed my hand.   I stared at it for a moment.  I seperated

   my fingers just to watch the sticky juice stretch from digit to digit.

   I reestablished my grip and put my lips firmly on the outside  of the head

   of his penis.   Slowly,  I lowered my head and took him inside.  As I went

   down, I could feel the cum collect at my lips.  When I reached the base, I

   openned my mouth and   raised my head.   I could feel my lips covered in a

   ring of the warm sticky cum.   Its strong but enjoyable  smell rushed into

   my nostrils as I took a deep  breath.   I ran my tongue around  my lips to

   collect the sweet salty goo and sucked it into my mouth.

   To show him that I enjoyed what  had just  transpired,  I gave him an open

   mouth smile.   I  am  sure  he  could see how my  lips and  teeth were all

   interconnected through the network of white shiney treads of our cum.

   He smiled back and I just closed my mouth and swallowed.




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