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Archive-name: SpecMome/sexscen6.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lynn Kornreich

Archive-title: Sexy Scenario #6

     There are some times that I enjoy sitting alone.

However, this is not one of them.  I sit here and think of

all the things I would love to be able to do, places I would

love to go, and people I would love to have.

     You sit there alone, and watch me think.. Do you know

what is going through my mind?  Yes, I believe you do.

     As I sit and write in my notebook, and look up with my

far-away stare.. I can feel your presence.  It comforts me,

and soothes me.  I need you.. and I know it.

     You beckon me over to sit by you.. on the floor.  And so

I comply.  "You know what I feel like doing?" you casually

ask me.  Before I can even begin to think about my reply to

this, you drop your papers, and roll on top of me, bombarding

me with sweet kisses, full of warmth and passion.

     I am truly taken by surprise, and so I take a moment to

access the situation, and begin to respond.  First letting

myself relax, and then beginning to relax you.  Giving the

occasional kiss to your neck, and most importantly, your

warm, and willing lips.

     You are forceful tonight.. and I love that..Loving

should be a two-way street, and you have just turned your

light from red to green.

     As your hands begin the ritual of exploration.. I feel

myself becoming more and more aroused. .the touch of your

fingers becomes like static electricity.. and it charges me.

I want more, and more.. and you keep on giving.

     You hand on my back sends shivers up my spine.. and I

want you to feel that same passion.  Passion that is

mounting..  increasing, until there are no higher places to

reach.  Your shirt is discarded, and then mine.  The contact

of your warm skin against me provides for a further

inspiration, and I begin to explore you... as you have been

exploring me.

     My jeans are tight, and I can feel you hard against my

thigh.  The thought of your skin melting with mine keeps my

momentum at full steam.. and I want so desperately to get you

out of your jeans.. and me out of mine.  Which is my next

task... and it is successful.

     Your fingers do their dance over my breasts, and

leisurely take their time in continuing their path...

Stroking my naked legs, and coming 'oh so close'... and yet

it's only a tease..But I do not need to be teased.. I need to

be touched.. and penetrated.. and satisfied..

     You slide down and lick my breasts.. my nipples stand

out as if they are reaching up to you for more..beckoning

you, as if they say 'suck me..lick me'..and you hear them

loud and clear.. and you let your tongue tease me.. and

tickle me..  until I am practically nuts with passion. Then,

continuing still downward further.. you bury your face

between my legs.  From my point of view, I can no longer see

your eyes.. but I don't mind that at all.. I lean back and

try to relax my muscles. Although I am just too aroused for

such a complete relaxation... I try anyway.

     You tenderly kiss my thighs, and begin to lick those

ever-so-sensitive areas...your tongue feels warm and wet. I

too, am warm and wet..with your hands on my hips, you pull me

closer to you..and then, with one hand... begin to entice me

further.. you insert your finger... soooo slowly, as if going

too fast would be no fun... and then you are gone again...

The second time you enter me is with your tongue... I can

feel you licking me.. sucking me...eating me.. As your tongue

roams my interior.. I notice that your hand is again coming

dangerously close to the same area...and all of a sudden...

with one casual motion... your tongue is joined by a finger.

and then two.

     I am in ecstasy ..No thoughts enter my mind.. because my

mind is no longer available... I am off to higher places..

The feel of your tongue inside of me..  moving me.. can bring

me to such a high.  I feel my orgasm starting... but I can't

seem to control it..your fingers are relentless.. playing

with my lips .. entering.. leaving.. entering again.. deeper

and deeper.. It all seems to be going to fast.. I need you

now more than ever...

     With one quick motion I sit up.. and at the same time,

roll you over, and mount you..  Like someone who is starving,

I attack you with the same force that you had mercilessly

ravaged me..

     Wasting no time at all.. I slide down and begin to suck

you...putting that slight pressure at the base.. and working

my way up to your tip..Mmm..salty..Again.. I let my tongue

surround you.. and then, I pull you as deep as possible into

my mouth.. a little pressure.. a little more.. and I can

begin to taste a little more salt each time...:-)

     With my mouth full of you... I can place my hands at

your base... a little massage there maybe.. and work my

fingers up.  You are so hard.. and you are still in control.

I am determined to bring you to the point of pure bliss.

Your hand is resting on my back.. rubbing..only every now and

then... and I know you are ready for me..

     As I begin to slide myself back up your body.. I feel

your hands wrap around me and pull me there.. you position me

to fit your needs, and mine.. and then it is up to me to push

with all my strength.  As your tip begins to search for me..

I can feel it start to enter.. but I hold myself above.. just

out of's my turn to be a little tease..!! :-)

     It is no use.. I cannot hold myself off.. even my will-

power has given in... With one final motion I lower myself,

and let your shaft enter me with all it's length and glory.

Deep inside of me...I begin to push even harder.. and then,

wait.... and push again.

     I begin to pull away, but never quite lose your

penetration... and then once again.. with one swift movement,

I push down on you again..

     This is exciting me beyond any comprehension.. and I

have reached that certain point of no return... I lower

myself one final time..  and begin to move with you.. and

pull you deeper and deeper with each thrust..

     Your arms are around me.. helping me, guiding me.. and

pulling me closer..

     With a mighty PUSH!.. I feel you explode inside of me.

And I let myself go too.. and the feeling of rapture is

quite mutual.

     As you leave me.. you give me one last push.. and

then land a loving kiss on my cheek.

     We both sit up..dress.. turn on the TV, and sit there

holding hands.. until finally sleep overcomes us.



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