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Archive-name: SpecMome/sexscen5.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lynn Kornreich

Archive-title: Sexy Scenario #5

     As I lay in your bed, I can hear you mumble something as

you sleep in the other room.  it is warm tonight, and

although the night air is cool, it doesn't seem to cool me.

I decide to remove my nightshirt, wrap myself modestly in

your sheet and roll over to try to sleep.

     I am gradually awakened by the touch of your cool hand

to my naked back.. Smooth, caressing, soft and tender.  I am

facing away from you and towards the clock.  I open my eyes

slowly and see that it is 5:45am.. Maybe it's only a dream,

and you are not rubbing my back, maybe it's only a wish?  no,

this time it's real.

     I love backrubs, and before I realize it, I am actually

purring. I sigh out loud and turn towards you.

     You seem startled to find that I am awake, and then

embarrassed and a little ashamed.. You apologize for you

actions, but no apologies are necessary.  I inform you how

much I enjoy backrubs and if you like to give them, I am a

willing participant!  So you continue with a little more

hesitancy.. Damn. I wish I hadn't let you know that I was


     You work your warm hands over my back and down my sides.

Always being the gentleman, never letting yourself go too far

down.  It is pure pleasure.  After a while, I decide to roll

over onto my back and this again seems to upset you..  My

sheet is pulled up in all modesty, I sit up to look at you

more clearly.  You are barely smiling, and that disturbs me.

Didn't you want me to get up?  Or why else would you have

come in?

     We sit there for a while, without saying anything.

Although the silence is awkward, it is not tense. Thoughts,

ideas, and visions flood my mind, as it begins to kick in,

and give in to more evil thoughts.

     I think to myself how vulnerable I am.. sitting here

naked in your bed, with only a sheet between us.. The thought

excites me. After an eternity, you shift your weight, and as

I am thinking you are going to leave me, you land a soft kiss

on my bare shoulder.  As you kiss me, a warmth spreads right

down to my toes.

     I face you with careful moves, as not to break this

wonderful moment.  We are now face to face, and nose to nose.

Our lips are mere millimeters apart, and the anticipation is


     Here we are..Will you kiss me?  Should I kiss you?  I

don't know.. but my silent question is answered as you

place your hand behind my neck and pull me towards your

awaiting, gentle lips.

     The kiss is warm, and full of tenderness.. Passion

between us is increasing by leaps and bounds.  I wrap my arms

around you and pull you down..closer to me..warmer.  The heat

is immense.

     I laugh as you continue to kiss me all over my face, and

neck.. and especially when you nibble on my ear. I love that!

It is like a fire has exploded between us, and we have

finally admitted to our innermost desires.

     We roll over as I continue to kiss your neck, and

shoulders, and ears!..It is like a game of 'catch me' as I

seem to tease and then retreat.  But you attack!.. you take

me, and push me back as you begin to caress my breasts, you

are like a child playing with your new toy on Christmas

morning, and you just can't seem to get enough!

     Your lips surround my nipples, teasing them, and making

them become hard with passion.  My reaction excites you as

you continue to rub your face next to my soft skin.  I play

with your hair, and hold you close..

     I decide that I want to kiss you now, and I push you

back to allow me the room I need. Starting on your chin, and

working down to your neck, and Adam's apple, trailing down to

your chest, and licking your nipples delicately.  You are so

delicious, and I can tell that you are having fun.. which is

most important to me.

     I let my hands wander and explore your back, and chest,

caressing and touching your face, and finally planting a

little peck on your nose.  You are soft, and warm, despite

the heat of the night, I don't mind this kind of warmth at

all! :-)

     You are wearing a pair of shorts, which impede me, so I

attempt to remove them.. with your help and concent of

course, this task is achieved in a matter of seconds.

     Holding you close, our bodies intertwine into a tangled

knot.  One that I don't want to untie.  The feel of your skin

against mine arouses me, and your excitement is also


     You are hard and firm, and I am soft and wet.  The

perfect combination for making love.  I begin by taking you

in my arms and sliding down your smooth body.. As I go lower

and lower, your anticipation increases with every move I

make, and finally I begin to suck you.

     You relax and lean back.  Your arms resting under your

head as you watch me.  I lick you and use my tongue to

surround you as you had used yours to surround my nipples.  I

sit up and stick my tongue out at you and smile.  You laugh

and that makes me smile even bigger.  I dive back down and

continue playing.  I enjoy you and you enjoy me.  That is

good and the way it should be.  I nuzzle up to your thigh and

lick there too.. Smiling to myself, I can feel you tense up,

yes, there is another good spot to remember.

     You are more than excited and on the verge of becoming

uncontrollable.  All of my actions seem to make our passion finally have had enough and sit up and grab me with

such force that I can't even resist, not that I would want to


     You roll on top of me and I can feel you weight pressing

down on every inch of my fragile body.  Your hands slide up

and down trying to find a good spot to rest.  They come to a

stop on my hips and then decide against it and jump up to my

face and pull me to yours..

     Your kisses are sweet and caring.. you kiss me with a

type of passion that is wild, and yet not lustful.  I part my

lips and allow my tongue to search for yours.  You respond

with a little flick of your tongue and then jump to my neck

to nibble and lick my ear!... Yum!..

     You are on top of me and begin to start to shift your

position to ready yourself for the long awaited entry.  I

wrap my legs around yours and help you find your way.

     You find where you are going, and begin to push against

me.. it is gentle and yet hard.. you are so hard, and I am so

wet, that penetration is not too difficult.  You continue to

push against me, until you are deep inside.  What a feeling!

You are large and I feel full of you, and quite content.  I

tense up as you begin to move in a rhythm, stroking and


     Your hands return to my hips and pull me even closer

than I thought possible, as you push yourself ever deeper,

and continuing to kiss me, you finally relax into a more

regular rhythm.  I move with you and try to concentrate on

all the feelings that are coming over me.  You feel so go

inside of me, with our bodies covered with sweat, and steeped

in passion.

     You rock back and forth and as I look at your face, I

can see that you are having fun, and so am I.. I try to smile

but it is difficult to concentrate on anything but the

matters at hand.

     Your arms wrap around me, and I can tell that you are

getting ready for the big finish.. I am almost ready to

respond, but I have a little way to go.. instead I respond by

putting my hands on your back and pushing you and changing

your motion into one of a different tempo.

     My legs and muscles are getting tired, but that doesn't

stop anything.. You are still going strong, and I am

determined to keep up.  Finally in one big movement, and one

last PUSH, it puts you over that last edge.  And I too have

finished.. and I am satisfied.

     You roll off and lay next to me.. I move next to you and

snuggle up to your side.

     Content and happy, I can finally fall asleep again and

eventually you do the same, as you are rubbing my back....



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