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Archive-name: SpecMome/sexscen4.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lynn Kornreich

Archive-title: Sexy Scenario #4

     Sitting at home on a Saturday night.. watching re-runs

of Dr. Who, and relaxing.  You are in your room, working, and

I can hear the keyboard clicking away with it's soft sounds.

     I rise up and wander in to you.  You turn to face me as

I ask what it is that you are up to.. Nothing much.. good.

     I approach you and you stand up.  I stand there for a

moment, not knowing exactly what I should do.  Do you want

me? Or do you want to work?.. I don't know for sure, but as

you come closer, it is apparent that you are done with work

for the night..

     I wait for a moment, and hold my breath.  Will you turn

away and watch television, or will you be with me tonight?

No, I think you will stay.. I know you will.  I advance

towards you and slide my arms around your waist, pulling

myself closer to you, so I can feel your warmth combine with


     I nuzzle up to your cheek, and land a light kiss there.

I love to rub my cheek against yours, and to feel your soft

skin on your neck against my face.  It makes me happy, and I

know that you are there, and you are with me.

     You take my hand and slowly pull me towards the bed, and

we sit.  Sitting there with you is so tense.. I want to just

attack you with a shower of kisses all over, and everywhere,

but I contain myself.. it is for you to make the first move,

and I will wait.

     You run your hand up my arm and rub my cheek..Sliding

your hand behind my neck, you pull my face to yours, and kiss

me with a soft kiss that can be meant for only me.  I respond

willingly, and allow my lips to part, become wet and supple.

     My hands become uncontrolled, and seem to have a mind of

their own, as they wander down your body.. and search for the

bottom of your shirt.  They seem to know what they are doing

and I don't concentrate on that.. I concentrate on the kiss.

     Upon finding the entry under your shirt.. I slide my

hands up your back and draw you nearer.  The kiss becomes

more and more passionate, and our lips seem to be locked in

ever-increasing desire.  I hold you closer and press myself

completely against you.

     Your arms wrap around me, as if to never let me leave,

and I allow your hands to do as they wish, as they continue

to search my body.  Your hands slide up and down my back, and

come to rest on my thighs.

     My fingers roam the region of your back and slowly work

their way to your chest.. in an attempt to remove your shirt.

     I play with your nipples, and you are becoming more and

more aroused.. and I know it.  I am pressed against you and I

can feel you hard against my thigh.  Your hands work their

way under my shirt, and begin to explore my back, and then my

chest, and then my breasts...

     My nipples are hard from all of your soft caresses, and

my mind is going full speed.  I allow myself to search your

back once more before I dive down to lower regions.  Always

pulling you closer, and leaving a trail of soft kisses to

mark where I have been.

     You hands have discovered my breasts, and have stayed

there.. to play.  You seem to enjoy the feel of my full

breasts in your hands.. You bend forward and your lips leave

mine, and land on my breasts.. In the middle.. you know I

most sensitive there, and you lick each breast with such

subtly, that I have to relax, and stop what my hands have

been doing..

     I lean back, as your lips kiss each nipple, and begin to

suck very gently.. First a kiss, then a loving nibble, then

another kiss.  I can see in your face that you are having

fun, and you see in my eyes, that I am loving it..

     You take each breast in your hands and begin to caress,

maybe you are actually drawing something, or writing your

name, but the touch is so gentle, that it feels as feathers

are trying to tickle me but are only succeeding in getting me


     I decide that I should do something for you in return,

and I gather my strength and concentration, and push you

back, and lay you down..

     I run my hands over your body, and get up to sit on your

lap..I realize then, that my shirt has never been removed, so

I stretch upward and allow you to remove it for me..

Revealing my full chest once more..  you seem to have not

gotten enough, and dive in to lick my nipples once more..

     But I have not gotten to have my fun yet! :-).. I again

push you back, and slide myself up your naked chest.. and as

you look at me, and then look down, you see my hard nipples

brushing against yours.. and you smile..

     I take my lips and lay sweet kisses on your chest, and

you neck.. your ear seems very attractive right now, and I

lick your earlobe, and breathe into it very slightly.. The

combination of my kisses and my breath create a coolness that

lets you know I am there.

     I leave a trail, tracing with my tongue, and head south.

And more south, and more south until I have reached the

'impasse'.. so I unbutton your jeans, and allow myself


     Burying my face I dive into the unknown..and find you

hot and hard and very excited..  I reach my tongue out and

lick so lightly that I'm not quite sure if it was felt, and

then I know it was..:-)

     Sliding your jeans down, and out of the way, I can

begin to enjoy myself more, and let you enjoy what I do.

I kiss your inner thigh.. I kiss you everywhere, and then as

I begin to suck you.. I let my tongue do a dance around you..

and tickle you as I go..

     Your hand rests on my shoulder,.. the warning sign, I

slow my pace for you, and you begin to relax again.. but I'm

not quite done playing yet! :-)

     Once more I kiss your stomach, and rise up to press my

chest against yours.  Our lips meet, and yours are full and

wet, and soft!.. I enter meet your tongue, and tease it for a

while.. but not really a tease.. Just an "I'm here.. "

     You begin to realize that you are naked and yet I am

not!  As if to remedy the situation, you begin to search my

waistline for the entry, and find it without any problem..

Our situations reverse and you are sitting on top of me,

and my jeans have miraculously disappeared.

     You let your hands go where they wish to, and I lie

still and wait to see where they go.. your hands are warm and

soft to the touch, and my skin responds to every move you


     You again return to my full breasts.. and cover them

with your kisses.. sucking, licking, enticing..

You hands then seem to have other plans, as they roam further

down my body, and come to rest on my legs.. my thighs..

     You roll next to me, as you fingers seem to be searching

every inch of me.. searching and looking.. for something..

And as you find what you are searching for, I lose my

strength, and lay back and relax..

     You fingers enter me with such careful gentle touches..

I sigh out loud, and realize I had been holding my breath.

You insert your fingers and begin to move around.. I don't

know what it is that you do, but I know how I feel.. and I

can't seem to concentrate on anything else..

     You leave me.. and I sigh again.. is it relief, not at

all.. maybe disappointment?.. but that is cured in a matter

of seconds, as you reenter me again.. but harder.. and it

seems so gentle, yet it's different.. You smile at me, and I

can see that you enjoy feeling my inner warmth.. You seem to

be grining at me .. why?? TWO??.. no kidding??

It is great.. I feel full of warmth and wetness.. and I feel

ready for the *real* you.. I want you..

     You can see by my reactions.. and expressions that you

are making me excited, and just as I had slowed my pace for

you, you begin to do the same.. and leave me..

     You roll on top of me and let your face rest on my

chest.. your hands holding my waist.. and positioning


     You enter me with more force than I expect, and I am

taken by surprise.. I push myself against you, and feel you

go deeper, and feel how big and hard you have become..

     We move in a motion that is synchronized.. and perfect.

Your hands reach up, and you kiss me with dry lips... my lips

are dry too, I realize, as my breathing has become quicker,

and our pace quickens to match.

     You pull me close in one last effort, and  I feel your

inner warmth make me wet..

     I relax, because I have finished too, and you fall on

me.. all strength gone.. and I lay my hand on your shoulder,

to let you know I am here.. and begin to gently rub your


     We eventually fall asleep..together.



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