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Archive-name: SpecMome/sexscen3.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lynn Kornreich

Archive-title: Sexy Scenario #3

 are sitting at your desk.  Your text is open but 

you can't seem to concentrate.  The book doesn't hold any interest.  Your

mind begins to wander.  You imagine yourself not at your desk, but rather--

reclining on your couch.  The only light is a dim one glowing from the

television.  The sound is very low, barely audible.  There is a soft hum

for the refridgerator - the sole purpose of keeping iced tea cold.  There

is a soft rustle of papers coming from your room.  -- You rise up - and 

go in to see what it is.

        I am sitting on the floor - 

I am wearing a black nightgown - not too revealing - but enough

to arouse the curiosity.  You are not at all startled to see me there,

you knew I was, but a smile lights up your face at the thought of my 

warm presence.  Your hazel eyes look happy.

        You are standing behind me.. I am aware of you, but delay in my

response.  You come from behind and slip you arms around my waist.  I

lean back into your arms and kiss you on your neck.

        As I melt back, I feel your warmth sweep over me.. I am engulfed in

happiness and contenment.  I turn around, look into your eyes, and

never leaving your gaze, come forward and softly brush my lips to yours.

        Your eyes close and your mind sees us-- feels us-- feels me against you.

You respond to the image with a warm hug.  You can feel my body press close.

        My soft hands slide around you and search your back. A light kiss 

lands on your earlobe and I cuddle your neck.  The passion begins to  mount

and my desire builds as I start to kiss you more fervently... and your hands

begin to wander over my back.  You take me close and begin to press your

weight until I recline - and you roll on top of me and you feel me beneath you

you know I am warm and comfortable.

        You kiss my soft lips and move towards my ear, where my exposed neck

is waiting for your touch.  Your kiss is soft and caring, yet uncontrollably

passionate.  I slide my hands under your shirt and rub your naked back.

Working constantly, I pull you even closer and press my breasts to you.

        With no apparent warning, you shift your weight and roll over.

Our positions are revesered.. I let my hands slide down your sides and 

shift my own weight, to allow my hand access to your theigh.  Softly

stroking, in a repetitive motion, I touch you - each pass a little more 

daring than the last.. Your eyes are open now, and you watch me as I lift 

you shirt and slowly let my tongue run over your chest.  Your nipples are

wet with my kisses and the feel of my breath sends shivers down your back.

I kiss you from right to left, and up and down.  My hand is still caressing

each inner theigh and letting you relax every so often.

        You begin to respond with more and more interest.  My shirt has

ridden up so that my bare skin touches yours. You can feel my heartbeat

and my breathing.. They both have quickened.

        My hand has gotten bored of this external search and now moves

up to your waist and slowly traces your beltline.-- my fingers try to

probe lower -never to leave contact with your warm skin.  I search your

buckle and in the next instant, there is nothing more to hinder

me.. I slide my hand down your waist and pass over to come to a rest on

the bare skin of your inner theigh.

        You are relaxed, you are happy, you grab me carefully and kiss me 

with passion.  My shirt is gone - your shirt is gone, I lay there waiting

for your touch.  Your hands gently move to caress my breasts.. they are

full, and my nipples are hard.  You move down to allow your tongue to lick

my breasts and bury your face in my warmth.  It feels wonderful.

        You and I are now completely nude, our legs intertwined, and we

are ultimately close.  I feel you against me and your heartbeat is in

sync with mine.  I make a silent wish that things could always be this way.

        I feel your warmth, and press my full breasts against you. You 

enter me with a gentle caress, and surge upward, reaching and pushing

until you are deep within.  You kiss my lips, and nibble my ear, making me

moan, and hold my breath.. you are near.. I can tell..I am close.. I 

am almost ready.. and it is your turn to hold your breath.. 

        I grab you and pull you deeper into me.. it is not enough.. you are 

ready to let yourself go.. and I am ready to receive your warmth..

It arrives with a force... and I am wet with excitement..

        You push yourself harder..harder.. you are in me, and I am

too excited to relax.. you have finished and I have not.. NO FAIR:-)

I pull you closer.. and thrust my middle next against yours.. the sweat between

us is warm and wet.. just like me..I pull you into me further.. as if

you could not possibly be deep enough into me..  I arch my back, as if

this will help get the full effect of you... and I finally relax..

        And then you can relax, and again kiss me with a sweet passion...

        Holding me next to you...we fall asleep, arms around each other.



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