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Archive-name: SpecMome/sexscen2.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lynn Kornreich

Archive-title: Sexy Scenario #2

You are sitting in a dark room, and the only light is that

from the window, and the full moon outside.

You go to the window and look out.  I am there and standing

behind you.  My arms around your waist.  Waiting..

You turn towards me and look into my eyes with a deep

passion. The kiss that follows is one of a deep longing,

and satisfaction.  My lips are moist and ready to receive

yours. You pull me closer and I can feel your body against

mine. We fall to the floor slowly, and begin...

Your arms are around me in a protective manner, I am all

yours, and it seems so right.  Your kisses trail from my lips

around to my earlobe and I feel a slight shiver.. My

hesitancy lets you know  that there is a definite response.

And you can't wait to find out what it will be!  You roll

on top and look down at me, questioning, but knowing.

I respond with a kiss... one that leads from your lips,

down your neck, and ends on your shoulder.  They are wet

kisses and my breath feels cool in comparison to  your

warmth.  It is your turn to shiver.

The light seems to be fading in as the moon travels in its

circle, but our eyes have adjusted to the dimness.  I can

see your expression, and it is good, it is caring, it is

full of love.  I look at you and think to myself, "yes,

this is right, this is good".  I hope my expression

reflects my feeling to you and I  smother you with kisses

to enforce that fact.  Your reply is quite similar, and

I, in turn, receive warm kisses from you.

The warmth we are creating provide the perfect prompt to

remove your nightshirt, which you seem to agree to heartily.

And I, in turn, remove mine.  Now we can feel each others

warmth without the obstacles of clothing, and I find your

bare skin against mine quite arousing.  I can feel your

heart beat, and it seems to be a little quick.. however,

mine doesn't seem to be any slower.

I allow myself the pleasure of running my hands down your

back, and over your body.  You feel so warm and good to me

that I find it hard to control myself.  I know that you

are mine for the taking and I can have you.. always, if

I want you.. Which I do.

I pull a switch, and roll on top of you, and kiss your

chest. I let my breasts fall on you so you can feel me,

my warmth, and my passion.  

I let my hands control me and I let the wander where they

want to go.  They slide down your sides and rest on your

hips.  I pull your hips closer to mine and press my

complete self against you.. You can feel the pressure

building and pull me close also.  I let my legs

intertwine with yours and that provides the ultimate

in closeness, for now, that is.

I slide my hands from your hips to your inner thighs.

You lay still for a moment, then respond with another

shower of kisses, this time extending from my lips to

my ears to my breasts.  Now it is my turn to lie still

for a moment.

You let your hands wander where they want.  They take

my breasts and caress with the lightest touch ever thought

possible.  You kiss my breast with your wet lips and

your breath makes my nipples hard.  You bury your face

in my chest and look up into my eyes to see how I like

it.. I do... believe me I do.

Your lips wander down my tummy, while your hands travel

to other regions.  Your hands patrol my waist, then

my legs and thighs.  On the trip back up, they stop

at my waistline to slide into my underwear, in an

effort to remove the only remaining obstacle..

I return the favor by helping you remove yours.

And I press myself against you, to feel your complete

self against me.  And the heat!

You roll back on top of me because you feel you want to

take charge.  You want me and you want me to know it.

I want you and I want you to know it.  But not just yet...

I take over, and force you back on your back.. I want to

make *sure* that you want me too.  And besides I like to

see you exercise a little self control.

I slide down your body and let my breasts fall on you,

just a light touch, not actual pressure.  I am now at your

waist and I let my hands do what they have been longing to

do.. and I kiss you everywhere, and you smile so I know

it is good for you too.

I slide back up and allow you to take charge now, and

willingly, I might add. You roll on top of me and take

us both to better places.

The heat has risen to a maximum.  You enter me with a force,

and yet, a gentle insertion.  You are hard with passion, and

you thrust inwards.  I catch my breath, and you can hear my

hard breathing.. My  breathing has exctited you.

As you hear me moan softly, you become uncontroled.. and 

uninhibited.. You leave me, only for a second, just to hear

my sigh again as you re-enter for a second time.. and

again, and again.. It seems that the friction is making 

you become almost too excited.. Upon one last re-entry, and

my moan (which is a bit louder by now), you feel as though you

can't take any more waiting.. it is now or NOW!... :-)

This is excitement!.. As our blood pressure

rises, a steady rhythm is reached. One which both of us seem

at ease with.  You stretch you hands upward looking for 

more leverage.. you want more pressure.. you want me.

There is no longer any control.  We enjoy each other's fullest

potential, and you surge into me with all your masculine enery.

You are spent.. and I am content.

Afterwards, I curl up in the crook of your left shoulder

and kiss you.  I know we are both content and happy..

As it should be.. always.

And sleep comes welcome and I fall off while resting

on your shoulder....



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