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Archive-name: SpecMome/sexscen1.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lynn Kornreich

Archive-title: Sexy Scenario #1

It is Friday.. the day of relaxation.  You are sitting

at your terminal.. typing and geeking away.. about

something or other..

I am there.. I am watching you.. and I know you feel my

presence, because you pause every now and then to look up at

me.. and I smile at you.

You are relaxed and happy to be at home.. it is quiet except

for the sounds of our breathing.

I come over to you, and look into your eyes.

I have my arms around you and you seem to have some 

difficulty typing and seeing the screen.. But you don't seem 

to mind much.. 

You can feel my breath on the back of your neck, and you in

turn, face me.  Your green eyes searching for an answer to an

unknown question.. and you know what is good.. and you know

what will happen..

You let your arms slide down my sides, and under my shirt.

Feeling my warmth and my soft skin against your fingertips..

My back is warm and it makes you feel warm also.. We are face

to face and yet our lips are not touching.. the anticipation

is rising and you seem to be wondering what will come next.

I draw nearer to you and slide down the side of your face to

place a single loving kiss on your neck. Then I retreat..

and hope for your response..

You rise up and for a moment I think you are going to leave

me there, but you turn and take my hand as we both stand..

I let my hands wander over your smooth back and down the

front of your chest.. touching, caressing, loving, wanting.

You pull me close for a long kiss, and our tongues do a dance.

Your hands slide over my back and around to my chest.. I am

only wearing my nightshirt, and I am quite vulnerable.. and

you know it.. quite well.. as you let your hands close over

my breasts and you bury your face in my chest, feeling the

warmth, and the passion..

Your excitement is building and I can feel you hard against me.

and my excitement is apparent in my actions.. I have missed

you and my passion has been waiting for a release.. 

I slide my hands down the back of your jeans and let my

fingers tickle you slightly.. at the same time you are

succeeding in you efforts to become closer to me, and my

nightshirt is carefully discarded.

I think to myself that if I am to be here without my shirt

then I should at least do you the courtesy to remove yours,

and I do.

We lower to the floor, and you are immensely preoccupied with

my full breasts that you don't mind my hands at all, and I

begin to stroke your legs, and work my way to your waistline.

Your lips caress me and you kiss my chest and my stomach.

You begin to realize what I am doing and your mind begins to

concentrate.. to enjoy.. to relax..and I roll on top of you

and slide myself down your excited body.... and your jeans

begin to be too restrictive so I remove them.. 

I wet my lips and begin to kiss your chest.  You lie back and

enjoy everything.. yet you don't seem to be able to control

your excitement too well.. and as it becomes apparent of the

direction I am heading, you lie still and begin to


I lick your nipples on your chest, and suck them lightly.. my

breath feels cool and yet not cold.. I leave a trail of

kisses as I go, and I head further down..

I remove your underwear, and let my hands roam over your

naked body.. exploring and caressing.. and my lips never

leave you.. I let my breasts fall on you lightly, and then I

press them against you as your arms fold around me.  

I slide lower still, and begin to kiss and suck you until I

feel you begin to respond, and then relax.. I don't want to

spoil things too early.... 

I lick you and suck again until the critical point is reached 

once again.. and your hand rests on my shoulder to warn me 

that too much is not too good.. but I know that.. 

and I know what I'm doing.. 

I slide back up and your hands begin to work the clothing

that resist you.. and then we are close.. and naked with 

each other. 

You roll on top of me, and let your hands feel my breasts,

first the left and then the right.. each seems to get special

attention from you and you kiss them both as special


Your hand wanders down and caresses my legs, and I am soft

and clean, and your hand seems welcome..  You are so gentle

to me and I seem to barely notice you caressing me, and yet I

am truly aroused..and wet for you.

You slip your finger inside of me and I feel the true

pleasure surge up from within.. I close around you as if not

to ever let you go, and you begin to move your finger, not as

if to leave me, but rather to give me similar pleasure as I

have given you..

You slide your finger out and back in again, and I can feel

the similarity as if I could make love to you through this


You watch my facial expressions as your finger reenters me once again,

and your own excitement begins to rise again.. and you know

how much you want to be inside of me..

As you see me squirm with pleasure your own pleasure

increases until you feel you cannot take it much longer...

you feel that you have to be inside of me, to feel my warmth

and to feel relaxed.. and at ease.. to be comforted..

You slide up and roll on top of me, but I have beaten you to

this idea and counteract your movement by rolling on top of


I slide myself close to you and position myself for your

entry.. then I push down.. and the pleasure is visually

mutual..and I see in your eyes that you feel good and you

look at me with similar conviction..

You surge into me, with such force, and I can feel your 

wettness combine with mine.  You relax after your release, but

I am not quite done yet.

I ride you with a force. and you become excited and hard once more.

The second release is met with equal thrust, and I colapse,

my energy is spent.



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