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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking9.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 9


      I  was  so  astounded  by  what she said that I couldn't say

 anything so I just sat down on one of the benches as  Debbie  sat

 on  the one directly across from me facing in my direction.   She

 spread her legs wide open and  planted  her  feet  on  the  floor

 taking the bar of soap that she had and soaped up both her hands.

 I had a beautiful view of her pussy as she sank her hands between

 her  legs  to soap herself up even more than I had already.   She

 leaned back against the wall and massaged every square millimeter

 of her snatch with tender loving care.   Her breathing got  heavy

 very  fast  and  I  could  see her body start to move around.   I

 reached for my shaft and stroked myself while enjoying the  show.

 Debbie began to moan and groan and in the confines of the shower,

 it sounded quite loud.

      My  eyes  were  fixed to her pussy but her hands took up all

 the scenery so I refocused my eyes  on  her  entire  body  paying

 particular  attention  to  the  expressions  on  her  face.   Her

 reactions were that of pure pleasure.  Her entire body showed the

 pleasure that she was in.   Her nipples were tall and  hard,  her

 hips  were swaying with the motion of her hands.   Her whole body

 was actually getting into the rhythm.

      Watching a beautiful girl play with herself  in  the  shower

 was too much for me to contain so I shot my load straight up into

 the air.   Once I got hold of myself again I realized that Debbie

 was still going at it so I decided to have some fun.

      "You really love me sitting here watching you, don't you?"

      It was hard for her to speak but she said, "yes,  I do.   It

 really turns me on.  Next to Julie, you are the only other person

 to ever see me do this.   Julie would come over about once a week

 and we would come in here and get all soaped up just like we did.

 Then we would sit next to each other and I would  play  with  her

 and  she  would  play  with  me  until  we both got off.   It was


      I moved over and sat on the bench next to her and flicked my

 tongue across just the tips of her nipples.   Her nipples were so

 sensitive that it drove her wild.

      "Get down between my legs and hold them up."

      I  quickly did as she asked.   I watched her masturbate with

 her pussy only inches from my face.   I held her legs up  so  she

 wouldn't  slip  off  the  seat.    She  was getting very close to

 orgasm.   I couldn't believe that she was lasting this long.    I

 was  almost  hard  again.   I pushed her legs up even higher so I

 could get closer to her and I grabbed  her  nipples  and  twirled

 them  between  my fingers.   That was enough to send her over the

 edge.   She yelled and screamed and her whole body tensed up.   I

 couldn't  believe it but she was having one continuous orgasm for

 quite a while.  It was hard to tell how long but it was a hell of

 a lot longer than a guy's single shot.    When  she  was  finally

 done,  her body went limp just like a wet noodle.  I put her legs

 back on the floor and then a brilliant idea hit.  I reached up to

 the wall behind me and directed the spray nozzle directly at  her

 exposed pussy.  When the stream of water hit her she screamed and

 immediately put her hands back between her legs, spread her pussy

 lips  and let the water hit her clit.   Her clit was so sensitive

 that she came again within seconds.  I couldn't believe that such

 a small girl had so much energy.   I  soon  found  out  that  she

 didn't  have  as  much  energy  as I thought when she did the wet

 noodle routine again.   Her breathing was still very  heavy.    I

 turned  her  body  so  she  could  lie on the bench and catch her

 breath.   I stood up and turned off the water.   I looked down at

 her  nude  body  lying  there  and  got  hard.    She had such an

 exquisite body that it would get anyone hard just to look at  it.

 Now  that  it  was completely wet made her look just a little bit


      It didn't take long for Debbie to  get  it  together.    She

 stood  up and immediately gave me the biggest hug of my life.   I

 thought she was going to crack some of my ribs.

      "No one has ever made me come more than once.   I never felt

 like that before."

      Just getting out that statement was a lot for her.   She had

 to stop talking to catch her breath again.   I took her hand  and

 lead her out of the shower.  I grabbed a towel and started wiping

 her  down  from  head  to toe.   When I got down to her pussy she

 jumped when I tried to reach between her legs to dry her.

      "I'm still really sensitive down there.    Keep  wiping  and

 come back to that area later."

      I  could  have  been a nice guy and kept on going but I felt

 more like being mean and rotten.   I quickly put my  arms  around

 her  and  tackled her down onto the shag carpeting;  forced apart

 her legs, put my face between them and started to lick her.   She

 put  up  a noble fight at the beginning but I had wrapped my arms

 around her legs so she wasn't going  anywhere.    After  about  a

 minute of fighting I got the best of her.   I could tell that she

 was getting turned on again.   Her nipples grew so  fast  that  I

 could  see  them  getting  bigger.   Her breathing got very heavy

 again and her body, just like before got tense.  Now that she was

 on a larger surface,  she arched her back,  with her legs  around

 the  back  of my neck.   This allowed me to lift the entire lower

 half of her body into the air.   I didn't lift her very high  but

 just  enough  to give her a great head rush.   Through all of our

 awkward positioning, my tongue never missed a stroke.  She was so

 sensitive from our escapades in the shower  that  she  reached  a

 climax  in only a few seconds.   But this time it didn't subside.

 As long as I kept my tongue flicking across her clit,  the orgasm

 would remain.   Her breathing got so heavy that I thought she was

 going to pass out from lack of air.   I finally stopped when  she

 told  me she couldn't breath anymore.   I think she could breath,

 she just couldn't handle that much pleasure at one time.

      I let her lie there for a minute.   When I realized that she

 would not be getting up under her own power for a while, I picked

 her  up,  carried  her into her room and gently placed her on the

 bed.  Instantly upon making contact with the bed, she rolled over

 on her side,  placed her hand between her legs and  squeezed  her


      "What did you do that for?" I asked.

      "It prolongs the sensation a little bit."

      I  sat  on  the  bed right next to her admiring her body and

 waiting for her to come back to life.   I couldn't  believe  what

 had  happened.    I know that I didn't do anything different.   I

 know that I'm not that good.   So why did she go off  in  such  a

 frenzy?  Maybe someday I'll find out.

      Debbie  rolled  over on to her back and extended her arms up

 for me to come to her.   I leaned over and once again she took me

 in her arms and gave me a bear hug.   I also held her tight for a

 few minutes then said,  "you're pretty exhausted so I guess  I'll

 get going now and let you get some sleep."

      Debbie sat right up and said, "you're not leaving this house

 with a hard-on."

      With  every bit of energy she had left,  she rolled me on my

 back and with a single gulp swallowed every inch I had.   I  must

 have  grown  another inch in her mouth.   She proceeded to give a

 sensational blowjob.   Her attention never left my dick.   In and

 out  of  her mouth continuously with only a moments hesitation to

 lick the head.   She continued for about five minutes  which  was

 all I needed.  I came right into her mouth but she didn't fluster

 or  lose a drop.   She swallowed each and every bit of it.   When

 Debbie was finally finished she looked at me and said,  "now  you

 can leave under one condition."

      "What's that?"

      "That I will get to see you again tomorrow."

      "You would need a shotgun to keep me away."

      With that I stood up and grabbed my clothes.   I put them on

 right in front of Debbie and she seemed to  get  a  kick  out  of

 watching me.  After I was dressed I proceeded for the front door.

 Debbie  followed me without picking up any of her clothing.   She

 opened the front door for me and I turned to  say  good  bye  and

 Debbie  just  walked outside in front of me.   Debbie's house was

 not hidden by bushes like Julie's was.

      "Aren't you afraid someone is going to see you?"

      "This is a dead neighborhood after midnight.   No  one  ever

 comes out this late except Julie and I."

      "And what do you and Julie do?"

      "I'll tell you about some of our experiences another time."

      Debbie  started walking to my car and I followed.   I opened

 the door and got inside.  Debbie leaned inside and we kissed each

 other good night.   As she was leaned over I grabbed one  of  her

 tits that just happen to be hanging there.

      "Don't you ever stop?" she asked me.


      "That's good.  Good night, I'll see you tomorrow."

      "Good night."

      One  last kiss and I closed the door.   I started up the car

 and turned on the headlights.   Debbie,  having a little bit more

 fun,  gave me a real sexy pose in the bright light then went into

 the house.   I drove the half block back to my house and  crashed

 out for the remainder of the evening.  What a day it had been.

      I  guess  I had myself a girlfriend again.   It felt good to

 know that someone wanted to see me.  I really liked Debbie a lot.

 I hope she liked me.   The fact that she wanted to see  me  often

 made  me  think  that she did but I will just have to find out if

 she really did or not.   It's not important that she told  me  as

 long as she still wanted to see me but it was nice to know.

      I awoke the next morning in a really good mood.   I couldn't

 believe how good I felt.   I felt like I had really  accomplished

 something the night before.   I ate breakfast and went to work as

 usual.   Work was boring  as  usual,  except  the  time  I  spent

 watching the cashier with the big tits.   I think she liked being

 stared at.   She sure didn't try to hide it.   I was starting  to

 get tired of where I worked.   It wasn't that bad but I had to do

 something with my life and I was just  sitting  at  home  wasting

 away.    I  was spending all my free time lately with Debbie so I

 wasn't thinking about my future.  I tried to think of things that

 I could do.  I could go to college,  or trade school,  or go into

 the  military,  or even stay where I was.   What an awful thought

 that was.

      Suddenly,   as  I  was  thinking  of   all   the   different

 possibilities,  Debbie  popped  back  into  my  head.    For  the

 remainder of the day I couldn't get her out of my mind.  Not that

 I really wanted to but I didn't like walking around all day  with

 a  hard-on.    It  just  wasn't  too comfortable.   I was looking

 forward to getting home and calling Debbie to see what she wanted

 to do tonight.

      Finally the work day came to an end.   I worked  in  a  very

 large  store  and  at  the end of the day I had to walk around to

 check the locks on all the fire doors.   The cashier that I  have

 been telling you about cornered me in one of the back storerooms.

 I  was  in  a rush to get home to call Debbie and I really didn't

 feel like messing with her.

      "I noticed that you have been watching me a  lot.    I  also

 noticed that I get you real hard.  Why don't we fuck so you won't

 have to strain your pants anymore."

      What  she said to me really pissed me off.   She thought the

 whole world gets hard looking  at  her  tits  and  that  everyone

 wanted to fuck her.  She lifted up her shirt to show me her tits.

 No  doubt  they were impressive but like I said earlier,  I don't

 get into big tits.  They are nice to look at but the really don't

 turn me on any.   This girl was nice  looking,  not  outstanding,

 about  average.   Under other circumstances I probably would have

 fucked her but her cocky attitude really turned me off.

      "So you want to get laid?  Well there are a bunch of guys up

 by the front of the store who just finished a  hard  day's  work.

 Walk  up  there with no shirt on and I'm sure that each and every

 one of them will fuck your brains out.  As for me,  I have my own

 horny  girlfriend  at  home and it's her pants that I want to get

 into, not yours."

      That pissed her off.   She immediately pulled her shirt back

 down  and left the store.   I really shouldn't have said that but

 she asked for it.   Now let's get back to work and finish my  job

 so I could get home to Debbie.

      As  I was driving home,  all I could think about was Debbie.

 I kept picturing her beautiful body in the sexy pose she gave  me

 when  she  stood  nude  in front of my headlights last night.   I

 shouldn't spend so much time thinking about getting in her pants.

 Somehow I knew that I would get enough of that.   I should  spend

 more  time  with her trying to please her as a girlfriend and not

 just to make sure that she always gets off.   But as I thought  a

 little  harder I realized that most of the time,  she was the one

 coming on to me.  She usually started so I must be doing what she

 wants.  I wanted to keep her happy, so what if that made me happy


      I felt very relieved when I got home.   I went into my  room

 to change out of my uniform and into a comfortable pair of jeans.

 I grabbed something to drink and decided to call her.

      Debbie was the one to pick up the phone.   There never seems

 to be anyone else at her house.


      "Hi, it's me."  I assumed she would recognize the voice.   I

 would have been upset if she didn't.

      "I've been waiting for you to call."

      "Why?  You have something you want to talk about?"

      "No.   Nothing special,  but there is a question I have been

 meaning to ask you for a while."

      "You can ask me anything."

      "I really don't know how to ask this so I am just  going  to

 have to ask you straight.  Does it bother you that I enjoy making

 love with Julie?"

      Her  question  definitely  caught  me off guard but I didn't

 drop the phone or anything.

      "Why should it bother me?"

      "I don't know but I had a boyfriend once  who  Julie  and  I

 tried  to  coax  into  bed  and  he got all bent out of shape the

 moment I touched her."

      "Have I said anything yet?"

      "No not yet, but I don't know, maybe you have a limit."

      "It doesn't bother me at all as long as I don't get ignored.

 I can't handle rejection.   I really love to be with  you  and  I

 would feel pretty bad if you wanted someone else more than me and

 it doesn't matter if it is a guy or a girl."

      "That's  good.    The  reason  that I asked is because Julie

 wanted to come over this evening and she wanted me to invite  you

 too.    I just wanted to check to make sure that it didn't bother


      "It didn't bother me the first time and it doesn't bother me

 now.  I just want you to know that you are the person I want, not

 Julie.   I want to make love to you.   If Julie wants to join  us

 that's fine with me as long as it doesn't happen all the time."

      "I'm really happy that you feel like that.  We can love each

 other  as much as we want but every now and then I have this urge

 to make love with Julie.  Don't misunderstand what I am saying, I

 do love Julie.   We grew up together and have  always  been  best

 friends and will always be best friends.   I know Julie and I can

 never have a life long relationship as lovers but we do enjoy  it


      "Why can't you have a life long relationship?"

      "Because  I  dream  of  someday  getting  married and having

 children and that is a little hard for Julie and I to do."

      "You have a point there but you and Julie  can  always  love

 each  other  even  after  both of you are married,  you just need

 husbands that will cooperate."

      "Are you volunteering?"

      "Not yet."

      Debbie was silent after that statement.   I had to stop  and

 think about what I had just said also.   Debbie finally picked up

 the conversation again.

      "Why don't you come over to my house at about seven."

      "What time is Julie coming over?"

      "Same time.  Will I see you then?"

      "Of course you will see me then."

      "I hope so.  I'm counting on it.  See you later.  Bye."


      I hung up the phone and  felt  a  thrill  of  excitement  go

 through me.  This was going to be a great evening.

      My  knowledge  about  how  to please a girl was growing on a

 daily basis now.   Every time I made love  to  Debbie  I  learned

 something  new.    Every  time  I  made  love  period,  I learned

 something new.  I couldn't wait to see what I would learn today.

      The next few hours went real slow as it does  every  time  I

 want something to happen quickly.   It was eventually time for me

 to walk over to Debbie's.  Actually I ran over there.  When I got

 there I had to wait to catch my breath before I rang the doorbell

 so it didn't really serve any purpose to run.    Debbie  answered

 the  door  wearing  the  same  terry cloth outfit she had on last

 night.   This time I could see her nipples trying to  poke  their

 way through her top.

      I  stepped  inside and we put our arms around each other and

 exchanged quite a long kiss.   After breaking away I  asked,  "is

 Julie here yet?"

      "No not yet but she should be here soon.  Why don't you come

 sit down over here?"

      Debbie  directed  me  over  to  the  couch  and  we sat down

 together.  I put my arms around her and we started making out.  I

 ran my fingers through her hair and it felt  so  silky.    Debbie

 lifted  up  the  back of my shirt and started to scratch my back.

 It felt very relaxing.   My lips left Debbie's and I made my  way

 down  to  her neck.   I ran my lips all over it and around to her

 ears.   Her ears were really sensitive and she pushed me away but

 I forced my way back in there.  She pleaded with me to stop but I

 wouldn't.    I  ran  my tongue all over her ears and that got her

 pretty excited.  I stopped as soon as her breathing got heavy and

 returned to her lips.   Just as I reached her lips,  the doorbell

 rang and it was none other than Julie.

      Julie  came  in  and gave Debbie a kiss than came over to me

 and gave me one also that included a little slip of  the  tongue.

 She  looked  down  at  my pants and noticed a bulge so she asked,

 "what have you two been doing?"

      Debbie replied,  "nothing yet,  we were just getting  warmed


      Julie  sat  herself  down  in  a  chair facing the couch and

 Debbie and I sat down where we were on the couch.   She sat  down

 right  next to me so I put my arm around her and pulled her close

 to me.   Debbie began staring at Julie and I couldn't figure  out

 why until she asked, "what have you been smoking?"

      "What do you think I've been smoking?"

      "You're going to be loads of fun tonight."

      "You bet I am.   Why don't you two start fooling around so I

 can watch and get even hornier than I already am?"

      Debbie looked over at me then back to  Julie  and  said,  "I

 think that can be arranged."

      Debbie  took my hand which was over her shoulder and slid it

 down inside her top until  I  took  hold  of  one  of  her  tits.

 Julie's  eyes became glued to us.   Debbie reached over and undid

 the snap and zipper on my pants and pulled out my cock which  was

 now  stiff  as  a flag pole.   She wrapped her hand around it and

 commenced stroking.   I took my free hand and opened up  Debbie's

 pants.   I tried to stick my hand inside her pants but we were so

 tangled up that it was useless.   I pulled  my  hands  away  from

 Debbie  and  we both stood up.   I lifted her top off at the same

 time she lifted my shirt off.   I pulled her close to me to  give

 her a kiss and to feel her nipples dig into my chest.

      I  inched  my  hands down to the waist band of her pants and

 pushed her pants down to about her knees.   Then I got down on my

 knees  and  pushed her pants the rest of the way and removed them

 from her body.   I lifted my head up and there I  saw  her  still

 bare pussy.  There was a little stubble now as it was starting to

 grow  back  but  that  didn't  bother  me at all.   I put my face

 between her legs and darted my tongue in and out at the  lips  of

 her  pussy.    Debbie  spread  her  legs a little bit to allow me

 better access.   As I was giving her this tongue action  I  could

 look up to see her with her eyes closed,  squeezing her tits, and

 playing with her nipples.

      After a few minutes I stopped what I was doing and  I  stood

 up.    Debbie  knew what to do immediately.   She got down on her

 knees and removed my pants and then proceeded to lick the  length

 of  my shaft.   I looked over to Julie and I could see her just a

 few  feet  away  put  her  hand  inside  her  pants   and   start

 masturbating.   Debbie looked over her way and knowing that Julie

 was really getting turned on,  slipped my dick into her mouth and

 sucked  on  it with all she had.   I played with her hair and her

 ears as she was sucking and that seemed to stimulate her a little

 bit more.   As soon as I felt like I was only a few minutes  away

 from  coming,  I stopped Debbie and maneuvered her body until she

 was lying on her back on a coffee table that was right  in  front

 of  Julie's chair.   I spread Debbie's legs so Julie could have a

 beautiful view and then I placed the head of my dick right at her

 entrance.  I ran it up and down her slit to stimulate both Debbie

 and Julie.   Julie couldn't wait for me to put  it  in  her.    I

 teased  both  of them just a little bit but then I couldn't stand

 it myself any longer so I leaned forward and pushed my cock  into

 Debbie's  tight  hole  very  slowly.   Both Debbie and Julie were

 moaning.   I could see Julie's hand moving inside her pants at  a

 pretty  good  clip.   I knew she was going to come soon.   Debbie

 moaned louder as I pumped harder and faster.   Soon  Debbie  came

 with  a  flurry of arms and legs.   They were waving all over the

 place.   I was only moments from coming so I kept right on  going

 and the moment before I came,  I pulled out of Debbie,  jumped up

 on Julie's lap and came right in  her  face.    That  caught  her

 completely  be  surprised  and it was enough to send her over the

 edge as she came also.

      Debbie,  as soon as she realized what I had done,  jumped up

 and  started  to  lick my come off Julie's face and then gave her

 one of the sloppiest kisses I've ever seen.   When that hot scene

 was  over we all just started laughing.   I don't know why it was

 just kind of funny.

      Debbie and I figured it was about  time  to  undress  Julie.

 This  time  Debbie went for her pants and I pulled off her shirt.

 I lifted it up to find no bra,  just her full tits.   Her nipples

 were  rock hard and I couldn't resist the temptation to just take

 a mouth full.  I looked down at Debbie to see her tongue flicking

 back and forth between Julie's legs.  I pushed Julie back down in

 the seat so that Debbie could have clear access to the flesh  she

 wanted  so  bad.    I  massaged  and sucked on Julie's tits while

 Debbie continued to eat her pussy.  It was a magnificent sight.

      Debbie stopped what she was  doing,  smiled,  looked  up  at

 Julie and said, "you taste so good I could eat you forever."

      Julie replied,  "you can eat me anytime you want, as much as

 you want."

      These words coming from two beautiful girl was enough to get

 me hard again.   I was so excited that I reached down and started

 to stroke myself to get a full hard-on.  It bothered Julie that I

 was  doing  that  myself  so she reached down between my legs and

 took over.  Her soft hands did a fine job at getting me hard.

      Debbie was very careful to ensure that Julie was getting the

 most from her tongue.  She used her hands to massage Julie's soft

 folds of flesh and to caress her still bare mound.

      By this time Julie was getting  worked  up  again.    I  was

 massaging  her  chest  while Debbie continued to eat her out with

 unparalleled skill.  I guess it takes a girl to know what another

 girl really likes.   Julie's breathing got  heavier  and  heavier

 until  I  could  hear her moaning under her breath.   She stopped

 stroking my cock and began to  massage  her  pussy  right  around

 Debbie's  tongue.   I kept right on going with hands and mouth on

 Julie's chest.   She was so close to the  coming  that  her  body

 started  to  tense.    I  think  Debbie  could  tell that because

 immediately she buried her entire face  into  Julie's  pussy  and

 applied  pressure  to  her  clit.   Julie came very shortly after

 that.  You could see the spasms running through her body.  Debbie

 didn't stop though, she kept right on licking at her.  Her orgasm

 slowly subsided and she pulled Debbie up to her  feet  and  close

 enough  so  they  could put their lips together for a very loving

 and very wet kiss.

      After what seemed like an eternal kiss, Julie just collapsed

 letting her arms fall to her side.  Debbie smiled as she stood up

 looking at Julie's body and the affect that she had on her.  When

 she realized that Julie just wanted to rest,  she turned  to  me,

 took  me  by  the hand and said,  "now the two of us can be alone


      Being with both Julie and  Debbie  was  super  exciting  but

 there   was   something  really  special  about  having  Debbie's

 undivided attention.   When we made love we weren't just fucking,

 we  were,  as I said,  making love.   It was very special when we

 were together alone.

      Debbie stepped out from between Julie's  legs  and  we  both

 walked  across  the room to a large sliding glass door which lead

 to Debbie's back yard.    The  sun  had  set  and  the  yard  was

 surrounded  by tall bushes so I didn't feel like we were going to

 be watched.  We walked to a large hammock swinging in the breeze.

 Debbie laid down in it,  hung her legs over the sides  and  said,

 "there  is  nothing  like making love under the stars with a warm

 breeze blowing."

      I couldn't have agreed with her more.   I guided myself into

 the hammock and laid down on top of her.   We embraced each other

 for several minutes before I slid my cock into her.   We had both

 come  not long before so we both knew that this was going to be a

 long and beautiful experience.   I pumped for what seemed  to  be

 thirty  minutes  or more.   We were rolling around in the hammock

 each entwined with the other's arms and  legs.    We  had  to  be

 careful  not  to  roll  out of the hammock but because our bodies

 were just one large mass but we always slid back to the center of

 the hammock.   During this entire event,  not a word  was  passed

 between us.  This evening was beyond compare.

      I  could feel my orgasm building but it was still a long way

 off.   Debbie was also showing signs that she was losing control.

 I  began  to  hump  faster  and faster and Debbie began to breath

 harder but still did not come.   I knew that this was going to be

 one  hell  of  a  climax  when it finally came.   To add a little

 change of pace,  I sat up pulling Debbie with me and landing  her

 right  in  my  lap.    I  was still inside her but now she was in

 control.   In this position,  her feet were  able  to  touch  the

 ground  so  she  was capable of going up and down on me with ease

 and that she did.   She jumped up and down taking my full  length

 into  her at every stroke and landing hard so that her clit could

 get the most stimulation.   She leaned forward as she bounced and

 put  her  arms around me.   Our lips met as we breathed in unison

 and in time with her strokes.

      I wanted to come but my body just  wasn't  ready.    It  was

 savoring this experience for all it was worth.   Debbie seemed to

 be doing the same.  We kept going up and down, in and out until I

 felt like I was going to drop from exhaustion.   The night breeze

 was  warm  but it was nothing to prevent us from sweating.   Soon

 our entire bodies were covered with sweat  and  we  slid  against

 each other very smoothly.

      The  night seemed almost endless but I knew that I was going

 to come soon.   I could feel it building and spreading to all the

 other  parts  of my body.   A few strokes before I was a to come,

 Debbie dug her fingernails into my back,  threw her head back and

 opened  her  mouth  wide  in  a  silent  scream  as she came to a

 shuttering climax.   I came with enormous spasms and shot  stream

 after stream of come deep inside her filling every chamber of her

 body with my hot fluids.

      Debbie  kept going up and down but I could tell that she was

 now almost completely out of energy and I didn't have enough left

 to do anything else so I eased Debbie onto her back,  slid myself

 out  from  inside  her into what now felt like a very cold breeze

 and laid down next to her.   As I regained some of my  energy,  I

 lifted my hand and placed it between her legs moving it up to her

 wet  and  steaming pussy.   I slowly massaged her applying just a

 little pressure.   She responded by placing her hand on  my  cock

 and  balls and also slowly massaging me.   Unfortunately that was

 all I could remember.  We both must have fallen asleep.

      We were both so exhausted that we did not awaken  until  the

 next  morning.    I  was the first to arise noticing that we were

 still in her backyard just as we were the night before  but  this

 time  the  sun  was  just  above  the horizon and her yard was no

 longer in the concealing dark that it had been.   I looked around

 and  noticed that the bushes hide the yard well even in the light

 so again I did not worry.  Debbie's hand was still wrapped around

 my cock so I gently removed it and sat up.    I  looked  down  at

 Debbie  and  she  had  a beautiful smile on her face and her body

 looked even more wonderful in the daylight.   I could  see  every

 last  little  detail,  every tiny little crease in her nipples to

 the very short hairs between her legs.  I stared at her for a few

 minutes taking all there was to see,  getting to  know  her  body

 well by sight now instead of just by feel.

      I  tried  to  stand  up  gently so as not to wake her but my

 effort was in vain.  She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled

 showing me all her pearly white teeth.  I leaned over to give her

 a kiss and as I did she put her arms around me and pulled me down

 to her.  We laid there just kissing for a few minutes.  It really

 felt good being  outside  in  the  breeze  and  sunlight  with  a

 beautiful, not to mention naked girl in my arms.

      After breaking our lips apart,  we looked at each other like

 we wanted to do something  but  we  didn't  know  what.    Debbie

 suggested  to  go  inside  to see if Julie was still where we had

 left her the night before.   I helped her to her feet and then we

 walked  hand  in  hand  inside  the house.   Julie seemed to have

 disappeared.   She was not in the chair but what was in the chair

 was  a  picture of Debbie and I outside in the hammock.   We were

 both lying on our backs with my hand on her crotch  and  hers  on

 mine.    Julie  must  have  taken the picture after we had fallen

 asleep.   Debbie was a little surprised that she had taken it but

 you have to admit, we sure did look good together.

      After  a  long,  exhausting,  and sweaty night we decided it

 would be a good idea to take a bath.  The bathtub was enormous as

 was the shower but it didn't really matter because Debbie  and  I

 held each other tightly the entire time so we didn't take up much

 room.  We spent a total of about two hours in the tub rubbing and

 massaging   each  other's  body.     Most  of  my  massaging  was

 concentrated between her legs and she spent a hell of a long time

 making sure my cock was absolutely spotless by stroking it  until

 I came.  Our lips rarely parted and a word rarely spoken.  All of

 our actions were in our hands.

      After  getting out of the tub and drying each other off,  we

 spent the entire morning just lounging  around  the  house  never

 putting a stitch of clothing on.  I really didn't feel like going

 home, I just wanted to stay with Debbie.  I really felt good when

 I was around her.  She made me feel like a very important person.

 She would hang all over me,  hugging me, kissing me, and stroking

 my cock every now and then.

      By the time lunch time came  around,  we  were  both  really

 hungry  but  not for food.   We looked each other in the eyes and

 without saying a word decided that  it  was  time  to  make  love

 again.    Debbie grabbed a blanket,  took my cock in her hand and

 lead me outside into the backyard again.   Because  it  was  noon

 time  the  sun  was high in the sky flooding the entire yard with

 radiating sunlight.  Debbie spread out the blanket in what looked

 like the exact center of the yard and said,  "let's make love out

 here.   Don't worry;  no one can see us; it's just that I love to

 be nude out in the sunlight.  I come out here to masturbate a lot

 but I have never made love with anyone here before  and  I  can't

 think of a better person to do it with."

      "I'll make love to you anytime and anyplace."

      Debbie  responded to my reply with a real big smile then she

 laid down on the  blanket  and  spread  her  legs  giving  me  an

 invitation  I  couldn't refuse.   I looked down at her sun soaked

 body and instantly became hard thinking about  being  inside  her

 once  again.   I knelt on the blanket and put my face between her

 legs.   I darted my tongue in and out striking her clit  with  no

 rhythm or timing.  Each time my tongue stimulated her, she wasn't

 expecting  it  and each time it made her jump.   After just a few

 times she couldn't stand it anymore so she pulled my  head  right

 into  her  so that I would be applying pressure all the time.   I

 licked and I sucked and she squirmed and she squealed and we  had

 a wonderful time.   Before I got her off with my tongue, I pushed

 my dick  inside  her  and  soon  we  got  off  together.    After

 completing  what  we  had  started out to do I rolled off her and

 laid next to her on my back holding her hand.

      We  stayed  there  for  the  remainder  of   the   afternoon

 sunbathing.    I  had  never  done that in the nude before and it

 really felt good.  Luckily the sun wasn't that strong so I didn't


      As the sun started going down,  Debbie and I went  into  the

 house and began getting dressed.  Debbie really liked to watch me

 dress  because first she handed me my clothes and she sat down on

 a chair to watch.   After I was dressed then  I  helped  her  get

 dressed.   I hated to see her beautiful body disappear underneath

 her clothes but I knew that it was still there just  waiting  for

 me to peel the clothes off again.

      From  that  time  on,  Debbie  and I saw quite a lot of each

 other.  We made love as often as possible,  especially out in her

 backyard  in  the sunlight.   Julie joined us every now and then.

 It was a beautiful sight to see the three of us  making  love  in

 Debbie's yard.  We knew it was because Julie brought over a video

 tape  deck  and  camera  mounted  on  a  tripod and we filmed it.

 Debbie saved the tape so that when Julie and/or I came over,  she

 played the tape and then has one hell of a love making session.

      Nothing  is  more  special  than  just Debbie and I together

 though.   We have been seeing each other  now  for  almost  three

 years and are now engaged to be married.  I found a real job that

 pays real money and Debbie is also working at a good job but when

 we get home in the evening, that is when the real fun begins.  We

 rarely  wear  any clothes in the house for the simple reason that

 it is more comfortable and we love to look at each other's  body.

 We  don't  make  love  as  often as we used too but when we do it

 never seems to be any less that our first weeks together.

      All my fears and all the apprehensions that I had as  I  was

 growing  up  suddenly  didn't  mean anything anymore.   I loved a

 beautiful girl and she loved me and I no longer had  any  worries

 about  who  would go out with me,  would I get rejected or any of

 the other bullshit things that had plagued me  before.    It  all

 goes  to  show  that  with a little patience and saying the right

 thing at the right time or even just being in the right place  at

 the  right  time,  everything  will  eventually  turn out for the


                              The End

                            (or is it?)



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