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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking8.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 8


      Julie guided us upstairs and we entered her  bedroom.    She

 had everything she needed set up there.   Julie put an additional

 sheet on top of her bed and then jumped on it.   She seemed to be

 in quite a rush.   She took a set of electric clippers, turned it

 on,  spread her legs as wide as she could and began to shear  off

 her  bush.    She took off as much as she could with the electric

 clippers as Debbie and I used our hands to brush away the  hairs.

 Debbie stuck her finger inside Julie's hole.

      "You're soaking wet."

      "I have been anxiously awaiting this all day."

      Julie  then  took a can of shaving cream and sprayed some in

 her hand.   Then she began to smear it all over the stubble  that

 was  left  and down between her legs.   After that was done,  she

 reached over to her night table which on it a razor and a bowl of

 water.  She handed the razor to Debbie and said, "here you do it.

 You can see better."

      Debbie didn't hesitate.   She  stroked  Julie's  mound  very

 slowly and very carefully following every curve with utmost care.

 I  had  a  beautiful view,  being right next to Debbie.   It took

 Debbie about five minutes to  complete  the  job.    As  she  was

 getting  close to the end,  I grabbed a washcloth that was on the

 night table and waited.   When Debbie was done  I  wiped  Julie's

 pussy  clean  of all leftover shaving cream then Julie got up and

 stood in front of a full length mirror to admire  what  had  been

 done.  Julie smiled when she saw how clean it looked.  She rubbed

 herself  a  few  times and then turned to Debbie,  "now it's your


      Debbie was very hesitant.  She didn't want to be shaved.

      "You shaved me now I am going to shave you."

      With that she pushed Debbie down on the bed and  pushed  her

 legs open.   Julie massaged her pussy which made Debbie horny and

 she stopped resisting.  Julie used the electric clippers and then

 the razor.   The most unusual thing that I noticed was  the  fact

 that  Debbie was holding my hand through the entire ordeal.   She

 was holding on but not very tight.  She was definitely not scared

 or nervous in any way,  she just wanted to  hold  my  hand.    It

 wasn't very important at this moment but it became very important

 at a later time.

      When  Julie  was done I wiped off Debbie's pussy and she too

 stood in front of the mirror to admire herself.  Debbie seemed to

 be pleased.  Julie came over and started to rub Debbie's hairless


      "Now that wasn't so bad was it?"

      "No it wasn't," Debbie replied as  she  started  to  massage

 herself.    They  both  stood  in  front  of the mirror for a few

 moments admiring each other and watching  as  they  fingered  the

 other.    I  just  sat  on the edge of the bed watching the whole

 thing and anxiously awaiting the  opportunity  to  bury  my  face

 between  their  legs.    Julie  turned to Debbie and embraced her

 tightly then whispered something in her ear.   I could  not  hear

 what  they  were saying but it did get Debbie to giggle.   Debbie

 had a  very  nice  laugh  and  I  was  starting  to  become  very

 interested  in  becoming  very close friends with her.   I was in

 need of a new girlfriend and maybe she would be it.   When Debbie

 was finished giggling,  both girls turned and looked at me with a

 very sarcastic smile.   I soon found out why.    They  both  came

 running  at the bed and jumped right on top of me.   I thought we

 were in for a great love making session but they had other plans.

 Julie sat on top of my chest facing my direction  which  kept  me

 from  realizing  what  was going on because I had this beautiful,

 bare twat to look at until I heard the electric clippers.  I felt

 Debbie grab my cock and start to go around it with  the  electric

 clippers.   I began to put up a fight.   Debbie yelled at me, "if

 you don't lie still I am going to cut your dick off!"

      That calmed me right down.

      "Just be careful", I replied.

      I had no choice but to just lay there.   Julie kept  turning

 around to see how Debbie was doing.   I figured I should make the

 most of the situation so I grabbed Julie's ass and  very  quickly

 slid her forward until her pussy was right in my face.   I buried

 my tongue inside her hole real fast before she had  a  chance  to

 protest  even though I don't think she would have.   I started to

 lick away at the entire length of her slit.   She loved it.   She

 started  moving  her  hips  to  give me better access to her more

 sensitive spots.   Before I knew what was happening,  Debbie  had

 finished  and  pulled  Julie off me to her disappointment.   They

 stood me in front of the mirror to see their their handiwork.   I

 must  say that after it was all over I wasn't upset that they had

 done it at all.  Seeing  they  beautiful  bodies  alongside  mine

 really got me going.

      I  reached  down  and  placed my hands between each of their

 legs and applied pressure to their clits.   They were all  worked

 up  from  the  events which just occurred and I was the finishing

 touch.  They both got even more excited.

      "Let's get in bed"  was  the  suggestion  that  Julie  made.

 Neither  Debbie  nor I answered,  we just slowly moved toward the

 bed.   Julie pulled off the extra sheet that she  had  put  down,

 pulled  back the covers,  and laid down with her legs spread wide

 open and her hand extended to me to join her.  I crawled into the

 bed  on  top of her and signaled for Debbie to come right next to

 me.  The action started right away.  I could feel their hands all

 over my body,  especially down by  my  balls.    They  liked  the

 feeling  of  no  hair  and  of course I paid particular attention

 between their legs which was now very sensitive.

      After about fifteen minutes of foreplay, I ducked underneath

 the covers and got into a sixty-nine position with Julie.   As  I

 licked  her pussy,  I felt Debbie join her at licking and sucking

 on my cock.   We lost all track of time.   I had no idea how long

 we  had  been  eating each other.   When my tongue became tired I

 very slowly turned myself around and popped out  from  underneath

 the  covers  to  find  Debbie's and Julie's tongues entwined.   I

 stopped midway  up  their  bodies  and  began  sucking  on  their

 nipples.    I would take one of each of their nipples in my mouth

 at the same time then rub them together.   They  seemed  to  like


      Suddenly  Julie  exclaimed,  "it's too fucking hot in here!"

 and threw the covers off the bed and onto the floor.   Debbie and

 I paid no mind.   We kept right on going with what we were doing.

 Julie was really getting hot so I climbed on  top  of  her,  took

 hold  of  my  cock and slowly slid it into her.   She gasped with

 pleasure as I drove it in and out.   Debbie propped her  head  up

 with  her  arm  and  watched  as  Julie and I made the bed shake.

 Debbie placed her other hand on my ass and rubbed as  I  stroked.

 She didn't play with my ass long though.   Soon she lifted up her

 leg and began to massage herself.   I  could  see  that  she  was

 getting pretty turned on by watching us.

      Julie  was  getting  ready  to come but again it was hard to

 tell because she was so quiet. She dug her nails into my back and

 I felt her body shudder.   Soon after I stopped my motion,  Julie

 collapsed,  out of breath.  I looked at Debbie who was very close

 to getting herself off and said,  "would you like me to help  you

 or do you want to get off all by yourself.?"

      I loved Debbie's reply.   "I want to come with you inside me

 and I want you to come inside me."

      Without another word I climbed of Julie,  rolled Debbie over

 on  her  back  and spread her legs.   I couldn't help but to once

 again admire her body.

      "Put it in" she cried.

      I did just that and she replied, "oh god that feels good!"

      She wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed  tight.

 Our  bodies  were so tightly wrapped that we moved in synchronous

 motion.   Debbie definitely let you know when  she  was  excited.

 She moaned and cried out and occasionally yelled out instructions

 like,  "faster"  or "harder" or "don't stop" or any of a thousand

 other things.   By this time  Julie  had  recovered  and  sat  up

 against  the  headboard  and was watching us with her legs spread

 open and her hand between them trying to  get  off  again.    The

 feeling  I  had  with  Debbie was like with no other girl before.

 She was so stimulating and excited that I just had to keep going.

 I couldn't let myself come.   I wanted to keep  going  all  night

 long but alas, she was so exciting that I couldn't contain myself

 any  longer.   I filled her with my cream and once again she came

 to a climax in my arms.  Julie also came at the same time we did.

 Our magnetic excitement just seemed to be  contagious  and  Julie

 couldn't hold on any longer.

      That was all I could remember of that torrid sex scene.  The

 next  thing  I knew after I woke up was Debbie,  cuddled up in my

 arms and Julie laying on the other  side  of  me  with  her  hand

 between my legs.  I looked at the clock on the night table and it

 was four o'clock in the morning so I decided I should wake Debbie

 because  maybe  she had to get home.   I gently tapped her on the

 shoulder and she opened her eyes.

      "It's four o'clock, do you need to get home?"

      "Yes I do but first..."

      Debbie looked at me with her beautiful eyes and gave me  the

 most delicious and sensuous kiss I had ever experienced.

      She said to me in a very soft whisper,  "I want to thank you

 for a great evening.   I never came like that  before.    It  was

 great  and you were great and Julie was great and the whole thing

 was just wonderful.  Thank you."

      "You're quite welcome but I better get you home now."

      I gently removed Julie's hand so as  not  to  wake  her  and

 Debbie  and I softly got off the bed and walked downstairs,  hand

 in hand,  to get our clothes.   I really liked Debbie.   Not just

 because  she  was  fabulous  in bed but by the way she talked and

 acted,  she impressed me as a really sensitive person with  loads

 of  caring  inside her.   Who ever said the soft sensitive people

 couldn't love to fuck.

      We helped each other get dressed.   She helped  me  with  my

 clothes  first  and  then I helped her.   I helped her put on her

 vest and I felt sorry that I had to hide her beautiful  tits  but

 when her vest was on it really didn't hide too much anyway.

      It  was still dark outside as we opened the door and stepped

 out leaving Julie upstairs asleep to recover from her  exhausting

 night.   I held Debbie's hand as we walked down the street to her

 house.   I recognized the house but never realized that she lived

 there.  We walked to the front door and Debbie said as she turned

 to  face  me,  "thank  you  again  for  a  great night.   I had a

 wonderful time.   It's a good thing Julie called me this  evening

 or I may never have met you."

      "I'm really glad that you were there too.  You were loads of

 fun and I hope we can do this again sometime."

      "I  can  guarantee  that  will happen again only next time I

 want you all to myself.   I don't want to have to share you  with

 Julie, for now anyway."

      "That's  no problem at all.   Maybe you would like to go out

 for dinner with me tomorrow night."

      "I'd love too.  Could you pick me up around five?"

      "I'll be here."

      With that I put my arms around her and we started making out

 on her front step.  She was a wonderful kisser amongst everything

 else.   I could feel her tits pressing up against my chest and  I

 couldn't help but slip my hands between us, unbutton her vest and

 take hold of her magnificent knockers.  I was only in contact for

 a  few moments when she pulled away and said,  "let's save it for



      One last kiss and I was on my way.   As I got to the end  of

 her  driveway,  she removed her vest to give me one last look and

 then stepped into the house.   I was hard all the  way  home  but

 once I got in bed I was asleep before I even realized how horny I

 was.    I had a real hard time getting up in the morning.   I was

 really exhausted but no matter how tired I was,  I really  looked

 forward  to spending the evening with her.   Even if I didn't get

 in her pants I would feel very satisfied just to spend time  with

 her and get to know her better.

      That day passed very quickly because I was busy at work.  We

 have a cashier where I work with enormous tits.   Most of the day

 is spent looking at her.   She swings them around a lot  to  show

 them  off but because of the nature of my job I try never to mess

 around with people I work with.   I got home from work  a  little

 late.  Didn't have time to shower, just put on something nice and

 get  over  to  Debbie's.   I was hurrying because I thought I was

 going to be late and when I got to Debbie's, I found her still in

 her robe drying her hair.

      "Hi,  I'm running late.   Sorry.   I just  got  out  of  the

 shower.    I'll be dressed in a few minutes.   Why don't you come

 into the other room and talk to me while I get ready."

      I followed her into her bedroom.   I  couldn't  believe  the

 place.    It  was  wall  to  wall teddy bears and dolls and other

 assorted stuffed animals.

      "Where did you ever get all these animals?"

      "They have been  given  to  me  as  gifts  over  the  years.

 Because  I  am  so small,  my family thinks I look real cute with

 stuffed animals.  I think they're kind of nice."

      Debbie pulled a dress out of the closet  and  asked  what  I

 thought  of  it.    It was a one piece knee high dress that was a

 combination of yellow and white.   It was a bright sunny day  out

 so I thought that it was fine.   She decided that it would do and

 laid it out on the bed next to where I sat myself down.    Debbie

 then dropped her robe to the floor completely baring her body for

 me once again.   My first sight of her was from behind and I once

 again noticed how small and smooth her ass was.   Debbie faced  a

 vanity  mirror  and put on a little bit of make-up,  some perfume

 and them put some baby powder on her chest and between her  legs.

 She turned and walked over to where I was sitting,  picked up the

 dress and slipped it over her body.    No  bra,  no  panties,  no


      "You don't put anything else on?"

      "I  like  to  feel as comfortable as possible.   There is no

 need for anything else.  It is not windy so I don't have to worry

 about my dress blowing up so what does it matter?"

      "Good point.  Are you ready to do?"

      "Yep.  Let's go."

      We walked out to the car and I  opened  the  door  for  her.

 After  she was in,  I closed the door and went around to my side,

 got in and started up.   No sooner had I  started  the  car  than

 Debbie  slid  over  and  sat  next  to me.   I wouldn't have been

 surprised in any other car but my car had  bucket  seats  with  a

 console in the middle.

      "Isn't that going to be uncomfortable?"

      "Is it okay if I sit next to you?"

      "It's  okay with me but I don't think your bottom will agree

 with me."

      "If my bottom gets sore then you'll just have to kiss it and

 make it better."

      "That's no problem," I commented.

      I started up the car and drove away.   I put my  arm  around

 her  and  she  cuddled  close.   I didn't slip my hand inside her

 dress because I wanted this to be more of a social  evening.    I

 just wanted to be with her.   As I was driving, she spent most of

 her time kissing my neck.   It got me a little horny but  nothing

 that I couldn't control.

      We  arrived  at  the restaurant and went right in.   We both

 wanted Chinese food so that is what we had.   It was a good thing

 the   restaurant   wasn't   crowded  because  I  forgot  to  make

 reservations.  It was one of the best restaurants in the area and

 I knew Debbie would like it.   I was really starting to like her.

 For  some  reason  I  felt like I had to impress her.   After the

 waiter seated us,  Debbie asked me what to order.    I  had  been

 there many times before and I knew almost every item on the menu.

 I  told her to order whatever she wanted,  that everything on the

 menu was good.  I ordered Szechuan Beef and Debbie ordered Shrimp

 in Garlic Sauce, not that it really makes much difference.

      After we ordered, we sat looking into each others eyes.  She

 had beautiful eyes.   I became so hypnotized that I got flustered

 and  couldn't  think  of  anything to say.   When Debbie spoke it

 broke the spell and brought me back to reality.

      "Thank you for taking me out for dinner."

      "Don't thank me until you've eaten the food.   You  may  not

 like it."

      "After all you have said about this place, I don't see how I


      "Everyone has different tastes.  We'll see."

      "What did you think of Julie last night?"

      "That seems to be a strange question.   Why don't you ask me

 what I thought about you?"

      "That's my next question.  What did you think about Julie?"

      "What do you want me to tell you,  that she is  pretty,  she

 has a very soft body with big tits, or that she's a good lay?"


      "Yes what?"

      "Tell me what you though about all those things."

      "She is pretty,  she has a very soft body with big tits, and

 she is a good lay."

      "That's what I thought."

      Debbie said that with a very disappointed look on her  face.

 I inquired as to why.

      "I was just wondering if you liked Julie more than me."

      "So  why  are  you  frowning?    You didn't ask me your next

 question yet."

      "Okay, what did you think of me last night?"

      "You are much more beautiful than Julie;  I don't  like  big

 tits, and you are much more exciting to fuck than she is."

      Debbie suddenly opened up with an ear to ear smile and began

 to blush.   She looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was

 listening to our conversation.  I continued.

      "Not only are you a sexual dynamo,  but from what I've  seen

 from  just  our  conversations,  you  are  also a very sensitive,

 caring, and lovable person.   I wouldn't mind spending a lot more

 time with you in the near future."

      Debbie turned an even brighter red than she was before.  She

 reached across the table and gave me a kiss.

      "You can see as much of me as you like."

      "I've  already  see every inch of your body that there is to


      "You know what I mean."

      The waiter served our food and we started to  eat.    Debbie

 was very impressed at how good the food was.   I'll admit that is

 was a little better than usual.   We didn't talk  much  while  we

 were eating.  We were both too involved in what we were doing.  A

 few small conversations broke out between mouth fulls but nothing

 of  any  importance.    We finished dinner and just sat back very

 satisfied with the meal.  I asked Debbie if she wanted dessert.

      "After a meal like that I have no room.   Let's  wait  until

 later.   There is a good movie on HBO and we could go to my house

 and watch it if you want too.   I  could  make  us  some  dessert


      "That sounds good to me."

      I  signaled  the  waiter  for the check.   With the check he

 brought two fortune cookies.  Debbie picked up one, opened it and

 read it.

      "Enjoy, the night is still young."

      I picked up the other one and read it.

      "Pleasant company makes for very pleasant evenings."

      I couldn't believe the cookie said that.  It was the perfect

 saying at the perfect moment.   Debbie made a comment about  that


      "I  guess we are going to have a very pleasant evening then,

 aren't we?"

      "I guess so.  Are you ready to go?"


      I left the tip on the table and paid the check by  the  door

 and then we were on our way.

      As  it  was  with Beth,  the more and more time I spent with

 Debbie, the more comfortable I became.   I was loosening up which

 made  it much more comfortable for me to talk with her.   She was

 no longer the stranger that sat on my dick in  front  of  Julie's

 house.    I  was  really glad that she was so sexually open.   It

 makes for a very exciting relationship.   But not  only  was  she

 active  with  her  body  but she was also a very fun person to be

 with.  It's hard to describe her.  Just in the way she smiled and

 the way she laughed and the look in her eyes draws  you  to  her.

 The  words I'm looking for are 'magnetically appealing'.   How do

 you like that phrase?  I liked it.  Anyway...

      We arrived back at Debbie's house and we went inside.    She

 directed  me  toward  a den and told me to sit down on the couch.

 She turned on the TV and told me that she was going  to  go  make

 some  popcorn  for  the  movie.    I sat and watch the rock video

 previews that they have between movies.    We  had  gotten  there

 about fifteen minutes before the movie was to start.  Just before

 the movie was about to start, Debbie reappeared with a large bowl

 of  popcorn,  a pitcher of iced tea and some glasses.   There was

 also a major change in what she was wearing.   Now she had  on  a

 really  cute  terry  cloth  outfit consisting of a halter top and

 short shorts.   It really looked nice on her.   It  accented  the

 shape of her ass and her chest.   She poured the tea and then sat

 down next to me.

      "Is the movie almost ready to start?"

      "Yeah, in another minute or two," I told her.

      I had no idea where we were going to put all  that  popcorn.

 We  had just finished a large dinner not more than thirty minutes

 before.   Debbie dug right in.   After a minute of munching,  the

 movie  started,  so  Debbie  sat back on the couch and rested her

 head on my shoulder.  I reciprocated by putting my arm around her

 and squeezing her tightly to me.   She moved her hips so that she

 could  get as close to me as possible.   We sat absolutely silent

 for the entire length of the movie.   The only  movement  between

 the  two  of us was to reach for the popcorn or the tea or for me

 to move my arm around because it had fallen asleep.

      Immediately after the movie was over,  Debbie jumped to  her

 feet and put in a video tape.

      "Let's watch another movie," she told me.

      "Wasn't that one enough?"


      Debbie came back to the couch and sat down next to me.

      "What are we watching now?"

      "Just wait and see."

      So I waited.   To my surprise it turned out to be an X-rated

 movie.   Debbie asked me if I wanted to watch it  or  should  she

 turn it off.   I told her that I wanted to watch it.   So we did.

 At the first sex scene I slipped my  hand  inside  Debbie's  top.

 She immediately grabbed my hand and said,  "not until the movie's


      I almost died right there.  I had to sweat through the whole

 movie with a raging hard-on.   I rubbed myself a couple of  times

 and  Debbie snickered each time.   She was loving every minute of

 my frustration.   After about an hour and a half  the  movie  was

 finally over.  I was in pain.

      Debbie  stood  up and took me by the hand and lead me to her

 room.   She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor.   Next

 she  went  for  the  pants and got them off my with absolutely no

 fight at all.   I reached out to her and removed her top and then

 her  shorts.    I pulled her close to me so I could feel her body

 against mine and we started making out standing  stark  naked  in

 the middle of her room.   As soon as our lips were apart,  Debbie

 made a very good suggestion.

      "Let's go take a shower."

      I had never taken a shower with anyone else before but I was

 sure that with Debbie, it was going to be fun.  Instead of taking

 my hand, she lead me by my cock to the bathroom.  I followed very

 close behind her so she wouldn't pull it off.   The bathroom  was

 right across the hall and as we entered I was amazed at how large

 it was.  It wasn't what you think of as a glamorous bathroom.  It

 was  just  big.   Everything was very spread out.   As soon as we

 stepped inside,  I could feel shag carpeting on  my  feet.    The

 entire room had white shag on the floor.

      We  walked  over  to  a  translucent glass door which Debbie

 opened and stepped inside.   The shower was enormous.   I  looked

 inside  to  see  a  shower nozzle on each of the four walls and a

 bench on two of them.

      "Come on in" Debbie said to me.

      "Nice shower."

      "It's a lot more fun than it looks."

      "It looks like a lot of fun."

      Debbie turned a few knobs on one  of  the  walls  and  water

 started  to  spray out of one of the shower heads.   She adjusted

 them until the water was an  agreeable  temperature  then  turned

 another  knob  and  water began spraying out of all four nozzles.

 Water sprayed every inch of the shower and every bit of us  also.

 After  only  a  moment  we  were both completely wet and we moved

 toward each other,  taking the other in our arms and began making

 out  under  the  heavy  stream  of water.   As we held our bodies

 tightly together,  I would reach my hands down and grab Debbie by

 the  ass and squeeze,   not only to feel her firm buns but for me

 to feel my cock against her bare pussy.  It was still very smooth

 and it was a great sensation.

      Debbie reach over to redirect some of the water and retrieve

 a bar of soap.   She began to soap up my entire body.   I  looked

 around and noticed another bar of soap so I grabbed it and soaped

 up  Debbie.    With  my  hands  full of soap,  Debbie's body felt

 perfectly smooth with not a single imperfection on it.    We  ran

 our  hands  over  every part of each others body.   Even after we

 were full of soap,  the feeling of hands sliding  on  our  bodies

 made us continue to keep our hands moving.

      I  could  feel  Debbie smearing soap all over my cock.   The

 soap made her hand slide so  gently  that  it  felt  like  I  was

 fucking her.  She wrapped her fingers around my shaft tightly and

 started to stroke the entire length very slowly.  The entire time

 she  was  stroking  me,  I continued to run my hands all over her

 body especially her nipples.   She really like  that.    When  my

 breathing got very heavy, she increased the speed of each stroke.

 I  was in heaven.   

	Suddenly she stopped and said,  "I grew up  in  this house 

 and  ever  since I knew what it was I  would  masturbate  in  the 

 shower.   Every time,  without exception.  So if you'll excuse me 

 for a moment you can watch me get myself off for a change."

		/// concluded in Chapter 9 ///



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