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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking7.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 7


      It  took  me  a  long  time  to  get over Beth but I think I

 handled it well.   To quote someone famous,  and I have  no  idea

 who,  "All  things  come to those who wait."  After high school I

 had a full time job as a security guard.  It kept me busy while I

 figured out what  wanted to do with my life.  His job was  pretty

 boring  but  worked relatively short hours and was home in plenty

 of time for dinner.

      One day me brother was feeling sick and asked me if I  would

 deliver his newspapers for him.  I once had that same paper route

 many  years  back so I knew it and I told him that it would be no

 problem.   What he didn't tell me until later was that he  wanted

 me to do his collecting for him too.  That got me mad because now

 I had to knock on every door to get the paper money.   I guess it

 wasn't too bad.   I started about six  o'clock,  and  there  were

 about  fifty  houses  on  the  route  so  it  took a while to do.

 Knocking on doors in the early evening can sometimes be lots  off

 fun.   I went to one house and the lady that lived there answered

 the door in a bikini.  I guess she had a pool in the back and she

 was going for a swim.  I don't know.  The sun was going down so I

 know she wasn't sunbathing.   She was in  her  thirties  bit  she

 looked  pretty  nice.   She gave me the money I wanted and then I

 was on my way.   After the fortieth house I  was  getting  pretty

 tired  but I was almost done.   I knocked on the door to the next

 house and who answers the door but none other than Julie,  a girl

 that  I  graduated  high school with.   She was in a couple of my

 classes and I always thought the she was cute but that  was  back

 in the days when I could never even look a girl in the eyes.  She

 was also a cheerleader which made it even worse.   What caught my

 attention right away was the fact that she was  wearing  a  white

 night gown that was slightly see through.

      "What are you doing delivering papers?"

      "My brother was sick so he asked if I would help him out."

      "That was very nice of you."

      "Actually  if  I  didn't do it my mother would probably kill

 me.  She says I'm suppose to be nice to him.  I don't know why."

      "Just a minute, I'll go get the money for you."

      I stood there for about  a  minute  then  she  returned  and

 handed the right amount of money plus a tip.

      I said,  "thank you very much" and started to turn away when

 she asked,  "so what are you going with yourself now that you are

 out of school?"

      "I  have  a job as a security guard in a store.   It is only

 temporary until I figure out what I want to do.  Right now I have

 no idea."

      Julie was about to say something when I heard a crack on the

 ground in front of me.   I looked down  and  saw  a  very  shiny,

 little  metal  ball.    I reached down and picked it up.   It was

 really warm.   I had no idea what it was.   I looked up at  Julie

 and she was bright red.

      "I wonder where this came from?" I asked.

      Julie looked at me, "you don't know?"

      "No, am I suppose too?"

      "Yes.  It is called a Ben Wa ball.  It goes in here."

      Julie  lifted her night gown and pointed right at her pussy.

 My eyes were glued right to her patch of hair.

      "Why don't you put it back where it came from?"

      Julie spread her legs inviting me to slip  my  hand  between

 them  and stick the ball back inside her.   I was never very good

 at taking hints but this was a little hard to miss.    I  reached

 out  and ran my hand along the inside of her thigh all the way up

 until I touched her slit.   Then I pushed  the  ball  inside  her

 along  with my middle finger.   I slid my finger in and out a few

 times and Julie was very agreeable with my actions.   I pulled my

 finger  out  and  started to work directly on her clit.   At that

 point I realized that her bush was very  soft.    Not  course  or

 rough at all.  She sighed and leaned over against the door frame.

 I   moved  forward  and  gave  her  a  kiss  and  of  course  she

 reciprocated.   I looked around to see if anyone was watching  us

 only  to  find  out  that her door was hidden by a row of bushes.

 Not worrying about getting caught,  I removed my hand and  lifted

 her  night  gown  up  above  her  head and tossed it on the floor

 inside the open door.   I stepped back to take a better  look  at

 her  body.   Julie realized what I was going and assumed a really

 sexy pose to show it off.   I was really impressed  with  what  I

 saw.    She  was average size and weight but what I didn't notice

 when she had her night gown on was that she had rather large tits

 for her size.   Her bush was jet black;  the hair on top  of  her

 head was dirty blonde and her eyes were brown.  From the position

 she was standing in, all the features were very noticeable not to

 mention the fact that it made her look super sexy.

      "Now let's see what you got."

      "You want me to take off my clothes right here?"

      "Right where you're standing."

      I  felt really dumb taking off all my clothes right in front

 of her house.   The only thing between me and the  street  was  a

 bunch of shrubs.   I did as she asked but it took me a while.   I

 must have turned pretty red.  Once all my clothes were off, Julie

 took a real good look at me.   I'm not the  largest  guy  in  the

 world  but  I have enough.   Besides,  I was pretty hard and that

 always makes a person look a lot bigger.

      "Not bad, why don't you come inside?"

      I picked up my clothes and entered the house.   Julie closed

 the door and followed in behind me.   I leaned over and tossed my

 clothes on a chair.  Just as I stood back up again, Julie wrapped

 her arms around me from behind,  held me real tight  and  started

 massaging  my  chest.    I could feel her tits in my back and her

 soft pussy against my ass.   Her hands very slowly inched her way

 down.  I reached around behind me, grabbed her ass and started to

 squeeze  it.  She had a much softer ass than Beth.   Julie's hand

 kept getting lower until she reached my cock which she  carefully

 wrapped  her  hands around and began to stroke it ever so gently.

 Her hands were extremely soft and it felt like a piece of fur was

 wrapped around me.  Actually,  her entire body was very soft.   I

 turned around,  gave her a kiss and asked,  "how did you get your

 body so soft?"

      "Lucky for me it comes naturally."

      I started to massage her tits.   They were just as  soft  as

 the rest of her body but by no means flabby.  Her nipples pointed

 right out at me.  I bent down a little bit and started to suck on

 them but Julie didn't let me spend much time there.   She took me

 by the hand and led me over to a couch that was in the middle  of

 the room.  Julie sat on the backrest with the couch facing in the

 opposite direction.  She spread her legs open and took my cock in

 one  hand and the other hand she put around my back.   She placed

 the head of my cock right at the entrance to  her  wet  hole  and

 then pushed me from behind with her other hand.   I slid into her

 with very little resistance.  After I was in,  she put both hands

 on  my ass and set the rhythm she wanted me to move at.   I could

 feel those little balls inside her.  They really  stimulated  the

 head of my dick.   Her pussy felt just as soft as the rest of her

 but then again if her pussy wasn't so soft I would probably be in

 trouble.   She pushed and pulled at my ass as my dick went in and

 out.    I could feel my climax building fast.   I had a hard time

 telling what was happening to Julie because  she  didn't  make  a

 sound.    All  I  could hear was her breathing which was a little

 heavier than it was before.  I was getting closer to the edge and

 Julie's breathing was getting heavier.   I couldn't hold off  any

 longer and I shot my load inside her.  After I regained my senses

 I  realized  that  Julie  hadn't come yet so I kept on going.   I

 could feel her hands on my ass prodding me to continue.   Now she

 wrapped her legs around the back of my legs.   I assumed this was

 a good indication.   Her eyes were closed and her  breathing  was

 heavy.    Suddenly  her breathing got very heavy as she threw her

 head back and held on to me  more  tightly.    I  felt  a  slight

 shudder in her body and after a few more strokes she let go of me

 and collapsed on the couch behind her.

      She was lying with her back on the seat with her legs up the

 backrest opened wide so I could see her sopping wet pussy.  After

 a moment of relaxation, Julie began to laugh very gently.

      "That was fun," she muttered.

      "It  sure  was," I replied.   "We will have to do that again

 some time."

      "We sure will, real soon."

      I helped her up to her feet and gave her a kiss.

      "I have to go finish delivering the papers."

      "I want you to come back here at eleven o'clock tonight  and

 maybe we'll have some more fun."

      "Sure, no problem.  I'll be here at eleven."

      I  grabbed  my  clothes  and  started  putting them back on.

 Julie just stood back and watched me.   She liked to watch.   She

 walked  me to the door when I was done,  open it up and gave me a

 kiss good bye.  I watched her beautiful body disappear behind the

 door,  grabbed the bag of papers which I  had  left  outside  and

 continued on my merry way.

      I  finished  delivering  the  papers  in  a daze.   I didn't

 believe what had just happened until I felt  my  dick.    It  was

 really  sensitive.    I  wondered  what  she had planned for that

 night.  It didn't hit me until later that she had said to come by

 at 11:00.   The rest of the night  dragged  until  about  fifteen

 minutes  before  eleven when I started to walk over to her house.

 I reached the house in about ten minutes and stepped  up  to  the

 front  door.    I  knocked on it twice and waited.   There was no


      I started to get a little nervous.  Maybe she was just a big

 tease and wanted to get me  all  worked  up  for  something  that

 wouldn't happen.  I raised my hand to knock again when suddenly I

 felt  a  hand on my shoulder.   It scared the shit out of me as I

 turned around to see who it was.   I expected to see Julie but it

 wasn't her.   Instead there was a real short girl with long hair.

 I couldn't see much detail because there  were  no  light  on  in

 front of the house and the moon was hidden by the bushes.

      "Hi,  Julie called me and told me that she was going to be a

 little late and that I should meet you here so that you  wouldn't

 leave.  My name is Debbie."

      "Hi.  Where did Julie take off too?"

      "Julie didn't say.   She just said to keep you busy till she

 got here.  She said ten or fifteen minutes at the most before she


      "That was very nice  of  you.    Are  you  and  Julie  close


      "We  have been best friends since we were little kids.   Why

 don't we go over here and have a seat."

      I could see that she was pointing to a patio bench that  was

 over  toward  the  other side of the house.   We moved across the

 side of the house and out from behind the bushes.  The moon light

 started to shine on us and I could see Debbie as  she  walked  in

 front of me.   She was wearing black pants and a black sleeveless

 shirt making her very hard to see.  We sat down on the bench side

 by  side and then I got a better look at her.   Very cute.   That

 was my first impression.   She had a very small  face  which  was

 just,  well,  very  cute.    I  started to scan a little more and

 noticed that the sleeveless shirt  was  actually  a  black  vest.

 This  vest had a V-neck that was cut almost down to her navel and

 pretty wide at the top.   I could see the outline of her  breasts

 as  almost  half  of each one was visible and she had no shirt on

 underneath.  I started getting hard just sitting there looking at

 her.   Her mounds were beautifully shaped  as  they  were  pushed

 inward  by  the vest.   I had to get the conversation going again

 before I started to drool so I asked her how far away she lived.

      "I only live a few houses over."

      "So how come I have never seen you before?  I only live down

 the street."

      "I went to private school instead of the local high  school.

 That's probably why."

      "So  maybe  you  could  tell me what Julie has in store this


      "I really don't know.   She only called  me  a  few  minutes

 before you got here and told me to keep you from leaving."

      I  was  just sitting looking at Debbie and her very enticing

 body.   Debbie noticed me looking at her and  said,  "when  Julie

 called me I was in bed so I just threw on what clothes were lying

 around  and came over here.   Is it my clothes you are looking at

 or something else?"

      "I'm looking at what's in your clothes.  They're beautiful."

      "Thank you, thank you very much."

      Debbie took my hand and held it and said, "you're as nice as

 Julie said you were.  She said some pretty nice things about you.

 She told me all about what happened this afternoon.   She  didn't

 say  much because we weren't on the phone that long but I got all

 the important parts."

      Debbie lifted up my hand and very quickly slid it inside one

 side of her vest.

      "Are my tits as nice as Julie's?"

      I was kind of speechless but I did blurt out a few words.

      "It is real hard to tell because your vest is tight."

      Debbie was quick to take my hint.  She let go of my hand and

 undid the two buttons holding the bottom of the vest closed.    I

 expected her to fall right out of it but she didn't.  Her breasts

 were extremely firm.  I started to squeeze on the one that I had.

 I  stopped  for a moment and removed my hand and took a very good

 look.  They were beautiful.  Perfectly round and firm.

      "When Julie told me what happened today  it  got  me  really

 excited.  Do you think we could fuck?  I'm really in the mood."

      She really caught me by surprise but I said, "you don't even

 have to ask".

      Debbie stood up,  kicked off her flip flops and let down her

 pants. She pulled me to my feet and pulled my pants down,  faster

 than  I  probably  could have.   After she had my pants off,  she

 pushed me back down on the seat and climbed up on my  lap.    She

 grabbed  my cock and held it up to meet her pussy as she sat down

 on it.  She went straight to the bottom on the first stroke.  Her

 tits were at face level so I leaned right into her and started to

 suck on her nipples.   Her nipples were perfectly sized  for  her

 size tits which matched the size of her body.   Perfect.   It was

 hard to say perfect but she had a much better body  than  any  of

 the other girls that I knew.   Debbie was bouncing up and down on

 my lap.  She was very tight and it wouldn't be long until I came.

 What made the situation even worse was  the  fact  that  she  was

 talking  to  me  while we were fucking.   But mind you,  not your

 usual conversation.

      "Oh God,  it feels so good having you inside me.   Julie got

 me so excited when she told me how you fucked right in the middle

 of  her  living  room.   From then on I just had to have you.   I

 needed to feel you pounding in and out of me.  I want you to make

 me come.  I can feel my climax building.  It won't be long now."

      I was really getting turned on by what she was saying but  I

 couldn't be outdone so I started in.

      "I'm so glad you let me fuck you.   Your pussy is so tight I

 can feel every bit of your insides.   You're so wet and it  feels

 so good that I could fuck you all night."

      "That could be arranged if you like."

      "I like."

      At  that very moment I could see a set of headlights pulling

 into the driveway but I  couldn't  stop  what  I  was  doing  and

 neither could Debbie.  We kept right on humping away.  Luckily it

 was Julie.

      "I told you to keep him occupied but you didn't have to fuck


      Without missing a stroke, Debbie said, "yes I did.  When you

 told me what happened today you got me too horny to keep my hands

 off.   If I didn't jump him I would have been playing with myself

 all night and that's not as much fun."

      Julie seemed to be very interested in what  we  were  doing.

 She stepped around behind Debbie and very slowly removed the only

 piece of clothing that Debbie had left,  her vest.  Julie dropped

 it to the ground and I could now see the full shape of her chest.

 It was outstanding.   Julie seemed to like it too.   She  reached

 around  Debbie  and  cupped  her  tits  in  her hands and started

 massaging them, running Debbie's nipples between her fingers.

      "Oh Julie that feels so good.   Reach down  and  massage  my

 clit, I'm going to come soon."

      With  that  Julie lowered one of her hands to Debbie's pussy

 and began massaging as Debbie continued to go up and down  on  my

 shaft.    Debbie tossed her head back and Julie cradled it in her


      "I'm going to come.  Oh God, I'm coming."

      It wasn't hard to tell the moment that she came because  her

 rhythm  got  very slow and she seemed to concentrate more on each

 stroke getting as much pleasure out of each one as possible.   As

 Debbie's  climax  started  to  subside she realized that I hadn't

 come yet.  She very gently climbed off me and got on her knees.

      "Julie, give me a hand with this."

      Both Debbie and Julie started licking the entire  length  of

 my  shaft from bottom to top.   It wouldn't be long before I came

 at all.   Moments before I came,  Debbie wrapped her lips  around

 the  head  of my dick and with one smooth stroke when all the way

 down.   That was all she wrote.   I erupted right into her mouth.

 She  didn't flinch a bit.   She kept going up and down but didn't

 lose a drop.

      Debbie lifted her head,  "he tastes almost  as  good  as  he


      That  was one hell of a profound statement since I didn't do

 anything but sit there and enjoy the ride.   Debbie did  all  the

 work.    Julie signaled to Debbie that we should go in the house.

 Debbie,  who was still busy playing with my dick,  agreed.    She

 stood  up,  picked up her clothes and without putting anything on

 walked over to the front door.   I didn't want to be left outside

 so  I too picked up my clothes and hurried to catch up with them.

 Julie unlocked the door and we all went inside.  Debbie turned on

 a few lights and then I could really take a good look at her.   I

 was in love.   She was more than just cute, she was beautiful and

 I'm not just talking about her body.   She had a lovely face  and

 beautiful features.   Everything about her was beautiful and best

 of all, she was short.  I am about five foot six and I like girls

 that are shorter than I am and Debbie was  perfect.    She  about

 five  feet  and  very  thin.   She was thin but not skinny.   The

 perfect bikini body.   She looked much better without the  bikini

 though.    I  had  just come but I felt my dick getting hard just

 looking at her.   Debbie saw me looking at her and came up to me,

 put  her arms around me and gave me a very deep kiss.   After she

 released  the  lip  lock,   I  whispered  in  her  ear,   "you're


      She pulled away and said "thank you."

      I  noticed her starting to blush.   Debbie began to take off

 my shirt.   She was doing it very slowly with a big smile on  her

 face.   I felt a little bit more comfortable now that it was off.

 Julie walked back into the room and Debbie turned and  faced  her

 and  put  her  arm  around  me.   Of course I put my arm over her

 shoulders.  Julie said, "my don't you two look nice."

      My dick got a little  bit  harder  knowing  that  Julie  was

 looking at our bodies.

      "Why don't you two come over here and help me get my clothes


      We  didn't  waste  anytime.    We both went to work removing

 Julie's clothing.   Debbie removed her top while  I  removed  her

 pants.    Debbie had her top off first and as I looked up I could

 see the two of them kissing and massaging each others  tits.    I

 was hoping that this relationship didn't turn out to be like Beth

 and  Charlene.    But  what was nice was the fact they Debbie and

 Julie were letting me participate so I had no complaints at all.

      After I had Julie's pants off,  I stood up and gave Julie  a

 kiss at the same time as Debbie.  Having all our lips and tongues

 together  at  the same time felt really interesting.   So much so

 that we spent a few minutes going it.   The longer we did it  the

 closer  our  bodies got until the three of us had our arms around

 each other holding us tightly together.   Julie broke  away  from

 the group and finally told us what she wanted to do that evening.

      "I  was  going  to do something tonight but since the two of

 you ended up here this evening you can help.   Both  of  you  are

 going to help me shave my pussy tonight."

      Debbie  and  I  looked at each other and said,  "sounds like


		/// continued in Chapter 8 ///



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