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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking6.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 6


      My  next  major  learning experience came later that week at

 Charlene's party.  I picked up Beth and in a short period of time

 we were at Charlene's apartment building.   We didn't have to  go

 upstairs  because  the  pool was on the first level.   We stepped

 into a large party room and like Beth said there  was  the  large

 sandwich  with  a  whole table to itself.   It was about six feet

 long.   Right after the sandwich,  I couldn't help but notice all

 the beautiful bodies running around in real skimpy bikinis.  Some

 of  these  girls were real knockouts.   The only other girl there

 that I recognized was Charlene.   There were plenty of guys there

 too.   Boyfriends I assumed.   Charlene came over to say hello as

 soon as she noticed us.   She was wearing the skimpiest bikini of

 all and did she look nice.   Her tits weren't big but neither was

 she.  Her whole body was beautifully proportioned.   We exchanged

 our  greetings and then she showed us the dressing rooms where we

 could change.   The dressing rooms were real nice.   They had the

 sauna  just  like Beth had told me.   We changed very quickly and

 then jumped in the pool.   I got there  before  Beth  so  I  just

 looked  around at all the nice bodies lying on the lounge chairs.

 Beth joined me only a few minutes later.   I felt a little out of

 place because Beth and Charlene were the only people there that I

 knew.    Some  of the other people I had seen around school but I

 did not know who they were.

      Beth swam over by me and I put my arm around  her  and  gave

 her a kiss.   We just sat there for a little while until Charlene

 swam over and told us that the reason she was  having  the  party

 was  for graduation.   Graduation was of course only a week away.

 It had occurred to me that Charlene was not graduating.   She was

 a  year behind Beth and I.   I told that to Charlene and she told

 me that she need an excuse for a party and that was it.  She told

 her father that some of  her  friends  were  graduating  and  she

 wanted to throw a party.   As it turned out,  Beth and I were the

 only ones there that were graduating.

      After a while of swimming and eating and swimming some more,

 Beth and I finally called it quits and sat down on a lounge chair

 at the side of the pool.   Over the course of the evening  I  had

 become  friendly  with  several of the people there so Beth and I

 had a lot of bullshit conversation to keep us busy.   The evening

 dragged  on  and at about one o'clock in the morning I asked Beth

 if she wanted to go.   Beth was a little drunk by this  time  and

 she really didn't want to go.   There weren't many people left at

 the party but Beth was still having a good time.    We  had  been

 there so long that I was starting to get bored.  Then a wonderful

 thought  hit  me.    I would get Beth into the sauna and we could

 fool around in there.   With Beth in the  state  she  was  in  it

 wasn't  hard.    We walked into the sauna which was empty by this

 hour an sat down on one of the benches.   Beth sat next to me and

 I  immediately started making out with her.   Beth had absolutely

 no complaints.  I slipped my hand inside her bikini top and began

 playing with her nipples.  They became erect immediately.   So as

 not  to  feel left out,  Beth put her hand inside my bathing suit

 and started stroking my cock.   We were getting into  each  other

 real  fast.   I laid Beth down on the bench and started to remove

 her bottom.  She stopped me right away and said, "what if someone

 comes in?"

      "They can come in and watch."

      Beth didn't get a chance to  say  anything  else  because  I

 immediately  buried  my  face between her legs and began munching

 away.  Beth was breathing too heavy to say anything.   I loved to

 look up at Beth's face when I was eating her out.  She had a look

 of  total  ecstasy  on  her  face.   She just closes her eyes and

 tosses her head back and opened her mouth wide  to  moan  and  to

 allow enough air to pass to stay alive.  Looking up the length of

 her  body I could see her nipples hard and erect just waiting for

 me to play with them.

      As I looked up Beth's body this  time  I  noticed  something

 different.    I  noticed Charlene's face looking in the window in

 the door.   She was licking her lips and her eyes were staring at

 us.  She noticed me looking at her and gave me a wink.  I stopped

 eating  Beth  and  started to move my tongue up the length of her

 body.   I paused for a few moments at her nipples to gently  suck

 on  them  and  then continued my way up until I reached her lips.

 We exchanged a large kiss and then I drifted my lips  around  and

 started sucking on her ear.   At the same time I whispered to her

 that Charlene was watching us through the window.

      Beth didn't give me any response at first.  I think that she

 didn't know what to do.   All of a sudden Beth started  laughing,

 sat  up  and  signaled  for  Charlene  to come in.   Charlene was

 startled but she did come in and sat down on  the  bench  on  the

 other side of the room.   The room was actually very small so she

 wasn't far away from us.

      Beth,  still laughing said,  "why don't you tell us  one  of

 your dirty stories."

      "Everyone at the party left a few minutes ago.   You two are

 the only ones left.   I think I can tell you  a  story  that  did

 actually happen to me."

      I didn't believe her but I figured that it was good that she

 said  that  because  it  made  me  that much more horny.   I love

 hearing true stories about peoples sex lives.

      "Beth knows this story is true because she was there too."

      Now I was starting to believe because I looked at  Beth  and

 she was starting to blush.

      "Beth  didn't tell you about the last party I had here a few

 months ago."

      "No she didn't" I replied, "this should be a good one".

      "Oh it is.  You're going to love it.   I was having a party,

 the same as this one tonight and late in the evening as the crowd

 started to dwindle down we had only couples left,  three of them.

 Beth was here with some guy,  I don't even remember who  he  was.

 We were all dressed because no one had been swimming for a while,

 we  were all a little drunk and none of us wanted to leave.   One

 of the guys suggested that we play strip poker.   This got  mixed

 feelings  amongst the six of us but I was really into it so I ran

 upstairs to get a deck of cards.  When I got back down,  everyone

 was sitting in a circle on the floor waiting for me.   I sat down

 in my spot and started shuffling the cards.   We  all  agreed  to

 start  with  the  same number of clothes.   The guys had a shirt,

 pants, undershirt and shorts.  The girls, a shirt, pants, bra and

 panties.   One of the guys asked what happens when you  lose  all

 your  clothes.    As  drunk  as  I was I told him that I would do

 anything the person with the highest cards wanted me too.  Within

 reason.   I told him no blowjobs if his pants were still  on  and

 other things like that.   I will not go all the way.  I'm warning

 you now.   At that very moment I got up and ran  into  the  other

 room and came back with a bottle of Jack Daniels.   I said, 'this

 should keep the party going.'"

      "I took a big gulp and passed it around.   Everyone  took  a

 swallow and then I dealt the cards.   Everybody started to fumble

 with their cards and then we all drew in turn.   We were  playing

 that the lowest hand would take off a piece of clothing.   We all

 looked around to see who had the lowest hand it turned out to  be

 Beth's  date  so  he  took  his  shirt of without any hesitation.

 After the next hand it was Lisa,  the third  girl  who  lost  her

 shirt.  After a few hands, everyone had lost some clothing but no

 one had exposed anything yet.  Some of the guys were down to just

 their shorts and most of the girls were down to their panties and

 bras.  I dealt the next hand and everybody very careful looked at

 what  they  had.    We  were  all pretty drunk by now because the

 bottle had gone around several times and it was almost empty.  At

 the end of the hand it turned out that I had to remove my bra.  I

 was so drunk I didn't care who was looking  at  me.    I  reached

 around, unhooked the back and tossed it in the pile with the rest

 of  my  clothes.    One  of the other guys looked at me and said,

 'nice tits'.   Being the tease that I am  I  leaned  forward  and

 shook them and his eyes almost popped out of his head."

      I  was  getting into this story so much that I almost didn't

 notice that Beth had stuck her hand down my swimsuit and  started

 stroking  my  cock.    Charlene stopped the story and said,  "why

 don't we get comfortable."

      Beth immediately grabbed the waist band of my  bathing  suit

 and  pulled  it right down to the floor.   I reached for Beth and

 pulled her bottoms off and she took her top off by  herself.    I

 kick  my  bathing suit aside and then we helped Charlene take off

 her suit.  Beth took off her top and I took off her bottom.

      Charlene said as we all sat down where we were,  "let's  get

 back to the story."

      Just  as Charlene started,  Beth once again started stroking

 my cock.   I slipped my hand between her legs to  play  with  her

 pussy.  She opened her legs up so that it was easier for me.

      Charlene continued, "I dealt out the next hand and I noticed

 that  the  guys  were  having trouble keeping their eyes on their

 cards.  They were all staring at my tits.  It made me feel great.

 My nipples were really starting to get hard.   I had a great hand

 this  time  and  the loser was the guy that said I had nice tits.

 He was down to just his shorts so  I  looked  at  him  and  said,

 'let's see your cock.'"

      He turned red but he did remove his shorts.  His dick wasn't

 that  big but boy was it hard.   It was standing straight up.   I

 didn't say anything,  I just dealt out the next hand.   Beth lost

 that  one,  she  had  to  take  off her bra.   She was a bit more

 reluctant than I was but she took it off after a little prodding.

 The next few hands went by and everyone  was  now  down  to  just

 their  panties or shorts except for the guy that had already lost

 his.  He was still rock hard.  I dealt the next hand and everyone

 was looking around to see if they could tell  who  was  going  to

 lose it next.   When we all finally showed our cards, it was none

 other than me.  I starting getting really excited.   I could feel

 the wetness between my legs.  I couldn't believe that I was about

 to  completely  undress in front of these people but with all the

 alcohol inside me I was all to anxious to show off my  body.    I

 stood  up and pushed my panties to the floor and just stood there

 for a minute so that everyone could get a good  look.    The  guy

 without the shorts started to stroke himself.  I told him to stop

 just to keep him in pain.  I sat back down and shuffled the cards

 for  the  next  hand.   All the guys were looking at me and I was

 getting soaking wet.  Even Lisa couldn't keep her eyes off me and

 that surprised me.  The next hand came and went and so did Lisa's

 panties.  She was very reluctant to take them off but after a bit

 of forceful persuasion we got them off her.  The next hand put us

 in an unusual position.  The guy with nothing on had lost so what

 should  we do.   Beth had the high hand so we asked Beth what she

 wanted him to do.

      Beth said, "jerk off.  I want to see you jerk off."

      I didn't expect that of Beth but she was so drunk  that  she

 would say anything.   That guy was so turned on by what was going

 on that in just a few strokes he shot his  load  right  onto  the

 floor.  We all got a pretty good laugh out of it and then we told

 him  that  he  was out of the game because he had gotten off.  We

 decided that would be the end of  the  game,  when  everyone  had

 gotten off one way or another.

      I  lost  the  next hand and Beth's boyfriend told me to play

 with myself.   I was so hot that I didn't argue with him  in  the

 least.    I  just  lay  back on the floor and spread my legs open

 toward the group of players.   The room became absolutely  silent

 as  I  slide  my  hands between my legs and started to massage my

 already soaked pussy."

      I noticed as Charlene was telling this story that her  hands

 had  slipped  between  her  legs and she was doing exactly as the

 story said.   Beth was still stroking my cock and I had  my  hand

 between  her  legs.   We were all just sitting in the heat of the

 sauna generating so much of our own  heat  that  we  didn't  even

 notice how hot it was in there.  I looked at Charlene's pussy and

 it looked as wet as the hand I had between Beth's legs.   We were

 all really getting into this story.  Charlene continued.

      "I was so excited that I erupted in just a  minute  or  two.

 To  excite  everyone else,  I was moaning and groaning with every

 stroke so that everyone could hear just when  I  got  off.    The

 others almost died with excitement.

      "Now  there were four people left.   My boyfriend,  Beth and

 her boyfriend, and Lisa.   Lisa was the only one with nothing on.

 All the others still had shorts or panties on.   Beth's boyfriend

 lost the next hand and  off  came  his  shorts.    Next  came  my

 boyfriend's shorts then Beth's panties.  Everyone in the room was

 now  completely  naked.    The  anticipation was high to see what

 would happen next.   Lisa lost the next hand and my boyfriend had

 the high cards.   He wanted a blowjob.   Lisa wouldn't do it.  We

 all wanted to see it so we pushed Lisa real hard  to  doing.    I

 took  my  boyfriends  cock in my hand and Lisa's boyfriend pushed

 her over.   She didn't want us pushing her so she did it  on  her

 own.    She  put his dick in her mouth and began a slow rhythm up

 and down.  My boyfriend just threw his head back in ecstasy.   As

 we  expected  it didn't take long for him to come and he shot all

 over himself.  Because he was the one that got off, he was out of

 the game and not Lisa.   Lisa was a bright red when she was  done

 but she regained her composer quickly.  The next hand was lost by

 Beth and won by her boyfriend.   Her boyfriend wanted to see Lisa

 eat out Beth.   We all weren't going to push Lisa to do that  but

 she didn't put up much of a fight.  To this day I think Lisa is a

 lezzie  but  I never asked her.   Beth didn't seem to mind having

 another girl eat her out.   She spread her legs  right  away  and

 Lisa buried her face between them.  In the silence of the room we

 could hear Lisa's tongue lapping away at Beth's clit.  Beth threw

 her  head  back  and let Lisa do all the work.   Beth's boyfriend

 began stroking himself and he came before Beth  did.    But  Beth

 didn't take to long after that to come.   She let out a low level

 yell at that very moment."

      "Lisa turned out to be the winner because she was  the  only

 one  that  hadn't come yet.   We soon took care of that.   We all

 ganged up on Lisa,  held her down and let her boyfriend bury  his

 cock inside her pussy.  Lisa became very excited very quickly, we

 all  did.    I  couldn't  be left so I got between their legs and

 started to lick on his balls and her pussy.   Yes I'll admit  it.

 I like to eat pussy too.   Lisa came in moments and her boyfriend

 shot his load  right  into  my  mouth  which  was  waiting  there

 hungrily.   After that escapade we all just looked at each other,

 started laughing and began putting our clothes back on.  We had a

 great time and I'm sure we will do it again."

      That ending was too much for me and I  shot  my  load  right

 into  Beth's hand.   I looked across at Charlene and she was also

 about to come.   Her legs were spread  wide  open  and  I  had  a

 beautiful  view  of  every smooth motion of her hands.   Charlene

 called out to us rather loudly, "I'm coming, here I come."

      Just after those words I could see her body  shake.    There

 was  no doubt in my mind that she had gotten off.   I looked over

 at Beth who had placed her head back.   She hadn't come yet.    I

 was  surprised.    It usually doesn't take that long for her.   I

 have to take care of this problem.   I got down on my  knees  and

 put  my tongue right on her clit and started flicking it back and

 forth.   That got a  real  nice  response  from  Beth.    I  felt

 Charlene's hand on my back.  She was pushing me aside so that she

 could  get in between Beth's legs.   I let her right in so that I

 could watch Beth get  eaten  out  by  another  girl.    I  had  a

 beautiful view from just in front of Charlene.  I could see every

 motion  of  her  tongue and the movement of Beth's pussy.   I got

 hard again and started to stroke myself.   Beth wrapped her  legs

 around  Charlene's  head  to get Charlene to apply more pressure.

 In just a minute,  Beth had a shuttering climax.   I  felt  every

 muscle  in her body contract with spasms.   Charlene came up from

 her meal and gave me a real big kiss.   I could  taste  Beth  all

 over  her mouth and I loved it.   It tasted wonderful.   Charlene

 took my cock in her hand and  stroked  it  until  I  came  again.

 Charlene  and  Beth  looked  at  each other and started laughing,

 threw their arms around each other and held  each  other  tightly

 while in a wet embrace.  Their lips were pressed hard against the

 others and their bodies became one.  Seeing their nipples rubbing

 against each other almost made me hard again.   Beth and Charlene

 finally broke apart and reached for their bathing suits.

      We all got dressed quickly.  After putting our bathing suits

 back on, we put our street clothes on top.   All three of us were

 really  tired  but still very excited from what had happened that

 evening.   Charlene walked us out to the car and we said our good

 byes.   Charlene gave Beth a big kiss good bye and then came over

 and gave me the same.  We got into the car and I drove away.

      I asked Beth, "did that poker game really happen?"


      "And you really do get into other girls?"

      "Yeah.  One night last month, Charlene had the apartment all

 to herself so she called me up and  we  spent  the  entire  night

 together in bed.  We made love all night long.  It was great."


      I drove Beth home and then drove myself home.  I had trouble

 believing that this night was really true.  I kept thinking about

 Charlene between Beth's legs.  It was such a turn on to watch the

 two  of  them together.   I was hoping that the three of us could

 get together again real soon.

      Unfortunately,  all good things must come to an end.    Beth

 started  spending  more time with Charlene than with me.   I knew

 that I couldn't take up all of Beth's time but I was starting  to

 feel left out.  One day I went over to Beth's house to see if she

 wanted to go out for lunch and I found Beth and Charlene sprawled

 out  on  the  living  room  floor,  completely  naked  and in the

 sixty-nine position eating at each other's pussy.   When  I  went

 over  to join them,  I was politely asked not to and that made me

 feel pretty shitty.   I was standing there with a raging  hard-on

 looking at these two beautiful bodies on the floor and I couldn't

 do a damn thing, so I left.

      "Time  to  find  a  new girlfriend",  I told myself.   I had

 become really attached to Beth but it appeared  she  liked  pussy

 better than cock so I had better just leave it like that.

		/// continued in Chapter 7 ///



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