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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking5.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 5


      We were so lost in what we were doing that neither of us had

 paid  any  attention to what was going on around us.   We quickly

 retracted our hands and composed ourselves.   Beth was white as a

 ghost  but  slowly  her  color  started  to  return.    She  then

 introduced me to her sister Karen who was a very short girl  with

 short brown curly hair.  Not the greatest looking but acceptable.

 Beth  told  me  that  she was only two years younger than she was

 which I wouldn't have guessed because she looked much younger.

      "Wait until I tell Mommy what I saw.   She is going to  kill


      "You are going to keep your mouth shut Karen or I,m going to

 kill you," Beth replied.

      By  the  tone  of their voices I could tell that they didn't

 get along too well.   Karen went into the house laughing and Beth

 turned red she was getting so mad.

      "Just  wait  a  few minutes,  we'll get her back.   She is a

 horny little bitch and probably can't wait to  get  herself  off.

 That  is  when we will catch her and make her wish she never said

 anything to us."

      I couldn't help but laugh to myself.   This was going to  be

 fun.    We  sat  just  holding hands for a few minutes until Beth

 signaled that we should go into the house but very quietly.    We

 both moved like cats, very slow and silently.

      Beth's  stairs  were  surprisingly  quiet.    We reached the

 entrance to Karen's room and Beth whispered in my ear telling  me

 that  she  had  greased  Karen's  door for just such an occasion.

 Beth began to open the door ever so slowly until it  was  cracked

 open  about half an inch.   Beth peered inside and grinned.   She

 then pointed for me to look.   I moved around Beth and put my eye

 up to the opening.

      I could see Karen laying on her bed, completely nude, spread

 eagle,  masturbating furiously.

      Beth  opened the door a little bit wider.   It didn't make a

 sound.   She kept going until it was wide enough for us  to  slip

 through.   Beth entered her room and I followed right behind her.

 Karen was breathing very heavily.   I could tell she  wasn't  far

 from coming.

      Very unexpectedly,  even to me, Beth said out loud, "I don't

 think Mommy would approve of that."

      Karen looked up with an astonished look  on  her  face,  saw

 both  of  us then curled up into a little ball and rolled off the

 far side of her bed so we couldn't see her.  She must have turned

 bright shade of red.   She started  screaming,  "GET  OUT  OF  MY


      "Wait  until I tell Mommy what I saw.   She is going to kill


      When Beth said that I  couldn't  help  but  break  out  into


      Beth began to laugh with me as we left the room.  As we were

 going  down  the stairs,  I began to think to myself that Karen's

 body wasn't all that bad.  I wouldn't mind getting into her pants

 at all,  but of course I had Beth so why need anyone else.   Beth

 was more than I could handle.

      We  sat  back down in the living room still laughing at what

 we had done.  It was pretty funny.

      "So tell me about Charlene and her parties.   What are  they


      "Charlene  lives  with  her father in a real nice apartment.

 When Charlene has a party,  she rents a large room on the  ground

 floor  and  usually orders one of those six foot sandwiches and a

 keg or two of beer.   The best part is the indoor heated swimming

 pool in the next room."

      I thought to myself, oh god, not another pool.

      "In each of the dressing rooms is a sauna.  It's a real nice


      "Okay, you've told me about Charlene's parties now how about


      "You'll  really  like  Charlene.   I've gone to a few of her

 parties,  she's really a lot of fun to be with.   She  tells  the

 greatest  dirty stories and gets the guys all hard then makes fun

 of them."

      "That doesn't sound like too much fun to me," I commented.

      "It's fun to watch a guy try to hide a hard-on in a  bathing

 suit.    Charlene  likes  to  be  a real tease.   That's just her

 personality.   She doesn't mean any harm.    She  doesn't  always

 tease, she likes to have her fun too."

      "So she's not a virgin?"

      "Nope,  I  was  with her the night that she lost her cherry.

 It was the night of her sixteenth birthday.   She  was  having  a

 party  at  her father's house in the country.   It is a real nice

 house in the middle of the  woods  right  on  a  beautiful  lake.

 Anyway  she had her boyfriend,  Craig,  there.   That night after

 most people had left,  they swam out to a float that was anchored

 in  the  middle  of the lake.   They thought that no one had seen

 them but I did.   I had a little idea about what they were  going

 to do but I wasn't sure,  so I waited until they were busy making

 out then I swam out real quietly.   My curiosity  was  so  strong

 that  I  had  to  see  what  was going to happen.   Craig started

 fondling her through her bathing suit.   She loved it.   I  could

 hear every sound she made.   Charlene pulled off her top and then

 started working on Craig's suit. It came off real fast.

      Charlene went right for his dick.   She started stroking  it

 but  it was already hard.   Charlene didn't waste any time.   She

 guided him right into her.   She jumped with pain as  he  entered

 her.    Craig  started moving back and forth and I could see that

 Charlene was still in pain.  After a few minutes of humping,  she

 didn't seem to be in too much pain anymore.   They were at it for

 quite a while before Charlene showed any signs that she was about

 to come but she finally did and Craig came  just  a  few  moments

 later.    They looked pretty satisfied.   Charlene said that they

 had better get back so they put their bathing suit  back  on  and

 headed  for the house.   As soon as they were back in the house I

 started to swim back."

      "Did they know you were there?"

      "When Charlene got back to the house she started to look for

 me.   She asked someone else where I was and they said that I was

 out taking a swim.  When I walked in a few minutes later Charlene

 came  up  to me asked if I was out swimming and I told her that I

 was and that it was  very  interesting.    She  asked  if  I  was

 watching her and Craig and I said yes, from a lot closer than she

 thought.    Charlene laughed and said that she hoped I enjoyed it

 as much as she did.   I said not as much,  but I  did  enjoy  it.

 Charlene  and  I went on talking about our love lives for several

 hours on into the wee hours of the morning until the end  of  the

 party.    Most  people  had left by about two but a few spent the

 night because they were either too drunk to drive  or  lived  too

 far.   When we all woke up in the morning, Charlene and I had our

 arms around each other.   Everyone though we were fooling around.

 I don't remember doing anything with Charlene, who knows?"

      "I'd love to get it on with you and Charlene."

      "Yea, I bet you would.  Keep dreaming."

      "Now  you  really have me looking forward to this party.   I

 will have to keep my eyes on Charlene and maybe I'll get  to  see

 her  in  action.   Speaking of action,  seeing Karen playing with

 herself and talking about Charlene has made me real hot."

      "Well that's too bad  because  we  can't  do  anything  here

 because Karen is home, unless of course you know another place we

 can go."

      "Of course I do."

      "Well let's go then."

      Beth and I both headed for the car.  We jumped right in an I

 was  off in a flash.   I didn't want to go back to the reservoir,

 not during the day because it is much easier to be seen.  Luckily

 I knew of a trail on a nearby mountain that I  used  to  hike  on

 when  I  was younger.   I could park the car near by and we could

 walk into the woods a hundred yards or so.   Beth asked me  where

 we were going but I just told her to wait and see.   It was about

 a ten minute drive to get up to this place.   When we arrived,  I

 parked  the  car  and got out.   Beth looked around and commented

 that she didn't even know that place existed.   I took  her  hand

 and guided her toward a trail and then into the woods.  We walked

 for about five minutes.   It was a lot harder walking now than it

 was a few years ago because the brush had grown in a little.   We

 came to a small grassy clearing,  I stopped and pulled Beth to my

 planting a big kiss on her lips and saying, "we're here".

      "Nice place," Beth said as she put her arms  around  me  and

 returned the kiss.  I put my arms around her grabbing her ass and

 squeezing until Beth let out a sigh.   She did the same to me.  A

 few moments later I reached around to the  front  of  her  pants,

 opened  the snap and pulled down the zipper.   I put my arms back

 around her but this time I put my  hands  inside  her  pants  and

 grabbed her bare ass.   I was so beautifully soft I couldn't help

 but to squeeze it.  Beth of course,  taking her cue from me,  did

 the  same  thing.   I began pushing down on her pants from behind

 until they slid off her ass and down her legs.   I  kept  pushing

 her pants down until they were around her ankles.   Beth took her

 arms from around me and pushed me back a couple of steps.   I now

 had a good view of her standing in front of me with her top still

 on and her pants around her ankles.  Beth reached down and pulled

 her  pants  completely off.   Now she was just standing with only

 her top on.   I could see that between her legs she was  starting

 to  get  real  wet  by  the real shiny spots on the inside of her

 thighs.  I started moving toward her but she signaled me to stop.

 Beth reached up,  grabbed her tube top and pulled it up over  her


      She said, "now you can come here."

      I  moved to her very quickly and put my arms around her.   I

 gave her a real big kiss and then began kissing my way  down  her

 neck,  to her shoulders and then to her nipples.  I sucked on her

 nipples as I felt them getting harder in  my  mouth.    Once  her

 nipples  were  completely  hard,  I  started  to  move down again

 finishing with my face buried in her short hairs.   I  darted  my

 tongue in and out between her legs and immediately Beth opened up

 her legs a little more to allow me better access.

      After  only a few moments of tongue action,  Beth stopped me

 and prodded me to stand up.   I did just as she wished.   As soon

 as I was completely on my feet,  Beth began to undress me.  First

 came my shirt,  but before she removed my pants,  she slipped her

 hand  inside  my zipper to give me a superb hand job which had me

 rock hard in seconds, not that I wasn't already hard.   Beth then

 grabbed my ass just as I had done to her and pushed my pants down

 to my ankles.  Beth got on her knees to pull my pants off over my

 feet.   The whole time she was maneuvering my pants off,  she was

 rubbing her cheek against my hard-on.  Her smooth skin on my cock

 made me want to come instantly.   After my pants were  off,  Beth

 stood  up  and kissed me as we held each other tightly.   I could

 feel her nipples in my chest and my cock in her short hairs.   It

 just got me that much harder.

      Beth,  very playfully, began to wrestle me to the ground.  I

 put up a little fight but not much.    We  both  dropped  to  the

 ground together with Beth on top of me.   Beth kissed me and then

 moved her kisses down my body very slowly.   She kept going  down

 until  she  reached  the  head  of  my dick where she stopped and

 planted a kiss right on the tip.   She stuck her tongue  out  and

 flicked  the  top  of  the  head.    My  cock  was so hard and so

 sensitive that I felt the soft touch of her tongue all through my

 body and it gave me chills.   Beth started playing with  my  dick

 using her hands.   She started playing with me like I was a stick

 shift on a car.   We both got a real good laugh out of it.   Beth

 began to slowly lick the length of my hard-on.  Her tongue was so

 soft  that  I  could hardly contain myself.   I stopped Beth from

 what she was doing because I didn't want to come yet and I knew I

 was getting close.  I quickly flipped Beth around so that she was

 on her back and my face was between her legs.   I started to lick

 on  her  real  sensitive spots and it drove her crazy just as she

 had driven me crazy.   I lapped away for only a few minutes  when

 she  said,  "put  it  in."    I knew exactly what she wanted so I

 stopped my tongue action and moved up so I was positioned to slip

 inside her.   I put the head of my cock at  the  opening  of  her

 pussy  and she moved to meet it.   I slipped the head in and then

 quickly pulled out.  This really drove her crazy.  She wanted the

 whole length of me in her but I pulled  out  a  few  times  more.

 This  was  getting  her so worked up that she lashed her arms and

 legs around me and pulled me down so that my entire length had no

 place to go but deep inside her.  She moved my body with her arms

 and legs until I picked up the rhythm that she wanted.  From that

 point on there was no stopping.  We moaning got louder and I felt

 closer to coming with every stroke.   The bright sun and the soft

 gentle breeze got us both even more excited.

      "I'm coming," I could hear Beth whisper under her breath.  I

 also  was  about  to  come.    I could feel Beth tense as she was

 coming and the moment I knew she was coming I was excited just  a

 bit  more  so  that I came also at the same time filling her with

 everything that I had inside me.  After a few coast down strokes,

 Beth released me from her grasp and just let her  arms  and  legs

 flop  to  the ground.   Our breathing was still heavy as I pulled

 out of her feeling the cool breeze  against  me  giving  me  more

 chills as I was still very sensitive.

      Beth opened her eyes,  looked at me and said, "we never came

 at the same time before, that was wonderful."

      I suddenly had a burst of energy and I stood up.   I  looked

 at Beth's body lying on the ground and she looked very beautiful.

 I reached down and took her hand and pulled her to her feet.  She

 suddenly  got  dizzy so I pulled her close to me to help hold her

 up.   She recovered her senses very quickly and we began  putting

 our clothes back on.  It took us a few minutes to do that because

 we  were  both  very tired and drained from our ordeal.   Once we

 were both completely dressed,  we started walking to the car.   I

 said  to  Beth that it would be nice if we could walk through the

 woods completely naked but unfortunately there probably be  other

 people at the parking lot.  Beth said that one day we should take

 a  drive  to the north where there is a large state park where we

 could find a place secluded enough to do just that but for now we

 will just have to settle for something close.   Right after  Beth

 had  said  that  and before it hit me what she had said,  she had

 stopped walking,  reached down,  unsnapped her pants  and  pulled

 down the zipper exposing most of her lovely nest.

      "How's that for being an exhibitionist" she said.

      I replied, "that's fine for here in the woods but what if we

 get to the parking lot and there are some other people there?"

      "I don't think they'll even notice."

      "I'll bet you that they would."

      Beth, very cocky now, asked, "what do you want to bet?"

      "If  someone  notices that your fly is open,  when we get to

 the car, you will take your pants off and leave then off until we

 get back to your house."

      "And if no one notices,  you'll take off your pants until we

 get back to my house.  Is it a deal?"

      "Okay, it's a deal."

      I  took Beth by the hand and walk the rest of the way out of

 the woods and on to the trail that led down a hill  to  the  car.

 We  could  see  the  parking  lot from the top of the hill and we

 could see that there were no other cars in the lot but mine.   It

 was still a few minute walk to the car so maybe another car would

 pull  in.   As I was hoping another one did.   As soon as the car

 stopped, a guy and girl got out.  They walked around to the front

 of the car and gave each other a big hug and kiss and I could see

 the guy grabbing the girl's tits.   I figured that they  were  up

 there  to  do  the  same  thing as we had just done.   Beth and I

 continued to walk down the hill  and  the  other  couple  started

 walking up.  They had a little trouble walking a straight line so

 I figured they were a little drunk.  We got closer and closer but

 they  gave no indication of noticing that Beth's pants were open.

 Luckily for Beth,  her pants fit snugly so that they didn't slide

 down  as  she  was  walking.   The other couple walked by us with

 nothing more than a nod to recognize our presence but as they got

 farther up the hill I could hear them giggling.    Unfortunately,

 that was not enough proof for me to win the bet.   I was a little


      We got to the car and I opened the door for Beth.   We  gave

 the  couple  on  the hill one last look to see that they had each

 others hands down the back of the other's pants.  We got a little

 laugh out of that.  Just as we turned around, we heard the guy on

 the hill yell, "your girlfriend has a nice pussy!"

      The other girl hit her boyfriend on the head and  then  they

 kept on walking.   I looked at Beth with a shit eating grin.  She

 knew she had lost the bet.   She took off her pants  right  there

 then sat down in the car and closed the door.  I walked around to

 the other side and got in.   I looked at Beth and said, "that guy

 is right, you do have a nice pussy."

      I started up the car and began to drive  away.    Beth  slid

 over on the seat to sit next to me just as she always does.   But

 instead of me putting my arm around her  like  I  usually  do,  I

 slipped  my  hand  between her legs and stuck my fingers into her

 wet hole.    She  was  still  soaking  wet  from  our  'afternoon

 delight'.  She had no objections to my actions.  On the contrary,

 she  opened  up  her legs wide so that I could move my fingers in

 and out more easily.  Beth put her head back and just enjoyed the

 ride.   I pulled my fingers out and  began  massaging  her  clit.

 This  got a very favorable response.   I kept moving my hand with

 steady constant motion.   I stopped the car a block  from  Beth's

 house so that she could put her pants back on.   She was still in

 the same position as she was when we first started  only  it  was

 evident  that  she had come several times by the look on her face

 and by the fact that both my hand and  my  seat  were  completely

 soaked.    Beth  came back down to earth and struggled to get her

 pants on in the car.   When she finally had them  on,  I  started

 driving and in a few seconds I was in front of her house.  We got

 out  and  I walked Beth to the door.   I decided that it was time

 for me to go so I gave her a real good kiss good bye and got into

 the car and drove away.

      That ended a very,  very exciting day in my love life.    My

 sexual education increased on almost a daily basis.   With Beth I

 was so comfortable that I had almost forgotten how it was  to  be

 nervous  or  scared  about  what a girl thought or what she would

 say.   My education was of course nowhere near over yet.   It had

 many many more years to go.

		/// continued in Chapter 6 ///



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