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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking4.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 4


 I must have looked surprised when I saw  the dildo.  Beth  smiled

 at me and said,  "I've been using this for the  past few weeks so

 that when we did go all the way it wouldn't hurt.  She placed the

 dildo  at  her  opening and slid  it in very gently.   She gave a

 gasp of pain but just for a moment.  After that moment it slid in

 nice and smooth and the pain turned to pleasure.   I stopped  her

 and  told  her that she had better save some energy for me.   She

 said not to worry that she had more than  I  could  imagine.    I

 believed  her  and  let her continue with what she was doing.   I

 started to stroke myself again but Beth wanted me  to  make  sure

 that  I didn't come again.   I wasn't sure why but she would show

 me shortly.   Beth came again very quickly and then collapsed  in

 my  arms.    After catching her breath,  she leaned over a little

 more and took my dick in her mouth and  with  one  smooth  motion

 went right to the bottom.   She was going up and down and I could

 feel myself building but this time it  was  going  to  take  much

 longer  because  I had just come a few minutes earlier.   It took

 almost fifteen minutes but Beth was persistent and I  came  right

 in  her  mouth and she swallowed every drop.   After she was sure

 she got it all she sat up and said that  it  was  time  to  relax

 again.   I couldn't agree with her more.   We just sat and stared

 at the top of the car trying to catch our breath.   Beth  slumped

 over and fell into my arms.  I put my arm around her and held her

 tight.    I was able to reach around with my right hand and start

 playing with her nipples.   She signaled her approval  by  moving

 even closer.  We gave each other a real big kiss and then started

 laughing.   I'm not sure why but it just seemed like the thing to

 do.  Beth said to me, "are you ready to lose your cherry yet?   I


      "It would be hard for me to screw with a dick this soft."

      "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll spring up to the occasion."

      "Yea, right."

      "It's too hot in here, let's go outside."

      Before  I  could  say  anything,  Beth  was out the door and

 walking around to the front of the car.   I said to myself,  this

 girl is weird but I wanted to get laid so bad that if I wanted it

 I would have to get out of the car so I did.  As I opened my door

 to step out,  Beth jumped up and sat down on the hood.   The hood

 was still nice and warm from the engine.  The hood of the Lincoln

 was real big so Beth slid all the  way  back  with  her  back  up

 against the windshield.   I walked around to the front of the car

 and stared at Beth.   She spread her legs  very  seductively  and

 said, "Fuck me."

      Believe me,  that's all it took to get me hard.  I jumped up

 on the hood with my flag pole waving  in  the  wind  and  crawled

 toward Beth.   I laid down on top of her and I could feel my cock

 in her bush.   I gave Beth a real big hug and kiss and  she  said

 once  again,  "fuck me."  Before I could react she slide her hand

 between us and grabbed my cock.   She directed it to the entrance

 and  started  to move it up and down along her pussy to lubricate

 the tip, then once she felt it was ready,  she moved the tip back

 to  her  hole  and  started  to  push it in.   As soon as my head

 entered she gave a sign of pain so I tried to pull  out  but  she

 said  to  keep going.   The pain would go away in a moment.   She

 pushed me in a little farther.   After my whole length was in she

 let go of my cock and grabbed my ass with her hands.   She slowly

 guided me in and out until I was well lubricated with her juices.

 I could tell now that there was no more pain.   Beth let go of my

 ass  and  wrapped  her legs around my back and said,  "go for it,

 fuck my brains out."

      And that's exactly what I did.  I started pumping harder and

 faster.  Beth wrapped her arms around my neck.  I thought she was

 going to choke me.   It was a great idea to get each other off  a

 few  times  first  because  I  know  I  would have come instantly

 otherwise.   We humped away for what felt like eternity.   I  was

 getting real tired but Beth was huffing and puffing, almost as if

 she  were cheering me on.   Suddenly,  I felt my climax building.

 Beth was getting so turned on that it was turning me on  just  as

 much.    Beth  started  getting  louder  and louder until she was

 almost screaming.   I certainly hope no one else was in the area.

 I felt myself coming and I knew she was coming.   Just a few more

 strokes and that would be the end.   Beth started  screaming  out


      "I'm coming, I'm coming, faster, faster."

      Then  she  let  out  one last scream which also sent me into

 oblivion.   We both came at almost the same time.  What a feeling

 it  was  for my first time.   I didn't believe there was anything


      Beth quickly quieted down because she was out of  energy  to

 do anymore.   I rolled off her and lay next to her.   Beth turned

 to me and grabbed me around the neck again and planted  one  hell

 of a kiss on me.  She was in a real excited mood.

      She said, "that was wonderful, you were great.  I never came

 like that before.  I will remember this moment for the rest of my


      After that followed another real big kiss.  We both just lay

 back staring at the stars contemplating our ecstasy.

      "That was one hell of an experience" I said to her.

      Beth  just  kept staring up at the stars.   It was getting a

 little cold just laying on the hood so I suggested  that  we  get

 back in the car and Beth agreed.  We sat down in the car and gave

 each other a big hug.  We really did have a good time.

      "Wait here.  I'll be right back."

      With that,  I opened my door and stepped out.  I went around

 to the back of the car,  opened up the trunk  and  pulled  out  a

 small bag.  I closed the trunk and got back into the car.

      "What's in there?", Beth asked.

      I pull out a Polaroid instant camera.

      "I  was  hoping I could get some pictures of you without any

 clothes on."

      "You have got to be kidding.   No way.   You'll show them to


      "No  I  won't.    I  want them to have to jerk off with when

 you're not around.   I promise you that  I  won't  show  them  to

 anybody else."

      "Okay,  as  long  as you promise not to show them to anybody

 AND I want some pictures of you.  Agreed?"


      "What would you like me to do?"

      "Well how about leaning up against the door and face me."

      Beth did exactly as I asked and I snapped a  picture.    The

 flash startled both of us.  It was very bright.  I then told Beth

 to  spread  her  legs open so I could see her pussy.   She did it

 without question.

      "Now make it look like you are playing with yourself."

      Once again Beth complied.   She put her  left  hand  on  her

 chest  and her right hand between her legs.   She leaned her head

 back and made it look  like  she  was  really  getting  into  it.

 Actually I think she was because her pussy was getting wet again.

 I snapped the picture.

      "Now it's my turn" Beth proclaimed.

      "What would you like me to do?"

      "Get out of the car and walk around to the front."

      I  was  feeling  real  brave by this point and I didn't mind

 walking around outside.   I got out of the car and Beth followed.

 We  walked  to the front and Beth said,  "sit down on the hood of

 the car with your legs hanging off the front.  I did exactly what

 she said.   The hood was cold.   Beth stepped back  to  take  the

 picture  and  realized that my dick was soft.   She said that she

 couldn't have a picture like that so Beth came back close  to  me

 and  dropped  her  head between my legs and started to suck on my

 cock.   Her hot lips and tongue felt great on my dick.    It  was

 only  moments before I was hard again.   Once Beth was satisfied,

 she stepped back and took the picture.

      "Now wrap your fingers around your  cock  and  lean  back  a

 little bit.  I did that and she snapped another picture.

      "Now slide back and lay up against the windshield."

      I slid back to another cold part of the hood and leaned back

 onto a cold windshield.   I was starting to get cold again.  Beth

 flashed another picture then jumped up onto the hood.    She  put

 the  camera  down  next to her and crawled up on top of me.   She

 planted a big kiss on my lips and said,  "that was  fun.    Maybe

 someday we can get some pictures of us fooling around."

      "That has possibilities."

      I  was  paying  attention to what Beth was saying and not to

 what she was doing.   Beth arranged her pussy so it was  over  my

 cock  and with on smooth motion sat right down on my cock sending

 it deep inside her pussy.   She caught me completely by  surprise

 and  the feeling of me inside her almost made me come right away.

 Beth started to move forward and back and I started  to  move  to

 match  the  rhythm  of her body.   Beth giggled when she realized

 that I wasn't expecting her.  She sat up and started to go up and

 down on me.   We were both real hot from the picture taking so we

 got worked up real fast.  It was only moments until our breathing

 was heavy and our thrusts were at a quick pace.  Beth started her

 screaming again.   It is hard to call screaming.   They were more

 like very joyful moans.  They are the kind of sounds a very horny

 girl makes when she is about to come.  Maybe she was making those

 sounds with good reason.   She was a horny girl  about  to  come.

 Boy  did  she.    I  could  see  her body jerk as she reached her

 climax.   She had a very long climax this time.   She kept up her

 up  and  down  motion  long  enough for me to come.   My body was

 jerking around too.  It was real hard to control myself.   When I

 have  a hard-on,  my brains go to my dick.   Beth slowed down her

 motion and finally stopped with me still deep inside her.   After

 Beth  regained  her  senses,  she got off me and said that it was

 about time I took her home.  I was a little upset, we were having

 such a great time but I knew that now were past  the  first  step

 and  there  would  be much more to follow.   I agreed that it was

 getting late and that I should take her home even though I didn't

 want too.   We pulled out our clothes and started to get  dressed

 outside the car.   It was a little too cramped on the inside.   I

 had my pants and shirt on way before Beth was  able  to  get  her

 dress  back on so I went over to help her.   Beth was pulling her

 dress up and had it around her waist.   I grabbed the camera from

 off the hood and said, "smile."

      Beth flashed me a quick smile and I snapped the picture.  It

 was a beautiful topless shot with the most perfect grin.   I told

 her I wanted that one enlarged into a poster.  She said she would

 kill me.  I walked over behind Beth and helped her pull her dress

 up to her shoulders.   But before I  zipped  it  up  for  her,  I

 reached  my  hands  inside  and  around to her front and began to

 massage her tits.   Her nipples got hard real fast but she pulled

 my hands out and said it was time to get going.   I zipped up her

 dress and helped her get into the car.   I closed  the  door  for

 her,  walked around the car grabbing the camera and pictures as I

 went, got in on my side, started up and began to drive off.  Beth

 moved over and sat down next to me.   She  put  her  head  on  my

 shoulder and told me that she was tired.  I put my arm around her

 and told her that I was exhausted too;  she had worn me out.  Our

 drive back to her house was very quiet and uneventful.   We  were

 both  real tired.   I pulled up in front of Beth's house and shut

 off the car.  I walked around and open the door for her.  She was

 really exhausted.  I think she fell asleep on the drive back.   I

 helped  her out and we walked to the front door.   I stood facing

 her and looked right into her eyes.    She  had  a  very  sincere

 looking smile on her face when she said,  "I had a wonderful time

 this evening."

      I knew she was telling the truth when a  tear  came  to  her

 eye.  She immediately swung her arms around me and gave me a real

 tight and loving hug.   We stood for a few minutes until I pushed

 her head back so I could plant a real big kiss on her.   When  we

 finally  pulled  apart,  I  asked  Beth  if  I could take her out

 tomorrow for lunch.  Of course she said yes,  as long as I didn't

 pick her up before noon, and after one more kiss, I left.

      It really was a wonderful evening but I was too exhausted to

 even think about it.  I just drove home and went to sleep.

      I  woke  up  in  the morning feeling very refreshed and very

 good about myself.   I had actually gone all the way and  it  was

 exactly  as  I  had  fantasized it to be.   It couldn't have gone

 better.   Beth and I got along so well that I'm sure I  would  be

 seeing  a  lot  more of her in the weeks to come.   I was looking

 forward to the afternoon just to take her out and to be with her.

 I didn't even want to get in her pants which is very strange  for

 me but I sure as hell wouldn't stop if the opportunity arose.

      I went about my business in the house during the morning.  I

 watched lots of TV and ate lots of garbage.  I had to stop myself

 because  I  knew  I  was  going  to take Beth out for lunch.   It

 wouldn't be very nice of me to sit there and not  eat.    It  was

 finally time to go get Beth.   I got out into the car and started

 it up.   I still had the keys to my father's  Lincoln.    It  was

 Sunday  and  I figured he didn't need it.   It was a good thing I

 did use it.  I had left the pictures from the night before in the

 car.   I started looking at the pictures of Beth  and  I  got  an

 instant hard-on.   I started jerking off sitting in the car while

 it was warming up.  It didn't take too long for me and the car to

 heat up.   After I was done,  I put my dick in my pants and drove

 off.  I was really looking forward to seeing Beth now.  I started

 driving a little bit faster.  I got to Beth's in no time flat.  I

 put the pictures in my pocket and went up to Beth's door.  I rang

 the  doorbell  and  heard Beth yell to come in.   I opened up the

 door and stepped inside closing the door behind me.

      "I'm here."

      "Take a seat in the living room, I'll be down in a moment."

      I walked into the living room and  sat  down  on  the  couch

 facing  the  television which was on to some Bugs Bunny cartoons.

 I love Bugs Bunny.   I started to get  really  engrossed  in  the

 cartoons  and  I  wasn't  paying  attention  to what was going on

 around me.   Beth had come down the stairs and and  very  quietly

 sneaked around behind the couch.   She really surprised me.   She

 put her hand over my eyes and said, "guess who."

      "Miss America."

      "Damn you're close.  But how many Miss America's do you know

 that love to walk around the house in the nude."

      Beth then pulled her hands away and leaped  over  the  couch

 and  landed  in my lap.   She was just like she said,  completely

 nude.  She gave me a kiss and jumped up and stood in front of me.

 She started rubbing her tits and her pussy and said,  "Do  I  get

 you horny?   Well if I do,  you can have me but you have to catch

 me first."

      With that she ran out of the room and of course  I  followed

 quickly.    Beth  stopped at the top of the stairs and rubbed her

 pussy once more.  Then she ran into a room upstairs.   I followed

 and  went  through  the entrance into the room which she ran into

 and found Beth lying on her bed with her legs  spread  wide  open

 and her pussy pointing in my direction.  She was rubbing her clit

 at a feverish pace.

      "I  have  been waiting for you to get here all morning.   My

 parents went out before I got up and I haven't put on a stitch of

 clothing all day.   I have been waiting for you to make  love  to

 me.   Now you're here and I can't wait to have you inside me.  So

 drop your pants and get over here before I come without you."

      I immediately began to strip and believe me,  it didn't take

 long.    I crawled onto the bed and buried my face between Beth's

 legs.   I started licking so fast and hard that  she  started  to

 moan  and  groan  right away.   She got so excited so fast that I

 couldn't help but get  excited  just  as  fast.    Beth  came  in

 minutes.    As  soon as she did,  I moved forward and put my cock

 right into her.  It felt wonderful and in moments I came also.

      I rolled off of Beth and she jumped up and reached for  some


      "It's  time  to  go  for lunch" she said as she slipped on a

 pair of jeans and a tube top.   I asked her if those  pants  were

 uncomfortable without any underwear.   She said she loved the way

 it rubbed up against her pussy.  I wasn't going to argue.   I got

 up and put my clothes back on and we were then off to lunch.

      Lunch was uneventful.  We went for pizza and we both love it

 so we were too busy eating to discuss anything of importance.

      We  were just about to finish when a friend of Beth's walked

 in.   She and  Beth  exchanged  their  greetings  and  then  Beth

 introduced me to Charlene.  Beth said that they have been friends

 for  years.    Charlene  was a bit taller than me with brown wavy

 hair that was just short of her shoulders.  She was wearing a red

 jogging suit and tennis shoes.   She was very  thin,  making  her

 chest  stick  out  a  little.    Nothing excessive but definitely

 noticeable.  The one thing that was very noticeable about her was

 the fact that she was all legs.   Some girls just seem  to  stand

 out  as  having  very long legs.   Well Charlene was one of them.

 She had come to pick up a pizza for lunch.   Charlene sat with us

 for a few minutes while she was waiting.   We mostly talked about

 school.  Charlene was one year behind us.  I didn't ever remember

 seeing her in the halls but then again that didn't mean  anything

 because  we  went to a very big school.   The only positive thing

 that came out of the conversation was an invitation  to  a  party

 that  she  was having that week.   Beth really wanted to go and I

 had no special plans so I said that I would go also.    Beth  was

 really  happy  that  I  was going.   She didn't want to go alone.

 Charlene's pizza was ready so she paid for it and left.

      Beth was all excited about this party.  After Charlene left,

 we realized that we were done so we got up and left.   The  party

 was  all  we talked about on the drive back to Beth's house.   We

 really didn't know what we wanted to do that afternoon.    I  had

 just started driving toward Beth's house as a habit.  I parked in

 front of Beth's house and asked Beth what she wanted to do.   She

 didn't have anything special in mind and asked  if  I  wanted  to

 just sit on the front porch of her house and talk.

      I  liked  that  idea  because  I  always  have  been fond of

 general,  what I call,  'shoot the shits'.   I  can  pass  entire

 afternoons  with people just sitting and talking about absolutely

 nothing important.

      We walked up to the front of the house and  sat  down  on  a

 couch.  Beth got up right away and ran into the house reappearing

 a  few  minutes  later with a pitcher of iced tea and a couple of

 glasses.   She handed me a glass and  poured  some  tea.    After

 pouring  some for herself,  she sat down right next to me putting

 her head on my shoulder.   That was my cue to put my  arm  around

 her and give her a big squeeze.

      "That feels good.  Hold me tight," Beth replied.

      I  held  on to her real tight and rubbed her shoulder at the

 same time.   I was starting to feel very comfortable before  Beth

 surprised  me  by  placing  her  hand  on  my  crotch and started


      "We are not going to get much talking done this way," I told


      "I know."

      I started getting hard real fast just as I usually do.  This

 time was no exception.

      Beth started giggling, "you really get hard fast don't you?"

      "Only for you",  I told her even tough I knew that was a lot

 of bullshit.  I could get hard for any girl.

      Beth had gotten me started so there was no turning back now.

 I  slipped  my  hand off her shoulder and down through the top of

 her tube top and took  hold  of  one  of  her  tits  and  started

 squeezing it gently and playing with her nipple.  She gave a sign

 of  consent  by  squeezing my cock a little harder.   I love tube

 tops because they are so easy to get into.

      Beth reached for my zipper and slowly pulled it down.  After

 a little maneuvering around she was able to get my cock to  stand

 straight  up out of my pants.   She sat back and started stroking

 my shaft.

      I couldn't be outdone so I took my arm from around  her  and

 placed it in her lap.   I started massaging her pussy through her

 pants.   Her pants started to get a little damp so I reached  up,

 undid the snap and pulled down her zipper.  As I started to slide

 my  hand  into  her  pants  I remembered that she didn't have any

 panties on.   I felt her soft hairs in the heel of my hand  as  I

 probed her soft, wet hole.  Beth helped me along by spreading her

 legs  to  give  me better access.   By this time my dick was rock

 hard and getting ready to squirt.   I leaned  my  head  back  and

 closed  my eyes.   I was in heaven.   I could hear Beth breathing

 heavy as I played with her clit, making very low volume moans.

      We enjoyed this action for a few minutes  until  finally  it

 was time to come.   I came first, all over Beth's hand.  She kept

 right on stroking until I felt her body jerk as she  came  a  few

 moments later.   We were just starting to catch our breath when a

 voice came out of nowhere,  "I don't think Mommy would approve of


		/// continued in Chapter 5 ///



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