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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking3.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 3


      We slowly glided over to the edge.   I didn't know what Beth

 had in mind but I got a real good idea when she told me to sit up

 on  the  edge of the pool.   I was right,  my first blowjob.   My

 dreams and fantasies were beginning to come true.

      Beth very gently took my hard-on into her hand and began  to

 stroke it.

      "You better be careful you're are going to make a mess."

      "That's  the  whole  idea"  Beth snickered as she kissed the

 head of my rod.

      I just leaned back and decided to  enjoy  the  ride.    Beth

 began  licking  the  head like a little kid on an ice cream cone,

 and I think she really  liked  ice  cream.    She  seemed  to  be

 enjoying herself and I was no doubt enjoying it too.  She put the

 end  in her mouth and with one stroke sank all the way down to my

 balls.  I let out a moan that even surprised me.  She went up and

 down with expert skill but I didn't know  any  other.    Even  no

 skill  at  all would have been pretty good.   It didn't take long

 for me to build up a rather healthy  load.    I  felt  my  climax

 coming and I warned Beth but she kept right on going.

      "Here I come!"

      At  that moment she pulled her head away and with one mighty

 stroke of her hand I shot my load right into the pool.  Beth kept

 on stroking getting out every last drop then proceeded to lick my

 head clean.

      "Wow", I blurted out in a tone of relief.

      "Now I know what you mean when you said you loved it.   That

 was outstanding."

      Beth giggled and took off swimming toward the ladder.  I sat

 catching my breath waiting to see what she would do.  She started

 to  climb  out of the pool,  and as her ass came out of the water

 she wiggled it in my direction.   I decided that was a good  time

 to get up and follow her.   She walked over to the patio and laid

 down in one of the sun chairs we had out.   I loved watching  her

 walk  around  completely nude.   She signaled for me to come over

 and of course I did.

      "Lay down next to me."

      Once again I did exactly as she  asked.  (I'm  just  a  push

 over.   What can I tell you?)  She wrapped her arms around me and

 gave me a kiss.  We started to massage each other once again.  My

 hands were all over her.

      It wasn't long before I was up again.   I told  myself  that

 this was the moment.   I rolled Beth onto her back and spread her

 legs.   I was staring right down into her pussy.   It was soaking

 wet.    I  climbed  on  top  of her and I was about to put my rod

 inside her when she stopped me.

      "Not today, I want to wait for a special day.   I have never

 gone all the way before.   Let's wait until tomorrow night, after

 the prom."

      "I have never done it before either.  Okay, I'll wait but do

 you think maybe you could take care of this little problem I have


      "The little problem wouldn't happen to be sticking me in the

 stomach would it?"

      "Not only are you beautiful,  with a magnificent  body,  but

 you can also read minds."

      "I don't need to read minds.  You're just horny."

      "You're damn right."

      Beth rolled out from underneath me and had me lie down on my

 back.   I closed my eyes just waiting for the feel of her lips on

 my hot rod.  I was not waiting in vain.  There they were, just as

 I expected.   Going up and down with the smoothness of silk.    I

 opened my eyes to look down at her and was startled by a very wet

 pussy  inches from my face.   Beth stopped what she was doing and

 looked  at  me  and  said  in  a  real   childish   voice,   "Eat


      How  could someone turn down a request like that.   I didn't

 have the nerve to tell her that I had  never  eaten  out  a  girl

 before.    I  had always thought it would be disgusting but was I

 wrong.   I knew I had to do something so I parted her flesh  with

 my  hands  and saw her little nub pointing out at me.   I started

 flicking it with the tip of my tongue.   She began to  go  crazy.

 She didn't taste bad at all.  Much better than I had expected.  I

 started  licking  her entire pussy.   She was getting wild.   Her

 body was swinging all over the place and she  was  going  up  and

 down  on  my  cock  so  furiously that I thought she was going to

 swallow it whole.   I couldn't hold on much  longer  and  neither

 could she.   My gusher was about ready to blow.  I could feel the

 spasms flowing through Beth's body and moments later  through  my

 own.  Beth collapsed on top of me and we just lay there for a few

 minutes.    By  this  time there wasn't much daylight left and we

 were getting pretty hungry.

      "Lets put some clothes on and go upstairs to eat".    Beth's

 response surprised me.

      "I  am  hungry.    You  were one hell of a meal but not very

 filling.   But why do we have to put clothes on?   Lets stay just

 the  way we are.   I love walking around my house in the nude but

 it's not often that nobody is home."

      "That's fine with me."

      Beth climbed off me and I stood up.   I held her hand  as  I

 guided her up the stairs to the kitchen.

      We arrived in the kitchen and I asked Beth if she would like

 anything to drink.

      "Do you have any iced tea?"


      I pulled out two glasses and poured us some tea.

      "What  would  you  like  for dinner?   I had nothing special

 planned.  We have plenty here from hot dogs to hamburgers and all

 the way up to roast beef.  What would you like?"

      "Well,  I've been eating the same hot dog all afternoon so I

 think I'll have a hamburger this time."

      "Your right.  Okay, hamburgers it is."

      I  took  a  couple of hamburgers out of the refrigerator and

 put them into the microwave.  Beth went to the refrigerator.

      "Do you have any ketchup?"

      "Yeh, it should be on the door."

      I was starting to get hard again watching Beth  walk  around

 the  room  stark naked.   While looking for the ketchup,  she saw

 something that caught her fancy.  She pulled out a large cucumber

 and looked at me and said, "I just love cucumbers."

      She had the biggest grin on her face.    I  was  hoping  she

 would  go  to  work on it but she just put it back and closed the

 door.   Beth sat down at the table  just  as  the  microwave  was

 finished  cooking.    I took out the hamburgers,  pulled out some

 buns,  put it all together on plates and sat  them  down  on  the

 table.    I sat down on the chair next to Beth.   She really must

 have been hungry because she dug right in.   We did burn up a lot

 of  energy  today.   We started talking about how much fun we had

 today.   There was no doubt in either of our minds that it was  a

 fun  day.   Beth was a little bit of a slob while she was eating.

 She dripped ketchup right on to her chest.   Of course it  landed

 right on her nipple.

      "Oh that's cold."

      I  started  laughing  as her nipple starting getting larger.

 She went to reach for a napkin and I told her to wait.   I leaned

 over  and  with my tongue,  licked the ketchup right off with one

 fast flick.

      "It looks like the fun is not over yet", she commented.

      We continued to eat,  this time paying more attention to the

 food.   The burgers were gone in no time at all.   I asked if she

 wanted more and she said no.  I cleaned off the table like a good

 little boy and put the dishes in the sink.   I turned to Beth and

 said that it was getting time for me to take her home.

      "Besides,  I  have  had this hard-on almost all day and I am

 getting pretty sore."

      Beth turned her chair to face me,  lifted her knees  to  her

 chest  and  spread  her  legs as wide as she could showing me her

 wild pussy and said,  "Does my poor baby's dick hurt?   Why don't

 you come over here and let me suck on it and make it better."

      I must have grown another inch.   Now it was really starting

 to hurt.

      "Please no more, not tonight.  It really does hurt."

      With that she put her legs down.

      "Okay, I understand,  but I don't want to hear any crap from

 you tomorrow night."

      I wasn't too sure if she was mad at me or was being funny. I

 was finally starting to get soft again.  The pain was starting to

 go away.   But Beth couldn't leave well enough alone,  she had to

 have one last stab at me.

      "Just keep in mind tomorrow night after the prom, my body is

 yours for the taking."

      She said that in such a voice that I couldn't help  but  get

 hard again.  She started to laugh real hard.

      "Don't you worry.  I'll get you back for that one.  Come on,

 let's go."

      I  threw  on  some clothes that I had upstairs and Beth went

 downstairs to get her clothes.   I told her I would meet  her  by

 the  car.   I got outside and it was getting pretty dark so I had

 to fumble for the car keys. Beth wasn't there yet so I got in the

 car and started it up.   A minute or two later,  she hopped  into

 the  car and I started driving her home.   As soon as I got up on

 the highway,  I put my arm around her.    This  was  starting  to

 become natural.   I noticed she was wearing her robe.  I couldn't

 resist sliding my hand down inside  her  robe  and  grabbing  her

 tits.  She wasn't wearing anything on underneath.  Suddenly...

      "Oh!  You wanted to play now do you!  Well I'll show you."

      I  knew she wasn't mad at me by the way she said that.   She

 moved over to the far end of the seat,  undid her robe and tossed

 it in the back seat.  I got hard instantly.  She turned and faced

 me,  leaning  back against the door and placing one leg on top of

 the dashboard and her other over the seat.

      "I am going to make you regret that you wouldn't let me suck

 you off."

      She began playing with herself at a furious pace.   One hand

 on  her  pussy  and  the other on her tits.   She was running her

 fingers in and out of her hole.  She became sopping wet.  I had a

 hard time staying on the road.   I had to slow down  so  I  could

 watch  the  action.   Her breathing got real heavy and I knew she

 was going to get herself off.   I pulled the car over to the side

 of the road and turned toward Beth.

      "You  stay  right  where you are.   You deserve every bit of


      She had such a large grin on her face that I  knew  she  was

 loving  every  minute of it.   She got back to what she was doing

 and I took my cock out of my pants and started stroking it.    No

 matter how sore I was,  I just had to do it.   You wouldn't think

 she could just leave me in my torment.   Oh no,  she had to tease

 me right to the limit.

      In  a voice that was straining to come out of her mouth over

 the sound of her heavy breathing she  began  saying,  "Don't  you

 wish your tongue was in my pussy right now, stroking my clit back

 and  forth,  making  me  come.    I'd have your cock in my mouth,

 licking and sucking every inch of it  until  you  were  ready  to

 explode.   Then I would swallow every drop of come you have.   My

 pussy is so wet.  Look at what your tongue does to me.  I'm going

 to come soon.   Stop...  Stop...  I want to feel your cock inside

 me.  Fuck me, Fuck me...Put it in me now.  Oh yes, it'll feels so

 good.    Slide  it  in nice and slow,  that's it,  start pumping,

 faster, faster."

      Beth could hardly breath.  She was really getting into this.

      "I'm coming...I'm coming...I'm..."

      That's all she wrote.   She came all  right,  right  in  the

 front  seat  of  my car on the highway.   Beth slowly wound down,

 catching her breath one at a time.   When she was partially  back

 on earth,  she reached into the back seat,  grabbed her robe, put

 it on and very casually said,"Okay, you can take me home now."

      "Are you sure?  I have this raging hard-on that could really

 use your lips around it."

      Beth started laughing uncontrollably, "Fuck off and die.   I

 wouldn't  suck you off now if your dick was a foot long.   You're

 just going to have to wait until tomorrow night."


      "Your welcome."

      I started the car rolling again toward Beth's house.   After

 I  had  the  car rolling,  I put my hard-on back in my pants.   I

 could here Beth snickering off to the side.   We arrived back  at

 her  house  and  I  parked the car.   We just sat looking at each

 other, then Beth couldn't hold it in and broke out laughing.

      "I'm really sorry about all that but I just couldn't resist,

 it was so much fun."

      That's all right.  Just remember,  you'll get yours tomorrow


      "Sounds like fun.  I'm looking forward to it.  It's time for

 me to head inside.   Now you take good care of yourself because I

 am going to run you ragged tomorrow night."

      "Keep dreaming."

      We both got a little laugh out of that and then we  got  out

 of  the  car.   At the front door we gave each other a good night

 kiss and said our good nights.   I was real tired and  I  had  to

 drive  home cautiously.   I tried not to think of the days events

 because that would just get me hard again and by this  time  that

 hurt.  I had to rest up for tomorrow night.  I went straight home

 and  went right to sleep.   The next thing I knew it was morning.

 My dick was feeling a lot better after a good night's  rest.    I

 got  out  of  bed feeling very relaxed.   The night before really

 made me feel good.  But then I thought about tonight and suddenly

 I was filled with anxiety.   I couldn't wait.   I hung out around

 the  house  all  morning  just  relaxing  and  watching  a lot of

 television.  Because I was so engrossed in the  TV,  the  morning

 went  very  quickly.    The  prom  was to begin at five and I was

 picking up Beth at four thirty.   At noon I went to get my tuxedo

 from  the  cleaners and pick up a corsage I had ordered for Beth.

 After picking up the above,  I went home and took a real long hot

 shower.   It felt wonderful.   I put on my underwear,  shaved and

 all those other boring things and then went to  watch  some  more

 TV.    I  was starting to get real anxious again.   I was looking

 forward to this prom for a long time and especially what  was  to

 come after.

      Four  o'clock  was  coming near and I decided it was time to

 put my tux on.   I had wasted the entire day around the house and

 I  loved every minute of it.   I got dressed taking my nice sweet

 time.   I was able to go slow enough so that by the  time  I  was

 done  it was four fifteen and time to leave.   I talked my father

 into letting me use his Lincoln.   He doesn't often let me  drive

 it  even when he is in the car but tonight he let me take it with

 no strings attached except that I bring it back in one piece.   I

 was off to Beth's.

      Arriving at Beth's, I found her and her parents out in front

 of the house taking pictures and waiting for me.   I walked up to

 Beth, gave her a kiss and handed her the corsage.   She loved it.

 She  gave  me  a  big  hug  to  show  her affection.   Her mother

 proclaimed it picture time so Beth and I had to pose for all  the

 necessary  pictures.   It was not as important to us as it was to

 her parents.   Her mother finally ran out of film and we were  on

 our  way.    Our high school had hired a very ritzy  country club

 about a ten minute drive away.  We were there in no time.   I was

 surprised to see all the limousines and foreign sports cars there

 but  I'm  sure everyone tried to get the best car that they could

 possibly get their hands on.   We got out of the car  and  walked

 hand in hand to the entrance.

      We  entered  the lobby and saw a crowd of people.   It was a

 very big place but the large number of people  made  it  seem  an

 awful  lot smaller.   Beth and I looked around for friends and of

 course there were plenty to be found.  They said we should get on

 line right away to get our pictures taken.  So we did.  After the

 pictures were taken we pigged out on the buffet.    It  was  real

 good.    After  the  buffet was plenty of dancing and plenty more

 food.   The band was average,  nothing special.    I  felt  great

 holding Beth tight while we were dancing.   I would get a hard-on

 every time we were close and she noticed.   I never did like  big

 dances  so  the  evening  seemed to drag.   I was so much looking

 forward to the action after the dance.   It  was  getting  to  be

 about midnight and I looked at Beth.  She looked pretty bored.

      "Would you like to go or stay a little while longer?"

      "Let's get going," she said.  "This is getting dull, besides

 the best part of the night is yet to come."

      She  said  the  magic words and we said our good byes to our

 friends and left for the car.   Once again,  like a gentleman,  I

 opened the door for her.   She was impressed.   We got in the car

 and I started it to warm it up.  I asked Beth where she wanted to

 go.   She said in a real seductive voice,  "let's go somewhere so

 that we can be alone for a while."

      "That's no problem", I replied.

      I  started  driving  away from the country club and toward a

 spot I had picked out a couple of days earlier.  Not too far away

 was a reservoir with a dirt road going around it.   The road  was

 very  dark  and  I  had  never  seen another car back there.   We

 arrived at the entrance to the road  after  just  a  few  minutes

 driving.   As I started driving down the road,  Beth commented on

 how quiet and secluded it was.  About a half mile into the road I

 pulled off to the side and parked the car.  Beth and I turned and

 looked at each other.   We moved together and started making out.

 I started squeezing her tits and she stopped me.

      "Slow down.   I want to get us warmed up first.  Beth kicked

 off her shoes and started pulling up her dress  very  slowly  and

 sensuously.    She got the big bundle of material up to her waist

 and pulled down her panty hose to reveal her  magnificent  pussy.

 She  tossed  her  hose  in the back seat and sat facing me.   She

 spread her legs and started playing with herself.

      "Your pussy is soaked," I told her.

      She replied, "I have been looking forward to this for a long

 time.  I've been wet since before you picked me up today.   About

 an  hour before you came to get me I was busy playing with myself

 thinking about how your cock would feel inside me.    I  imagined

 you  slowly  undressing  me,  bit  by bit.   After you had all my

 clothes of you would just sit and stare at me.   I would  get  so

 wet just having you stare at me just like you are now."

      All  the  time  this was happening Beth was rubbing her clit

 and getting herself off.   I couldn't help myself.   I pulled out

 my cock and started stroking as she continued.

      "You  would  then take my nipples between your lips and suck

 on them one at a time.  It would sent shivers up my spine.   They

 would get so hard.  But then the fun would begin.  You would bury

 your  face between my legs and you would use your tongue to drive

 me crazy.  But then the moment that would throw me over the edge.

 You put the head of your cock right at the opening of my pussy. I

 would spread my legs as wide as I could and wrap them around your

 back.   Then very slowly you would enter me going back and forth.

 We  were  so excited that it would only take a few strokes for us

 to come and I could feel your load deep inside me."

      At this point our breathing became real heavy as  I  watched

 Beth reach climax.   She couldn't talk anymore.   She was moaning

 and groaning and too busy coming to say anything.  Her body began

 to shudder.  I knew she went over the edge.  I wasn't far myself.

 Beth noticed that I hadn't come yet.

      "Keep going, I want to see you jerk off for a change."

      The fact that I was being watched made me even more excited.

 In just a few strokes I came all over my hand.   It was  a  mess.

 Beth  took  my  hand and started licking my fingers.   She licked

 them clean,  every drop of come was now in her mouth.  She seemed

 to love the taste.   We both collapsed on each other,  completely

 out of breath.

      It  was  starting  to get warm in the car so Beth peeled off

 the remaining pieces of her dress.   She tossed the whole  bundle

 in the backseat.   I followed Beth's example and took off my tux.

 It was a hell of a lot more comfortable that way.  We sat side by

 side with my arm around Beth.   I brought my arm from around  her

 and  started  to  massage  her  pussy.    She  let out a sound of

 approval.   Then she reached out and grabbed my cock and  started

 to  stroke  it  trying  to  get it hard again.   We sat for a few

 minutes indulging ourselves before I got hard again.    Beth  had

 gotten worked up right away.   Once I was hard again, Beth backed

 up against the door and spread her legs once again.   She reached

 under  her  seat  and pulled out her purse.   In her purse was an

 average sized dildo which really caught me by surprise.  I didn't

 expect her to have one of those.

		/// continued in Chapter 4 ///



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