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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking2.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 2


      Time went on.  My confidence being greatly boosted thanks to

 Linda.   Now I was able to  say  that  my  sexual  education  had

 started.    Unfortunately,  I  did  not get to put it into use or

 expand on it for several years.   All through high school I never

 had what you would call a girlfriend.   I belonged to a few clubs

 but none of them had any girls.   There were some real nice  ones

 in  some  of my classes but we had just become friends.   I never

 had the nerve to ask any of them out.   I dreamed of  the  things

 that  could  have happened if I just had enough nerve to ask them

 out.   I was not very good at handling rejection.   I think  that

 was  my biggest problem.   I was afraid of being rejected.   If I

 had been less afraid,  my love life might have been an awful  lot

 better than it was.

      After several years without a girlfriend, I found myself not

 really  caring whether I had a girlfriend or not.   I kept myself

 busy with school activities and I would jerk off every  night  to

 relieve my sexual frustration.   This was never too big a problem

 until my senior prom drew near.   I had always wanted to  take  a

 really  nice looking girl.   I was not too thrilled with the idea

 of a prom,  basically because I don't like to dance.   But it was

 my senior prom and I would never forgive myself if I didn't go.

      So  now  the problem was to find someone to ask and then get

 up enough nerve to ask her.   Well finding the  girl  wasn't  too

 hard.   There were plenty of girls I would like to ask.   The big

 question was to get up the nerve to ask one of them  to  go  with

 me.  Then if I asked, what would she say?

      I  was  running out of time very quickly.   I finally got up

 the nerve to ask a girl that was in my English class.    She  sat

 next  to  me  and  her name was Beth.   She was a cute blond with

 loads of curly hair.  One of the really nice things about her was

 that she was the same height as I was.   That was very  important

 to me.

      I  was  in pain.   I started a conversation with her one day

 just before the end of class.   I let the conversation  stray  to

 the  prom which was only two weeks away.   I asked her if she was

 going to the prom with anyone in  particular  and  she  said  no.

 That was what I was hoping she would say.  I had my textbook line


      "Would you like to go with me?"

      At the moment I finished saying that, I tensed up and prayed

 she  wouldn't  reject  me  even  though I had already assumed she

 would.   She gave me a great big smile and a bright red blush and

 said, "sure".

      My  heart  fell  to  my  feet.   It was the most sensational

 feeling I had felt in a long time.  But I couldn't stop there.  I

 had something else planned.   I asked for her phone number  so  I

 could call her that night and talk about our evening at the prom.

 She  wrote  it out on a little piece of notebook paper and handed

 it to me.   At that moment the bell rang and we were off to  next


      For the remainder of the day I was very nervous wondering if

 I  had done the right thing.   I realized it was too late to back

 out so I decided to finish what I had started.   No  matter  what

 the  results.    As  it  turned  out,  that  was  one of the best

 decisions I had ever made.  I home after school still not sure of

 myself.  What if she was just fooling around.  Maybe she was just

 playing a joke on me.   I really wanted to take her to the  prom.

 At that point I convinced myself that she meant what she said and

 I was going to call her later that evening.

      Once  I convinced myself that everything would be all right,

 I felt much more relaxed.  I started fantasizing what it would be

 like to see Beth  with  her  clothes  off.    She  was  always  a

 conservative  dresser  in school so I wasn't really too sure what

 her body was shaped like.    She  always  dressed  in  very  nice

 clothing  but  never  anything  tight.    I knew her tits weren't

 enormous because that is a little hard to conceal.   But  I  knew

 she wasn't flat chested either.

      I  dreamed about seeing her blonde bush,  hoping it was just

 as blonde as the hair on her head.  Maybe I could get her to give

 me my first blowjob or with a little luck we  could  go  all  the

 way.    After a few minutes of thoughts like that,  I woke up and

 decided that a good place to start would be to just  get  her  to

 the prom and worry about how far I was going to get later.

      Dinner  time  rolled around and I ate quickly.   I wanted to

 call Beth right after dinner.   But  would  that  be  too  early?

 Would  I  bother  her  during  dinner?   I started worrying about

 everything all over again.  I was a hopeless case.

      I finally decided to call her not really caring what time it

 was.  I just wanted to talk to her.  I got my fingers to dial the

 number and I stopped breathing while the phone was ringing.    My

 heart  stopped  when  someone picked up the phone.   A soft sweet

 voice was at the other end.   I wasn't sure if it was  her  so  I

 asked if Beth was home.

      She said, "Hi, it's me".

      Oh, Hi.  I hope I'm not interrupting your dinner."

      "No.   I had an early dinner and I am sitting in the bathtub

 right now, just relaxing.

      I felt a lump inside my  throat  when  she  said  that.    I

 started imagining her lying in the bathtub.  What a body.

      "I am glad you accepted my invitation to the prom."

      "I'd love to go with you.  Thank you for asking."

      She  sounded  so  sincere  that  I couldn't believe that she

 would be pulling my leg so I put that completely out of my mind.

      "Well,  in addition  to  going  to  the  prom,  I  was  also

 wondering  if  you  would  like  to  come  over to my house to go

 swimming sometime this weekend."

      I figured my luck was running so good that  why  not  get  a

 little greedy and see just how far she will go.

      "I  am  going  to  be busy this Saturday with me parents but

 Sunday would be great."

      I asked if she would be able to get  over  to  my  house  or

 would she like my to pick her up.

      "Pick me up about noon."

      She  gave  her address and we said our good-byes.   I didn't

 really want to end the conversation but she said she had  to  get

 out  of the tub.   I hung up the phone thinking this was going to

 be a great weekend, if I had enough nerve to make it one.

      I had called Beth on a Thursday so we had one  more  day  of

 school  to  see  each  other before the weekend.   I got to class

 before she did and just sat waiting for her to get there.   I was

 really  nervous  to  face  her  after  our conversation the night

 before.  I knew I would calm down once we started talking.   Beth

 got  to class just before the teacher started teaching.   We said

 hello to each other but had no time to talk.   The  class  lasted

 right  up  to  the  bell so again we didn't get any time to talk.

 She just said on her way out, "see you Sunday".

      All night Friday and all day Saturday were spent fantasizing

 about all the possible events of Sunday.    I  jerked  off  every

 chance I got just thinking about how it would be with Beth.

      Linda was a real exhibitionist and I kind of liked that.   I

 hoped Beth would be the same way with one  little  addition.    I

 wanted  to go all the way.   A guy just isn't as sensitive to his

 first as a girl is.   I would have done it with Linda or any  one

 of a dozen other girls I knew.  Who it was wasn't that important.

 I just had to do it.

      Sunday  morning  rolled  around and I got up real early just

 thinking about the day ahead of  me.    I  couldn't  wait.    The

 morning seemed to drag.   I had never felt this much anticipation

 before.  It was a very strange feeling.  I wanted to go as far as

 I could with Beth but I didn't want to push too hard.   I  didn't

 want her getting mad at me,  especially just before the prom.   I

 don't think I could have found anybody else on such short notice.

 But I wanted to get her clothes off so bad,  another fine mess  I

 got  myself  into.    From  eleven o'clock to eleven-thirty I sat

 watching the clock.   I finally decided it was time to leave.   I

 knew  I could get to her house in about fifteen minutes but I had

 to get out of my house before I went crazy.  I got in the car and

 started driving and of course I got there in fifteen minutes so I

 had to kill fifteen more minutes before I went to  get  her.    I

 couldn't  show  up early so I parked my car on a near by secluded

 street and got myself off one last time  before  I  actually  saw


      The  time had come.   I pulled up and parked in front of her

 house, got out of the car and went up to the front door.   I took

 a deep breath and rang the doorbell.  The same as in the past, it

 felt  like  my  heart  stopped.    I waited like what seemed like

 forever.   I heard someone coming to the door.    It  opened  and

 there stood Beth.  The same cute blonde as in school.  She looked

 a  little  different  this  time.   She was wearing a short silky

 bright green robe, hip level, and a pair of flip-flops.

      "I'm already to go.   I have my bathing suit  on  underneath

 and clothes to change into in the bag."

      "Lets go then", I replied.

      We  made  lots  of  small  talk  in the car on the way to my

 house, mostly about school.  I watched her legs as I was driving.

 Her robe rode up her legs as time past.   She had a nice  set  of

 legs.  I wanted to get between them so bad.  The ride back to the

 house  wasn't  as  bad  as it was going to Beth's because we were

 busy talking and time passed quickly.  We arrived at my house and

 as if luck was on my side today,  my parents were out and took my

 brother with them.  We were actually alone at my house.  I showed

 Beth around to the back of the house.   She commented on how nice

 the pool was and that she couldn't wait to jump in.   I asked her

 if  she wanted anything to drink and she said no thanks.   I told

 her I was going inside to get changed and I would  be  out  in  a

 minute  so  she  should go ahead into the pool without me.   As I

 closed the bathroom door I could hear Beth splashing in the pool.

 In a little while I came out to find Beth  splashing  around  and

 playing  with  one  of  the floating toys.   I immediately tossed

 myself in and swam a couple of laps to get warmed up.  I stuck my

 head out of the water just in time to see Beth  coming  down  the

 slide.    She  was  wearing  a  bright  yellow  bikini.   Not the

 skimpiest but it was nice and she looked nice in it.    I  didn't

 get a good look but I'm sure I would.

      Beth was swimming around and laughing and having a grand old

 time.    She swam over by me and thanked me for inviting her over

 to swim.  I told her she was very welcome and she could come over


      We swam around very innocently  for  the  remainder  of  the

 afternoon.  We splashed each other and played with the floats and

 other  toys  we had in the pool.   I felt like I was a little kid

 again.   We were really having a lot of fun.   I was glad we were

 getting  along so well.   However all good things must come to an

 end,  or do they?   Beth started complaining that she was getting

 cold.   That is the first sign that it is time to get out.  I got

 out and told her that I would be right back with some towels.   I

 ran  into the house,  grabbed some towels and ran back out again.

 Beth was just starting to climb up the ladder.   What a body  she

 had.    It was perfect for the bikini.   I held out the towel and

 wrapped it around her nice and tight.  I was about to let go when

 she just leaned right up against me with  my  arms  still  around


      "That's better.  I know I won't be cold now."

      I stood there holding her in my arms not knowing what to do.

 I  said,  "why don't you go inside and change into something dry.

 You'll feel a lot warmer."

      "No,  that's okay.   I think I'll stay right where I am.   I

 like it here."

      We  stood  facing  each  other  for a few minutes.   We were

 looking into each others eyes,  not really knowing what to say or

 what  to  do.   I really don't remember what I was even thinking.

 Spontaneously,  I leaned my head forward and gave her a  peck  on

 the beak.   She immediately smiled.  That made me feel a lot more


      Beth dropped her towel and put her arms around me  and  gave

 me  a  kiss that will take a long time to forget.   Our lips were

 together for quite a long time.   We  were  both  enjoying  every

 moment  of  it.    We finally broke ourselves apart and looked at

 each other very contently.   Her very calming personality made me

 loosen  up beyond my expectations.   I felt very comfortable with

 Beth, and especially in her arms.

      She was starting to shiver so  I  recommended  that  we  get

 changed.    Beth  went  into  the bathroom and emerged soon after

 wearing a tight pair of jeans and a halter top that you could see

 her nipples pointing through.

      "Your turn", she said.

      So into the bathroom I went.   I got changed into  the  same

 clothes I had on when I picked her up .  They were handy.  I came

 out  of  the  bathroom  and  found  Beth  sitting on a pool chair


      "Are you ready to go?"

      I really don't know why I asked.   I really didn't  want  to

 take her home,  but it sounded appropriate.  It was getting later

 in the day and I'm sure she wanted to eat dinner.

      "I guess so", she said.

      It didn't occur to me for a couple of  hours  that  I  don't

 think  she  wanted to go home either.   I drove Beth home holding

 her hand as I drove and talking about our afternoon together.

      The prom was now only one week away, on a Saturday night.  I

 decided that I was going to invite Beth over one more time before

 the prom, on Friday night.  I asked her if she would come over to

 go swimming and stay for dinner.   I did this with a little extra

 information in the back of my mind.  I knew my parents were going

 out  and my brother wouldn't be hard to get rid of.   I knew if I

 had Beth alone for a while, wonderful things would happen.  All I

 could do was hope.

      We arrived back at Beth's house  and  as  always  being  the

 gentleman  that  I  was,  I  walked  her  to the front door.   We

 exchanged very nice good byes and then exchanged one  hell  of  a

 kiss.   She took any words I had left right out of my mouth.  She

 said good bye and stepped into the house.   I  drove  home  in  a

 daze.    What a kiss!   It was actually nice going to school that

 week knowing that I would see Beth.   She was always very nice to

 me and would always have a big smile on her face.

      I  spoke  to Beth every night on the telephone,  usually for

 several  hours.     Never  anything   important,   just   general

 conversation.    As  time  passed,  I  was  getting more and more

 comfortable with her.   I think I had my first  real  girlfriend.

 And would you believe,  I was a senior in high school.  I got off

 to a real late start.

      Friday came just as it always does, right on time.  I picked

 Beth up at three in the afternoon,  after we got out  of  school.

 She  got  into  the car and right away slid over to the center of

 the seat.  She gave me a big kiss and said she wanted to sit next

 to me.   I had no complaints.   I put my arm around her  and  she

 didn't complain.   She was wearing the same robe.  I asked if she

 had the same bathing suit on underneath  and  she  said  yes  and

 opened up the robe to show me.   She sure was right, but I wasn't

 looking at the bathing suit.   I never really took a  close  look

 before  but  she  filled  out the bathing suit very nicely.   Her

 chest was not big but very well proportioned for her size body.

      On the drive back to my house we had the usual  conversation

 but about half way I noticed that she never closed her robe.  Her

 beautiful bikinied body was there for the whole world to see. The

 moment  I noticed that was the beginning of a raging hard-on that

 lasted for a bit longer than I would consider comfortable.

      I kept telling myself that this was my day.

      We pulled into my driveway and I parked the car.  Neither of

 us was in a hurry to get out.  She turned toward me, put her arms

 around me and we began making out right there in my driveway.  We

 must have been there for about thirty  minutes.    I  wrapped  my

 hands  around her waist.   Her skin was so smooth and soft.   She

 gave out sweet little moans as my hands massaged  her  back.    I

 started to scratch her back and that got her really excited.  She

 was  rubbing  my  leg  through  my jeans,  with each stroke going

 higher and higher but never touching me where I wanted her too.

      We stopped a moment to catch our breath.

      "Is anyone home?"

      "No, my parents are out and I was able to send my brother to

 my grandparents house for the whole night.   My parents won't  be

 home until late."

      "Great,  I  was looking forward to this all week.   Let's go


      We peeled ourselves apart,  got out of the  car  and  walked

 around to the back of the house.

      "I  don't  have  to  go  inside to change today.   I have my

 bathing suit on underneath."    As  a  gag,  I  started  doing  a

 striptease.    I  tossed  my  sneakers  aside  and slowly started

 unbuttoning my shirt.   I was swinging  my  hips  as  if  I  were

 dancing to music.   My shirt came off nice and slow and I dropped

 it to the ground.  Then I went to work on my pants.   I unsnapped

 them  and pulled down the zipper real slowly.   Beth was standing

 just a few feet away getting a real big kick  out  of  it.    For

 these few minutes,  all my shyness and inhibitions were gone.   I

 was just having plain fun.

      Slowly the pants started coming down.   I was  shaking  them

 off  with  my hips.   They fell to my ankles and I stepped out of


      "That's all folks!", I joked.

      Beth,  laughing pretty hard,  had to work  to  calm  herself

 down.    She  gave  me  a kiss on the nose and said,  "Wait right



      Beth walked around to the deep end of the pool.   I knew she

 had something in mind but I didn't know what.  She moved right up

 to the edge of the pool with her toes hanging over the end.  Then

 started  rocking her hips around just like I did.   She was doing

 the same striptease I did.   She began to shake her shoulders and

 the  robe  slipped off one shoulder at a time and then was slowly

 guided to the ground.  I expected her to jump into the pool.  But

 did she?  No she didn't.   She put her right arm across her chest

 and  reached  around  behind herself with her left arm.   She was

 moving back and forth constantly.   I saw the laces of her bikini

 top come down to her side then suddenly she tossed her bikini top

 on to the ground.   There stood a beautiful body with a beautiful

 set of knockers all for my eyes to take in.

      I then expected her to jump into the pool,    but  she  kept

 right on going.   She tucked her thumbs inside the waist band and

 slowly pushed her bottoms down to her knees where she let go  and

 wiggled  them  down to her ankles.   She stepped out with one leg

 and kicked them behind her with the other.   Now she was standing

 in  front of me with absolutely nothing on but a big smile.   She

 put her hands behind her head to accent her beautiful body.   She

 didn't  need  to do that.   When she felt that I had enough of an

 eye full she dove into the deep water.   I followed her  lead  by

 dropping my suit to the ground and jumping in after her.  We swam

 straight  toward each other.   When we got close,   I reached out

 and put my arms around her waist  and  pulled  her  body  against

 mind.    I  never  had  a feeling quite like that one.   There is

 nothing else like two cool bodies rubbing against each other.   I

 felt her nipples digging into my chest and her soft hairs against

 my erection.  We loved rubbing up against the other's body.

      We  slowly  moved  toward  the shallow end of the pool,  our

 bodies inseparable.  Her lips pressed up against mine,  I reached

 down with my hands and started massaging her tits.   I did it the

 same way Linda had shown me several years earlier.   Her  nipples

 were almost solid in the cool water.   Beth put her hands between

 us and began rubbing my chest.   The feel  of  her  hands  on  me

 almost  made  me go wild.   After spending a little time with her

 beautiful mounds, I slid my hands down her sides to her exquisite

 ass.   It was firm and very well shaped.   I  was  squeezing  and

 running  my fingers up and down her crack.   She really seemed to

 like this.  She started playing with my ass also.   It  did  feel

 good.   Beth shocked me when she started playing with my asshole.

 She giggled when I jumped but kept right on going.   I  began  to

 do the same to her and she started to purr.   Then, with a little

 apprehension,  I brought a hand around  to  her  front  side  and

 slipped  it  between  her legs.   I didn't go right for her pussy

 because I didn't know what she would do.   I  began  rubbing  her

 thighs.   This got her even more excited.   She was loving it.  I

 finally decided to go for her pussy.   I slid my hand up and made

 contact.  Beth jumped and I moved my hand quickly.

      "Keep going, don't move your hand, I like it there."

      I  immediately  did as she wanted.   I placed my hand on her

 thigh and slid it up until I came to Beth's pussy.    Once  again

 Beth jumped, but I knew better than to move my hand this time.  I

 applied  more pressure and began to move my hand forward and back

 along the length of her slit.   She loved it.   The more she  got

 excited the more I enjoyed getting her excited.  At this point in

 time  I  completely forgot about my own pleasure and concentrated

 on Beth's.   I gave careful consideration to every movement of my

 hand.  I found Beth's most sensitive spot and gave it quite a bit

 of  attention.    By  now  she  wasn't thinking about my pleasure

 either.   She probably wasn't thinking  about  anything  but  the

 excitement  between  her  legs.   Her breathing was so heavy as I

 rubbed her clit that I thought she was dying but  she  felt  just

 the opposite.

      At  the  same time I used a little innovation and raised her

 out of the water a little bit with my leg and started sucking  on

 her nipples.   I would pay close attention to the hard tips which

 seemed to be continually getting harder.

      Her  excitement  started  to  build  beyond  the  point   of

 containment.    She started moaning very softly,  but that didn't

 last very long.   Soon she was  groaning  and  she  kept  getting

 louder  and louder until she was just a few steps below a scream.

 I knew she was going to come soon and that she did.    Her  whole

 body  seemed  to  go  into  spasms  and her breathing became very

 erratic.   She wrapped her arms  around  my  neck  and  began  to

 squeeze very tightly.   I almost came just watching her come.  It

 gave me a feeling of satisfaction to know that I had done that.

      Beth slowly came down from cloud nine and began to relax her

 body and luckily for me,  relaxed the bear hug she had around  my

 neck.    She looked at me with the biggest ear to ear smile I had

 ever seen and gave me one of her usual, very healthy, kisses.

      "You're very talented."

      She tried to flatter me with bullshit.

      "I had never done that before with any girl.   I'm glad  you

 liked it."

      "Liked it, I loved it.  We are going to have to do that more


      "That's fine with me."

      "Come  over  here" she said as she nudged me toward the side

 of the pool.

		/// continued in Chapter 3 ///



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