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Archive-name: SpecMome/seeking1.txt


Archive-title: Seeking - 1

                           The Beginning

      There comes a time when your mind  becomes  so  loaded  with

 experiences  that  you  must tell someone about them to allow new

 ones to take their places.   They become a part of your  everyday

 life.   They affect you in the form of daydreams,  not allowing a

 moment to concentrate on the job at hand.   At first they are  no

 more  than  just a fast glimpse of a girl in your past.   Quickly

 she passes, but give her a few moments, she'll be back.  When she

 comes back however watch out!   She is going to be more than  you

 can  handle.   She will come to you in a form more beautiful than

 she ever really was.  She becomes exactly what you want.  Exactly

 what you  wished  her  to  be,  whether  it  be  an  actual  past

 experience  or  and experience you wished to have happen that for

 some unknown reason never did.   But you  know  why  they  didn't

 happen don't you?   You were too nervous to make them happen.  To

 ask her to do something special to turn you on even  more  or  to

 spend more time to turn her on even more.

      In  your  dreams  everything seems to work out right doesn't

 it?   She is putty in your hands.   Doing everything your  little

 heart  desires.    If  your  heart wishes to please her more than

 anyone else she will moan and groan and thrash and throw just the

 way you like.   Wouldn't it be wonderful if  all  your  daydreams

 were true?

      If  you spend enough time daydreaming about the way you wish

 your past had been or the way you hope your future will  be,  you

 will  find  yourself  in  a  situation  where nothing seems to go

 right.   You keep wishing for things to happen but they never  do

 because  you  won't  work  hard enough to make them happen.   You

 think because  they  work  so  easily  in  your  dreams  that  it

 shouldn't be too much harder in real life.  But it is.

      Let  me tell you about some of my experiences and you decide

 for yourself if they  are  true  or  not.    Some  will  be  real

 experiences  and  some  will  be  the  things  that  I wished had

 happened.  Most of it will be real but does it really matter?

      As a person is growing up they have, as all people do, their

 first sexual experience.   I am referring to the first time  that

 you  come  in contact with a girl.   Most guys first encounter is

 usually a girl with whom you are actually experimenting.  You may

 not think you are experimenting at the time but if you look  back

 at  it  you  feel  very inadequate and tell yourself how dumb you

 were not to know what you were doing.  That is how I look back at

 my first encounter.   I was young and stupid but boy was  it  was

 fun while it was happening.

      My  girlfriend's  name was Linda.   It's really hard to call

 her a girlfriend because it was really just a puppy love. She was

 very  tall  with long beautiful black hair.  I say she  was  tall

 only because I was the  shortest guy in the school. I guess it is

 all relative but she really did look cute anyway.   She was by no

 means  the  most beautiful  girl in  the school but there sure as

 hell were a lot worse.

       It was toward the end of the school year when  I  first  met

 her.    My teacher had asked me to clean out a book room and sort

 the books by title and place them neatly on their proper shelves.

 Of course I was the kind of person that would do anything to  get

 out  of  class  so I spent all day sorting these books.   After a

 while it got pretty boring so I asked my teacher  if  one  of  my

 friends could help me.   It was not that I couldn't do it myself,

 I just wanted someone to  shoot  the  shit  with.    My  teacher,

 because  that  there  was only a few days of school left,  didn't

 care and said sure.   In addition to getting my friend,  he  also

 brought  along  Linda  whom he introduced as a friend of his.   I

 didn't mind having an extra person to talk to so I didn't put  up

 any  arguments.    We were busy sorting books and talking and the

 day went by real fast.   By the end of the day,  we had  all  the

 books  sorted  and  in  their  place.    I natural didn't tell my

 teacher because I wanted to milk this job for all it  was  worth.

 I  told  her  we  had more work to do and we should be able to be

 done in a day or two.   We always left some books in a messy pile

 so that we could show her we were not yet done.

      The   next  day  we  started  early  in  the  morning  doing

 absolutely nothing.   We just sat  on  our  asses  talking.    My

 friend,  David, lit up a cigarette which at that age was a mortal

 sin to be caught doing,  especially in school but closed  in  the

 book room we really didn't care.   He puffed on the cigarette and

 the room became filled with smoke.  Cigarette smoke always seemed

 to give me headaches so I laid down on the floor to relax.  Linda

 said that she was tired (or so she said) and also  laid  down  on

 the  floor  but  unfortunately not near me.   David said,"why not

 join the crowd," so he got up and turned off the light  and  then

 he  also  laid  down  on the floor.   It was kind of hard to fall

 asleep on a hard floor so I just kind of laid there.   As my eyes

 began to adjust to what little light was coming under the door, I

 noticed that David had laid down next to Linda and they had their

 arms  around  each  other  and were busy kissing away.   This was

 something I had never done with anyone before so I got an instant

 hard-on watching them.   After a few minutes,  I saw David's hand

 slip down inside Linda's shirt.  This was too much.  I was really

 testing  the  stitching  on  my pants zipper.   I really couldn't

 believe they were actually doing this.   I really wanted  to  run

 over there and stick my hand down her shirt too.   But of course,

 I couldn't do that it wouldn't be right to bother them so I  just

 lay there until they were done.  They never went any farther than

 that but boy what a show that was.

      They  finally  got  up  and  turned  on the lights and Linda

 recomposed herself and we talked for a while,  sorted the rest of

 the  books  and  then  left  the  book  room  for  our respective

 classrooms.   The next day was the last day of school and we were

 too  busy  to  work  in  the book room.   At that point we really

 didn't want too.  The job had served its purpose well.

      David and Linda were going out for pizza  after  school  and

 asked  me  to  come along.   I said sure.   I met David and Linda

 outside the school and we started walking to a pizza  parlor  not

 too far away.  As we were walking down the street, David's mother

 drove  by and stopped when she saw him.   She called him over and

 asked to see his report card.   It was nowhere near good and  she

 started  screaming  and  threw  him  into the car and drove away.

 There wasn't too much we could do  about  what  happened  and  we

 decided  that just the two of us would go for pizza.   We sat and

 ate our pizza and talked about anything that came  to  our  minds

 and  over  the  course of the next hour and a half we became very

 friendly.   As a gesture of friendship,  and that's all it was at

 the time,  I invited Linda to my house to go swimming.   I didn't

 expect it but she accepted my invitation right away  without  any

 apprehension.   From that point on, while walking to her house to

 get her bathing suit and then to my house,   I was on cloud nine.

 A girl actually accepted an invitation from ME.

      The  walk to my house took forever.   I couldn't wait to see

 her in her bathing suit.  We talked along the way,  and I started

 to  really like her.   She was very nice to me like no other girl

 had been before.   I actually got up the nerve to hold her  hand.

 Boy  was  that a great accomplishment for me.   I was so proud of

 myself.   She let me hold her hand without  giving  any  sign  of


      We  arrived  at  my house and we went inside so I could show

 her around.   We found my mother working in  the  kitchen  and  I

 introduced Linda to her.   I wasn't too sure what my mother would

 say about me bringing a girl home but my mother was very pleasant

 about it so I wasn't quite as nervous.   I finished showing Linda

 around the house and then I took her downstairs to the pool.  She

 couldn't  wait  to go swimming so I showed her the bathroom where

 she could get changed and I went off into another room to  change

 into my bathing suit.

      After  a few minutes Linda emerged from the bathroom wearing

 a super bright almost hot pink one piece bathing suit.  It really

 made her look beautiful.   It accented her long black hair.   For

 the  first  time I noticed that she actually had a set of tits on

 her that very few girls in the school had.  They were quite large

 by junior high school standards.  In actuality, they weren't that

 big but they sure looked nice.   I think that she noticed that  I

 was staring at her chest by the big smile on her face.   Before I

 could say anything, not that I could,  she ran outside and jumped

 into the pool.

      I  put  my eyes back in my head and jumped in the pool after

 her.  We swam and splashed around for about an hour.  My pool has

 a slide and we had lots of fun going down the slide together with

 Linda sitting between my legs.   I know she had to be feeling  my

 hard-on  because  it  was  sticking her right in the back but she

 gave no indication.   We played around in the pool until we  were

 water-logged.    Linda  said she was getting out so she could dry

 off.  Of course I followed her.

      We wiped ourselves off and then went back into the house  to

 change.    As  we stepped through the door into the house,  Linda

 stopped.   I had no idea what she was doing but it didn't take me

 long to find out.   She held my hand and gave me a big kiss right

 on the lips.   WOW!   I couldn't believe she did that.   She just

 smiled  at  me  and I noticed her looking down at my bathing suit

 and seeing a real big lump.  I had the hard-on of a lifetime. She

 let out a  little  giggle  and  said,  "would  you  like  to  see

 something real interesting?"

      Before  I could clear my throat to say anything,  she slowly

 began pulling her shoulder strap down her arm  and  then  pulling

 her  arm  through  it.   Then she reached for her other strap and

 pulled her arm through it too.    She  was  just  standing  there

 showing me lots of cleavage.   I think I was drooling on my chest

 but I didn't notice.   My eyes were glued  to  her  chest.    She

 slowly  and teasingly began pulling down her bathing suit showing

 more and more of her tits as she went.   She was  going  so  slow

 that  it  seemed  forever  for one of her nipples to pop out from

 underneath her suit.   I thought I was going to cream in my pants

 right there.   Then her other nipple popped out.  They were small

 and pointy.   As the bathing suit came down a little  farther,  I

 could see the whole form of her tits.

      I was having trouble breathing.  I couldn't believe all this

 was  happening.    She just stood there with an ear to ear smile,

 blinding me with her pearly white teeth.

      "Don't you have anything to say?" she said.

      "You leave me speechless, what would you like me to say?"

      "How about asking to touch them."

      "Can I?"

      "Go for it."

      I tried to raise my hands but I was still  so  stunned  that

 they wouldn't budge.  They felt so numb.

      Linda,  then  realizing  my problem,  took my hand up to her

 mouth and kissed it and then placed it right on her chest.    For

 the  first  time in my life,  I knew what it was to feel a girl's

 softer spot.   It was an outstanding feeling.   I felt her nipple

 sticking into the palm of my hand and it seemed to get larger.  I

 was  still  a  little  spastic  with my actions.   I wasn't doing

 anything with my hand but letting it sit there.

      She said, "here, let me show you what to do."

      She pushed my hand away and grabbed her tits  with  her  own

 hands and started squeezing and massaging them.   She looked like

 she was really enjoying it.   Then she started playing  with  her

 nipples,  rolling them between her thumb and index finger.   They

 just seemed to get even bigger.   Then she said,  "now why  don't

 you try."

      I  placed  both  my hands on her chest and started squeezing

 her tits.   It was fabulous.   They were so  firm.    I  couldn't

 believe it.   I stood there playing with her tits, doing what she

 did, rolling her nipples between my fingers.  She loved it.   She

 actually  let  out  what  sounded  like a little moan.   I was in


      After a few minutes of playing with her tits,  she  appeared

 to be really getting turned on.   But then what do I know at that


      She said, "let's try something different."

      She put her hand behind my neck and  pulled  my  head  right

 down  into  her  chest  putting  one of her nipples right into my


      "Suck on them" she said,  "suck on them like you would  want

 me to suck on your cock."

      I  sure  as  hell  didn't give her any argument.   I started

 sucking on her tits as if my life depended on it.   I  went  from

 one  to the other.   Back and forth.   I even got real daring and

 started squeezing her tits while  I  sucked  on  them.    I  kept

 concentrating  real hard on what I was doing so I wouldn't appear

 like I didn't know anything.   I kind of figured  she  knew  that

 anyway.    I kept sucking and squeezing.   I couldn't get enough.

 They tasted so good.   She shocked me when she lifted my head up.

 She  made me feel like I was doing something wrong.   I asked her

 if I could help her get changed.  I meant it to be sarcastic.   I

 didn't expect anything to come of it.

      "No thank you,  I think I can do that by myself.   But there

 is one thing you can do for me.  Here, hold this."

      Like a flash she dropped her bathing suit to her ankles  and

 stepped  out of it.   There was this beautiful bush staring me in

 the face.  She picked up the bathing suit and handed it to me and

 said, "how do you like it?"

      "The bathing suit?"

      "No silly, that's not what I'm talking about."

      "It's real nice."

      "Would you like to see it a little bit better?"


      She took me by the hand and led me over to a chair.

      "Promise me you will stand right here until I  say  you  can


      "Sure, anything you say."

 She sat down on the chair and gave me a real big smile.

      "Promise me you won't tell anyone I did this."

      "Of course not" I replied.

      She  leaned  back  and spread her legs putting them over the

 armrests.   What a pussy!   It was pink and real wet.   Just like

 the  ones in those magazines my father has.   I was just standing

 there in complete shock.   She put her hands between her legs and

 started rubbing.

      She said, "have you ever seen a girl's pussy before?  Do you

 like it?"

      "No, yes"

      "Make up your mind."

      "It looks wonderful."

      I just stood there staring between her legs.   Her breathing

 began to get heavy.   I began rubbing my dick through  my  pants.

 Linda  noticed  and said,  "why don't you pull it out where I can

 see it."

      I pulled  my  hard-on  out  without  any  hesitation.    She

 continued rubbing her pussy without missing a stroke.

      She said, "step a little closer so I can get a better look.

      I  did as she asked.   To my surprise,  she grabbed on to my

 cock with her right hand keeping her left at a steady pace.   She

 started  stroking  me.    What  a  feeling.   I could feel myself

 coming.   I knew it wouldn't take long  because  she  had  me  so

 worked up.

      "I want you to come on my chest."

      "No problem, here it comes."

      I shot my load all over her chest.  I felt my knees begin to

 give way.   I could barely hold myself up.   She began rubbing it

 into her chest but never stopped massaging her pussy.    By  this

 time.  her pussy was soaked.  She put both hands back to work and

 said that now it was her turn and she wanted me to just sit  back

 and  watch.    I sat down on the floor right in front of her just

 watching her go at it.   She began huffing and puffing  all  over

 again.    She  started  rubbing faster and faster.   After only a

 minute or two she let out a moan or a groan or what ever the hell

 it was and she started to jerk and shake wildly.   Her legs  went

 up into the air.  After a few seconds she finally calmed down and

 put her legs back together and her feet on the floor.   She threw

 her head back and just seemed to want to relax.

      "Boy did that feel good.   It has been a long time  since  I

 came like that.  I love playing with myself in front of guys.  It

 really turns me on."

      "You can do it in front of me anytime."

      "I think it is time to get changed now."

      I  was  disappointed  because  I was almost hard again but I

 knew she was right; it was getting late.

      "I am going to get changed.  I'll be right back."

      With that she turned and stepped into the bathroom.  What an

 ass she had too.

      A minute or two later she  came  out  of  the  bathroom  all

 dressed.    I  was  kind of disappointed but I didn't really know

 what to expect.   Linda said that she had to go home for  dinner,

 so I,  being the gentleman that I was, walked her home.  I was in

 a daze the whole time we were walking.   I was holding  her  hand

 and thinking about all the things that had happened.

      We  arrived  at  the  front  of her house and stopped at the

 door.   She said she had a wonderful time and hoped that we could

 do it again in the near future.   I again became speechless.  She

 gave me a really big kiss,  said good-bye and  stepped  into  her

 house.    I  ran home as fast as I could just thinking about what

 she had said.   I ran into my house and headed straight  for  the

 bathroom to jerk off.  What a day it had been.

      To  this  day  that  event has haunted me.   Every time I am

 sitting in class,  Linda pops into my mind and I go through  that

 afternoon  over  and over again.   Each time is almost as good as

 the first.

      I didn't see Linda for several years.  Her father was in the

 Army and was transferred a short time later.   That  sounds  like

 bullshit  but  that's what really happened.   My first experience

 came to an end rather abruptly.

		/// continued in Chapter 2 ///



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