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Archive-name: SpecMome/scandia1.txt

Archive-author: Day Dreamer

Archive-title: Scandia - A Swedish Rhapsody

        When Neil saw her across the room, he immediately recognized

        she was the woman he had dreamed of all his life.  Even though

        she was not especially beautiful in the traditional sense, her

        total appearance--the shape of her face, the way she dressed,

        and the very way she held her body erect and straight--was very

        striking.  She wore her hair short, molded in a soft, golden

        crown that accented her facial features.  She seemed to be

        wearing little make-up, and there was a conspicuous lack of

        even simple adornments like ear rings and necklace.

        Even so, there was nothing plain about her.  Her conversation

        was animated, with her eyes flashing and emotions flowing

        across her face in an everchanging cascade.  And when she

        smiled, it was like rays of summer sunshine--a natural, easy

        smile that said she knew who she was and was comfortable with

        that person.

        Neil felt compelled to meet her, to at least be able to give a

        name to the person who attracted him so strongly.  Working his

        way through the crowd to her, he looked closely at her left

        hand to see if she were wearing a wedding band.  Till now, all

        the women who appealed to him were married, and he was fearful

        that she would be just another of his disappointments.  He felt

        a surge of relief when he saw that her lack of jewelry included

        her ring finger.

        As Neil approached her, it was almost as if some fate were

        working in his favor.  The several people she had been talking

        with turned and left her, and she was left alone, with an empty

        space around her.  As though she sensed his presence and

        interest, she turned toward Neil and met his eyes with her own.

        He was almost startled by their blueness.  They weren't an

        ordinary blue, but a light, icy blue, like one sees when

        looking into a frozen-over pond.  Her skin appeared to be

        lightly tanned and spoke of outdoor activities, and it had a

        glow to it that indicated good health and exercise.

        Up close now, Neil could see that she was slender--not thin in

        an over-dieted, too-sleek way--but slender in the way some

        fully developed young women sometimes are.  Although probably

        not much larger than most women's, on her slight frame her

        firm, outthrust breasts were very pronounced and immediately

        drew one's attention.

        As Neil took a step toward her to introduce himself, she smiled

        at him, a broad smile that seemed intended to disarm him, to

        encourage him to close the personal distance between them. He

        smiled back and said, "Hello, I'm Neil Amundsen."

        Putting out her hand to be shaken, she smiled and said, "Neil

        Amundsen?  Do I detect a touch of Scandinavia there?  Well,

        Neil Amundsen, I'm Onny Olsen, fairly recently of Sweden."  Her

        hand was firm in his and he couldn't help but hold it a little

        tighter, feeling her soft yet firm flesh against his own.  He

        hadn't just held hands with a girl since he was a teenager, but

        he felt he could stand hours of merely holding and stroking

        this woman's hand.  Onny laughed with a pleasant musical sound,

        and said, "Ah, a hand-holder.  I like that.  Neil Amundsen, I

        think I'm going to like you."

        "I hope you do like me," Neil answered.  "From the moment I saw

        you across the room, I felt compelled to meet you.  It was like

        I had no choice in the matter--it was like some force got

        behind me and pushed me over here."

        Onny gave him a solemn look and said, "You know, usually I

        would just laugh at a line like that or dismiss you as some

        kind of an impossibly romantic nut-case, but when I saw YOU

        over there, I had exactly that same sort of feeling.  If you

        hadn't come over here to meet me, I would have had to find you

        and introduce myself."  Onny laughed then and continued, "Are

        we both nut-cases?"

        Neil grinned, somewhat wryly, and said, "I don't know.  If

        something like this had happened with someone else, I confess

        that I might be tempted to say, `Ah, my little apple strudel,

        fly away with me to the Casbah.' But you aren't someone else,

        and somehow, those don't seem like the right words to say.  All

        I know is that I've been searching a long time for someone like

        you.  And now that I've found you, I want to know more about

        you.  No, not more, I want to know ALL about you."

        "Well, it's not that interesting a story, but I'm willing to

        tell you about me.  But it has to be trade-about.  I want to

        know about you, too.  If I tell you about Onny Olsen, you have

        to tell me about Neil Amundsen.  Is that a deal?"

        "Deal," Neil said, still holding her hand, but almost caressing

        it now that he knew she welcomed it.

        "We sure can't talk here, not in this crowd.  Why don't we go

        some place that's more private--and a whole lot quieter."

        "I'm with you on that.  Any suggestions?" Neil said.

        "Do you have a car?"  Neil nodded his head.  "Good, 'cause I

        don't."  Smiling a little shyly, she continued, "Would you

        consider me terribly forward if I invited you to my place?

        It's small, but it's only a few blocks from here."

        "I would just feel extremely flattered that you would ask."

        Taking her drink from her hand, he said, "Let me get rid of our

        glasses and we'll leave right now."  After setting the glasses

        down, Neil took her hand again, and holding hands like two

        children-lovers, they caught the elevator down to the garage.

        Neil and Onny made little conversation on the way to her place.

        Other than giving him directions, Onny seemed almost subdued,

        showing a solemnity altogether different from the effervescence

        she had displayed earlier.  Neil, too, remained quiet.  It was

        almost as if a magic spell of silence had been cast over them,

        with each sensing that something special was occurring and not

        wanting to risk spoiling the moment by saying something


        That the evening was special was evident by Neil's being able

        to find a parking place right in front of Onny's apartment

        building.  Neil broke the silence by saying, "Can you imagine

        luck like this--a parking place, and right in front."

        Onny laughed softly and in a quiet voice said, "Right now, I

        can imagine almost anything.  Can't you?"

        "Yes, I think I know what you mean.  Strange things have been

        happening, haven't they?"

        Onny and Neil went inside the building and rode the elevator up

        to her floor.  As they approached one of the doors, Onny said,

        "This is my place, here.  Let me unlock the door." She unlocked

        the door, and after reaching inside to turn on a light, opened

        the door wide and went in.  Turning back around, she said,

        "Welcome to my humble abode, Mr. Neil Amundsen.  Come in,


        Neil entered and closed the door behind him.  He and Onny were

        now standing face to face, only a few inches apart.  Onny broke

        the silence and said, "One of the strangest things about this

        evening is that here we are, total strangers for all practical

        purposes, yet I feel like you're someone I've known all my

        life.  I've never reacted to a man this way before.  You're the

        first man, in fact, that I've ever invited up here."

        "I felt exactly the same way about you," Neil responded.  "From

        the moment I laid eyes on you I knew that you had a special

        meaning to me.  I can't explain the feeling.  I guess something

        like this must be what novelists refer to as destiny.  I don't

        feel like you're a stranger at all--just as you do, I feel like

        we've known each other for a long time."

        Suddenly, without another word being spoken, they were in each

        other's arms, each tightly embracing the other.  They turned

        their faces to each other, their mouths hungrily searching for

        the other's.  Neil pressed his lips against hers, first gently,

        then more urgently.  Their mouths opened and their tongues

        reached out, coming into contact and then probing into each

        other's oral depths.  Onny pressed her body against Neil's, her

        groin thrust hard against his.  His manhood had already reacted

        to Onny's nearness, and his erection bulged out the front of

        his trousers and extended down his leg, a pulsating rod of hard

        male flesh.  Onny felt it and moaned softly, grinding her body

        against the hard protrusion.

        Onny broke the kiss and whispered, "Oh, God, Neil!  What are

        you doing to me?  I've never reacted to a man like this


        "I've never had anyone affect me like you you're doing right

        now, either."

        They gazed at each other with a sense of wonder and, both

        moaning, they brought their wide-spread mouths back together.

        Onny's hands roamed up and down Neil's back, caressing the hard

        muscles of his shoulders and running up and down his spine.

        Her fingers delved under his belt and then her whole hands were

        on his bare flesh, pressing and kneading the cheeks of his


        Neil's hands were busy, too, stroking her back and then moving

        down to the firm globes of her buttocks.  He squeezed them

        gently and rubbed them all over in circles that moved down to

        where they curved back down and led into her most secret, most

        feminine area.  Cupping her firm globes in each hand, he pulled

        her hips hard against his own, pressing her groin against the

        hardness of his throbbing erection.  She responded by moving

        her hips in little circles, making tiny bump-and-grind motions

        against Neil's rampant manhood.  She growled softly, deep in

        her throat, and worked her tongue in wild motions, probing and

        thrusting into Neil' mouth, stroking his tongue, cheeks, and

        the smooth, inner flesh of his lips.

        Onny pulled her mouth from his and said, "God, Neil!  I don't

        know what's happened to me.  I know we came up here to talk,

        but right now I want more than anything else for you to make

        love to me.  No, that's not right--it's more than just a want.

        God, Neil, I absolutely NEED for us to make love!"  She thrust

        her groin and pressed her vulval area against his bulging

        erection. "I can feel how hard you are.  You need it as bad I

        do, don't you?"

        "I've never been so turned-on in my whole life.  Oh, God, yes,

        Onny, I need you.  I need to make love to you."

        Onny slipped out of his embrace, and without saying another

        word, took his hand into hers and led him through a doorway

        into her bedroom.  There, in the dim light, she stepped away

        from him and started unbuttoning her dress.  "Get naked with

        me, Neil.  I want to see all of you.  I want to touch you all

        over.  I want to make love to every part of you.  Let's not

        have anything between us, not even a scrap of clothing."

        Onny's actions had already aroused Neil's passion to fever

        pitch, but her words made it flare even higher.  Without a

        word, he started removing his clothing, rapidly casting off

        garments just as Onny was doing.  Soon he was down to just his

        briefs and Onny was left with just her low-cut bikini panties.

        He realized from seeing her near-naked body that his perception

        of her being slender wasn't altogether true.  She was thin,

        yes, but there was a lushness to the flare of her hips and

        slight roundedness of her belly that was completely womanly.

        Where most women's thighs come together and meet at their

        sexual juncture, the top of Onny's thighs were separated by

        about a two-inch gap.  Neil could hardly wait to see her

        without those panties so that he could see what filled that

        space between her legs.

        Instead of taking off her panties, Onny stepped up to Neil and

        ran her hands over his shoulders and chest, stroking lightly

        with her fingertips.  "You're really good looking, Neil. You've

        got a great body."  Her fingers stroked lower, down across his

        stomach and to the top of his Jockey shorts.  She moved one

        hand downward and ran a fingertip along the length of Neil's

        hard cock.  In its rigid state, Neil's cock had extended

        upward, almost coming out the top of his shorts, and had a

        small damp spot covering its hidden crown.  "I want to see ALL

        of your body, though," she said, and taking both hands, she

        pulled Neil's shorts down to the middle of his thighs.

        As the shorts came down, Neil's cock sprung out, seven inches

        of hard male flesh extending straight outward from his groin.

        A coating of his pre-seminal fluid covered its head and glis-

        tened in the dimly lit bedroom.  Onny whispered, "Yes, you

        really do have a great body, ALL of it."  She ran a finger

        through the wetness covering the head of Neil's cock and then

        moved down and lightly touched the sensitive underportion of

        his glans.  Neil gasped, drawing in his breath in reaction to

        the pleasure the touch brought.  Onny fell to her knees and

        drew Neil's shorts all the way to the floor and then off his

        feet.  She then grasped Neil's cock in her hands and slowly and

        lovingly licked her tongue all over its head and up and down

        its length.  He put his hands on her head and moaned in ecstasy

        as waves of pleasure flowed across his midsection.

        Onny stood and backed up and lay down on her bed.  She put her

        hands to the top of her panties, pushing them down slightly.

        "Here, you take these off for me, please."

        "A labor of love, if ever there were one," Neil said, stepping

        up to the bed and reaching out for her panties.  He could see a

        damp spot in their crotch and could smell the aroma of her

        arousal as it wafted up from the dampened fabric.  Onny lifted

        her buttocks to help him remove the wisp of blue fabric, and as

        he drew it down, her pubic hair appeared.  He saw that she was

        a true blonde, with a covering of very fine, straight hair

        covering all the area between her legs.

        As Neil pulled Onny's panties off her legs, he could see that

        she had beautiful long legs, with firm thighs.  Those thighs

        culminated in the space between her legs.  Nestled in that

        space, Onny's sex was completed on display for Neil's examin-

        ation.  She had wide, prominent labial lips, and they were

        gaping slightly apart, revealing the moist inner recesses of

        her vulva.  That she was thoroughly aroused was evident from

        the protrusion of her clitoris, an erected button of flesh

        showing between the wet lips of her sex.

        "God, Onny, but you're beautiful.  You're body is simply stun-

        ning.  You leave no doubt that you are a woman."

        "Neil, I hope you realize that this isn't my normal behavior.

        I don't just strip off for every man I meet.  Somehow, though,

        I want you to see all of me, to know me inside and out, to know

        me in both the literal and the Biblical sense."

        "Whatever it is, I'm glad it's happening," Neil said.  "It's

        very much like a dream coming true."  He put his hands down to

        her breasts and cupped them lightly.  "You're breasts are

        magnificent.  What does it say about Sheba's breasts in the

        Song of Solomon?  Pomegranates?  Yes, your breasts are like

        sweet pomegranates."  He lowered his head down and took one of

        her nipples in his mouth and sucked gently on it, swirling his

        tongue around the areola that circled it.  He softly kneaded

        the other breast as he made oral love to the one in his mouth.

        Onny arched her back up to Neil's mouth, pressing her breast

        up to his oral ministrations.  "Oh, that's so good.  Pomegran-

        ates they may be, but they love this kind of treatment.  My

        whole body loves this kind of treatment."

        Neil took his mouth away from Onny's breast and, extending his

        tongue, he drew a line down her abdomen, all the way down to

        her navel.  He delved his tongue into the little indentation in

        her belly and swirled it around in circles.  From there he

        traced a wet line down her slightly rounded belly.  The white

        flesh of her abdomen shuddered and jerked as he lightly circled

        the soft bulge of her belly with his tongue.  Working lower, he

        brought his tongue down to where it came into contact with

        Onny's soft, silken pubic fur, tracing around its edges.  She

        moaned and squirmed her hips in reaction to the pleasurable

        sensations Neil's mouth was evoking.  With his mouth so close

        to her vagina, Onny lifted her hips to his mouth, offering up

        her wet, pouting sexual labia for his favors.  She moaned and

        her hips trembled in anticipation of the pleasures his mouth

        and tongue would soon bring to the very core of her sexuality.

        Neil spread Onny's thighs apart and gazed into the gaping flesh

        between them.  Her large, labial lips were engorged and red

        with the passion of her arousal.  Her swollen clitoris was

        clearly visible at the top of her furrow, the sheath that

        covered it partly pulled back as a result of its erected state.

        Near the bottom of her wide-spread vulva, he could detect the

        darkened opening to her vagina, the entrance into the hot inner

        flesh of her belly.  The whole area was glistening and slick

        from Onny's feminine secretions, and their aroma was heady,

        with a muskiness that pushed Neil's ardor to even greater

        heights.  Unable to wait any longer, Neil pulled Onny's legs

        apart and, falling to knees, he buried his face in her

        succulent wetness.

        Using the broad, flat surface of his tongue, Neil stroked

        Onny's furrow from top to bottom.  He licked the inside of each

        of her labial lips and swirled his tongue in little circles

        around the bulging protrusion of her clitoris.  "Oh, God, Neil,

        that's so good," Onny said, thrusting her hips toward his

        mouth.  Moving her hips in little circles, Onny ground her

        wide-open sex against Neil's mouth.  She whimpered soft little

        "Ummnn" sounds of pleasure as he lovingly applied his tongue

        and mouth to her wet flesh.

        Working his way lower, Neil found the opening into Onny's

        vagina and, rolling his tongue into a tube, he thrust it as far

        as it would reach into the hot, tight confines of her love

        tunnel.  Onny reacted to this action by shoving her hips

        against his mouth and muttering, "Oh, yes, yes.  That's so


        Neil continued this action with his tongue, shoving it in and

        out of Onny's hot pussy, using it like a miniature cock and

        fucking her with his tongue.  Onny put her feet down on the

        bed, and using her legs for leverage, thrust her pussy against

        Neil's tongue each time it delved inside her.  He put his hands

        under her buttocks and pulled her wetness even tighter against

        his face, squirming his tongue even deeper inside her.  Onny's

        internal muscles massaged and squeezed his tongue as he swirled

        it around and around inside her steaming grotto of love.  A

        continuous flow of "umnns" came from Onny as he made oral love

        to her feminine opening.

        Judging from the increasing flow of Onny's love juices, Neil

        could tell that her arousal was mounting higher and higher.

        Even mixed with his saliva, Onny's copious sexual secretions

        were making the inside of her vagina so slippery that his

        tongue was able to push in and out with ease.  Her hips were in

        constant movement, and Neil could feel the muscles in her

        buttocks clench and unclench as he ravished her sexual flesh

        with his mouth and tongue.

        Neil pulled his tongue from out of her vaginal canal and moved

        it up to the top of the wet and flowing channel.  It traveled

        up until it met her clitoris and then dove down on it.  Like a

        cat lapping up milk, Neil stroked his tongue across the surface

        of Onny's little love nubbin, stroking it with up-and-down and

        circular motions.  Uncaring about how obscene the noise might

        be, he made slurping, liquid sounds as he lapped and sucked on

        Onny's tender little bud.  Onny's whole pelvis quivered in

        reaction to Neil's love-making, and she emitted a continual

        "ooohhhhhhh" as her ecstasy intensified.

        Suddenly, Onny's buttocks clenched up hard in Neil's hands, and

        he felt convulsions run through her abdomen.  She screamed,

        "Oh, God, Neil!  Oh, Neil!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!"  Onny's whole body

        shook and trembled as orgasm seized and wracked her.  She

        clamped her thighs hard against the side of Neil's face and

        pumped her hips up and down against his mouth, moving with a

        frenzied fucking motion as she shoved her whole pussy and

        clitoris against Neil's pleasure-giving mouth.

        Spasms and convulsive tremors shook Onny's body as orgasmic

        pleasure flowed over her.  Her orgasm seemed to go on and on,

        and only gradually did its effects diminish.  Finally, the

        little tremors and quivers ceased and she lowered her hips back

        down to the bed.  She lay there, her whole body limp and

        relaxed, eyes closed, still breathing in a labored fashion.

        Neil watched her and thought that there was nothing more

        beautiful than a woman experiencing the languorous afterglow of


        Onny's breathing finally returned to normal and she opened her

        eyes and looked lovingly at Neil as he knelt at her feet.

        "Thank you, Mr. Neil Amundsen.  I don't have the ability to

        describe in words how good that was.  I felt like I was

        transported.  I haven't had an orgasm in a long time, and I

        can't begin to tell you how good that was for me.  Thank you,


        "You don't have to thank me, Onny.  I enjoyed it, too, you

        know.  If you got pleasure from it, that just makes it doubly

        good for me."

        Onny laughed and said, "Well, maybe you did get pleasure from

        it, but I intend to see that you get a whole lot more."

        Raising herself up, Onny got on her hands and knees in the

        middle of the bed.  "Come up here and get on the bed.  Now it's

        my turn to get pleasure from doing you."

        Neil got on the bed and stretched out on his back. His rigid

        cock stood straight up from his body, like a mast on a sailing

        vessel.  Its head was red and inflamed with lust and pre-come

        covered it and flowed down the shaft.  Onny spread his legs

        apart and scooted up between them so that she could look down

        upon his hard and quivering manhood.  She reached out a hand

        and wrapped it around the wet, slick shaft.  "Oh, just look at

        the condition of Neil's cock.  Poor baby.  Neil needs to come,

        too," she cooed as she gently squeezed the rock-hard flesh.

        Onny took her other hand and rubbed her fingertips across the

        head of Neil's cock, spreading his pre-seminal flow around and

        around it.  When her fingers moved across the ultra-sensitive

        underside, lightly stroking his glans, Neil gasped and thrust

        his hips upward.  "Yes, Neil's cock likes that, doesn't it?

        Let's see how it likes this."  Dropping her head down, Onny

        stuck out her tongue and softly stroked it across the glans

        where her fingers had just been.  Neil's stomach muscles

        trembled in reaction and a soft moan escaped his lips.

        Growling deeply in her throat, Onny took Neil's cock head in

        her mouth and then plunged her mouth downward, engulfing over

        half his cock.  Her tongue swirled around it and stroked over

        its head and then gently laved his glans.  She slowly raised

        her head, allowing his cock to escape her mouth inch by slow

        inch.  Her cheeks caved in as she applied suction to the hard

        shaft of Neil's masculinity.  She raised her head until only

        the head remained between her lips and then she dropped it back

        down, once again taking Neil's cock within the warm interior of

        her oral cavity.  She continued her up-and-down strokes,

        applying suction to Neil's cock as it pulsated within her

        mouth.  Neil was now meeting each of her downward strokes with

        an upward thrust of his hips.  He groaned in ecstasy as the

        pleasure of Onny's oral love built higher and higher.  Half

        moaning, Neil said, "Oh, God, Onny.  I'm getting real close.

        If you keep that up, you're gonna have a mouthful of come."

        Neil's words of caution served only to make her intensify her

        actions.  She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and

        pumped it up and down in unison with the in-and-out motions of

        her mouth.  Having warned her, he gave himself up to the

        pleasure she was giving him.  He felt his orgasm coming nearer

        and nearer, and even though he would have liked for the

        pleasure to last forever, he could do nothing to delay it.  He

        wanted to come, to come in Onny's mouth and feel her tongue and

        mouth draw his sperm from out of him.

        Onny took her other hand and probed her fingers between the

        cheeks of Neil's buttocks.  She delved a finger in until she

        found the little crinkled rosebud of his anus.  She rubbed her

        finger in little circles around his anal entrance, and that

        coupled with her oral and hand actions, drove him over the

        peak.  Groaning in ecstasy, Neil thrust his groin upward,

        driving his cock fully into Onny's mouth.  He felt his cockhead

        enter her throat just as his cock jerked and a spurt of semen

        shot out.  Onny gulped and swallowed the gush of come.  She

        then pulled her mouth up and swirled her tongue over the

        gushing head and down over the now super-sensitive glans.

        The muscles of his stomach spasmed and his cock continued to

        jerk and contract, each contraction causing a new spurt of

        seminal fluid to shoot out into Onny's mouth.

        Even though Neil gushed out large quantities of come, Onny

        managed to swallow almost all of it and only a few dribbles

        leaked from her lips and down his cock.  When he finally

        stopped spurting, Onny lowered her mouth all the way down on

        his shaft and using her lips and tongue succeeded in

        recapturing all the sperm that had escaped her mouth.  Caught

        up in the languid feeling of post-orgasm, Neil relaxed and

        said, "That's the best it's ever been for me.  If this is what

        heaven's like, I sure hope that's where I'm going."

        After ensuring she had cleaned Neil's cock of all his errant

        sperm, Onny slowly drew her mouth off his now only half-hard

        cock and sat up cross-legged beside him.  She dropped her hands

        to his chest and brushing her fingertips through his forest of

        hair said, "Now that we've taken the edge off, tell me about

        Neil Amundsen.  I've never met a man who affects me the way you

        do, and I want to know all about you."

        Neil told Onny about how he had been brought up in Omaha with

        just a sister as a sibling.  He described his high school days

        and his interest and participation in sports and athletics.  He

        told how he had gotten interested in English literature and had

        gone to the University of Nebraska where he earned both bache-

        lor's and master's degrees in English.  Wanting to see New York

        City, he had come to NYU to work on his doctorate.  After

        receiving his doctor's degree in English, he was now teaching

        at NYU and working on a degree in journalism.  His goal was to

        become an established writer and combine teaching and writing,

        his two favorite pursuits.

        He also told her he was twenty-eight years old, had never been

        married, and, in fact, had never had a serious relationship

        with a girl.  To this time he had never found a girl with whom

        he really felt completely compatible and would want to extend a


        All the time he had been talking, Onny's hands had been working

        on his body.  She had combed his chest hair with her fingers

        and had gradually worked down and brushed and combed his pubic

        hair.  Responded to such treatment, Neil's cock quickly recov-

        ered from its earlier half-hard state and was once again

        rigidly hard, standing up proudly from his groin.

        Sitting cross-legged like she was, Onny's feminine furrow had

        gaped widely open, exposing the moist inner secrets of her

        sex.  While Onny had been stroking him, Neil had responded in

        kind, moving his hand under her exposed pussy and running his

        fingers up and down her wet sexual channel.  He extended a

        finger and probed into the tight confines of her vagina,

        feeling the slick secretions that coated its inner surface.

        Onny's hips began moving up and down, responded to Neil's

        digital probing.  Their passions which had been subdued by

        their recent oral ministrations were now rapidly rising once


        Neil continued stroking Onny's pussy and gazed into her eyes.

        "When I saw you standing across the room from me at the party,

        I felt something almost like electrical shock.  Somehow or

        other I believed that maybe I had finally come across the girl

        I had been searching for so long.  Now that I getting to know

        you even better," he said with a wry smile, "I'm feeling more

        and more that you are that one.  I've never had an orgasm like

        the one you gave me.  It was like I poured out my complete

        soul in the process."

        Onny's hand had now wrapped around Neil's cock and she stroked

        it up and down, her hand just lightly brushing against his

        flesh.  Although she had thoroughly cleaned his cock with her

        mouth, it was once more wet, with pre-come flowing out in

        response to her stroking.  "I felt very similarly to you.  I

        felt immediately attracted," Onny said, continuing her manipu-

        lations of his cock.  Gazing down at Neil's throbbing cock, she

        continued, "It looks right you're ready to pour your soul out

        again."  She ground herself against Neil's hand at work in her

        pussy and said, " Oh, God, I'm ready, too."

        Onny lowered her mouth to his and kissed him deeply, tongue

        probing and working into all areas of his mouth.  Neil could

        taste the remains of his sperm in her mouth and knew that she

        could taste the cream her pussy had given up.  He was not at

        all repelled by the taste.  Indeed, the sensation inflamed his

        passion even higher and added immensely to the unbridled

        lasciviousness of their love-making.

        Not breaking the kiss, Onny got on her knees and then straddled

        Neil's waist.  His cock was standing straight up and pointed at

        Onny's pussy suspended over it.  Reaching a hand under her, she

        grasped Neil's cock and held it in place as she slowly lowered

        his hips.  Onny's warm wetness met Neil's as the head of his

        cock probed into the folds of her pussy.  She positioned his

        cock just right so it nudged into her vaginal opening and then

        lowered her hips so that it penetrated several inches into her


        Neil felt Onny's slick secretions as she slowly, inch by inch,

        lowered herself and engulfed his cock with her wet pussy flesh.

        Her receptacle fit snugly around the circumference of his hard

        cock and was warm with her wetness and internal heat.  Neil

        could hardly restrain from thrusting his hips upward so as to

        hasten his cock's journey into Onny's hot channel.  The

        pleasure and anticipation of having his cock completely buried

        in Onny's sexual flesh caused him to hold his breath as she

        completed her journey downward.  Onny moaned into Neil's mouth

        as she finally bottomed out, her pubic hair intermeshing with

        his.  Neil released his pent-up breath and wrapped his arms

        around Onny's shoulders, pulling her down to his chest so that

        her breasts crushed against him and her belly rubbed across

        his.  She put her arms around his and embraced him as tightly

        as he was holding her.  Their kiss became even deeper and their

        mouths and tongues coupled in the same way their lower bodies


        Finally breaking the kiss so that their lips only lightly

        touched, Onny squirmed her hips around, bringing her pussy into

        tighter contact with the hard bone of his pubis, and whispered,

        "Ummnn, that's so good, Neil.  You fit me just perfectly and

        fill me up completely.  You're so hard--there's nothing inside

        me your hardness isn't touching."

        "I know," Neil said smiling.  "I can feel how tight you are

        on my cock.  I thought what you did with your mouth was good,

        but this is even better.  As you know from what I told you, I'm

        not all that experienced, but this is far and away better than

        anything that's happened to me before."

        Onny lifted herself up, slowly releasing Neil's cock from its

        wet confines.  Then she lowered herself again, her pussy

        swallowing his cock into its warm, liquid cavity.  "I want to

        ride you, Neil.  I want to ride up and down on your hard cock

        until you shoot your sweet white man juice up inside me.  I

        want us to come like we've never come before in our lives."

        Onny put her hands up alongside Neil's face and held his head

        as she reengaged his mouth with hers, licking all around his

        mouth and running her tongue under and behind his lips and down

        into its depths.  Neil stroked Onny's back and caressed the

        little globes of her buttocks, following their movements as she

        moved them up and down in the age-old motions of fucking.  She

        took her lips away from his and muttered, "Oh, God, I love your

        cock.  I love them way it moves in and out, the way it goes all

        the way to the bottom of my pussy."

        Neil was so enraptured by the pleasure she was giving him that

        he could hardly answer.  Finally, he managed to say, "Oh, yes.

        So good...this is so good."

        Onny sat up and got completely on her knees so she could

        control her movements even better than before.  She pushed her-

        self upward until only the head of Neil's cock remained between

        the lips of her pussy.  Then she dropped her body, taking his

        cock inside her in one swift motion.  She repeated this action

        over and over, moaning and throwing her head back.  Neil

        couldn't resist the pleasure anymore and started matching each

        of her downward strokes with an upward one of his own.  He

        reached up and took her breasts in his hands and massaged them,

        squeezing the nipples between his fingertips and cupping them

        in his hands and gently kneading the firm but spongy mounds.

        She moved a hand down to her pussy and inserted a finger into

        the top of her furrow, rubbing her clitoris in little circles

        that matched each of their coital strokes.

        Onny was muttering little "Oohhh, Oohhh" sounds with each of

        their strokes, and Neil could tell she was as near to orgasm as

        he was.  His pleasure was intensifying, moving higher and

        higher with each of their strokes.  Orgasmic tension was

        building to ever increasing heights, and Neil felt like a

        balloon filled to the bursting point, ready to explode, to

        erupt in wild spasms at any moment.

        Onny's pussy began little contractions around Neil's cock and

        the muscles in her stomach began to ripple as spasms seized her

        body.  She threw her head back and screamed, "Oh, God, Neil!

        Keep fucking me.  I'm coming!  Oh, God, I'm coming hard!"

        Without warning, Onny collapsed on Neil, her mouth hungrily

        searching for his.  Their mouths met and their tongues snaked

        out into each other's mouth.  Their hips were in wild motion,

        Onny stroked up and down as fast as she could go and Neil

        meeting each of her strokes with his own.  He could feel his

        eruption begin and a hot spurt of sperm shot out of his cock

        and into the warm confines of Onny's now convulsing pussy.  The

        sensation of her pussy grasping and squeezing his cock added to

        the ecstasy Neil was already experiencing and he felt almost

        faint from the heights of pleasure they had climbed.  He

        groaned into Onny's mouth with each thrust of his cock and

        spurt of sperm.  She was growling down deep in her throat, a

        soft sound that was as much purr as growl.

        Onny moved from off her knees and stretched out on top of Neil,

        her legs inside his in the classic missionary position.  His

        cock was still lodged completely inside her pussy, still

        jerking with little spasms as the last of his orgasmic juices

        flowed from inside him.  He could feel their combined juices

        coming out of Onny's pussy, forced out by the sheer frenzy of

        their love motions.  Soon, his balls and thighs were covered

        with the warm flow and their now diminishing movements made

        liquid, slapping sounds as they pushed their bodies against

        each other.

        Onny moved her mouth from his and put it by his ear.  Still

        breathing hard, she whispered, "Oh, God, Neil, I had no idea

        loving could be this good."

        Neil caressed her back and whispered back, "It couldn't have

        been as good for you as it was for me.  It was sheer ecstasy."

        Onny lifted her head up and looked into his face.  "I'm not

        going to get into an argument with you, Neil Amundsen.  Even

        though I've never had anything so good, we'll call it a draw."

        Using internal muscles, she squeezed down on his still hard-

        hard cock and said, "Okay?"

        Neil thrust up at her and grinned, "You drive a hard bargain,

        Onny Olsen.  I give up."

        Onny sat up again and squirmed her pussy around on his groin.

        "God, but we're wet.  You must have come a whole gallon.  I've

        still got a lot inside me, but it feels like a bunch leaked


        Neil put his hands on her waist and held her.  They were now

        silent again like they had been before, but this time the

        sexual tension that gripped them was gone.  Onny looked into

        Neil's eyes and then moved back down to where their faces were

        just inches apart.  "I sure hope you're not a dream, Onny

        Olsen.  I hope I don't wake up a find that you existed only in

        my imagination."

        Onny squeezed his cock again with her pussy and said, "Does

        that feel like your imagination?"

        Putting his hand behind Onny's head, Neil pulled her lips to

        his.  Their kiss was gentle and tender, filled with love, not

        the lust that had gripped them earlier.  She moved her lips

        away from his and whispered, "You're so easy to fall in love


        Neil looked at her and said, "I'm already in love with you.

        Even though you haven't yet told me anything about yourself, I

        know enough to know that I want this to continue."

        "Me, too," Onny whispered and kissed him, putting a seal on the

        emotions she had just expressed.

        Neil's cock finally shrunk up enough to fall out of Onny's

        pussy.  She lifted herself gracefully from off him and said,

        "Just stay right there.  I'll get a wash cloth and clean you


        She returned with a wet wash cloth and washed his groin and

        thighs, cleaning their combined secretions from off his body.

        Despite just having had two intense orgasms, Neil's cock

        started to rise, reacting to the touch of the warm cloth.  Onny

        laughed and said, "My God, Neil, how could you?  Down, boy,

        you're just going to have to wait for another time."

        Neil laughed with her and said, "The sign of an indomitable


        "Indomitable or not, it's already past midnight and I have to

        be at work at seven o'clock in the morning.  I'm not going to

        ask you to spend the night tonight, but how about tomorrow

        night?  Tomorrow's Friday, and if we want to play all night

        it'll be okay."

        Neil sat up on the side of the bed and said, "That sounds good.

        How about if I pick you up about six tomorrow evening.  We can

        go to dinner, maybe dance a little while, and then come back

        here.  Does that sound okay to you?"

        Onny laughed and said, "I'm not going to argue with you, Mr.

        Amundsen.  I'll be ready at six."

        Neil got dressed and they walked to the door of her apartment.

        Onny pulled the door open and with no concern for who might

        come by, stood there completely naked and kissed Neil good

        night.  As they broke the kiss, Neil said, "Maybe tomorrow

        night we'll have time for you to tell me about yourself.  I

        still want to know all about Onny Olsen."

        "That's a promise," Onny said.

        As Onny shut the door behind Neil, she whispered, "Don't forget

        to pack a bag."

        Neil looked over his shoulder and said, "Don't worry.  I was a

        Boy Scout, and I'm always prepared."  A smile of complete

        happiness and satiation covered Neil's face as he left Onny's

        building and went to his car.



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