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Archive-name: SpecMome/room.txt


Archive-title: Room

 The curtains wave softly, the fresh spring scent of lilacs blowing

in through the window. The scent just exists, neither demanding notice

nor escaping it. The soft hues of blue and violet wrap the room in a

peaceful cocoon of quiet. I study the room with great care. I want

everything to be perfect. I light the tubular candles, placed

strategically around the room. The dancing flames cause the room to

appear to shimmer. The music of the Masters waft softly through the

room. Satisfied the room is now perfect, I go down to await your

arrival. Tonight I wish to give only pleasure. It shall be your night. 

The night that you surrender only to the sensations of your body. And,

in the giving to you, I know I shall find rare delights to satiate my own


 Your knock on the door brings my mind back to the present. 

Taking the glass of chilled wine, your favorite, I meet you at the door. 

The sheer pale blue negligee swirls around my body when I open the

door. Ahhh. The look in your eyes tells me you are finding the view

enjoyable. A smile tugs at your lips as you pretend not to comprehend

this unexpected greeting, or its significance. I take your hand and draw

you into the foyer. You draw me close to you, bending down to cover

my mouth with yours, your tongue gently probing. Our tongues twirl

about each other, sending thrills down my body.

 My fingers toy with the buttons on your shirt. Oh!it opened. 

Still kissing you, my fingers slide down to the next. Your hands sliding

over my body, moving the soft silky gown across me trigger the nerves

to full alertness. As your shirt opens, I nestle closer to you. You can

feel the hardness of the tips of my large breasts rubbing through the


 Step by step, we have been moving further into the room. A slow

rhythymic dance that leads us closer and closer to the sanctuary I have

prepared for tonights pleasure. Freeing your shirt from your trousers, I

help it to slide from your body, holding the kiss ... only now returning

the probes with my tongue. Accepting the caresses of your hands, I

still avoid allowing you to actually begin the strokes of passion. You

are doing enough. My own motives for the evening as yet unknown to


 We enter the sanctuary. Your clothes now leaving a trail between

the front door and this very private of places. The bed occupies the

center of attention, we are drawn to it by magnetism from deep within

our beings. Lying across the bed, we hold. Caress. Stroke. No words

are exchanged. This is not the time for words. We pause to sip the

wine, sharing the glass. 

 I stand. With the movements of a slow-motion film, I reach to

untie the ribbons that hold the gown in place. It descends to the floor,

first revealing my breasts, the protuding nipples now fully erect. 

Slithers over my tummy and finally reveals the dark triangular thatch of

hair before dropping to a graceful pile on the floor. I stand for a time. 

Just accepting your gaze as you caress my body with your eyes. My

eyes stroking your manhood, so fully erect. My eyes travel over your

body. Our gazes meet. The mutual delight and anticipation register. 

Without looking away, I move back towards you. Lying down next to

you. I lower my face to yours. Our kiss locking. Holding. Stoking

the fires from within. 

 Deftly I avoid allowing you to take command. Tonight, My Love, I

shall be the conductress. Tonight the art of giving pleasure shall be

mine to exhibit. You need only surrender your mind to fully receiving

all the sensations your body will transmit. Tonight, you must be the

receiver, not the giver. For my deepest need to be fulfilled, you must

succumb to just receiving. Your mind must not be distracted for a

moment, not even on the giving of pleasure. Subtly by moving my body,

you finally accept the terms of surrender. Your soft smile and the light

in your eyes tell me you are willing, for this moment, to allow me to

have my way with you. 

 My lips begin their tour. Moving against your cheek, I slide

towards your ear. Lips, moistly touching. Walking. 

 With my tongue, I lick the contour of your ear. Probing. The

warmth of my breath slides across the surface of your ear. It seems to

wrap around your neck. You sigh. Down your neck, my lips and tongue

continue to navigate. My fingers blazing the trail in light caresses

along your torso. Stopping to toy with a firm nipple. My mouth

quickly follows. I draw the tight button into my mouth. 

 Time passes. Your breath is now more shallow. The tenseness is

falling away from your body. Your body is taking control of your mind. 

My hands stroke. Caress. My mouth slowly moves further down your

torso. The descent is unhurried. Each area is kissed. Licked. Caressed.

 Finally I feel the brush against my cheek. The firmness slides

along my neck. My own passions are sweeping through my body. My

own excitement urging me to hurry. But no. We shall not hurry. 

There is no need. The evening is ours.

 My hands stroke the inner thighs. Slowly. Purposefully. You

respond. Your legs parting to allow my hands more area to pet. I turn

my face. The tip of your crown brushes my moist lips. My tongue

slides across its smoothness, delighting me in the feel and taste. With

great care my tongue explores the entire crown. No area is omitted.

 Smiling to myself, I feel you pressing to gain entrance. Impishly I

glance at you. Nope. Not yet anyway.With one hand I continue to

stroke your inner thighs; close to the fork of your body. I stroke back

and froth across the bridge ... down one thigh; back up; sliding across

your marshmallowy cushions; down the other thigh; and back. 

 My lips begin to walk down the length of your throbbing Staff. 

Oh. The feel of it against my lips and tongue. Surges of thrills attack

my consciousness. Just the sensations. My lips become my being. My

body telegraphing messages throughout my being. Licking. My tongue

finds the shallow groove running the length of the Stiffness. Ahhh. Up

and down. down and up. My free hand holds you steady as my tongue

caresses and strokes the groove. The boiling within my groins becomes

intense. Your thrusting assures me of the pleasure you are accepting,

increasing my own desires even more.

 Turning slightly, I allow my mouth to seek the small hollow at the

base of your Spike. I probe with my tongue. Discovering the firmness

of the inner structures. Sucking. My hand stroking your Member;

tongue probing; the other hand now sliding across the orbs that are so

firm. Your moans tell me you have surrendered to just accepting the

sensations. Your body, like mine, is now one with your mind.

 Very, very gently, I draw the Orbs as far into my mouth as I can. 

Exploring the sliky smoothness of their surface, the tactile messages are

imbedded into my memory for recall when we are apart. 

 Now. Now, I slide even further back. My tongue pressing as it

tiptoes across the bridge behind the orbs. Probing. My tongue

lubricates the tight opening. You lift upwards to me. My lips follow

the crevice. My tongue massaging the crack. 

 Eventually, I begin to retrace the path I had followed. My fingers

following behind. Finding the tight cavern, one finger begins to just

press against it, just pressing. rotating. stimulating. While my lips

again slide over the orb, along the staff, back to the crown.

 NOW. Now my mouth parts and I begin to draw you into my

mouth. Down slightly. Pulling my head up. Now drawing you in a

little further. And pulling away again. I use the suction of my mouth

to draw you in; my tongue to push you back out. Repeating the process

with such slowness that it seems almost as if we are suspended in time.

 Each time, my own body wants me to draw you fully in; however, I

resist the urge; the sensations alone preparing allowing full relaxation so

as to eventually take your member fully within my mouth.

 Time no longer exists. There is nothing but the sensations

sweeping through our bodies. Then. Then you are fully into my mouth. 

The crown pressing into the tightness at the aperture of my throat. I

swallow. The motions massage your Member. I feel it throbbing against

my tongue and mouth. My own body is responding with torrents of


 I can feel the orbs moving so slightly as I suck deeply; drawing on

your very inner being. Your moans of pleasure fill my ears. My own

murmurings of delight muffled by the fullness in my throat. 

 No longer can I prolong. My own body demands full release. 

Surrendering, I slide my hand through my own thatch to help bring us

to the mutual climax. Faster; harder; deeply;.... holding ...

drawing ... .... ...

 The sweetsour taste of your essence fills my mouth as my own

body releases its torrents. Our voices blend in unison as we crest into

that universe of passion where only the fervor exists. There is nothing

except the nerves which are now divesting themselves of energy. We

are one. The throbbing of our hearts beat the primitive sounds of

passion and rapture as nature intended. 

 There is no perspective of time. It has stopped. Until our bodies

release the last drops of our passions, we are bound in this world of


 At long last, I turn back to you. Our chests heaving in unison. 

We kiss. And wrapped in the safety of each other's embrace, we drift

off to dream of other times yet to be.



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