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Archive-name: SpecMome/room-203.txt


Archive-title: Room 203

   It was early morning, that time between night and day when everything seems

 poised on the edge of movement.  She stretched and turned to look at the

 clock, smiling.  Today was the day.  Today they would finally be together.

   She hopped out of bed and headed for the shower.  The water was warm,

 and her body responded to the tingling fingers caressing it.  Her movements

 were slow and sensuous as she soaped every inch of her body, thinking about

 him.  So attuned was she to him, that she could almost feel his hands on

 her as her brushed across her breasts, down her belly, over her mound,

 sliding between her thighs, and down inch by slippery inch til she soaped

 her toes.  She giggled, tempted to give herself release, but knew that to

 hold it in would make it oh, so much better when they were in each other's


   Her hair received the same thorough treatment, and then she rinsed off.

 She towelled herself dry, her body almost begging for release.  She glanced

 in the mirror, grinning at the glow the brisk towelling produced.  "That's

 almost how I'll look when he's loving me," she thought.

   Towel hung back up, she moved to the closet.  Silk shirt, black jeans.

 No underwear.  Perfume sprayed in strategic locations, then clothes donned,

 and she was ready.  The shoes were a slip on affair; she giggled at the

 phrases flitting through her mind.  Finally brush the hair, add a touch of

 makeup, and she had nothing left to do.  She glanced at the clock, trying

 to ignore the butterflies in her stomach.  It was time.

   She was greeted by the early morning chirping of birds as she stepped

 outside.  The sun was a golden ball still half hidden by the trees to the

 east, and the air was still kissed by the coolness of the night.  She

 got in her car, easing it out of the driveway.

   The drive was too short, in her opinion.  She hated feeling nervous,

 but she did.  So silly; they knew each other so well, but there it was

 anyway.  She saw the hotel and turned, pulling into the parking lot.

   Room 203.  He'd told her where it was.  She walked up the stairs and

 turned left.  There, on the end.  Each step closer had her heart pounding

 harder, and when she reached the door she took a deep breath to calm

 herself.  All would be well.  It was her Marcus, how could it be other-

 wise?  She smiled, licking dry lips, and knocked on the door.

   A startled "eep!" escaped her lips as the door was swept open before

 her hand had even finished the first knock.. and there he was.  For a

 moment she stared up into his eyes, before he winked and reached out

 for her.  She moved into his arms.. and knew that everything was okay.

   Marcus drew her into the room and closed the door.  For the first

 time he spoke in that warm, honeyed voice that never failed to melt her.

 "I've been waiting so impatiently for you."  A knowing grin lit his lips.

 "You were scared weren't you?  Afraid somehow it wouldn't be all right?"

    She glanced up from the safety of his arms, smiling wryly.  "You KNOW

  how paranoid I can be!"

    He chuckled, and the sound washed over her.  "Yes, and YOU know there's

 always a punishment for being paranoid!"

   She smiled, and this time the shivers within her had nothing to do

 with nervousness.  Her tongue flicked out to lick her lower lip, and he

 watched the movement hungrily.  "I've been waiting a long time for that -

 punishment, my love."

   He growled, almost a purr, and pulled her tighter into his arms.  "And

 I've been waiting a long time to administer the - punishment!"  His

 head lowered, and he flicked his tongue against her lips.  "A taste,

 so sweet.." he muttered as his lips descended upon hers.  Slowly at

 first, then with more confidence, his lips took hers.  His tongue

 pressed gently and her mouth opened to him.  Her hands went around

 his neck as his pressed their bodies together.  Tongue met tongue,

 explored each other, learned the taste of each other's mouths.  When

 they finally broke the kiss, both were gasping.

   "Amazing."  One word from her, but both laughed.

   "And that's just the kiss, dearling.  Wait til I get you in the bed."

 His words were a promise.

   "Til I feel you inside of me."  And hers, exultant expectation.

   "Til I feel you surrounding me."  His, a benediction.

   The two stared at each other once more.  It was truly amazing, she

 thought, what he could make her feel.  One finger reached out to caress

 her cheek, and then slid down to touch her neck, lower, til it met

 the first button on her blouse.  His eyes never left hers as he began

 unbuttoning her blouse, feeling his way, caressing every inch of flesh

 that he revealed.

   She felt pulled into his very being by the warmth of his eyes, the

 touch of his fingers on her.  Hardly knowing what she was doing, she

 let the blouse slide down her arms and off of her body.

   "Beautiful," he murmured, taking in the sight of her standing before

 him in nothing but black jeans and black shoes which were quickly

 kicked off.

   She blushed, grinning.  "My turn!"  Her fingers repeated the actions

 of his, and soon they were both standing naked from the waist up.

   "Exquisite," he whispered, holding her tight in his arms once more.

 Their lips met again, and his fingers brushed over her skin, learning

 her contours, as the passion between them threatened to consume them.

 Fingers shaking, he unzipped her pants, chuckling as she wriggled to

 push them off her her body.  He stepped away from her long enough to

 sit down and remove his shoes, then allowed her to pull his jeans off.

   Naked flesh against naked flesh.  The emotions were so intense, she

 felt as if she would explode before he ever entered her.  And she knew,

 if he wanted it, she would too... for that was the emotional link that

 they had, the power that he had over her body.. the power that she

 had given him.  She shivered as his lips explored her face, her neck,

 her ears; standing in his arms, trembling with desire.

   "You're beautiful," he whispered in her ear as he gently pushed her

 to the bed.  She could hear the smile in his voice as one finger pressed

 against her lips.  "And no arguing, it's not allowed."

   She laughed.  "Would I argue with you, darling?"

   He smiled in response.  "If I allowed it, yes... but in this, you're not

 going to.  You're beautiful, I've said so, and that's that!"

   She giggled up at him as his hands led her backwards.  Her legs felt

 the bed behind her, and she sat.  His hardness was inches away from her

 face, and for the first time she reached out to touch.  He moaned softly,

 his fingers urging her to move back on the bed, as he followed her.

 She smiled up at him, keeping her fingers wrapped around him, til she

 was lying on the bed with him above her.  Gently he lay on her, and she

 gasped as she felt his hardness nudging against her.  Their lips met once

 more, and his tongue imitated what his movements told her would soon

 happen.  She was wet and eager, but she knew him too well.  He wouldn't

 take her until she was aching for it, needing him so badly that every

 inch of her body became a sex organ.. and perhaps that was the truth.

 With him, at least.

   Their lips parted, and he began making his way down her body.  Her

 fingers tangled in his golden hair as his lips blazed a molten path to

 her breasts.  He teased her nipples, making circles around them without

 touching them, spiralling in bit by agonizingly slow bit, until finally

 his mouth opened wide and he took first one nipple then the other into

 his mouth.  His tongue heated them up, then he drew back and blew on

 them, cooling them before lathing them once more with his tongue.  His

 hands pushed them together, and he took both nipples into his mouth at

 once.  She groaned, her back arching to push her breasts closer to him.

 Her body squirmed under him, her legs opened wider, and she could feel

 him gently brushing against her.  The ache spread, and she moaned once

 more.  "I need you," she whispered.

   "And I need you too, my love, but - not yet."  He smiled up at her,

 his eyes blazing with passion kept barely in check.  Once more he moved

 down as his lips caressed her skin.  To her stomach, making her giggle

 as he flicked his tongue out on her belly button.  Lower, lower, outlining

 her hair.  He pressed against her thighs, and she opened herself more

 for him.  "Beautiful," he whispered once more.  The ache was greater,

 and her hips raised up in entreaty.  She gasped as his tongue flicked

 out to touch her outer lips.

   "Oh, yes!  Oh, please?" she found herself begging.

   "Tell me what you want."

   "You know what I want!"

   "But tell me.  I want to hear it."

   She laughed as she felt the blush stealing across her cheeks.  So silly

 to feel hesitant.  She gasped as his tongue touched her again, above her

 clit, not quite touching.  "I want to feel your tongue on me, I want you

 to eat me, I want to come all over your face, and then I want you to

 plunge yourself into me!  I want to watch your eyes as you enter me, as

 you feel me squeezing around you, as you finally come deep inside of me.

 Oh, please, Marcus!  Do it to me!"  Her words were almost incoherant

 with lust, starting out slow, but flowing faster and faster until they

 were almost an aural blur.

   It was his turn to gasp as her words caused immediate reactions in his

 body.  "And that's what I want too, dearest."  So saying, his face lowered

 to her center of being, and his mouth opened on her.

   So hot.  So wet.  So good!  His tongue knew exactly where to touch, how

 to touch, and it drove her into a frenzy.  One hand stole up to caress a

 breast, the other down, and fingers entered her.  Fingers twisted slowly,

 slyly, making her hips buck upwards in response.  His tongue swirled

 circles on her clit, his lips sucked gently inward, making her clit grow

 and protude even further.  His fingers moved faster, almost twirling

 inside of her.  His mouth explored her, sucking in her outer lips, making

 circles on her clit, coming down to drink up the juices that were flowing

 out around his fingers, teasing the area below her opening, then back up

 to lick and suck on her clit.  She ached for release, she begged for it,

 and his tongue pressed a bit more, concentrating completely on her clit

 now.  Her legs scissored around his head as she felt herself being

 pushed closer and closer to the brink.  Her moans were constant now,

 crying out louder and louder, shaking, quivering, on the edge... and

 then!  His tongue pressed just a bit more, moved a bit faster, as the

 hand on her breast moved down to hold her closer to him, and she felt

 herself falling over the edge.  She almost screamed as the first wave

 of orgasm hit her.  His fingers ached from her spasms, so tightly did

 she squeeze upon them.  Her legs closed tightly around his head as she

 jerked from side to side.  He rode her orgasm, through the aftershocks,

 until she had calmed down a bit, chuckling as a sly flick of her tongue

 had her pulsing once more.  She cried out again, almost in shock, as the

 waves started up once more.  Never before had she felt anything so intense,

 and she wondered distractedly if she would faint from the ecstasy.  He

 let her calm, his fingers slipping from her, a last kiss placed upon

 her, licking up the juices that had soaked her.  Then slowly he made

 his way back up her body, kissing the path he'd made before, in reverse.

 Poised above her, he looked into her eyes.  "Watch me, love, as I enter


   Their eyes locked as he hovered above her.  He pressed against her,

 and she gasped slightly as he entered her the first inch.  Her eyes

 started to close in reaction, but he called to her, and her eyes opened

 fully to watch him once more.  His eyes blazed with passion and need,

 carefully kept under control, as he plunged fully into her for the first

 time.  Her breath escaped her in a gasping sigh.  "So good!" she exclaimed.

   "I think the word was amazing?"  He chuckled, cut short by a moan as

 her legs wrapped around him and he began moving in and out of her.  Her

 hips rose and fell in response and he felt her squeezing rhythmically

 around him.  Her fingers dug into his back as she felt herself moving

 once more along the path to orgasm.  He lay fully on her, his lips

 taking hers once more, his fingers feverishly exploring every inch of

 her body that he could reach.  Faster and faster their movements became,

 a dance orchestrated by the passion raging between them.  He moved,

 his lips descending to lick at her nipples as he plunged into her once

 more.  One hand made its way under her, lifting her up to him, gently

 squeezing and probing, adding to the intensity.

   "Amazing," she agreed in little more than a whisper.  She clutched

 at him, on the brink once more.  Minutes passed, minutes of frenzied

 movement, of slowing down, of teasing, and then there, once more!

 Poised on the edge, til he move his hips in a sideways motion as he

 pressed down upon her.  She cried out as her whole being became

 concentrated on those inches between her legs, as her world exploded

 in a kaliedescope of colors, as she shuddered, as her inner muscles

 squeezed around him.  "Come with me!" she begged, looking into his eyes

 as he sat up a little to ride her better.

   Perhaps the words were all he needed, so attuned to her he was.  He

 smiled down into her eyes, a grimace of ecstasy almost, and plunged

 deeply into her.  One second held still, on the edge, and then she

 rippled around him, and he cried out.  "Ahhhhhhhh yes!"

   She felt him pulse within her, and then his seed burst forth within

 her.  So intense was the feeling that she screamed, climaxing once

 more around him.  They cried together, their climax timed perfectly,

 united together... slowly, slowly they came down off their twin peak,

 holding each other, the sheen of sweat making them glow in the soft

 sunlight filtering through the curtains.

   He kissed her, gently, lingeringly, not wanting to withdraw... minutes

 passed, and she felt him soften within her, reluctantly slipping from

 her.  He rolled over, pulling her into his arms.  They lay together,

 replete, and she shivered.  He smiled, sitting up long enough to pull

 the covers up over them.  "I remember one other time, when I had to

 find ways to keep you warm," he whispered.  "Didn't think I'd have to

 do it here too."

   She smiled sleepily.  "When it's good, darlin, I always get cold

 afterwards."  She snuggled into his arms tighter.  "I seem to be

 positively freezing right now...."



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