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Archive-name: SpecMome/randtiff.txt


Archive-title: Randi and Tiffany 


     The young man almost groaned outloud as he felt for the very

first time, a woman's body pressing every so close to his.  And

not just some ordinary woman's body, but that of his most lovely

girl friend, Tiffany.  Young Randi stiffened his arms, and gently

raised himself up onto his hands and knees. the 13-year youngster

was careful NOT to move the area of his loins, as THAT was where

those most exotic feelings were now coming from.  And the reason? 

Simple, because, at this very moment, his 16-year old girlfriend,

Tiffany was spread-eagled out on the soft blanket, where both of

them were hidden behind a tall sand dune.  And the reason for

their most unusually and lovely feelings was that at this very

moment, Randi had simply had yet another orgasm, sending the both

of them into feelings unlike either of them even knew were

possible.  As the extremely handsome young man stiffened his

body, arching his back, and shoving his hips forward, driving his

very long, erect cock deep into Tiffany's tiny, slim body as she

remained stretched out on that blanket. As she felt him shove

that cock into her, causing that hard shaft to slide the full

length up into her wet pussy, she gave a soft cry of delight and

she willingly widened her legs to take even MORE of him into her,

as she wanted everything he had. 

     All this had simply started out as a simple date, when Randi

had asked Tiffany for a date, and to go out on his families boat. 

They had spent much of the day with his family, but later the

parents wanted to spend some time alone.  So they asked the two

youngsters if they would mind just taking a walk along the beach. 

     Since Randi was overwhelmed at how beautiful Tiffany looked,

so sexy, just a little shorter than him, with such a BEAUTIFUL

body, very tiny and petite, yet with very very cute firm breasts,

and as she was still wearing her tiny bikini bathing suit, there

was NO doubt as to how beautiful her body REALLY was.  Randi even

swore he could see her small, dark, hard nipples through the soft

material of her bra, and the sight of them made the young man

awful excited. 

     And as they walked along the boardwalk towards the sand

dunes, he kept glancing over towards her, watching how the thin

white material of her bottom part of her suit fitted SOOOO close

to the shape of her body, even where it curved down between her

slender legs, almost to the point that the cloth pulled up into

the small 'slit' of her vagina, almost as if her skin was


     Poor Randi found himself feeling awful aroused at seeing

this.  So much so, that as he walked beside her, he was bashful

when he felt his once small, soft penis, beginning to harden and

stiffen, causing the front of his bathing suit to stick out a

little.  And unknown to him, Tiffany would glance out of the

corner of her eyes and watch that hard bulge, which got HER

almost excited as his seeing her. 

     When they got to the dunes, Randi took the blanket he had

been carrying on his shoulder, and shook it out, and they sat on

it, watching the sun slowly setting.  It was still hot, and he

saw how her body was gleaming with a soft sheen of perspiration. 

And it made her look sooo sexy that he really felt his penis

hardening now,as she sat there, facing him, her legs crossed,

causing the thin cloth of her suit REALLY pulling deeper into

that slit,  until she began to squirm a little uncomfortable as

it 'cut' into her, rubbing against where it made her feel so


     As Tiffany then leaned back on her elbows, she stretched out

her long golden legs, and the shiny material of her bathing suit

tugged even deeper into that slit, and in spite of her youth,

Randi could swear he could catch just the glimpse of several soft

strands of her pubic hair as it curled out from beneath that


     Her stomach was very firm, almost hard and flat, but so sexy

looking as he watched her breathing, the muscles in her tummy

gently moving up and down.  He looked at her tiny belly button,

and he wanted so much to be able to lean down, to press his warm

lips against her soft body.  Then he shifted his eyes to the soft

roundness of her small breasts  so warm looking and he felt he

would simply DIE if he could not soon get a look at them,

noticing how delicious they looked, and especially the dark, hard

nipples as he noticed them through the thin material of her bra.

     Poor Randi just HAD to hide his hard cock now, and with a

groan rolled over onto his stomach,  which brought him up almost

touching Tiffany, as she leaned back on her elbows, so that the

top of her suit tugged upwards, almost uncovering the whole

bottom half of those lovely rounded breasts.  

     And again Randi felt his cock harden, now pushing through

the blanket, against the sand.  A minute later Tiffany flopped

back onto her back.  And laying like that got Randi soooooo

excited, he leaned forward, pressing his lips against the soft

moist lips of Tiffany.  

     Almost from the very beginning, she WANTED him to kiss her,

and she gently opened her mouth, letting Randi slip his tongue

into her hot mouth, his tongue switching back and forth against

hers, until with a soft sigh, she squirmed close to him, wrapping

both her arms around his strong shoulders, pulling him as close

to her as possible. 

     Doing that, pulled his hard, flat belly up against her's,

and he sighed as he felt her own belly now pressing firmly into

her's.  And his hard penis was rubbing hard against the area

deeply between her legs, making her feel sooo sexy, that she

quickly spread her legs apart in order to get that hardness even

better against her.  And within a minute, both the young people

were grinding their hips together.  Until poor Randi KNEW that he

had to keep going further all the time. His hands reached down

under the soft rounded globes of her beautiful buttocks, slipping

under her swim suit, pulling her harder against his hard cock,

which he now ground back and forth against her own responding,

tingling pussy lips as she wanted him to make her feel much much


     He felt soooo wonderful now, and yet he wanted even more. 

And quickly one hand reached up behind her, finding the buttons

on the back of her suit top, and he unfastened them, reaching

down and flinging that bra away, so that from well below her

belly button to her head, she was completely naked.  Randi gasped

as the sight of those most lovely breasts he had ever seen, so

nice, firm, and her nipples almost as hard as pencil erasers,

just 'begging' for him too....  And quickly Randi knew what he

WANTED to do, and ducking his head, he sucked first one nipple

and then the other into his mouth, his lips, tongue and teeth

teasing those dark points until he listened to his lover groaning

with happiness as she twisted her chest up to him as if to offer

those nipples for him to EAT.

     She loved him soooo much, and wanted him to keep doing these

wonderful things TO HER. Almost from the very beginning Tiffany

could feel something tingling deep in her belly, no, even lower,

something sooo good, that she felt she HAD to get Randi to do

everything he possibly could to make her feel like this.  She

knew that in a few moments they were going to start making love,

and she WANTED to do just that.  She felt she HAD to have Randi

doing all he could to her.  

     His free hand now went down to the ties of her bikini

panties.  And while he distracted her with his sucking, he untied

both sides of her bathing suit, and it fell away from her,leaving

her totally naked.  Raising his head for just a moment, he gulped

as he looked down at that most beautiful body possible.  Her

waist was sooooo tiny, wonderful slim hips, and he could see how

white her flesh was under that bikini, the rest of her body still

slightly tanned.  He could now see that tiny, deep slit...and he

could see those thick pussy lips, her labia, tightly closed, yet

as she relaxed, they 'winked' open just a little as she began to

WANT him to touch every place of her body.

     Gently Randi slid his hand down her tiny flat belly, his

long slim finger sliding into that slit, and in a instant he felt

the warmth, and the wetness of her pussy as she found herself

'preparing' for her lover.  She gasped aloud as she felt his

finger slide just a fraction of an inch into her pussy, rubbing

into her, touching her clitoris which was almost exactly as if

she had reached out and squeezed his cock.  She almost cried out

with joy as she felt that finger massaging in and out of that

deep channel, until she wanted it deeper and harder.  Tiffany

gasped when all of a sudden Randi moved, twisting his body around

until they found each other head to foot.  For a moment she was

puzzled, until she realized WHAT Randi intended to do.  Just the

thought of that cased the poor girl to go wild with happiness. 

She realized that he really WANTED her, and would do just about

anything to make her happy.  As she felt his lips moving down,

down, from her now saliva coated nipples, down to her belly

button, where he licked and sucked for several minutes, and she

began to quiver and shake with happiness as she began to get

hotter and hotter.  

     The girl shivered and almost went wild when she felt Randi's

lips moving down to the small, firm flesh of her belly, as he

licked and kissed her even lower.  

     Raising her head she was just in time to see him move his

head to one side and work down to her small knee, then quickly

moving down to the inside of her leg as he grasped that leg and

spread it wide, even wider until her feet were well over 3 feet

apart...and his lips slipped to the inside of one thigh, and

slowly, teasingly he kissed his way up again, looking out of the

corner of his eyes until he saw what he was after.  THERE THEY

WERE, those now thicker, darker pussy lips as they swelled as she

got hotter and hotter and with a groan the lovely girl felt his

fingers peeling those lips apart, and in another instant she

almost screamed with happiness as she felt his slick wet tongue

slide deep into that slit, and then work up to her highly aroused

clit, which now stood out like a small bump at the very top part

of that opening, as it just 'waited' for her lover to tease and

play with it.

     And while this was the very first time Randi had even seen a

naked girl, something in the back of his mind TOLD him what to

do, and surrounding that clit with his soft, wet lips, he sucked

it into his mouth, rasping his teeth against that bump until with

a sunrise he heard Tiffany groan and her lower body went wild as

she braced her shoulders and feet against the blanket as she

began to 'fuck' against his mouth as hard and fast as she could. 

     She LOVED what Randi was doing, and KNEW she wanted to do

anything to make him feel the same way.So twisting her head to

one side she saw that his hips were not too far from her face,

and she gulped with sunrise, when for the very first time in her

life she saw a man's REAL cock, and in spite of its 'newness' she

trembled with happiness as she saw it 'moving' as Randi moved his

head up and down his tongue searching the full length of her now

highly aroused slit.  She saw that his cock was huge, hardened to

well over 5 inches, and not much smaller than the distance around

her slender wrist.  she could see that at the spot it jutted from

his hard, flat belly, that there hung his balls, now swollen as

part of his excitement.

     She just KNEW what she HAD to do, and gently reaching over,

she grasped that hot cock in both hands, almost dropping it

because it was SOOOO hot and hard, but she managed to hang onto


    When Randi felt her touch him, he almost jumped as if from an

electrical shock, but then her soft, warm hands cuddled that cock

in them, and totally by instinct Randi pushed his hips forward,

slipping his cock THROUGH her hands causing the soft flesh around

the tip of his cock to slide back, and she gasped when she saw

how his cockhead looked, like the tip of a HUGE spear, already to

pierce her body.  And she KNEW that when that happened she would

be SOOOO happy.  But right now, she just wanted to keep Randi

happy.  So she slowly began to squeeze that cock in BOTH hands,

and to pump her hands back and forth until he felt he had to move

more and faster,and a few seconds later Randi began to pump his

hips against her hand, causing that prick to slip and slide

through her hands until he felt like the tip of his cock was

going to explode with such wonderful feelings.  

     He had NEVER felt THIS good in his whole life...not even

when sometimes he would lay on his back in bed, reach down and do

almost the samething Tiffany was doing now. THEN she wanted even

MORE, and Randi was totally unprepared for what she did next.  

     Quickly Tiffany moved her head forward, grasping the tip of

his cock and bending it towards her soft, wet pink lips, and

opening her mouth slightly, she stuck out her tongue, and just as

the end of Randi's cock touched her warm lips, she slithered her

tongue around and around the tip, leaving a large quantity of her

saliva to lubricate it.  

     Poor Randi jumped almost off the blanket as her tongue

touched his cock, feeling so wonderful that he had the most

wonderful feeling ever.  He felt as if his cock was a gigantic

firecracker, about to explode.  With a cry of joy, the young man

arched his body forward, forcing his hard cock deep between

Tiffany's hot lips, and a split second later he heard her groan

as she felt the wide spear-shaped cock bang against the very back

of her mouth, almost deep into her throat as he pushed it full

length into her mouth.  It felt as if it were in a hot tub of

water, as he then felt her lips surrounds the thick base of his

cock, until her lips were buried against the soft fuzz of hair

that was just beginning to grow above the thick base of his cock. 

He felt her tongue swirling around and around the whole length of

his prick and almost immediately, by instinct, the young man

began to push and pull, moving his hips back and forth several

inches until he could feel his cock working in and out of her

sucking mouth making him feel as if he was going to 'come' any

moment.  He had NEVER done anything that felt this good.  

     While he wanted it to last forever, he knew that in only

another minute they BOTH were going to have their orgasm, and he

wanted it to be the very best.  He again leaned down over her

saliva wet pussy, and ATTACKED her with his lips and tongue until

the air around both their heavily sweating bodies was filled with

their young voices as the felt their orgasms swiftly about to


     Then they BOTH felt IT happening, almost together, Randi

felt his insides heating up, and the most wonderful tingling

feeling deep between his legs he had EVER felt, and he knew

something WONDERFUL was happening to him.  He moved yet closer to

Tiffany, so that he was able to 'hump' himself into her mouth

deeper AND faster.  

     At the same time Tiffany felt her lover's tongue flickering

around her swollen clit until it was now driving her crazy.  She

reached down for Randi's brown head, with her fingers intertwined

in his hair she began to pump harder, faster against his mouth. 

Her soft sighing coming faster and deeper as she began to FEEL

LIKE SHE WAS GOING TO EXPLODE inside, then with a loud groan, her

whole body stiffened as hard as a board, her hips arching up off

the blanket until only her shoulders and feet were touching.  She

cried one happy sound after the other as her body shuddered and

convulsed and she felt her loins going crazy as she came.

     Then with a groan she fell limply to the blanket, her hands

falling to her side, her legs falling like a wilted blade of

grass, almost completely exhausted.  Yet she STILL had Randi's hard

cock working in and out of her mouth, and with her remaining

strength she spun her tongue around and around the head of his

cock, her mouth so full of saliva that it completely coated his

hard cock like oil as he pumped faster and harder into her mouth.

     As he felt himself rising to the VERY EXOTIC FEELINGS, Randi

twisted his body, rising to his knees, so that they straddled her

head his knees almost against her ears, lowering his hips, he

knelt over her face, and in this position he just PLAIN FUCKED as

fast and hard as he could.  Moments later he WAS REWARDED as he

felt his cock swell WAY up, suddenly it too seemed to explode,

and for the very first time in his young life he felt something

hot, wet, and very thick BURST out of the tip of his cock.  He

pumped spoonful after spoonful of that stuff deep into his

lover's mouth.

     He heard and felt Tiffany, surprised at this, yet she had

prayed that he would do this, and quickly she swallowed that

stuff, as she tasted it's wet warmth.  

     She loved the taste and feel, knowing that her only LOVER

had REALLY come in her mouth.  She licked that cock as it

continued to pump into her mouth for yet another minute.

     Randi suddenly felt as if he had come to the end of a long

run, as with a soft groan, he fell limply on the blanket. 

Rolling off her tiny body, laying on his side, as he scrambled to

twist around until they were head to head, as he took his lover

in his arms and kissed and hugged her naked body against his.



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