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Archive-name: SpecMome/preggirl.txt


Archive-title: Pregnant Girl, The


     Even with her breasts pulled heavily down, her cleavage

aroused me.  Her dress was too short, her sauntering walk in the

August heat too inviting for a mother.  When we were finally

alone, I told her I'd never seen a pregnant lady naked.  'I would

feel so much better that's so hot...', she responded; so

we both worked to peel off the awkward clothes.  Her breasts, no

longer restrained, hung full, almost touching the swollen belly. 

Her nipples were dark and very large, and grew instantly erect

when the cool air touched her perspiration.  I touched one of

them.  'They're so sensitive..', she invited, and I tasted it

gently.  We fell on the couch.  When I touched her thigh, she

lifted her leg.  Her pussy was dripping. 

     She had an almost perverse fascination for her sex parts. 

She told me how she likes to watch herself masturbating in a

large mirror, and how it arouses her to watch the contractions of

her vagina and anus when she cums. That, she explained, was how

she had gotten pregnant: alone one day, she had decided to spend

it with herself and her clitoris. 

     She had relaxed all day, and then unplugged her phone and

taken a very hot leisurely bath.  The steaming water made her

feel she was in a different world, floating warm and safe, far

from reality.  She titillated herself with delicate strokes of

her fingertips across her nipples and her belly as she shaved her

underarms, her legs, and all of her pubic hair.  She liked to see

herself as naked as she could, and so regularly shaved herself as

completely as possible, even becoming quite expert at the area

around her anus, which she could manage only by touch.  When the

water began to cool she had toweled off, slowly massaged body oil

into as much of herself as she could reach, coated her vaginal

and anal area liberally with heavy oil, wiped her hands and spent

some time brushing out her hair. 

     She lay back on a stack of pillows on her bed, facing a

large mirror, with a large drink.  She had a lamp that cast a

spotlight on the area between her legs, warming it as well.  The

bath and the oil made her skin feel very soft and sensitive, and

the steady drone of the air conditioner blotted out all noise. 

Usually when she masturbated she would fantasize, but now she

felt comfortable with herself, and wanted to feel her own fingers

stroking the silky smooth outer lips of her vagina slowly up and

down, pressing a bit on each trip as they passed over her


     Presently in the mirror she saw the lips begin to pout and

then to part slightly.  Her loins began to tingle and she could

feel herself lubricating.  She propped her head with the pillows

so she could relax completely while watching the source of the

pleasure she was feeling.  She paused to squeeze one of her

nipples very hard, and noticed the subtle movement of her vagina

that accompanied the throb she felt.  She did it again, and a

droplet of her moisture began to trail down toward the pink of

her naked anus.  She pulled the lips apart with both hands,

causing her erect clit to stand out, throbbing visibly as she

tugged.  She began to stroke and squeeze the area just above her

clitoris very gently, rewarded with one throb for each stroke. 

She watched her inner lips begin to swell and pout.  The trail of

moisture had reached the entrance to her anus; she took pride in

the quantity of liquid she was generating. 

     Now, with a dollop of Vaseline on her middle finger she

began to rub back and forth across the upper part of her clit,

pressing more firmly as she became more aroused.  She lay her

head back, luxuriating in the comfort as the tingle grew in her

loins, welling stronger, until her vagina had begun to blossom

open in the crescendo before orgasm.  It spasmed hard in one of

those cums that left her still tingling, letting herself down

still rubbing slowly, holding one of her soft breasts in her

other hand.  The need was still there, and soon she had her

vibrator pressing next to her clit, bringing her toward another

climax, and then another. 

     She worked on herself until she felt drugged, lethargic

after hours of masturbating and many orgasms.  When one of the

local boys had walked in unannounced, she hadn't even tried to

stop him. 




     Now, she felt at peace, languid on warm summer days, and the

small movements within would comfort her.  Sometimes on a weekend

she spent all day in gentle orgasms.  In the morning, we would

eat without ever getting dressed, her swelling belly almost

resting on her thighs.  She ate slowly, tasting every mouthful;

then we would lay together, touching, kissing, teasing our bodies

and slowly making love. 

     Once she started, it took only warm words and gentle

pressure on her clitoris to produce several throbs.  She lay on

the couch listening to the stereo while I worked, stroking

herself to the slow music.  Sometimes I just sat and watched her

lovely nude vagina and anus, squeezing every so often to her

touches.  I'd come by, lean over and kiss her to a few throbs,

and she would take my penis in her mouth to run her tongue around

the head until it began to swell.  She just lay in her juices; it

would crust her buns, and when I came, my semen stayed where it

landed in a trickle down her chin and neck as she swallowed. 

     In the evening I brought dinner to her.  Eating reminded us

of the delicious things we'd tasted, and after eating she

continued her mild orgasms.  They were heavy, lazy, and her

nipples barely showed the erection of her earlier orgasms.  After

dark, I finished the chores while I watched her slowly press a

dildo at her pussy until it was swallowed completely.  I could

see her contract on it as she eased it in, and my penis was again

aroused.  I stood over her to have it sucked full hard while she

pushed the dildo with her heel, her hips slowly heaving. 

     The climax of our climaxes was a long, slow lovemaking. 

We'd get comfortable and I'd slide into the wet and tired pussy

in place of the rubber surrogate.  As we rocked together, she

would squeeze one of her nipples and one of mine, and I would do

the same.  Our identity had so merged that the distinction had

blurred between making love and masturbating. 

     We were lying on our sides, so she was able to take the

lower breast in both hands.  She squeezed the puffed aureole with

her thumbs and a squirt of milk ran over her hand. As she shifted

more to her back to lick it from her hand I leaned forward to

suck the swollen nipple.  A small quantity of milk flowed, and it

made her hotter.  "The other", she whispered, and I repeated what

had been done, tasting her warm, somehow familiar milk.  Now she

began to milk the breast in earnest, pulling with both hands. 

Hot streams of milk washed my chest, and I could feel her pussy

contract on me as her hands urged milk from the nipple.  Timing

my thrusts to her tit-milking, we brought her to the brink, and

held her there for many seconds.   With wide eyes, she pressed

her clit to me, using me to stimulate herself when needed,

holding the cum just on the edge as her vagina slowly expanded in

the wind-up before orgasm.  When finally it contracted on my

penis my orgasm was triggered, sending hot streams of semen to

mix with her juices and leaving us with eyes closed, wallowing in

a mixture of our secretions, feeling one another's fading throbs

as she pressed her belly and breasts to me, holding me tightly in

her arms.



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