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Archive-name: SpecMome/poolprty.txt


Archive-title: Pool Party

	One. Two. Three. Breathe.

	I force myself to concentrate on my stroke and technique as I cut 

through the water. How many laps have I done? I lost count around 5 or 6.

It doesn't matter ... I'll swim to exhaustion, trying to work off my

hurt and anger. It's not your fault. I hadn't _told_ you I was planning

a special evening. I mean, it's only been six months that we've been

'seeing' each other ... I've only been living with you for the last two!

	I didn't mention it ... I figured you'd think it was silly. The

only hint I gave was to ask you _several times_ if you thought you'd be 

leaving work on time. I didn't expect you to keep track, but I wanted to

celebrate a little. That's why I left work an hour early so I could start

dinner ... fresh green salad, my secret squash soup, lemon-baked cornish

hens with rice pilaf, and a simply decadent chocolate mousse for dessert!

It might be everyday faire for some people, but it's a big deal when _I_

prepare a meal like this! Maybe I should've hinted ...

	Oh, damn! There I go again! Stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe! Cup

the hand. Don't splash with your kick. Dive, turn, head back for the next


	Finally, I just can't raise my arm again. I drag myself out 

of the sun-warmed water and the cool air of an early May night starts me 

shivering. Actually, the shock feels good ... brisk, stimulating,

distracting. As I approach the redwood bench for my towel, I glance into 

the kitchen for the time. 9:43 pm. Where the hell are you? You've been

late before, but you're usually home by 8:00! This just adds to my blue

mood. I sit on the bench, my back to the house, drape the huge towel

over my head and body and start to dry myself. I think about how you seem

to enjoy drying me off and my shivers evolve into tearful sobs.

	Suddenly, behind me I hear the kitchen door slide open. I lock up 

the tears and pull the towel over my face and start rubbing to mask the

red, puffy eyes and (probably) ruined makeup. Great! Now I'm sure I look

_so_ romantic!

	"Hi." Your voice sounds slightly uncertain. I don't respond.

	"I guess I missed dinner, huh? The table looks really nice." Still

no reply from me.

	"I'm sorry ... you didn't tell me ... I didn't realize!"

	"I know!" I finally croak out a whisper. "I wanted to surprise you."

	You try to run your hand down my back, or start to help me dry, but

I pull away. I'm shivering again and struggling to keep the tears away. I 

don't want you to see me like this! We've had a few arguments, but you've 

never seen me have an all-out crying jag! I usually have more control!

	"It's not your fault," I whisper, as I stand and walk a few steps

away. "I should've told you. I really didn't expect you to know what day it

is ... I wanted to celebrate quietly ... it's silly!"

	"It's not silly," you follow me and hug me from behind, not letting

me get away. "I know it's been six months. That's why I got this ..." and

you show me a small, rectangular box. My sniffles start again.

	"I didn't BUY you anything ... except dinner!" You turn me around

and hug me to you. Totally confused and out of control, I continue crying

against your neat white shirt.

	"Hey, cut that out! C'mon, do you forgive me?" you plead with a

smile in your voice. All I can do is nod. 

	I feel you kiss me on the top of my head, then my forehead, my 

temple, my ear. Pushing the towel away, you continue kissing my eyelids, 

my cheek, my neck, til you reach that magic area where my neck curves into

my shoulder ... one of the few non-sexual places that makes me absolutely

crazy! You kiss it then start to nibble gently.

	I make a sound somewhere between a sob and a sigh as I drop my

towel and wrap my arms around you, automatically rolling my head aside so

you can continue ... which you do. Mmmm! You lick and nibble, my shivers

turn to quivers of pleasure and I'm instantly warm! Your long fingers

trace down my spine, teasing the next hot spot of arousal.

	"Uh! Mmmm!" My hands slide down to your ass and I pull you

to me, grinding my mound against you. I can feel your hardness through

your pants. I turn my head to find your mouth and we clamp down hard!

During that intense kiss you continue to flick your fingertips against

my skin, sending tremors of mini-orgasms through me! By the time our

lips separate, the crotch of my swimsuit is warm with a wetness not

caused by poolwater!

	I start unbuttoning your shirt, applying kisses to your strong 

chest as each button is cleared. You unhook my swim top and slip it off

my shoulders. I shiver slightly as the cold, wet material slides across 

my skin. I drop my arms and let the top fall. You brush the backs of 

your fingertips across my rigid nipples before you cup my breasts. Your

hands are large and warm, and they feel fabulous as they caress me.

	"Mmm. So nice," you say. You lead me back to the bench, where you

sit and position me standing between your legs. You raise my arms and hold

them there as you lick and nibble around my breasts. I interlock my 

fingers behind my head, so your hands are free to stroke and tickle the

soft flesh of my underarm and the side of the breast. Then your hands slide

lightly down my sides to my hips. You trace the edge of my suit bottom

with your fingers, causing me to whimper in anticipation.

	"Oh please baby" I beg just before you slip your fingers into the

suit and up inside my hungry pussy. "Hunh! Oh! Yes!" I cry out as my body

is convulsed with orgasm, and I grab your shoulders to steady myself. 

Slowly the wave of electric energy subsides and I try to catch my breath.

You slide my sex-saturated swimsuit bottoms down and help me step out

of them.

	Your hands caress my ass and your lips and tongue dance across

my navel and tummy, moving down to the bush. This is an awkward reach

for you from a sitting position, so you tell me to step onto the bench.

I hesitate only a second before I climb up, placing one foot on either

side of you. From this height (I discover) I can just reach the eave

of the house, which I grab now as you cup my ass and slip your tongue

between my engorged labia.

	"Oh my god! Hunh! Aaaahhh!! YES!" I can hardly keep my balance

as you send wave after wave of ecstasy crashing through my body! As I 

look down toward the action, I catch our reflection in the door-wall.

What a view! My body spread-eagle over you, your face buried in my 

bush ... with moonlight glittering off the pool water beyond! Incredible!

Then I lose all control, my mind goes numb and I submit totally to the

unbelievable climax!

	In some blur of semi-awareness, I end up lying on the bench and

kissing you deeply, the taste of my juice filling my mouth from yours.

I don't know if I was actually 'out', but you've had time to strip bare,

and I feel your throbbing cock slide easily into my body. You move slowly

and deliberately in me, struggling to maintain your control and allowing

me to clear my head a bit. I have to force myself to focus on the cool

air across my skin until I catch my breath. Then I look into your deep

blue eyes and whisper, "I love you."

	You smile before you squeeze your eyes shut and begin pumping

toward the climax. Oh, god, you feel so good inside me! I pull my knees

up to my shoulders and I feel us climb together to the peak. Just as I

reach the brink, I feel your body's signals and I know you're there too.

As your cum blasts deep inside me, my usually quiet lover cuts loose

a low gutteral roar! Your body shakes with the intensity of your orgasm!

	"Oh yes! Yes, my baby. My sweet. My love." I coo to you as I

stroke your back and shoulders. This powerful explosion takes time to

subside, but finally you open your eyes and smile.

	We rest there for a couple of minutes before we have any energy

to move, then we slowly separate after a few sweet kisses. We gather 

up our clothes, whispering questions as to whether or not the neighbors

heard us ... like it's going to matter at this point! 

	"You didn't open your gift!" you say as you retrieve it from

the ground. I walk over and wrap my arms around your naked body.

	"I already have the best gift of all," I whisper as I look up

into your beautiful eyes. "But I'll take it if you _really_ want me

to ..." I add impishly.

	After an unhurried, loving kiss, I take your hand and start

pulling toward the house.

	"Let's see what else we can 'open' ...."



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