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Archive-name: SpecMome/picnicks.txt


Archive-title: Picnic

	As the wind sifts through your hair, you cant help but 

feel elated.  His hand snakes around your arm, his fingers 

closing around yours in a firm, but gentle, embrace.  The warm 

breeze feels good, although the thought of a colder winter soon 

ahead lingers in the back of your mind.  His hand is connected 

to yours, and you feel the powerful muscles in his arm, knowing 

how paradoxical the situation is:  His strong, muscular hands 

attached so gently to yours.  You smile as you realize how 

seemingly out of place the thought is, and he catches it.

	He smiles back at you, his teeth glistening in the 

noontime sun.  You gaze deep into his dark brown eyes, oh, how 

deep they are.  You think, fleetingly, that you could fall into 

them and never stop.  You stop smiling, and he pulls you closer.  

His free hand wraps around your back, and he leans closer.  His 

lips are tempting, so full and red, and there.  Your eyes start to 

close, as if they knew the script before you did.  Your head tilts 

back, and you anticipate his coming.

	It seems as if the kiss is ages in coming.  Finally, you 

receive what you want.  The kiss.    His lips glance yours, and 

you feel the hot breath mixing in with the cooler autumn air.  

Vaguely, your mind wanders to the brustling trees, the 

whipering that you think you hear them saying:  

'kiss...kiss....kisss'  the words fade off as you cant help but fall 

into the luxurious kiss.  His tongue and yours mesh, and you 

dont know where you end and he begins.

	A single leaf falls between your faces, and you break 

apart, giggling.  He is still hoding your hand, and you can feel a 

warmth, though you aren't sure if it's from your heart, or his 


	He begins to walk, and you fall into step.  His short brown 

spiky hair entices you, and you run your hand through it.  He 

smiles, and gives a short laugh, because he loves the feeling of 

your fingers through his hair.  He leans over, and gives you a 

small kiss on the lips.

	As you aproach the lake, you see what he has done to 

prepare for this day. When he said that today was going to be 

special, you never expected this.   You see a canoe, with a picnic 

basket and a champagne bottle submerged in an icebucket 


	"I hope you dont mind the ice being slightly melted..."  he 

doesnt have to finish the sentence, because you cut him off with 

a long, passionate kiss. He envelops you with his arms, and once 

more, his kiss takes you away.  You wish it would never end, 

but there is time for that later.  You also don't want to spoil his 

efforts, and follow him down to the boat.

	He helps you into the bow of the boat, and with a 

graceful, slightly exaggerated gentlemanly gesture, he helps you 

in with one hand, while holding the canoe steady with the other.

	He skillfully climbs in, and pushes away from the dock.  

As he strokes, you look around the surroundings.  The trees 

around the endge of the lake are turning a beautiful shade of 

auburn, gold, red, and brown.  The smell in the air is one of the 

leaves, and is so special only because it happens once a year, 

and only at this time.  However, you find it hard to concentrate 

on the foliage, because your eyes keep heading back to him.  His 

muscles ripple beneath his shirt, and that special smile never 

leaves his lips.

	You look down, and watch the water pass underneath the 

boat.  All you can hear is the water rushing, the paddle splashing, and the wind hissing along with your desires.   You 

know that there is nothing to say right now, and anything said 

will spoil the moment.  He apparently feels the same way, and 

he reverts his attention to the task at hand.  You put your head 

on your hands, resting your elbows on your knees, watching 


	He looks up, and smiles once more.  Suddenly, he points 

upwards, behind you.

	"Oh!  Look!"

	What you see is probably the most beautiful bird you 

have ever seen.  It is an eagle, and its gliding motion 

pronounces its majestic stature.  It glides back and forth, as if it 

was inspecting its dominion.  From up above, all the subjects of 

this mighty lord fall under critical eye.  Today, it is pleased. 

Everything is serene, and the sights below cause him to dip his 

wings, and make a show, for the benefit of the two lovers, 

watching and admiring from below. His swoops and swirls 

provide a spectacle that few have seen, and it makes the day 

even more special.  In your heart, you know that nothing can go 

wrong today, that for some reason the Fates have decreed that 

the worries of the world do not exist.

	All too soon, the trip is over, and you have crossed the 

lake.  He gets out of the boat, and offers you his hand.  After 

you exit the boat, he lifts the basket and champagne out of the 

boat, and carries it up from the lake.

	You walk side by side, and finally you reach the top of a 

small hill, underneath an oak tree, its leaves still hanging, yet a 

bright orange in color. You see him take out the traditional 

checkered cloth, and lay it out.  He smooths it out, then places 

the picnic basket off center in the cloth.  He opens the basket, 

and pulls out a candle.  Near the base of the tree, he scoops out 

a small amount of dirt, and places the candle in the hole.  He 

fishes into his pocket for some matches, and lights the candle.  

He pulls from the basket several containers of food, and finishes 

the set with some silverware and silk napkins.

	After eating, he takes the champagne from the ice chest, 

and with a flair, pops the cork.  It comes out with a loud "POP!" 

and the cork flies off into the distance.  You both laugh, because 

the look on his face was one of surprise, and you couldn't help 

yourselves.  He pours the champagne into two plastic 

champagne glasses (the ones you put together), and hands you 


	"To us,"  he lifts his glass into the air, and then takes a 

sip.  You repeat the toast, and sip from your glass.  Suddenly, 

the bottom falls from your cup, and you both laugh.  He reaches 

for the bottom, and you hand him the top, which you have since 

emptied, and he valiantly tries to fix the cup.  He finally gives 

up, and casts the cup over his shoulder.  He then reaches for 

you, which is what you would rather have anyway.

	Both of you collapse on the cloth, kissing.  He kisses you 

several times, and sits back to look at you.  His hands brush 

back the hair from your face, and he whispers "I love you."  

Once more, he passes through the space between you, and 


	Your kisses become more involved, more passionate, yet 

not violent.  They become deeper and deeper.  His tongue 

travels down your neck, and he kisses the space right below 

your ear.  Meanwhile, his hands are running through your hair.  

Your head instinctively tilts back, and you pass your fingers 

through his hair.  Your hands run down the length of his back, 

spreading his shirt around his back.  His shirt comes out from 

his jeans, and your hands fall onto his back.  You continue 

running your fingers up and down his back, and he continues to 

kiss your neck.

	He comes back up to kiss your mouth, and he softly 

passes his tongue through your lips.  His hands come up to your 

blouse, and begins to unbutton it.  Your hands come from 

around his back, and begin to do the same.  You feel his chest 

underneath the fabric, and you like the texture of his body 

through the thin material.

	His hands open your chest to the cool air, and the 

temperature makes your skin softer and more responsive.   His 

hand rests briefly on your chest, without moving, to concentrate 

on kissing you before moving on.

	Slowly, his hands finish unbuttoning your blouse, and the 

sides fall away like petals to a flower.  He unhooks your bra, 

and carefully lays the straps on either side of you.  He breaks 

the kiss in order to look at your form, lying next to his, open, 


	You dont feel the vulnerability, only the desire to have 

him next to you. You have finished unbuttoning his shirt, and 

you want to feel his skin against yours in some way.  He looks 

at your body, hardening in the cool air, and he rubs his hand 

along your breasts, feeling the smooth texture beneath his 


	You also run your hands along his chest, wishing it was 

next to yours. You know that that will happen in due time, but 

the anticipation is driving you wild.  You grab the top of his 

jeans, hoping that he will get the hint.

	Your hands deftly undo the buttons, and his reach for 

yours. Simultaneously, both of you slide the other's clothes 

entirely off.   Totally naked now, you press yourselves together, 

partly to keep warm, mostly to satisfy the desire of merging 

with the other.  He reaches into the basket once more, and pulls 

out another blanket.  He covers the two of you, and concentrates 

on you.  His hands caress your face, and he begins to highlight 

the features of your jaw, your chin, your cheekbones.  Your legs 

move to wrap around his waist, slowly, as if in slow motion.  

Then, both of you are ready.

	His hips drive forward, slowly, until his tip rests against 

you.  Slowly, silently, skillfully, he finds the right spot, and 

begins the drive forward. Using remarkable control, his hips are 

the only part of his body moving.  He is looking into your eyes, 

gazing deep into the recesses of your soul, combining both of 

the pleasures.

	As the length of him comes to its end, you take in a sharp 

intake of breath, trying to control whatever it is that you feel 

welling up inside. After a few more strokes, your breathing 

begins to get labored, and his matches yours.  He kisses you, 

passionately, but gently.  His hips continue to push into your 

deepest recesses, causing both of you to feel the pressure build 

and build.  His hands find their way to your breasts, and he 

massages them in rythm with his strokes.

	Soon, you cannot contain yourself any longer.  Your 

breathing becomes audible moans, and his becomes still more 

labored.  You begin to feel the familiar pressure building and 

building, until it bursts inside of you like an explosion. At the 

same time, you feel the fruition of his work flood inside you, 

filling you with a satisfaction and gratification that only comes 

from love.

	A kiss, a caress, a couple.



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