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Archive-name: SpecMome/

Archive-author: Asger Hoegsted

Archive-title: Photographer, The


 The door opened. "Come on in," he said as he shook her hand, then lead her

into the apartment. "You're Catherine, right?" She nodded with a shy smile

on her lips, looking down on the floor. He lifted her chin gently with his

hand. She blushed at his touch. "Come on, this is no time to be shy. First

time?" Again, she just nodded. "Don't worry, it'll be alright. You know, you

are VERY beautiful." She lifted her head quickly, opening her mouth, but he

interrupted "No, I DON'T say that to all the girls." He more sensed than saw

a little smile playing on her lips. He regarded her closely, as he helped

her remove her coat and put it away. She was not very tall, but very well

proportioned, her legs slender yet stronglooking under her short skirt. The

black garter stockings looked good on her shapely legs, her upper thighs

only covered by a short, red skirt. Above it, she wore a loose, white shirt,

not loose enough to hide her full breasts. Her face, slightly flushed as she

felt his gaze, wasn't pretty, it was beautiful. Her big, green shy eyes

matched her golden blonde hair very well, and her little modest smile

revealed the nicest set of teeth he had seen for long. All in all, very

satisfactory, he summized. He sent another smile her way and then turned to

make some notes in a book on his desk. She looked around. The room was

nicely decorated, not much like the "bachelor's messy room"-stereotype. The

many plants, the tidy interior and soft light added to the nice impression

one got of the room. The only thing that disturbed the picture, was the

large tripods against one wall with their umbrella-like reflectors and the

camera, mounted on a metal foot between them. She shivered slightly, and

then felt him approach her from behind. She turned to look at him. "Look,"

he said, "I can tell that you're not happy with this. I won't force you to

do anything you don't want to do. You can walk out of here now - and that'll

be fine with me - or you can stay and follow this through." She lifted her

gaze to his eyes, and he felt himself swept off his feet by those deep,

sensitive pools of green emotion. "To help you decide, I meant what I said -

you ARE _very_ beautiful." She parted her lips slowly, but said nothing. "If

you think of this as dirty, perverted or demeaning, then DON'T do it. I have

had some other girls who felt that way, and they came back angry, ending up

crying in my arms. Also, if you have a sensitive or possessive boyfriend,

then talking it through with him first would be a good idea." He sent her a

warm smile.  This girl seemed so innocent, so natural, that he knew it would

destroy her to do this if she wasn't honest with herself before doing it.

She should do it because SHE wanted to, not because he wanted it. Of course,

he did want it, but it was not for him to decide. And he had a long list

requesting pictures of different models from the magazine he was currently

working for, so it wasn't because he was desperate. He was considered their

top photographer, and he knew he could make a really good pictorial with this

girl. But he was also experienced enough to know, that if he convinced her

to do it, it wouldn't be half as good as when she did it out of her own free

will. Although he was a photographer and had been for quite some time now,

he still had a certain amount of moral and ethics. The girl seemed a bit

uneasy, and he realized she was more uncertain than first assumed. "Why

don't you have a seat on the couch?", he suggested. She sent a nervous

glance towards the camera set, trained on the couch and the table in front

of it. Following her glance, he went to his gear and shut off the lights.

She sat down on the soft couch, and the room seemed more tranquil in the

altered light. He smiled at her as he started towards the kitchen. "Be back

in a sec, don't run away." He quickly made two Pina Colada's and brought

them back into the living room.  She was still there, and he rewarded her by

saying "You're doing fine.  Relax." He handed her the drink and sat in an

armchair close to the couch.  She sipped a few times from the glass, then

sent a little smile towards him.  "Thanks", she said. It was the first time

she had spoken, and her voice was like little silver bells tingling.

"I......." She stopped. "Did you sign yourself in for this?" She cleared her

throat. "No, my girlfriend recommended me to your editor. A friend of hers,

I think. I really don't know about this...I don't have a boyfriend, but my

name can't be printed...I..." "Relax, we'll only print your first name, or,

if you'd like, we'll make one up." "Yes, I'd like that." She looked

relieved. "But you can tell me your real name, can't you? Adam Brooke." He

stretched out his hand.  She looked at it and then took it and smiled at

him.  "Lisa Prentiss." Her smile sent warm tingles down his back. Not only

was she beautiful, it multiplied tenfold when she smiled like that. "Glad to

meet you, Lisa. Now, what would you like to be called?" "How will it look?"

He was puzzled for a second, then he realized the meaning and replied "I

think of it myself as art. Maybe some people would call it slut-like or

demeaning, but I know that I feel happy when I look at a beautiful woman. It

makes me warm all over to see a pretty girl with little or no clothes on, if

she is acting natural and true to herself." He could see that his reply

affected her positively, but that she still wasn't sure. Then he got an

idea. "Tell you what, we shoot the pictures now and you wait with signing

the contract until afterwards.  Then you can see them for yourself, and then

you can decide whether you want them published or not." This was against the

strict policy of his magazine, but he couldn't care less. He had done it

many times before, and this wouldn't be the last. One of the girls once had

mentioned it to another photographer at the same magazine. She didn't know

either, and wasn't to blame. The photographer, who was quite jealous of

Adam's position as top photographer, or more precisely, his high wage, had

of course squealed on him to the editor. Much to his dismay, the editor had

vawed him off, saying that he didn't care. The fact was, that he was too

cautious to keep Adam Brooke in his staff to throw him out because of such a

petty matter. It was a well-known fact in the higher offices, that Adam

Brooke was the reason of the magazine's success lately. He designed and shot

their cover, he did 50 percent of their pictorials, and his girls were

always the prettiest. His methods and ethics sometimes let a beautiful girl

get away, and this of course bothered the editor, among others, but the ones

he did photograph by far outweighed the loss. Adam Brooke didn't know of any

of this, he was just happy with his job - to be payed for one's favourite

pastime wasn't too bad.  Right now, all he cared about was the beautiful,

young creature sitting in his couch, nervously glancing around her. "So,

what do you say?" She cleared her throat and tried to stop avoiding his

eyes. "Sounds fair enough." She mustered a brave smile. "You sure?" She

nodded, then said "I'd like to be called Tanya." "Ok." He sent her an

encouraging smile, then stood and walked towards his gear. 

                             The Photographer

                                The Story

 As he switched the equipment on, he said "Now just relax and everything will

be fine." He returned to the table and picked up her purse.  "I'll just put

this away." He placed it close to her coat in the corridor.  When he

returned she sat in the same spot, stiff as a board. He sighed silently,

realizing this wasn't going to be easy for her. He walked over to her.

"Lisa, please believe me. It's quite easy to do, and it's not dangerous in

any way. Remember, you get to see the pictures after they're done." He sat

on the couch beside her, and he could almost feel her discomfort physically.

He took hold of her hand. She gave a little start, then looked at him. "Can

I ask you a personal question, Lisa?"  She nodded slowly, her eyes wide.

"Have you...have you ever had sex?" She kept staring at him as if he had

told her that her father was dead. Then, after a while, she almost whispered

"Yes. was a long time ago." He gave her hand a little squeeze.

"Ok, Lisa. Do with yourself sometimes?" She blushed strongly all

over, and her eyes locked on the floor.  Again, he lifted her chin carefully

and looked her in the eyes.  "It's nothing to be ashamed of, Lisa. I can

tell you, I know a lot of women that do and even more men that do. I do it

myself. See? I'm not ashamed.  It's only natural, and it's not because I

want to mock you. I won't think of you as a whore, just because you

masturbate. It's a good way to explore one's sexuality. Will you tell me?"

She closed her eyes a moment, then nodded.  "Good, Lisa. You know, this

makes it a lot easier. All you have to do, is what you usually do. Maybe

more, if you feel up to it." She sat totally still, so he decided to make

the first move. He reached out and started slowly unbuttoning her shirt from

the top. "Do you play with your breasts sometimes?" She blushed again, then

nodded slowly. He smiled at her as he pulled her shirt open. His breathing

almost stopped as he realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were

even bigger than he'd imagined, and they were outstandingly beautiful. Her

face was that of a little girl caught doing naughty things, and her

breathing was quick. He realized that this was probably the most innocent,

shy girl he had ever met - and the most beautiful as well. Her breasts

forgotten for a moment, he took gently hold of her chin again and forced her

to look at him.  "Lisa, do you know that you have the most beautiful breasts

that I have ever seen?" And as she turned her face away, he continued "and

the prettiest face..." He took her hands. "Look, if you take hold of your here..., then hold it open wide for me. Can you do

that?"  Slowly, she complied and did as he asked. "Good Lisa, you're doing

fine."  Quickly, he returned to the camera.  "Now, look at me." She did, and

made a phoney smile. "Don't smile, Lisa, you don't want to. Just think about

giving yourself a good time. Hold your shirt and just look at me. That's

it." The look in her eyes was serious, a little hint of fear in them. But

she held it wide open, her large breasts spilling out in the most wonderful

manner. He flashed quickly. Her aureolae were large, about 2 inches in

diameter, and pink with almost disappearing nubs in the center - the

prettiest, most well-shaped pair of boobs he had seen for a long time - and

he saw plenty.  "Good, Lisa, very good. Lean a little back on the couch -

relax, lose the tension, make yourself comfortable." She leaned back and

rested on the pillows. Half-sitting, half-lying, she once again pulled her

shirt open for him, and he shot some more pictures, the umbrellas flashing

each time.  "Good. Now, Lisa, I want you to touch your breasts. Can you do

that?" Even from this distance he could see her blush again. "Could you make

your hands flat and place them high on your chest?", he asked. She did, and

he hit the button again. This time her eyes were downcast, and her face

turned to aside. "Very good, Lisa. Very good. You have the loveliest breasts

I have ever seen in my life, seriously, you have." She looked at him with

her magnificent eyes, and he flashed again.  "See? It isn't that hard, is

it?"  She slowly shook her head, but didn't seem certain yet. "Here is this

magnificent girl, probably the most beautiful girl to walk the earth this

side of the alps, and she behaves like a schoolgirl at the headmaster's

office", he said to himself. "Lisa", he called. She slowly turned to look at

him. "You're beautiful. Do you know that? You are the prettiest girl of all

I've seen, and I've seen a lot.  Please believe me, because I mean it. You

really are very beautiful, and I think you should know that." Her brows

raised a bit, and the serious look in her eyes searched his. Boy, was she

beautiful. "Lisa...Can I ask you to take off your panties?", he asked. This

time it seemed she didn't even hear him, she seemed completely lost in his

eyes; only after a while she slowly complied. He could see that her panties

were white, lacy ones as she pulled them down her thighs. "Good. Now give

them to me, I'll hold them for you."  He took them from her hand and put

them in her purse. "Take these boots on."  He handed her a pair of leather

boots, covering her legs to the knees as she donned them. "Fine. Now sit

back on the couch again. Yes, that's right. Now, with your left hand, cup

your right breast, lift it a bit. Good.  With your right hand, take hold of

your skirt and slowly lift it up." She blushed violently. "Come on, Lisa, I

have to see your pussy." Her face reddened even more, but finally she took

hold of her skirt and started pulling. "Good girl!" He flashed like mad as

she lifted her dress up.  "Great, Lisa. Keep pulling. Great!" He almost

stopped shooting as her skirt passed her hips.  He was staring at what

simply had to be the prettiest pussy on earth. Her curly, golden pubic hairs

covered the slit, and the rounded triangle looked so soft that he would bet

it felt smoother than silk. "Oh Lisa, it's beautiful!" He zoomed in on it

and hit the trigger again. "Please spread your legs so I can get a full

view." Very slowly, she parted her well-shaped legs, giving him a perfect

view of her beautiful womanhood. He picked up a camera from a shelf behind

him, wound it, connected it to the flashes and moved to the side of the

room. She raised her head, looking up at him. There was shame and fear in

her eyes, and he felt a stab inside him. He put the camera on a table and

knelt beside her on the couch. "Lisa, don't be afraid. It's alright. Do you

know how beautiful you look as you lie there? Your mother probably told you

how bad it is to show yourself to a man, didn't she?" Lisa could only nod.

"Well, what if I told you, that by doing this, you're giving me the

experience of my life?  That there is nothing I want more than to just look

at you, when you're like this?" He softly stroked her hair as he spoke.

Actually, this was a lie.  There was one thing he'd rather do, but he

couldn't have that. The girl was feeling uncomfortable enough as it was.

"Please relax, Lisa. Let me help you." He gently took hold of her shoulders

and started massaging them slowly. Lisa sighed and closed her eyes as he

slowly molded her tight muscles, relaxing her. His hands moved lower and

lower, and suddenly she felt his hands on her breasts. Her eyes snapped open

in surprise. "Easy, Lisa. I'm just trying to help you relax and let go. You

have to lose your inhibitions if this is going to work. She sighed, as his

hands slowly massaged her big, firm breasts. Her flesh was incredibly soft

to touch, and her breasts filled his hands beyond capacity. As he stroked

them gently, he felt her muscles untighten, and her breathing became normal,

almost slow.  After doing this for a while, he reluctantly let go with one

hand to let it slip over her belly and down to her abdomen. As his fingers

reached her pussy, she moved slightly, but this time she only sighed

faintly. Her pussy hair was even softer than he had imagined. He was barely

able to feel it at all, as his hand carefully parted them in search of her

slit. He found it quickly and held the hairs back. Her love lips were fitted

tight together, pouting slightly, their colour slightly darker than her

nipples. "You have a beautiful pussy, Lisa", he mumbled as he attached his

tongue to her sex. He slowly started licking along her lips, up and down in

soft, but firm strokes. At first, he used the tip of his tongue, then he

brushed her lips with all of it. She sighed again, and he started licking at

her little clit, which was hiding at the top of her tight slit. She shivered

lightly as he flicked her love button, and he felt a drop of her juices

leaking into his mouth. He knew she was ready now, and stood. She slowly

opened his eyes and looked up at him with an expression he couldn't quite

define. "I'm sorry", he said. "I didn't mean to rape you, but I had to make

you loosen up a bit.  Are you mad at me?" She looked at him dazily, then

parted her lips. "No..."  "Good!" He smiled and stepped back to the camera

he had left on the table.  As he picked it up, he said "Could you do for me

what you usually do when you're alone at home and excited?" She didn't

answer, but her left hand began massaging her right breast with soft

motions, and soon she slipped her right hand down to her pussy, where she

began stroking her lips. He tip-toed around, trying not to spoil her mood

and catch some close-ups at the same time. Her lips slowly parted, and she

sighed again.  Her fingers now went for the clit, as her other hand started

pulling on her erecting nipple. He had finally succeeded in making her drop

her inhibitions! He couldn't believe his luck, as he crawled silently

towards her and took a shot from under the table. He had never touched one

of his girls before, but he hadn't been able to resist. She was so beautiful

and completely unspoiled, that he couldn't help himself. What was really

funny, he thought, was that he had never liked licking pussy very much. His

last girlfriend, with whom he had broke up as she became jealous of his work

and the fact that he worked with naked girls all day long, had liked to have

her pussy licked, and because he had loved her highly, he had done it. She

was still his friend he believed, at least he was still hers, she just

couldn't take the uncertainty. Did he touch all these girls, did he sleep

with them?  The fact was, he didn't, but he could understand it from her

viewpoint. But sex with her hadn't been as great as when he just seconds ago

had licked this girl's tender, innocent pussy. This was when he realized

that he was in love with her. He enjoyed giving her pleasure. He also had

with his ex-girlfriend, but on a totally different level. They were never

more than friends, it seemed. Or maybe it was because he hadn't had a

girlfriend for nearly a year now and he was just horny. He made the mental

equivalent of a shrug and shot another picture of her magnificent body from

between her legs. Her eyes were closed, and she were mumbling incoherently

as she fondled her breasts and rubbed her slit, her head turning from side

to side.  Back at the mounted camera, he took some more shots, zooming in on

her face and breasts. Now she had caught her clit between her index and

middle finger and stroked it softly. She was doing marvellous, acting as

natural as he could ever want. Afraid of breaking the mood, he silently

approached her and slowly removed her shirt and skirt, leaving her in black

stockings and matching garterbelt. She resumed her masturbating as soon as

the clothes were out of the way. He took some more pictures, then went back

and carefully spread her legs some more.  His touch on her legs made her

moan.  She seemed really excited now, and she began slowly undulating her

hips as she played with herself. Finally came the moment he had hoped for,

when she let go of her breasts and began penetrating her pussy with a

finger. He marveled at her soft, tender movements and as he took some more

photos, he could hear faint squishing sounds. Her finger was shining wet

with her own juices as she slowly pumped it in and out her pussy, and her

clit was clearly swollen, now protruding a bit. Her nipples were erect, her

breasts engorged and her breathing heavy.  All the time, Adam had been

taking pictures, and as he used the last picture on the film, he realized he

had used up all the films he had prepared. He must have taken about 500

pictures! He looked at his clock; it was 12 o'clock, she had been there

since 9 am. A quiet moan snapped him out of his chain of thoughts, and he

looked at the girl on the couch. She had raised her head and was looking him

straight in the eye, something she hadn't dared to do more than twice

before. This time, he understood the expression in her lovely, deep green

eyes. He dropped the camera, lost in her eyes. He stepped over to her and

knelt beside her, taking her head gently in his hands. She searched his eyes

for any signs of emotion, and he felt his love for her swell inside him as

he looked at her angelic face. He couldn't resist anymore, but locked his

lips on hers, closing his eyes as he did. She tasted just as sweet as she

looked, and her lips parted responsively. He slowly pushed his tongue into

her mouth and started exploring, as he held her shoulders. She threw her

arms around him and hugged him tight, and he felt lighter than air as her

tongue began teasing his, her breasts mashed against his torso in the most

lovely manner.  He stopped kissing her for a second to look in her eyes,

then said "I love you!" in a warm voice, and kissed her again. In her eyes

were now the expression he had been looking for all along, the look that

said she felt safe and happy, the trusting, tender look that meant love. He

hugged her, kissing her neck and burying his hands in her golden locks,

taking in her smell. She wasn't using perfume, but her body smell was far

better than any perfume, and he kissed her again and again. Then she gave

him that smile again, that made him feel warm right down to his toes, and he

smiled back, then began to move downwards. He kissed and sucked her nipples

lovingly as he reached them, fondling them as he did. He looked down at this

magnificent creature, her perfect body covered with a thin film of sweat,

and his heart throbbed. His cock was trying to burst his pants, as he bent

over and laved her nipples again. She shivered slightly and sighed deeply as

he tried to devour her breasts by taking as much as possible of them into

his mouth, but he could only have one third of them inside. Having coated

her aureolae with saliva, he moved further down, sticking his tongue in her

navel as he passed by, to finally reach her pussy. Without further delay, he

thrust his tongue inside her, making her body shudder. He slid it quickly in

and out, pinching her clitoris softly. She moaned again as he began licking

her clit with the tip of his tongue. "Ohh!", she exclaimed as he clamped

down his lips around it and started swatting it with his tongue. "Ohhh...Ohh

yesss..." He felt her hands take hold of his head, but she didn't force any

pressure on him. He complied with her silent wish and shoved his face deeper

into her pussy. She gasped, and he started slapping her clit quickly. He

then penetrated her gently with his index finger. She began undulating her

hips again as he began pumping it in her, and he added his middle finger.

"Ohhh...Adam, I love you...that feels _soo_ good...aaahh...", she breathed.

He smiled as widely as he was able, then added his ring finger to his pussy

pumping and began sucking her clit. "Ohh.....oohh, Adam, it''s like

I'm going....going'''s coming now....I....AAAAHHH!" She

yelled loudly, and her whole body shook violently as her cunt began spasming

periodically around his hand. He locked his lips tight around her throbbing

clit as she thrashed in a violent orgasm. She clamped her hands tightly

around her tits and lifted them to her mouth to lick her own nipples while

she panted heavily, and Adam began penetrating her with his tongue again.

Her juices flowed in rich amount, and he lapped her pussy with eagerness,

drinking her love potion with vigor. She bit her nipples lightly, one at the

time, and moaned as her orgasm slowly faded. Then her hands fell powerless

down by her side, her eyes closed. The only sound that could be heard in the

room was her hurried breathing. Adam slowly rose to lie down beside her on

the couch. She cuddled next to him, then opened her eyes. As they looked

each other in the eye, she said "Adam...?" "Yes, Lisa?" "Thank you." Her

voice was low, but warm, and the look in her eyes genuine. He stared at her

for a second, then hugged her close. He laughed happily and said "Oh, I love

you, Lisa. I love you", and she laughed with him. Then suddenly, the

laughing stopped as her face turned serious. He felt her hands on his chest,

gently pushing him down into a lying position. He didn't struggle, curious

to see what she was up to. She bent over him and unzipped his pants. Since

he wasn't wearing any underwear, his rigid cock sprang to attention, finding

its way out through the hole. It was about five inches long and very veiny.

Adam moaned as Lisa's fingers started ever so gently to retract his

foreskin. Slowly, it slid back over his swollen dickhead, which was dark-red

and very sensitive-looking, and fell into place behind it. He parted his

lips as he saw her arrange herself beside him, her face near his crotch. She

closed in on his turgid prick, and as her tongue shot out and carefully slid

up the length of his rod, carressing the glans, Adam gave a start. "Oh

Lisa", he breathed as she continued flitting her tongue tentatively on his

cock. "You don't have to do this." She lifted her head and stared at him.

The stern look in her eyes urged him to be silent, saying "But I *want* to do

this." She began licking his cock again, now taking a gentle, but firm hold

of it. He could feel his cock grow even larger as her tongue gently

carressed it, sweeping over his flared dickhead and coating it with saliva.

His eyes flung open as she put it in her mouth. He looked astounded upon the

beautiful girl, now gently sucking on his cock. It felt too good for him to

believe. He could remember, that his girlfriend in high school had licked him

a few times, and it had been really great. But this was totally incredible!

The warm, soft cavity of her sweet mouth felt like satin, gently carressing

his cock in the most exquisite manner. Her face seemed more angelic to him

than ever, as she lay there with her eyes closed, frowning in concentration

as she just held still with her lips tightly fitting around his engorged

cock. He felt like he just wanted to lay there forever, enjoying this

incredible feeling. So he did. Then, after a while, she began moving. Ever

so slowly at first, and increasing speed just as slowly. Her lips, tightly

fitted around his cock shaft, slid rhythmically up and down his cock. Adam

felt honored that she wanted to do that to him. He had always thought that

women hated to do this sort of thing, but yet she was doing it without any

urging on his part. Her mouth was moving faster now on his hard cock, and he

felt twinges of lust and pleasure rip trough him. He realized, that if she

kept it up, he was going to shoot in her mouth any time now. This was when

she started sweeping her tongue over his glans. He moaned, and before he

could do anything, he heard himself yell as his cock jumped wildly. Lisa was

stroking his dickhead with her tongue, as she suddenly felt his cock

jerking. Suddenly her mouth was filled with cum. He shouted as he began

humping his swollen prick wildly between her soft lips, shooting his sticky

cum into her mouth in sudden, uncontrolled spurts. He held her head firmly in

his hands and fucked her in the mouth as his cock exploded inside her. Large

gobs coated her tongue, the insides of her cheeks and shot down her throat,

making her choke slightly. She gulped quickly, as his orgasm reached its

peak and threatened to flood her mouth. Then it was over. He kept pumping

his pounding cock into her mouth, filled with his own cum and her saliva. It

felt so incredibly good, that he was not sure it was really happening. Then

he opened his eyes and realized what he had done. Quickly, he pulled himself

out of her mouth and leveled with her face. Her eyes were closed as he took

her face gently in his hands and said "Oh Lisa, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to

be so violent, please...I'm sorry." She opened her eyes and looked at him,

then hugged him close, burying her face at his shoulder. After a while, she

said "It's ok, it's just the first time I tried, and I was a little scared."

"I can understand that. But you didn't have to do it. I didn't want you

to.." "I wanted to. It's just like being photographed. If you don't try,

you'll never find out if you like it. And I liked both." He looked into her

eyes again and felt completely lost. "Oh...You're the sweetest girl I ever

met, Lisa, and that's true. Nobody ever did what you just did for me." Her

eyes went wide. "And it was the greatest thrill in my life. Please forgive

me for losing control, I was so totally caught up in my feelings that I...I

raped you." "Oh no! Don't say that! I also wanted to..." She blushed again,

and as if he had read her mind, he said "You wanted to do the same when I

was licking you?" She nodded, her eyes downcast. "But why didn't you? I can

take it, I would have loved it, in fact!" She smiled shyly to him. Again he

felt her eyes suck him in. What she did to him with those eyes was beyond

his comprehension. He knew that he loved it when she looked at him that way

- and that he loved her. He bent his head for a kiss, parting his lips.  He

gently slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting his own fluids. As he broke

the kiss, he asked "Do you think it tastes bad?" "Do you?" He smiled.  "No,

not as bad as I thought it would be. I hope you're not cross with me for

forcing you to take it." "I've told you, I wanted to. Never mind, kiss me."

He kissed her deeply, trying to make her feel his love. She responded

eagerly in any case, and he hugged her close.

                             The Photographer

                                 Part II

 After snuggling close to each other for a while, enjoying the other's

presence, Adam got up. Lisa reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze. He

smiled at her and gave a squeeze in return. Then he walked over to the table

and started collecting the films and opened a door. "Wanna come?" She smiled

and stood. Even her walk was perfect, he thought as she approached him. They

entered the small room, which got totally dark as Adam closed the door. He

flicked on a red light and poured liquid from three different containers

into some trays on a table. He inserted the film into a machine and

projected the light beam onto a piece of paper, then dipped it in the trays.

Lisa hugged him whenever she could get a chance, and made it difficult for

him to concentrate on developing the films. Not that he was unhappy about

that! He felt his cock stir and begin to rise again. The feeling of her

large breasts mashed against his naked body was a truly exquisite feeling.

He took one of the finished pictures and looked at it. It showed Lisa with

her legs widely spread, exposing her sweet pussy. Lisa blushed as he showed

her the picture. "I look horrible!", she complained and stared at the floor.

"No you don't. You look very, very beautiful. You have to be the most sweet-

and sexy-looking girl I have ever seen. Stop being down on yourself. You

didn't even look at it." She lifted her eyes again and looked at the

picture. She then looked at him with uncertainty and doubt in her eyes. Adam

simply had to kiss her. As he looked into her eyes again and felt the full

effect of their magnetic force, he simply picked her up, left the dark room

and headed for the bed. He gently put her down, carefully parted her

legs...and started eating her pussy again. She moaned a little as his tongue

swept over her puffy lips. His hands sought her breasts and held them

softly, carefully kneading the flesh. Soon, he felt her love juices start to

moisten up her cunt, and she shuddered in a tiny orgasm. His cock was

standing to attention, saluting nicely, so he kneeled between her parted

legs and poised his cock at her wet pussy. "May I..?", he asked softly. She

nodded slowly and whispered "Please." He sent her an encouraging smile and

then plunged his hard prick into her swollen cunt. She screamed in pain, and

he quickly bent over her, kissing her and trying to comfort her. She looked

at him and tried to smile. "It's okay, gentle with me." "Of

course!" He hugged her tight and started, ever so slowly, to move his cock

in and out of her very tight pussy. They kissed again. He then bent his

head, lifted her left breast and sucked gently on it. Lisa began to moan

quietly as he nursed her breasts, her hands carressing the back of his head.

He could now move his cock a little faster inside her body. He let go of her

breasts just long enough to say "Lisa, I love you!", before going back to

sucking her nipples again. She was now properly warmed up, so he started

humping her for real, slowly at first, but slowly increasing the tempo.

Lisa's moaning intensified. "Oh good.....please...I...ohhh!", she

gasped. Her cunt felt incredible, clenching his cock so tight as no cunt had

ever done before. It felt like a hand, wearing a warm, satin glove grasping

his cock gently. She was so hot. Adam moaned, then went back to sucking her

tits again. Lisa sighed. The feeling of having her pussy so completely

filled, was a totally new sensation to her. The first time she had done

this, had been with a guy from her class in highschool, when she was

sixteen. He had been very nice to her, but he didn't know more about sex than

herself, which summed up to very little - so it had hurt terribly when he

had plunged his prick into her virgin pussy for the first time. He had

humped her quickly, as she was crying softly. She was scared to death of

getting pregnant, so she had begged him to pull it out, but he was already

coming, shooting his teenage sperm deep into her cunt. He had apologized

many times afterwards, and she could tell he was truly sorry. Luckily,

nothing happened. She also stopped having hurt too much and it was

too dangerous. Suddenly, she felt the panic rising inside her. What if Adam

made her pregnant? She didn't know if she wanted his child. Her parents would

probably die from embarrassment if she had a child outside marriage. She

opened her eyes and looked into Adam's. He smiled warmly to her, then, as he

saw the troubled look in her eyes, asked what was wrong. "Please Adam, I am

not using any contraception...I would rather not have

my..pussy." She blushed strongly and lowered her eyes. He kissed her. "I'm

truly sorry. This was very inconsiderate of me." He forced himself to stop

humping her, and pulled his cock out of her pussy. "No, please...", she

said. "I am sorry, I didn't think about it at all. I wanted you...and want

you so much I forgot. You realize, that you may already be pregnant..?" She

nodded slowly, then said "It is just as much my own fault. I have a

diaphragm. I have never used I forgot." "Did you bring it?" She

nodded again. He reached out for her purse and quickly found the device.

"You do know how to insert this, don't you?" "If I can remember it, yes."

She took hold of it and spread her legs again. "Here, let me help you", he

said and parted her pussy lips with his fingers. She blushed and giggled a

little, then proceeded to insert the diaphragm. "Is it in place now?", he

asked. "Yes", she said and smiled at him. "Take me." This was the first time

she didn't blush, and he quickly obeyed, plunging his pounding prick deep

into her moist cunt. She sighed with pleasure as he began fucking her again.

He clenched his teeth as he humped her rhythmically, then gasped "Oh

Lisa...your pussy is so tight!" She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "And

your cock is so big." He bent over her again, and he fondled her tits while

they kissed deeply. Then Lisa screamed, and he felt her cunt squeeze his

cock in spasms, as she orgasmed violently. He started laving her hard

nipples again, while she shuddered in orgasm beneath him. Then he yelled her

name as he with a mighty plunge buried his raging cock deep in her trembling

cunt and filled her with semen. "May I...may I cum on your face?", he

panted. She nodded with a smile, and he quickly pulled his cock out of her

pussy. He moaned in pleasure as his trembling cock shot his sticky cum onto

her beautiful face. She took his prick in her mouth and sucked it with

vigor, as the last big gobs of sperm filled her mouth. He held her head

tight while he humped her mouth a few times. "Oh Lisa...I love you", he

whispered as her tongue laved his sensitive cockhead and the last drops

oozed out.

                             The Photographer


 She let go of his cock, and they snuggled up to each other and rested, Adam

slowly licking his cum off her face. "You know...." "Yes?" Lisa looked

questioningly at him, as he swallowed some more cum. "I really do love you.

And if you'll have me, I will marry you. Not just because of the baby - if

there is one - but because I love you." Her eyes tingled and she gave him

that smile that set his insides on fire. "'re so sweet. And I love

you too!" She kissed him lovingly, then looked at him again with sincerity

in her eyes. "But shouldn't we wait until we are sure of our love?" "That

sounds reasonable", he smiled back. They kissed again, snuggled up close and

fell asleep together.

 Later, it turned out that Lisa in fact was pregnant, but that is another

story and will have to wait till another time.

                                 *The End*



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