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Archive-name: SpecMome/personae.txt


Archive-title: Personal Ad -- Pam's Story

      Okay, here we go again.  From the author that brought you such

stories as "Summer Intern" and "Skiing" comes a new story...

      As before, this story is a work of fiction.  The characters,

places, and situations depicted below are figments of the author's

imagination and any resemblance to real people, places, or

situations is purely coincidental.  The author also hereby

disclaims any liability for damages to minors viewing this

material.  Any defects should be reported to the author, but the

author is not liable for any consequential commercial damages. 

This story may be distributed freely, but please distribute only

with the attached disclaimer.

One final note:  I'm trying something new here (at least new for

me).  I'm going to write two different versions of this story, one

from each actor's perspective.  Tell me how you like it...

Okay, with that out of the way, on to the story...

                      Personal Ad -- Pam's Story

      I was exhausted.  I walked off the jumbo jet, looking forward

to a nice bathtub filled with hot bubbly water.  That week in

Switzerland just drained me.  I was tired and sore and needed to

be de-stressed.  Bankers should could be jerks.  Especially foreign

bankers.  I don't think they gave me much credit because I am

female.  Of course, I really made them eat their thoughts when I

took them to the cleaners during the question and answer period of

my presentation, if I do say so myself.

      I stood and waited for my luggage, frequently slipping a foot

out of my shoe and bending down to massage it.  Finally, my bags

came around on the carousel.  I grabbed them and headed out to the

parking ramp.

      On her way home I remembered the voice ad I had left.  I

wondered if anyone had left a message.  I doubted it, but it might

be fun to call and check.

      I walked into my apartment and immediately went into the

bathroom to draw myself a bath.  I hit the play button on the

answering machine as I undressed.  And finally I called into the

voice mailbox to see if anyone had left I a message.  Beside the

usual garbage calls, there was one real message.

      I stood there, slack-jawed, as the message played.  Twice I

took the phone away from my hear and looked at it, mystified.  I

wasn't sure if this message was for real.  Seemed too perfect.

      I remembered that I was naked and there was a bath with my

name on it.  As I set the receiver on the hook I noticed that my

nipples were hard.  And it wasn't cold in my apartment, either. 

I decided that I would call him as soon as I got out of the


      I called around 4:30 in the afternoon, but he wasn't home from

work yet.  I had to go into to the office, so I left him a message

and hurried out the door.  I hoped to return before he got home so

that I could be there for his call.

      I took care of my business as quickly as I could and hurried

home.  I was digging for my keys outside my apartment door when I

heard the phone start to ring inside.  That drove my search into

the frantic stage.  I finally found them and dragged them out. 

They were, of course, at the bottom of my purse.  I slammed the key

into the lock and rushed into my apartment.  Whoever was leaving

a message was definitely male.

      I picked up the phone and shut off the answering machine in

one motion and greeted the caller.  It was him.  We chatted or a

little while, and then the conversation took a turn into more deep

matters.  We hit it off immediately.  He had a good sense of humor

and always seemed to make the right joke at the right time.  What

really came through was the underlying masculinity in his voice. 

He didn't have the big booming bass voice, but there was an

undeniable masculine quality to his voice that quickened my pulse. 

I sat down in the chair next to the telephone and we just talked


      And forever it was.  The next time I looked at my watch, it

was 4 hours later.  I couldn't believe it.  Time flies when you're

having fun, I guess.  I needed to get some sleep so that I could

function at the office the next day, but I really didn't want to

end the conversation.  I debated with myself a little, then decided

that I would offer to see him the next day.  I wanted to see this

guy in person.  If he was half as good looking as he sounded, I

would be extremely happy.  I suggested that we meet in a little

restaurant near my apartment building the next night.  He readily

agreed and we set a time.  To say that I was excited would

understate it a little.  Sleep wasn't too fast in coming that


      The next day work seemed to drag by.  I got my work done, but

I also spent a lot of time daydreaming.  Finally, quitting time

rolled around and I left.  I went home to take a shower.  I wanted

to feel fresh for that night.  I also really needed to shave my

legs; I could have started a fire by rubbing my legs together!  And

I needed smooth legs for the mini-skirt I was planning on wearing. 

Nice black mini-skirt to show off my tan and my legs and a blue

blouse to bring out my eyes.  I forced myself to take my time

because I really didn't want to gash myself.  A band-aid would kind

of ruin the effect.

      Finally the appointed hour arrived.  I splashed on a little

perfume and walked to the restaurant.  I wasn't sure I would

recognize him, even with the description he gave me, so I was

hoping that the restaurant would be a little empty.  Before getting

to the door, I adjusted my skirt and blouse one final time, took

a deep breath, and entered the door.

      I stood in the doorway for a second to let my eyes adjust. 

I then glanced around the restaurant and immediately spotted him,

waving to get my attention.  He stood to greet me as I strode to

the back table.  He had a casual smile on his face, but there was

a little devilish sparkle in his eyes.  He extended his hand as I

drew close and introduced himself.  I shook his hand and introduced


      An electric shock coursed through me.  His grip was so firm

and gentle at the same time.  It had the self-confidence of an

athlete.  We locked eyes for a time.  I was unable to disengage his

eyes.  There was so much in them.  Especially the devilish sparkle.

      Now, I shake a lot of hands in my line of work.  Most of them

are men.  That's just the way banking is right now.  But there has

never been a handshake like this one.  I guess it's a little silly

to allow a handshake to have an effect on me, but there was so much

confidence and passion and just a little lust conveyed in that

handshake.  I honestly could feel a distinct warmth in my nether

regions.  It was also starting to get a little moist.

      Our reverie was broken by the waiter, who apparently had been

standing there for a while, interrupted and asked if I would like

a drink.  I ordered a gin and tonic and sat down.  Then there was

no stopping the deluge of conversation that we dove into.  It just

kept coming.  The food was delicious, but it really seemed to take

a back seat.  I really like that restaurant and that's why I

suggested it, but I hardly noticed the food.  They could have

served me a rubber boot and I probably wouldn't have noticed.  We

finished our meal and made ready to leave.

      One thing I noticed is that he opened the door for me.  I'm

a real sucker for a gentleman.  As we stood outside the door for

a second, he suggested that we go for a walk, perhaps around the

lake that was downtown.  I took one look at the beautiful sunset

and one look at his eyes.  I was persuaded.

      We walked to the path around the lake.  I noticed that he had

the loose gait of an athlete, which exudes self-confident.  I

started edging toward him, almost looking for an excuse to bump

into him and touch him.  To my surprise, he put his arm around me

and rested it on my him.  I was in heaven.  It felt so natural to

be there.

      That thought was interrupted by the realization that he was

turning me to kiss me.  I was totally taken off-guard and hesitated

as I felt his lips meet mine.  Then passion took over my body and

I kissed back.  I took the initiative and stuck my tongue into his

mouth.  Our tongues played back and forth.  He broke the kiss and

we stood there and looked into each other's eyes.  We proceeded arm

in arm down the path.

      The burning in my pussy told me that I couldn't wait for him

to make a move on him.  I was getting very wet, and if I didn't do

something about it soon, I would start dripping.  So I yanked him

along with me, and we made our way to my apartment building.  We

went upstairs to my apartment.  We went in and I entered the

kitchen.  I paused for a second, then turned around to face him. 

Immediately he planted a kiss on my lips.  Soon his tongue was

exploring my mouth.  I could barely moan.  He was making me so hot. 

Soon our bodies were grinding together.

      I felt his hands massage my ass.  I let him enjoy it (not that

I wasn't), but I didn't think it was quite enough.  So I reached

down and started fondling his erection through his pants.  I could

feel it against me when we were grinding together.  He sighed in


      He began gently kneading my breasts.  He stopped doing that

long enough to remove my blouse and bra, letting them drop onto the

floor.  Except there was no fight with my bra clasp.  The bastard

did it with one hand!  He must have a lot of practice. 

"Impressive," was all I could think to say.  He flashed a devilish

grin and looked down at my breasts.  Then he began to play with the

sides of my breasts, slowly working inward until my nipples ached

to be touched.  Then he went outward again.  I tried to move around

so that my nipples would be in his hands, but he wouldn't let me. 

He was also kissing and nibbling my ears.

      All of this attention was making me so hot.  I started

breathing harder.  As he kissed down to my neck, one of my erotic

spots, I started moaning.  Then an electric shock hit my brain and

pussy at once.  He pinched my nipples and rolled them.  The sudden

rush of pleasure caught me so off guard that I uttered a small

shriek.  I also experienced a small contraction in my pussy.  I

began trembling and moaned again.  Finally, the pleasure waves

ceased and I slumped against him.  That was the first orgasm I've

had without anyone touching my pussy.  But that just fed the fire. 

"Enough of this...I want you now!" I told him.

      He backed me up against the kitchen table and took off my

skirt.  That ended up on the floor with my other clothes.  My

panties soon followed.  I noticed that he was enjoying the

smoothness of my legs on the way down.  He kissed my legs on the

way up, and then it was his turn to be disrobed.

      I tried to portray myself as being calm, and actually

succeeded with his shirt.  The buttons came undone pretty easily

in my fingers.  His pants were a different story.  I fumbled with

the button, and glanced up to see a hint of a smile at my

clumsiness.  I was so anxious to see what was hidden in there.  I

got the button and the zipper and yanked his pants all the way to

the floor.  I stood back up and grabbed his boxers.  They slid down

his legs quite easily.  I stood up again and looked down at his

penis.  I thought to myself, "This will fill me up nicely!"

      He started kissing down to my breasts.  He took each of my

nipples and sucked on them.  He also nipped at them.  I could feel

the roughness of his tongue as he ran it over my nipples.  I could

feel them get even harder than they were, which slightly surprised

me.  He then dragged his tongue down to my bellybutton.  His tongue

swirled around my bellybutton, then he stuck it right in.  That

excited me, but also tickled me.  What came out of my mouth was a

mix of laugh and moan.  His attention there did not last very long,

as he was already headed farther south.  In preparation for what

he was about to do, he lifted me up onto the table, seating me on

the edge.

      Once he got there, he wasted no time.  He licked his way

around my lips, making me tremble with pleasure.  He his hands

snuck up to part my lips, displaying my treasures for him.  After

a brief pause, I felt is tongue lock on my clit.  There was such

a pleasure shock that I jumped.  "Ohmigod!" I shouted, not really

caring if my neighbors heard.  He started flicking my clit with his

tongue, making me shiver and jump around so much that he had to put

his hands on my hips to steady me.  But more of that attention made

his hands ineffective.  Probably afraid that I would hurt him, he

stopped.  I was having none of that.  I threatened bloody murder

if he stopped.  He went back to work on my clit.  A couple of sucks

later and I was shaking from another orgasm.  My hips jumped all

over the table, mashing into his face a couple of times.  After the

shocks subsided, I suddenly lacked the energy to hold myself up. 

I slumped back on the table.

      After a minute or so, I feebly lifted my head to look at him. 

He was standing there, looking down at me and grinning like the

Chesire cat.  I could see the sheen on his face and chest, and I

understood that those were my juices.  I motioned for him to come

closer.  I wanted to touch him, to feel him inside of me so badly. 

But not badly enough to tease him a little first.

      I reached down and grabbed his penis in my hands and drew him

into my mouth.  I gave him a couple of long strokes, taking stock

of what he was going to feel like.  His main asset was his girth. 

I took him down into my throat a couple times more, being sure to

leave some saliva on his penis to act as lubrication.  Didn't want

to hurt myself just when we got started.

      I took him out of my mouth and dragged him onto the table by

his penis.  When he was up on the table, I shoved him on his back

and straddled him.  I aimed him and slid down the entire length of

his shaft, until our hips met.  I sat there for a moment, just

enjoying the sensation of him stretching my insides a little. 

Finally, I decided it was time to give this everything I had.  I

started moving up and down slowly.  I wanted to savor every inch

of him.  My moans started quietly, then began to build both in

speed and volume.  My hip gyrations kept pace with my moans.

      Through the fog of pleasure, I could tell that sometimes we

would get out of rhythm because I was outpacing him.  But I just

didn't care.  I kept pumping.  I could feel a huge orgasm building

up inside of me.  Along the way I was experiencing small orgasms

that would release a little of the tension.  I heard someone

screaming on each orgasm and it took a while before I realized that

it was me.  Before I really realized it, I heard him say he was

coming.  I then felt his hot liquid pouring out of him.  The

intense heat drove me out of my mind.  I said something I don't

remember, and I started trembling faster and faster until I was

almost a blur.  Then I lifted myself up and let myself plunge down

on him one final time.  I stayed in that position, just letting the

waves of orgasm overtake me.  Slowly, I was able to relax, and I

finally slumped against him.

      We laid in that position long enough to catch our breath.  I

suggested that we move into my bedroom so that we could be more

comfortable.  As we were starting to get down from the table, we

heard a creak and the table collapsed.

      I looked at the table from the pile in which we ended up.  One

of the legs had broken.  We got up and I noticed him standing

there, a sheepish look on his face as he stared down at the table. 

I whispered in his ear that it was old and it was worth it.  I then

grabbed him by the hand and led him into the bedroom.

      I didn't get much sleep that night.  Not that I really wanted

it.  He was tireless as he made love to me.  He was on top, behind,

standing...everything I could ask for and more when I couldn't form

the words.  We finally tired each other out at about 5 am.

      I made it a half day at work the next day, because I was so

tired (I claimed it was from my long trip) and also because I was

so sore.  He stretched me out pretty good.  And I enjoyed another

bath.  Half of it was spent with my hands between my legs, thinking

of his penis being there instead.  I was also making plans for our

next encounter.

      And to this day I wonder one thing about my personal ad...why

hadn't I tried it sooner?



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