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Archive-name: SpecMome/onesumr.txt


Archive-title: One Summer

The plane's smooth landing didn't comfort me much because I knew that

my arrival only made the end closer.  After being together for three

years, Melissa and I were probably breaking up, yet here I was, leaving

school early just to go to to her senior prom.  Ironic.  I had rushed

through my individually arranged final exams, prematurely ending my

freshmen year, and taken the next flight leaving San Francisco to be at

her prom.  And I knew it would end.

When it finally did a few weeks later, I wasn't too surprised.  Tensions

had finally mounted to the point where even good sex couldn't keep us

together.  My heart ached at the loss, but I knew the best thing to do

would be going out and dating as soon as possible.  Anything else would

simply prolong the inevitable "recovery period."  Unfortunately, the past

year in college hadn't done wonders for the confidence I left home with

last fall.  School had been much more difficult than anticipated, and 

the few good looking women I met in California weren't very interested

in dating (particularly not a freshman).  All this was a bit of a shock, 

especially the lack of good looking women: what did they say, nine out

of ten women in California are beautiful ...  So while I was at school, I

became more attatched to this long distance relationship than I should

have.  I made more long distance phone calls, wrote more letters, and

thought more about one person than I think I ever have in my life.  

Joining a fraternity at that time probably would have done me some good.

Self-discipline lended a hand, however, and I was successful at getting

myself back in the social scene as quickly as possible.  The beer and

the brethren were able to keep my mind off Melissa, but I still a lingered

here and there.  Socializing hadn't been enough.  It was a few weeks later,

in a get-in-with-anything-resembling-an-ID bar, when I saw Lisa.  I had met

her before even though we went to different high schools, and I knew she

went to UPenn with some friends of mine.  With the confidence of alcohol

and the help of those same friends, I got reintroduced and a date.

Just a little caveat about the rest of this story: this isn't going to be

some 14"-penis, she wanted it and we both knew it, fuck all night fantasy.

It is based on something that happened to me nearly 7 years ago and is,

to date, one of the most sexual experiences I've ever had.  That's 

surprising because I'm older and much more experienced (and bolder)

than I was back then.  At any rate, please be forewarned that this isn't

the Hollywood version.

Lisa and I went out to have some drinks at a Mexican place later that week.

We both looked good, having had some time to get over freshmen finals

with some Miami sun.  She wore a light, lemon dress that came to just above 

the knees and had a simple pendant to adorn her chest.  Her hair was light 

brown to bronze (hard to describe) and her eyes were hazel.  She stood 

5'8" and probably weighed about 115 lbs.  Her breasts were slightly 

delineated in the dress and their medium size looked soft to the touch.  

Her skin was smooth and clear, fairer than most, and her lips were

full.  I was wearing faded jeans and a knit shirt, had slicked back,

dark hair and dark eyes, and a tan given to me by my Italian ancestors.

I stood 5'11", 175 lbs with well-built soccer legs and an upper body that,

although not large, was benefiting from the weight training I had been


After my second margarita, I knew I was probably going to start noticeably

staring at her breasts.  Our conversation was enjoyable, but it was

getting late and my mental strength was being diverted.  Nonetheless, I

wasn't really considering any fooling around that night, since we had just

met. My recent experiences with Melissa and college women were making me

happy just being there with Lisa.

When I finally took her home, she invited me in and, shrugging off my

sleepiness, I gladly accepted.  Her parents were asleep in the other end

of the house, but we made our way quietly back to her room just in case.

When inside, she closed the door and sat beside me on her bed.  I tried

to force some more conversation because I started to get a little 

uncomfortable: I sensed that there was to be a turning point one way or

the other.  Either we kissed or I went home.  The butterflies in my

stomach fed on the mounting tension, making my knees a little weak -

what a wimp I am!, I thought.  The time between her last reply to some

ridiculous question I asked and when I finally did muster some confidence

seemed like an eternity.  As if in slow motion, I leaned over, moving 

my mouth closer to hers.  Until our lips met and she reciprocated, I was

frightened and excited by the passionate kiss/shut down suspense that makes

these moments so great.  We proved that there were other options in such

a situation by sharing what would be rightly dubbed a terrible kiss.

I was excited merely by the thought of kissing, however, and went for another.

We held on to each other and savored a much longer kiss this time, tongues

exploring one another.  As she slipped her tongue round and around, I

felt the bulge in my pants fighting with my jeans in an attempt to get

more space.

I grew more confident and decided to take our kissing to the next 

logical step.  Pushing her gently to the bed, I continued to kiss her,

while moving both hands to her jaw, then down her neck.  My left hand

finally reached her breasts, where I began to massage slowly.  Her 

nipples tensed to erection under the fabric of her dress as she leaned

her head back, exposing more of her neck for kisses.  I moved my lips 

down while reaching under her and pushing up on the small of her back.

She arched it in response and purred a little louder.  After allowing

me to explore her breasts for a moment, she leaned up.  I followed the

unspoken request and quickly removed her arms from the dress, then

pushing it down to her waist.  She lied down quickly and undid her bra

from the front, exposing herself to me.  Her breasts were magnificent!

full and firm and aching to be licked.  My tongue went to work on her

right nipple as I massaged both of her breasts with my hands.  From the

side of her, I moved one hand down to her legs, reaching all over and

occasionally rubbing her mons.  She arched her back some more and 

continued moaning softly.  As I continued using my tongue on her 

breasts with my tongue, I slipped one hand back under her back and kept

the other exclusively on her mons.

At this point I was nearly in shock.  This was the first sexual encounter

I had ever had on the "first night."  It's difficult to accurately 

express the complex relationship between the lack of expectations (of

sex) and the anticipation of what could possibly be.  To put it 

another way, I wouldn't have been disappointed had we stopped right

there, but I was definitely hoping that things would go further.  At

the same time, I relaxed and wasn't uncomfortable with the mounting

intimacy of our actions.  It's like the "you're a man, that's what

your supposed to do" part of my brain didn't just take over but

became me.  While all this metaphysical wash caught some part of

my thoughts, I continued to explore her body with my tongue in hands. 

I stopped soon thereafter, however, to complete her attempt to remove

my shirt.  With more of my skin visible, I noticed the contrast between

her milk white tone and my olive tan.  I looked up and down her body,

reading the slight lines from her abdominal muscles.  I pushed her dress

to her ankles and watched her panties the whole time, when she suddenly

spoke.  "I won't sleep with you," she said with an unprecedented 

seriousness.  Surprised, I quickly replied, "I didn't expect you to," but

wanted to add, "sleep with me!  God, I'm shocked were even getting

naked!"  I wasn't sure how to read her visage.  I knew that the more

intimate this became, the closer we'd get to the point where what

we were doing was no different from sleeping together.  Maybe she 

sensed this to, I don't know, but she didn't seem to want to stop me

from going further, just from trying to sleep with her.  I didn't expect

our fooling around would last much longer, figuring that she'd call

it quits.  In the meantime, though, I'd continue where I'd left off.

I again started to massage her body, and after a few moments, she grasped

my jeans to unbutton them.  I helped her out by standing up and removing

them entirely.  Then, at her behest I locked the door.  As I went to turn 

off the desk-side lamp, she watched my erection and told me to leave

the light on.

The mood was a little fragmented by the interruptions, but I wasn't 

daunted.  The little confidence I had mustered with the first kiss was

taking me a long way.  I asked her to turn over on her stomach and said

that I would give her a back massage.  She obliged without any signs

of discomfort.  I sat on he legs, just beneath her ass, and admired the

view.  She had a nice, slender figure, curving from her hips to a thin

waist to muscular shoulders.  I gasped when I discovered that I could

almost reach entirely around her waist with my hands.  I ran my hands up

and down her spine, pressing on the muscles on the sides.  Working from 

the top down, I moved my hands to her buttocks while slowly sitting 

further and further down her legs.  I explored her ass, rubbing firmly

all over, and in a moment her panties slid off.

I got back into sitting positon, but it was a little different because

she had spread her legs just enough so that I could see her clitoris and

anus.  I continued massaging, this time concentrating on her mons, anus

and buttocks.  I could feel her getting really hot and wet, and her moans

grew louder: I wanted to taste her.  I sat between her legs then, spreading

them wide open so that I had a full view.  I started to lick the insides

of her thighs, near her knees at first and then slowly moving closer.

She consented by moving her knees closer to her body so that her ass was off

the sheets, while her chest and face remained where they were.  I licked

all around, moving from the tip of her clitoris to the top of her 

buttocks, exploring her anus along the way.  She ws getting wetter and her

moans were quit audible now.  I moved my hands in to help massaging, and 

she started to rock back and forth.  Keeping my hands on her mons, I

penetrated her vagina with my tongue.  I licked up and down, in and out,

trying to get as much of her juice as I could.  She moved in rhythm to

my tongue now, slowly getting rougher and rougher.  Her moans were very

loud, which got me more and more into it.  I grabbed her hips and grinded

her harder into my face.  In a sudden rush of paroxysm, she came with a

scream as I desperately tried to lick up as much of her juice as I could.

I continued to lick her vagina and anus, but moved one hand down to remove 

my underpants.

I moved into a sitting postion behind her right leg, with both of mine 

straddling it and my penis releasing fluid on the back of her thigh.  I

continued to rub her underneath in hopes that she wasn't finished.  I

fingered her vagina and anus, pushing her juices all over for lubrication.

She hadn't stopped moving back and forth, so I wasn't dissuaded.  Working

her back to severe moaning, I got directly behind her, spreading her legs

apart with my knees.  I had a full-on view of her open vagina and anus,

and it took all I could muster not to penetrate immediately.  I knew, 

however, that this wasn't the right tactic.  If I could get he hot

enough, she would sleep with me.

I moved closer, and my penis rubbed against her buttocks in the middle, 

just above her anus.  I started to pump back and forth, feeling the

blood flow to my penis.  I didn't want to come just yet, so I alternated

between rubbing her with my penis and massaging and fingering her.  Her

hips were starting to gyrate more, telling me that she was not saying

"no" just yet.  I moved my penis lower with my hand, placing the head 

right against her open vagina.  With her moving back and forth in

rhythm, my head penetrated her just enough for her to react.  "I'm not

going to fuck you," she breathed, though she continued to move back and

forth.  "Fuck it," I thought, "at least I'll get on thrust.  If she 

says 'stop,' I will and that will be the end of it."  I continued,

therefore, to my rub penis against her wet clitoris.  I put myself at 

the entrance again and she moved back and forth so that the whole head

was in.  She started to move in such a way that only my head was going

in and out.  When her movement became more deliberate and deeper, I met

her with one deep thrust to the hilt.  She was tight inside, very hot

and wet, and I could feel her vaginal muscles grab onto me.  I almost

ejaculated right there.  "No, we shouldn't be doing this," she managed 

to get out between moans.  A little confused, I withdrew and starting

rubbing myself all over her again. Slowly I put my head in and out again.

She moved more and more, and I gave a full thrust again.  "No," she 

said with little control, "we shouldn't be doing this."  But I couldn't

stop; I kept thrusting.

She had gotten to her elbows by now, moving more and more furiously.  She

didn't change positions at all but picked up the pace of her rhythm.  With

a sudden movement, she pushed very hard and once again I was in to the hilt.

In a short spasm, she threw her head back and screamed, "fuck me! oh, please

fuck me!"  I pushed faster; again: "fuck me! ... please ... fuck!"  In the

next three strokes my body stiffened and my muscles all started to tense

up.  I could feel the veins in my arms pop out and my chest stretch forward

with the arching of my back.  I grabbed her hips and pushed as hard as I 

could.  Knowing I was going to come, I readied myself to pull out, when

she yelled, "come in me, please! ... Please...come!"  I couldn't leave her.

In a sudden wave shared by her distant sound of screaming. my entire 

body contracted, and I came in one final, deep thrust.  My penis was

touching her cervix as the semen poured out in sudden spurts.  She was 

still screaming, desperately pushing her ass back against me, trying

to get my penis deeper inside her.  I held the position for several seconds,

stiffening my body as long as I could, and with one long exhale, relaxed.

She was back on her chest, eyes closed, and one cheek comfortably against the

sheets, catching her breath from the final fury.  I slowly removed my penis

and curled up with her for a short, needed nap.

In a few hours, she walked me out to my car, we hugged, and she said 

goodnight.  We saw each other the rest of that summer, but in September

we went to our separate schools.  That term we both managed to get new 

relationships and thus never really kept in much contact after the 

following Christmas break.

I heard Lisa is in Washington, D.C. now.  I hope she is doing well and

always wonder what would have happened had we continued our relationship.

I guess I should be content with the memories of our first night 

together.  (By the way, I stopped thinking Melissa after that night

and haven't really heard from her either.)




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