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Archive-name: SpecMome/offline.txt

Archive-author: Huggybunny

Archive-title: Taking it Off-Line

He was sitting at the computer, concentrating on the activity online.  She

approached from behind, and put her arms around his shoulders, leaned her

breasts into his back, and nuzzled his ear.  He leaned into her, and lost his

stream of thought on the conversation online.  She kissed the top of his head,

then the back of his neck.

"Let's go to bed, honey," she whispered huskily.

A few quick keystrokes and he was logged off.  She shut off the light and led

him into the dimly lit bedroom.  The bed looked inviting, and he sat on the

edge.  She stood in front of him, one of his legs between hers, and rested

lightly on his knee with her warm femaleness.  He began to already feel a

stirring, but he knew that she wasn't was going to make his satisfaction come

too soon, nor would he hers.

She unbuttoned his shirt collar, and leaned forward, kissing him in the hollow

of the neck, and letting her fingers trail onto his chest. Putting his arms

around her, he pulled her closer and kissed her eyelids, her hair, all around

her mouth.  She sucked his lower lip into her mouth and gently nibbled at it,

as her hands pushed his chest a bit away from her, just enough to unbutton a

few more shirt buttons.  She wrapped her arms around him beneath the shirt and

rubbed her fingers lightly on his bare back.  She felt a bit of a shiver from

him as her adjusted to the almost tickling sensation.  Quickly, her thrust her

arms upward and yanked the shirt unexpectedly out of his pants.

Her hands moved to the belt, and he continued attempting to suck her tongue

into his mouth, while she fumbled with the buckle.  From experience, he knew

that the fumble was all part of the tease, and he loved feeling her fingers

fluttering at his fly, exciting him even more. He knew she loved seeing that

first thrust of his hard penis against the fabric of his shorts once she freed

him from the belt and zipper, and at the same time, he longed for her hot and

moist crotch against him.  He ran his hands down her tush, and pulled her

toward him with both hands, but she resisted, still working on his zipper.

At last she managed to slide it downward.  His penis burst forth from the

constriction of his pants and pushed against the soft fabric of his shorts. She

moved her hands down over the stiff cock and he took in a breath quickly.  His

hands gripped her ass, and began to work at pulling her dress up over her ample


She had on his favorite dress, the black silk one, and he imagined that he

could feel the soft lacy half slip and matching camisole, but he wasn't

absolutely sure.  She was a woman of many surprises, and her imagination was

limitless.  She raised herself up a bit, still balancing on his knee, and

allowed the dress to slide up.

"Omigod," he intoned to himself.  She didn't have on the slip and he couldn't

feel the bottom of the camisole, either.  He suspected that she had on some as

yet unseen article to delight him.

She leaned backward, and let him shrug off the shirt.  Then she dropped to the

floor and untied his shoes, pulled them off, rolled his socks down and off. 

She caressed his arches, tickled the tops of his feet lightly, and dropped a

small kiss on the instep of each foot.  Running her hands up his calves, she

pulled forward lightly, and urged him to stand.  As he arose, his pants slid to

the floor and were tossed aside. Then she rose, and in one swift motion lifted

her arms and allowed him to slip the dress up and over her head.  The cloth

moving over her hair made it even further mussed it, and made it wilder and

sexier than usual.

But her hair was not what he was concentrating on.  No, definitely not her

hair.  The removal of the dress revealed a one-piece garment, not unlike what

he would picture Scarlet O'Hara as having worn.  True, it was black and that's

not exactly what he would picture the southern belle in, but close enough.  It

cinched in her waist and emphasized her already hourglass and substantial

figure.  At the top, her breasts were half-bare, and the nipples peeked out

over a tiny edge of pink lace.  He rested his hands lightly at her waist and

noticed her red-blonde hair peeking out at him from below.  This garment,

whatever it was, ended just below the hip and there were garters descending

down her legs (black and pink garters, no less!) and hooking into sheer black

stockings.  How could he have not guessed that something like this was waiting

under that much-loved but demure dress, he wondered.

His hands forced her to turn around, and the back of the undergarment revealed

that that was just as bare.  Her rounded rear protruded invitingly and he

smoothed his hands over the cheeks.  He teasingly ran a finger up between her

cleft and felt her tense under his touch.  He turned her back around, pulling

her close, and ruling her with his cool touch.  She melted against him.

She could feel the protrusion of his penis pushing against her, and she

realized that he was still wearing his cotton undershorts.  She ran her hands

around his back and eased them inside the waistband, sliding them down, and

over his ass.  For just a moment they stood locked that way.  Then she began

pulling his underwear off, revealing his hairy tush, and backing just far

enough away from him to lift the shorts over his hard cock, and let the

underwear fall to the floor, forgotten beneath them.

He moved backwards and again sat on the edge of the bed.  He pulled her toward

him, his hands still caressing her rear, and buried his face in the cleft of

her breasts, nuzzling and licking and nibbling.  Her fingers were running

through the back of his hair, lightly tickling his scalp and sending shivers

down his spine, as she widened the angle between her legs and allowed his

fingers to glide over her warm, moist fragrant slit.

One of his hands trailed down the back of her thigh, playing around the top of

stocking and finally finding the garter.  He unhooked it, and then repeated the

action on the other side.  As sexy as this garment was, he knew that the body

underneath, with the expanse of soft pink-white skin was even more sensuous. 

Slowly he released her, never breaking the rhythm of his caresses, and slid his

hand down her leg, reaching her ankle.  He stretched the leg out, resting the

small foot gently on his crotch.  The black stockinged toes wiggled against his

balls, and he admired the view of her balanced there, one leg up and touching

him most privately, her pink pussy open to him, the pose causing her breasts to

be thrust forward and her ass appear almost totally rounded.  He slid his hand

back up the leg, and unhooked the front garter, allowing himself the luxury of

a brush of his fingers across her opening before he released that leg to the

floor, and replaced it with her other.  He almost gave in to the urge to bury

his face in her downy privates, but instead continued to remove her stocking.

This time however, he did not release her foot to the floor. He slid the silky

nylon down her leg and let the motion of her toes and the fabric being swished

over his scrotum to excite him further, as he explored the possibilities of how

the black and pink bustier was to be removed.  Finally, he discovered a pink

ribbon at the center front that looked like it could be untied, and putting her

foot back to the floor, leaned forward and concentrated on this puzzle.  His

large hands fumbled with the tiny ribbon but managed to untie it, and then free

the laces down the front of the garment.  Eventually, the garment was loosened 

enough to allow it to slide off with his help, and she stepped out of it,

leaving the small pile of black and pink lace on the floor.

He cupped a breast in each hand, and brushed his thumbs across her nipples.

She thrust herself toward him, and began kissing his neck, his chin, his

mouth.  Together, the rolled onto the bed, facing each other and side by side,

kissing and fondling, his fingers tracing circles around her breasts and her

hands pulling him toward her by his hips.  A subtle shift and she was atop him,

straddling his chest with her knees, her moist crotch resting warmly on him.

She dangled her breasts in his face, teasing him with the milky softness and

the erect pink nipples.  She brushed his lips with the nipples and leaned

forward, burying his face between her breasts, feeling his hot breath on her,

and letting his hands guide a nipple into his mouth.  His tongue flicked across

the nipple, and gently he began sucking, as she rocked forward on her hips to

match the rhythm of his mouth on her throbbing nipple.  She could feel almost a

line running straight downward from her nipple to her clit and longed to feel

his mouth or his hand or his penis touching her there too, as she rubbed

herself against his chest.

His hands urged her aside, and now she was on the bottom, with his face on her

tummy and his hands beneath her hips.  His penis brushed her chin, and she

touched her tongue to it as he ran his mouth down her belly, parted her legs

with his hands, and tasted her.  His tongue flicked over her clit, and she felt

the urge to moan, but his cock was filling her mouth, so she licked and sucked

and reached for his balls with her hands.

She could feel his hands working her hips higher, pulling them into her face,

and then a finger dipping into her vagina from behind.  He toyed there, moving

the finger in circles inside her, then in and out.  All the time, his tongue

and lips continued to work on her throbbing bud, and she felt the tension

beginning to build.  The finger left her vagina, and slid southward, finding

her anus and teasing, touching, tickling there until the tightness relaxed and

the finger, moist with her own juices, slid inside.  She took a breath quickly,

and felt the fullness, the thrusting, his mouth, his fingers...and knew that

soon all inhibitions would release and she would come.

But no...the rhythm changed and she almost cried with the disappointment.  He

pulled back, and turned around, resting her ankles on his shoulders and

spreading her legs wide as he entered her.  The sudden fullness made her gasp

with delight, and he let her legs support him as he plunged forward, letting

his penis stay inside her for a second as she tightened the muscles inside to

clutch at his organ.  He knew she loved this, what she called her "rocking

chair" as they moved back and forth together, watching each others faces,

bodies hot and slick and melting into one.

But now it was her turn.  She stopped the motion, and her realized that now the

tables were turned.  She wanted him in her mouth, the explosion coming where

she could feel it all, and he accommodated her by pulling out and rolling onto

his back.  She leaned over him, on her knees and at his side, her rounded ass

toward him, her legs slightly separated.  She took his penis in her mouth,

touching his balls lightly with one hand and balancing on the other.  He raised

his hand to her bottom and smacked it with his open palm once lightly.  The

sudden shock made her take his cock more deeply, and she moaned as she felt her

power over him with her tongue, her teeth grazing his foreskin ever so gently

on the out-thrust.

Her rear presented such an inviting picture, and he slid a finger lightly into

her ass, another into her vagina.  Silently, she thanked her lucky stars that

she'd found a man with big, agile hands.  The finger in her ass moved

circularly, and the finger in her pussy moved in and out.  His thumb brushed

her clit and she began to moan, even as she felt his balls tightening.  The

rhythm began to build, his two fingers and his thumb moving at the same pace as

her tongue and lips and fingers on his balls.  Both of them were beyond the

point of return and her hips thrust in time to his hands.  His pelvis rose and

fell, helping her mouth along.  A moan began, whether from him or her neither

was certain, and was joined by a cry from the other.

Her clit was throbbing and she felt the tingle all the way to her breasts as

she rubbed them across his thigh.  She pressed downward, pushing herself into

his hands, and tonguing his cock more frantically.  She knew that only seconds

were left, if that, and then she felt his penis begin pumping.

As her own orgasm crested and washed over her, the waves of motion and emotion

taking her, she tasted his semen in her mouth, felt it splatting against her

palate.  Everything became a blur of sensations, pleasurable tastes, touches,

sounds, smells, sights--all blending into a wonderful moment of total abandon

of inhibition.  She let herself ride the crest, and dimly knew he was doing the


And then she relaxed, let his now flaccid penis fall aside. She dropped from

her knees to stretch out, still facing opposite him, on the bed.  She became

aware of the heavy breathing and the slick bodies and the musky scents and

rested, as he did the same.  A few minutes later, she twisted around and

righted herself, putting her head on the pillow next to his.

She kissed him on the ear lightly, and grinned at his satisfied and sleepy

smile.  She whispered  "My love, I never ever expected to meet someone like you

online.  And taking it off-line was surely the bonus of a lifetime."  And then

she snuggled up next to him and fell into a light sleep, knowing that a similar

scene would be enacted again in a few hours, as they savored their limited time




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