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Archive-name: SpecMome/nitesex.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: The Second Time  

     It had been a long and fun filled day to be sure. We'd strolled through the

streets of Carmel, looking into shops, sometimes going in and looking over the

merchandise, laughing and talking about what we liked.  We dined along the

wharf, watching the sealions play and the otters scampering about in search of

shellfish.  We ambled along after dinner, letting the fading sunlight warm us

and sitting on the beach, we watched it settle into the ocean, painting a warm,

red glow over the skies, and us.

     The weather was warm and pleasant as we walked back to our motel room, and

we settled down for the night. Our first bout of lovemaking was slow, erotic

and filled with the wonder of exploring each other for the first time.  Your

body moved and undulated as I found many of your sensitive areas, and I was

pleased to see and hear you react with pleasure to my touch.  Your hands sent

electric shocks of pleasure through me as you found places on my body that I'd

never thought were sensual.  The soft glow of the small candles we'd bought

along with their light scent made your body a study in warm curves, perfect

skin, and sensuality. Our orgasms came close together, and I felt the whole of

my inner being pouring forth into you, as your legs wrapped around me like a

warm, loving blanket.  The softness of your lips contrasted against the firmness

of your arms and legs as we floated on our cloud of passion. We held each other

and fell asleep, with me curled up behind, my arm over your waist, cupping your

warm breast.

	I awoke to find you still against me. The warmth of your behind pressing

firmly against my loins and igniting anew my desire for you. In the dim light

of only a single candle now, I traced the soft curve of your beautiful thigh,

marveling in the silky texture of your skin. Your breathing was deep, and

rhythmic, while I watched you.  My lips sought and found the warmth of your

back, and I left soft kisses from your neck to your shoulders, enjoying the

subtle changes in your breathing.  You moved slightly, and I felt an electric

thrill as your labia slid over my hardening erection.

   I moved my hand gently over your exposed behind, cupping your upraised curve

of flesh and feeling it's curiously soft, yet firm resilience. As I lifted it,

I heard the soft parting of your moist labia, and my erection grew.  Your sleep

was still even, though you seemed to be dreamily enjoying my touch. I wondered

of whom you dreamt, then decided it didn't matter.  I leaned forward, pressing

the head of my erection against the folds of your entrance, and slowly moved

back and forth.  The warm creamy wetness spread over my glans, and your musky

fragrance reached my brain, filling me with urgency, and yet I restrained my


     My hand slid down your thigh, caressing lightly, and then back up to your

soft rear, and then up your lower back. Again you moved, gently, as if you were

dreaming of this. My own flesh was hard, rigid and eager to find its way inside

you again, urging me to surround it with your warm flesh.  I moved and pressed

the tip against your entrance, feeling the warmth of your moist womanhood, and

slowly, ever so slowly, pressed forward.

     My hand slid up and rested on the side of your hip, pulling you gently onto

my shaft.  Slowly, savoring every minute movement, I felt myself entering you,

entering your deliciously sensual body, becoming one with you.  The head was

only halfway in, still spreading your entrance slowly. I paused, and withdrew,

just a fraction, then slowly resumed. This time, I stopped with the head just

fully within the grip of your muscular ring, and felt a contraction against me.

Then, without moving, a soft, slow, sensual feeling of your body opening to me,

and the head slipped past, allowing your pussy to grasp my shaft.  A soft moan

escaped your lips, and now I noticed your breathing had become faster.

   I worked slowly, time having no meaning for us.  Pressing gently, then with-

drawing just a tiny bit, I slowly worked my shaft inside you until I was more

than halfway down my aching flesh.  I had slowed several times, wondering if

you'd awakened, and each time, your breathing, although sensual, was still that

of slumber. I again thought of your dreams, and wondered what sexual fantasies

were dancing inside your head. I pressed again, and this time, your sleepy

movement wasn't slight. You rolled back against me, taking my shaft fully into

your depths, letting out a surprised moan as you awakened.

	"Ohhhh!" you gasped. "Yessss." your soft voice whispered.

   The radiance of your sensual aura enveloped me and I wrapped my arms around

you, pulling you tighter, cupping your breasts, and kissing behind your ear.

	"God! You are so beautiful!" I whispered passionately into your ear.

     I felt your body melt onto mine, your hand against my thigh, and the soft

squeeze of your pussy against my shaft.  Your back arched, pressing your warm

ass against me, taking me deeper, making us both yearn for the sensual feelings

that lay ahead. My fingers found your nipples, hard, erect, sensitive and beg-

ging to be explored. I pulled on them gently, feeling you respond and writhe

against my rigid flesh buried inside you.

	"Hard." you breathed. "Fuck me hard." You voice was a husky whisper.

     I slowly withdrew, until just the head remained inside you, then slowly I

moved forward, teasing your body, letting you feel the heat and passion.  Again

your body arched, quickly driving me deep inside you. I pulled back quickly,

only to slowly begin another thrust, and again you arched to take me fast, the

way you wanted it.

	"Fuck me. Fuck me hard!" your breathy voice was urgent, demanding.

     This time I thrust against your rear, forcefully, pressing hard against the

soft curves of your ass. You moaned, and I began again, pinching your nipples

as I slid out, cupping your breasts as I thrust forward.  Your hips thrust back

to meet me, and we pressed against each other, as if I could somehow slide even

deeper inside you.  Our movements became faster, more urgent, as every nerve in

our bodies seemed to accentuate the sensual pleasures.

	I rolled you over onto your stomach, my hands still on your breasts.  My

legs outside of yours, I pressed my rigid shaft deep into your soft, wet flesh

squeezing your breasts as I did so. You arched against me again, raising your

hips to allow me to go deeper. I too arched, pressing myself deep into your

body, feeling your soft behind flatten against my loins. Again and again we

thrust against each other, building our passions as we build up our thrusts.

     You muscles contracted around me as I plunged deep inside your pussy, and

my body arched, trying to extend the reach of my rigid flesh. Your upturned

behind rippled as my body slammed against you, and the bed shook as our bodies

writhed and collided.  Your harsh breathing and low moans filled me with a

wonderful passion to please you, to fill you with ecstasy.  My hips began to

move in long, hard thrusts, slamming hard into your ass, making us both quake

and groan.  My fingers released your breasts and slid automatically to your

hips, grasping them and pulling them against me. Our bodies went into a frenzy

of sensual arousal, peeling away our facade of civilization, leaving us both

exposed as two primal beings writhing in passionate desires.

	Your cunt spasmed and milked my cock, sucking my brain down towards you,

and my whole body began to unravel, to drain towards my balls. Another spasm

and your cunt seemed to suck at my soul, drawing me into you even more. You

moaned loudly, arching your cunt against my impaling cock, shuddering and

heaving against me. The squeezing, milking, sucking of your cunt drew me over

with you, and my body thrust my cock deep into you, holding for a long second

as my cock swelled and readied to spew its creamy sperm.  Another hard thrust,

and I could feel your juices spreading against your ass and thighs, just as I

felt a warm flood beginning to rise inside my cock.  My hands tightened their

grip on your hips, pulling you tighter against me, my hips arched, shoving my

cock roughly into your cunt, my cock swelled, filling with my hot, creamy sperm

and my whole body stiffened deep inside you. Then, wave after wave of pleasure,

as my cock gushed, flooding you with my warm, creamy cum, flowing like a river

into your waiting cunt.  Your body spasmed and milked the white cream from me,

your soft moans filling my ears with erotic pleasure noises. Our brains knew

nothing but throbbing cock, squeezing cunt, and warm, flowing creams for long

moments, until our bodies began to relax.

	I lay on my elbows, sweating and trying to catch my breath, and I kissed

your neck and shoulders, tasting the salty perspiration that covered you too.

We moaned softly as our bodies floated along, and the feeling of your soft

behind nestled against the hollow of my loins filled me with a warm pleasure.

You turned your head and we kissed, briefly, and then curled up on our sides,

still joined.  My hand sought your breast again, and you covered my hand with

yours, squeezing it gently.  A soft sigh and a gentle touch before we faded off

to sleep.

	Sweet dreams, my love.



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