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Archive-name: SpecMome/niteeven.txt

Archive-title: Night and the Evening, The

    I have this wonderful apartment near the University.  It's one of those

setups that people kill for.  Of course, it's only so sweet because the rent

is reasonable.  A large, 17' x 17' room with a skylight, it's in the upstairs

of a average sized house that I share with three other guys, all of which are

basically out of school and working.

    On weekends, I invite the 'crowd' of friends over for get-togethers

upstairs, with the mood lights, mixed drinks, and light conversation.  The

whole setup is quite relaxing, even if I don't get out often, and when we

need some wildness, we simply bring the party downstairs to the living room

and crank up some INXS on Chris's stereo downstairs and play quarters and

dance lasciviously with friends and lovers.  It's all quite simple and


    This weekend I planned on starting with a get-together and then moving

it into a full party as more people arrived.  The guest list included the

usual bunch of friends, including the same lot I've known for years, plus

the numerous acquaintances I'd met through them, including my girlfriend,

Nicole, who I'd met at the last get-together.  She decided to come over

for dinner, so I cleaned up the place during the early afternoon.

    The party wouldn't start for another couple of hours, so I was quite

relaxed.  Nicole was looking at ease, as she always did, and after feeding

her some fettucine and sausage in white sauce, we laid back satiated.  I

clicked on the mood light, and sat back, leaning my head on her chest.

Nicole's chest is always something I've admired, with her monstrous breasts

extending out at least six inches.  Plump and soft, they often remind me of

your pillow after a long day's work: something you can dive your face into

and be lost forever, and the more you wiggle, the more cozy it feels.

    All during this, she was playing with my hair, softly caressing the long

black waves, twirling them in her fingers.  It was so relaxing with the

Billie Holiday tape playing the background.

    Day in,

    Day out...

    That same old hoodoo

    follows me about...

    I looked up at her chin, and brought my hand up to her neck, placing my

opened palm across it, and slid it up to where my fingers touched her right

ear.  Slowly stroking the lobe, first on the surface, and then probing inside,

I felt her entire head arching back, the tension of her hands released from

my hair.  Like an almost irresistable urge, I brought my face to her neck.

A glancing touch of my cheek against her neck, and then the hot, wet breath

upon her skin forced her head to arch back further.  She let out a sigh, and

I could imagine her eyes rolled back, lids closed against the red light which

glowed overhead.

    I kissed her neck very gently.  The slight shiver ran up to meet my hand,

which now was sliding through and through her wispy, brown hair.  The other,

meanwhile, was running lines across her left leg, while I rested my torso

across her lap.  The masterful trick was in coordinating the "mazy motions" of

the hand on her calf to those of the right, now reaching behind her head.  I

blew again on her neck, halting the hands- again, the shiver.  Starting up

again, I pulled myself up to a more dominant position, and touched my lips

to her neck, but did not kiss it.  The stroke was even, smooth, and brought

my face up closer to hers.  Sliding over to the left, I breathed a sigh into

her ear, "Ni- cooooolllleee..." the same way people do at salt water beaches,

when their lungs are filled with salt, and mist and sand.  I was filled with

desire, and breathed this into her ear, and began gently rubbing and licking


    Eventually, I tired of this, and rubbed my cheek against hers and then,

quite suddenly, glided my lips over hers, barely touching.  The sensation

was electric.

    Baby, you'd never know it,

    But I'm kind of a poet...

    So gimme me one for my baby

    and one more for the rooooaaaddd...

   Later, we moved over to the bent chair.  My housemates have a bunch of

old chairs.  You know the kind that have metal tubes the somehow hold up

the weight, and don't bend back when you sit on them.  Well these had

bent back.  I was leaning back on the chair, but my back was to the seat, which

worked fine since the whole thing had bent to the floor.  Nicole was lying

on my lap like I had before to her, but she was extending her legs out to my

right.  I had my right hand on her hip and was rubbing her hip and legs, gracing

over and under her remarkable curves, and occasionally glancing between her

legs as if it was an accident.  My other hand was wandering around her neck,

face, hands, arms, and often slipping across her breasts.  Still enclothed

by her sweater, I knew that she felt this, but not enough to take this as a


    The neat thing about this bent chair is that it rocks forward until your

rear end is on the ground. However, if you keep your weight back, you can adjust

this and get a rocking effect.  I began using this as a way to keeping her

face just out of reach of mine, so she couldn't kiss me until the time was

right.  I stared into her eyes, like a man possessed by a demon far worse than

one she thought she unleashed.  After short periods, she became unnerved and

swooned to look away, a schoolgirl again.  But being in such proximity, she

eventually caught my unbreaking gaze from her periphery and looked back,

holding my trance as long as she could before repeating this cycle.  All this

time, she tried to edge closer to me in an attempt to start the kissing, which

she felt more comfortable with, and which would break this nervous and anxious

moment.  Using the chair, I kept maneuvering her body away, and held this for

a long time...

    Foggy days

    Longon town...

    At last, she looked up, and held a gaze at me that signaled "Enough!" and

I returned it, affirming the kiss she wanted.  Only, I stretched that as well,

making the movement of my head to hers take minutes.  Even moreso, my lips only

touched hers by the slightest of pressures, and the whole feeling was one that

you couldn't be sure if your lips were really touching or not.  And then, in

one motion, I grabbed her hair and leaned over, and kissed her hard...

    (the Billie Holiday tape had ended and the live Led Zeppelin tape began)

    You need coolin'

    Now I ain't foolin'

    I'm gonna send ya

    back to schoolin'

    way way down inside

    woman you need love

    gonna give you my love

    gonna give you my love

    wanna a whole lotta love...

    I fell out of the chair and landed atop her.  Mounting her stomach, we

continued to kiss, tongues rolling so hard and fast that it became hard to

track, and we knocked into furniture in the apartment.  After about the third

roll over, I landed with my face in her neck and began to suck and pull at her

soft skin, licking at the flesh, gripping it with my teeth, with the passion

of a vampire.

    when you squeeze my lemon

    I'm gonna fall right outta bed- ed- ed- ed-

    Her clothes fell off, like a fact that must have happened, but that was

quickly forgotten - as if it had always been that way, and my shirt landed

equally as far, somewhere near the speaker.  We giggled briefly, until I

reached over and kissed her neck again.  This time, she shattered from the

sudden heat upon her cold skin, now exposed to the night air.  Again, my

lips and teeth dug into her flesh, while my hands gripped her sides and legs

and pulled.  Giving her a momentary relief, I began kissing and licking, moving

my face down her neck, as her head released its arch.  She stared down, and

in shock, watched as I placed a firm kiss between her breasts.  I could feel

her eyes once again roll back, lids softly closing.

    And if I say to you tomorrow

    take my hand child

    come with me

    it's to a castle I will take you

    and what is and what should never be...

    I began sucking on her breasts and her breathing became hard and regular.

Gently touching the tips of her nipples, I sent waves through.  This lasted

as I touched with enough force for her to want more, and then quickly

delivering her.  This continued until I returned for a hard kiss.  Leaving her

passion unabated, I left the kiss early, and planted one on her stomach.

Moving down as my heands moved up her thighs, I heard a gasp as I felt her legs


    Hey Hey momma

    said the way you move

    gonna make you sweat

    gonna make you groove...

    My tongue kissed her pubic hair and fingers touched her innermost thigh,

which returned as a pair of hands scraping my back and a gasp.  My fingers

began rubbing her clitoris, at first gently, and then hard.  One finger

slid back into her anus, while two more shot into her.  She screamed as they

slipped over one another...

    when all are one and one is all...

    and she's buying a stairway to heaven...

    Later, we fell over each other, collapsing onto the beanbag, which had

been pushed back into the corner of the room, behind the bent chair.  We

awoke to a knock at the door, an eternity later...



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