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Archive-name: SpecMome/merengue.txt


Archive-title: Merengue

     They lie on the floor, facing each other.  He grasps her hands in

his, their fingers locking, palms pressed against each other.

Tentatively, he pushes forward;  she responds with firmness, moving

back with his thrust but not yielding.  He pulls her back.  They are


     He loosens his hold to the most delicate of touching, so only

their fingertips meet.  He begins the slow, rhythmic, forward and back

motion with his hands, their hold never breaking.  He slowly brings

their hands together and intertwines their arms like serpents, up and

down, the rhythm increasing.  He tightens their hold now, pressing his

palms against hers.  He separates their arms and pulls her entire body

to his, only to push her away again.  The rhythm, ever quickening:

forward, back.  At his lead, they rise to their knees and grasp each

others' shoulders.  They rock in the rhythm, burning in their


     With an exchange of the eyes, they rise to the dance...



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