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Archive-name: SpecMome/livinia6.txt

Archive-author: Friar Dave

Archive-title: Livinia - Part 6

     From time to time that afternoon, as I indulged my  literary

delusions, I'd remember the sight of Livinia and Alicia in their smooch. 

Or I'd remember watching Alicia's breasts heave within her cashmere 

sweater. Or the taste of her lips when I'd kissed her that once. And if 

I wasn't careful, I'd start imagining the two of them intertwined, naked 

and feasting on each other's loveliness.

     It didn't take too much of a leap of imagination after that to 

start considering what it might be like to be in bed with both of them 

and then to wonder if Alicia was anything like as responsive as her 

older sister and then...

     Sticking to the work in front of me wasn't easy, but the cursor 

blinked insistently and I just knew damn good and well that if I let 

myself indulge the images, pretty soon I'd be writing stuff that doesn't 

bring in money -- and doing it with one hand, if you know what I mean.

     My doorbell rang at a quarter after six. I know the exact time 

because CBS radio sports was just beginning and I was listening to find 

out if Mr. Bluster, the [censored] who owns the Yankees, had managed to 

set the negotiating process back and insure Major League Baseball would 

have a greatly abbreviated season.

     I went to answer the bell, wondering who. It occurred to me that it 

might be Livinia and Alicia, but I told myself that they were probably 

spending as much time together as possible before Alicia departed for 

Orlando. More likely it was a neighbor who'd forgotten keys. Perhaps 

even the lush, vital, busty middle-aged blonde from the first floor. Who 

might be persuaded to come in for a drink for the first time after five 

years of gentle invitations. Most likely it was some fool who couldn't 

be bothered reading the names on the mailboxes and wanted to ask for 

someone who didn't live here. Yeah, that was probably it.

     My building doesn't have intercoms, so answering the door was 

always a surprise package waiting to be opened. By the time I got to 

the door of my apartment and opened it, I had worked up a good mad: Who 

the hell was bothering me now?

     I opened the door as Alicia reached the midpoint on the last flight 

of steps. "May I come in?"

     See if you can guess the range of fantastic possibilities that went 

through my head? Got it? What did you come up with -- Two? Four? 

     Okay -- then you can imagine why I just sort of stammered, cleared 

my throat, smiled idiotically and motioned for her to come up and in.

     "I hope I am not interrupting you," she said as I closed and locked 

the door behind her.

     "Oh, no, not at all," I lied glibly. "It's a pleasure to see you." 

Well, that was the truth, anyhow. I took her coat and went speechless 

again. She was wearing a simple, pale yellow blouse of thin fabric with 

her jeans and she wore nothing else. I knew that because if there'd been 

anything under those jeans thicker than a cellophane G-string, it would 

have made a bulge. And her blouse was buttoned maybe two thirds of the 

way, which meant that I had a great view of the tops and part of the 

sides of her magnificent tits, and what I couldn't see that way was 

almost-but-not-quite-visible through the thin, straining fabric. She was 

also wearing flat shoes, which meant that no matter how I moved, in the 

narrow hallway, I was looking down and seeing lots o' Alicia. Each time 

I did, another half-dozen neurons hung up their synaptic spikes. 

     I stood there holding her coat in front of me and between us and 

studying the collar closely, because everywhere else I looked, my eyes 

saw Alicia and it was distracting.

     "David, can we go into another room?" 

     I looked at her eyes and found laughter in them. 

     "You make me nervous as hell."

     "I gathered as much." She nodded toward the living room, reminding 

me. I motioned for her to precede me, and this was another mistake. 

Because walking behind her I was struck by two things: The loveliness of 

her long hair, spreading silkily till at its base its lustrous spray was 

as wide as her waist, drawing the eye down its length which was the 

second thing to strike me with a dull thud. Right beneath the ends of her 

hair was her butt, taut and lithe and perfectly rounded and encased and 

displayed and twitching within the best Guess had to offer. I was ready 

to fall to my knees and worship that perfectly formed ass.

     I was so mesmerized by its movements that I followed her through my 

little home office -- where the CRT still showed the work in progress at 

the time of her arrival -- and into the living room. Where she turned 

and asked if there was someplace I could hang the coat, so I wouldn't be 

carrying it like a protective cloak. Of course there was. The walk-in 

closet was between the office and the living room. I'd walked right past 

it. I felt my face redden and hung up her coat and found a hint of a 

smile playing at the corners of those lush lips I had barely tasted less 

than twenty-four hours before. I hung up her coat and was about to close 

the closet door.

     "Oh, one thing," she said and walked toward the closet. At the last 

second, she turned, raised one hand to pull my face down to her and she 

kissed me. I jerked back as if her lips were on fire. 

     She gave me a look of reproach. "Please?" And did it again. This 

time I was ready, mentally as well as physically. About ten seconds into 

the kiss, my arms went around her. Sometime not too long after that, our 

lips opened and her tongue flicked into my mouth. And within a minute, I 

was holding her tightly to me and then I was running my hands over her 

back and hips and butt and caressing the side of her face. She was 

hugging back, too, plastering her lithe, richly curved body against me. 

The press of her ripe, solid breasts against me and the sinuous lean 

rest of her moving against me did nothing to hasten the end of that 


     We had to come up for air, though. Her eyes were closed and her 

lips slightly parted and there was a bit of a flush to her face and it 

extended down as far as I could see to her chest and breasts. 

     Those beautiful eyes opened and focused on mine. The smile hinted 

in her face this time was not at all amused. It was a smile of sudden 

certainty, of pleasure at having a suspicion confirmed, of resignation 

to a fate that is not displeasing. Before she spoke again, I knew at 

least part of what she would say.

     "I will not leave this house until you have taken me to bed and 

made love to me," she said, and kissed my beard to seal the vow. She 

wrinkled her nose. "Tickles." Then she disengaged my arms from around 

her and led me by the hand into my own living room. She turned and faced 

me. "But, please, first -- ?"

     She gestured toward the sofa. I nodded and she sat. I eased myself 

into the comfortable old second-hand rock-Maple rocker that was my 

reading chair. "You won't sit with me?"

     I shook my head. "If I get any closer than this, I won't be able to 

keep my hands off you while you say what's in your mind."

     "I affect you so much and yet you rejected me yesterday..."

     "You know you affect me."

     "My sister has told me many things about you. She has told me 

exactly what she has told you. I know the things she has told you. About 

our uncle, and Manila, and the British writer, and the man in Seattle, 

and the man here who assaulted her. She has told you about her and I and 

things we did together and about our mother. Did she tell you why we 

look different?"

     The question betrayed much that I hadn't deduced. If Alicia hadn't 

dazzled me so much, I probably would have noticed the differences sooner.

     I answered her question: "No."

     "Our uncle had a young assistant in Manila. Our uncle knew the role 

well, for he had filled the same role not many years before, in Manila."

     "For your mother."

     "Yes, before she was too old for his customers and ran away to 

marry." She looked down at her hands, then back at me. "Livinia and I 

have different fathers. Mine died in a logging mishap. Hers is...not 

known." She glanced away for a second.

     "Or he might be your uncle."

     "Yes." She held herself stiffly in the worn old couch. "Did she 

tell you why she cannot have more children?"

     I shook my head.

     "The man who assaulted her damaged her inside. She was ruptured and 

bleeding. Surgery was necessary -- You understand?"

     "You don't have to say more about it."

     "Do you love her?"

     I tensed. 

     "I see you do not -- not in that sense."


     "But you care very much and respect her and like her and enjoy her 

companionship and sex with her."

     "Very much."

     "But she knows there is always this girlfriend of many years -- "


     " -- and she is afraid to become too close with you, yet she wants 

to be close."

     "Have you come to seduce me, get your first time with a man and 

cure your sister's aching heart by helping her get used to the idea that 

I am never going to be only one woman's -- all in a few hours?"

     She cocked her head to one side and slowly smiled, then nodded. 


     "Good-bye, Alicia." I stood.

     "I vowed to have you."

     "Gonna rape me?"

     "Somehow I don't think it would be like  that."  She  stared

meaningfully at the rather conspicuous bulge in the front of my jeans.

     "She told me much about you. She told me what it is like to be in 

bed with you, to make love with you, to share pleasure with you. She 

told me you are very strong and very gentle and very passionate and -- "

     Oh, no, I thought.

     " -- she told me your penis is not too big -- "


     " -- and does not hurt. And from the way she spoke of you, I became 

more and more interested. I liked you already and thought you were nice 

and intelligent. I saw the way you were tender with her and I began to 

be even more interested. Then, when you kissed me and put your hands on 

me and held me, I knew I had to do it with you. And if it also helps my 

sister, whom I shall always love, is that bad?"

     "Maybe you should let her take care of herself in some things. 

Maybe you should let her in on this little exploit."

     "She knows."


     "You do not believe me?"


     "Yet last night she told you she wanted this -- said it to you in 

my presence -- and later you told her you would not kick me out of bed." 

I was silent, trying to get my thoughts -- not to mention, my senses -- 

under control.

     "May I wash my hands?"

     "Of course."

     She stood and squeezed unnecessarily past my chair, nearly brushing 

my face and shoulders with her breasts, letting me smell the light scent 

she wore and feel the intense passion that I just knew, dammit, was 

bundled inside her. 

     She had me. I had no choice but to believe her, yet somehow it 

seemed too good to be true and if there's one thing I've learned, it's 

that when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I kept 

trying to find the catch. I lit a cigarette and kept running and re-

running all the things Livinia had said to me and comparing them with 

Alicia's words and tried to fit it all into some sort of context. Alicia 

was going to be heading off to Orlando soon; Livinia was sticking around 

and I wanted her to spend some of that sticking around time with me. But 

I kept wondering how she could send her sister-lover to  me  with

equanimity and -- 

     No matter how I looked at it, it just wouldn't fit. I stubbed out 

the butt and lit a new one and tried to tackle it again -- and then 

realized that Alicia had been gone quite a while. I determined to be 

polite and wait till the second butt was finished. Fifteen minutes 

elapsed time to "wash hands" was enough time for a polite inquiry.

     And as the butt smoldered down, I kept flashing memories and 

imagination into a porno show in my head: Livinia and Alicia clinching 

not five feet from where I sat; Alicia letting (my)  pajamas  get

unbuttoned and giving me little flashes; the feel of her in my arms and 

against me; the sight of her gorgeous legs and butt in the jeans; the 

taste of her lips...

     "Damn," I muttered and stubbed out the butt. It had burned down to 

singe my fingers. I took a deep breath and went to investigate. I paused 

long enough to save my file and shut down the 'puter. Premonition? 


     The bathroom was empty, the door open. Alicia wasn't in the kitchen 

or dining room and I would have heard her leave. I knew she wasn't in my 

office or living room. Which left -- 

     The door was open and the reflected city light through the Levolor 

blind illuminated her. She had only the sheet over her, drawn up to the 

tops of her breasts. Her hair was spread on the pillow.

     "Did you tell my sister the truth?" she asked softly. "Or will you 

kick me out of your bed?"

     She threw back the sheet, baring herself to the narrow flare of her 

hips, and held her arms up to me. "Put your hands on me, David; make 

love to me."

     I watched my hand pull the sheet back the rest of the way and I 

couldn't breathe for a moment. Few women can lay naked in soft light and 

be as sexy as you'd imagine after seeing them dressed to vamp. Fewer are 

even sexier. Alicia was one of them.

     "Please -- want me."

     I let go the breath and with it all of my doubts and hesitations. I 

knelt on the bed and ran one hand down over her lovely face to her 

graceful throat to her smooth shoulder to her perfect breast to her taut 

little belly to her trim hip to her sleek thigh to her perfect calf. I 

looked into her face and saw a hint of uncertainty in her beautiful 


     "I want you desperately," I told her. I caressed her face again. 

She put her hand on mine and held it to her face, then turned to kiss my 

palm with her soft lips. Then she drew me down to her.

     She kissed me as she had in the living room. I wrapped her in one 

arm and rolled onto my side, not wanting to crush her with my greater 

size. She wriggled atop me and pressed herself against me as we resumed 

the kiss. I ran my hands all over that perfect body and cupped one 

behind her head to hold her lips to mine till she managed to indicate a 

need for air. 

     "This feels so strange," she said. She raised herself slightly. 

"Your beard...your strength...your hardness..." She rubbed her naked 

mound over the hardness in question. "And your clothes. Entirely too 

many clothes for this." She began unbuttoning my shirt. I ran my hands 

down her back and held her perfect little ass. Her eyes half-closed. "I 

like that," she murmured and resumed unbuttoning. She opened my shirt 

and ran her hand over my chest. "So big and strong here, but not too 

much hair." She sniffed. "Smell nice."

     "Won't get much farther than that the way you are." I  said,

reaching farther to caress the backs of her thighs, then  run  my

fingertips up to measure her hips and finally hold her tiny waist.

     She smiled oddly and bent to lick my nipples, then lightly nipped 

the left one. "Hairy nipples, but I still like to do that...ooooo..."

     The "ooooo" was because I had begun to lightly caress the sides of 

her firm, large breasts. They were very sensitive, it seemed, and when I 

did it again, she began sucking my nipple and tonguing it.

     I lifted her off me and put her flat on the bed. She lay there with 

her legs slightly parted. I knelt and had stripped my around-the-house 

jeans in seconds. I usually skip underwear and socks when I'm just 

hanging out around the house, so Alicia, now flat on her back, was 

suddenly presented with a naked and obviously enthusiastic male.

     "So that's what it feels like," she breathed, raising one hand to 

touch my cock. At first, her fingers were tentative, then she squeezed 

my dick. She pulled on it and squeezed again. Her hand was small; she 

could barely touch thumb and forefinger. "It throbs with your heart and 

is so hard inside..." I watched her run her other hand low, to the 

sparsely furred place where her thighs met. She breathed shallow and 

fast when she worked a finger into her cunt. "Will it hurt me?"

     I shook my head. "Guaranteed not to hurt. You have been with enough 

-- enough --"


     I nodded. "They've put their fingers in you and maybe more."


     "You have never had a man, but you are not a virgin."

     She looked thoughtful, finger still inserted, then removed it and 

put both hands on my dick. "You would like me to suck it, now?"

     And there was something in the way she said it that was so sweetly 

unsure and trusting and even naive that I had to smile. I peeled her 

hands off my prick and bent over her. I licked the finger that had been 

inside and decided I wanted some of that -- but first hand, so to speak. 

Then I kissed her lips for a long time.

     Finally, I pulled back above her. "Alicia, I want to do whatever 

you want with me in my bed. We will laugh together and we will have 

pleasure together and we will be very close. But you do not do anything 

you do not crave."

     She held my face in her hands and drew my mouth to her breast. "I 

crave your mouth here, and your tongue and -- oh!"

     I was licking around her aureole, which was broad and slightly 

inflated in her passion. Little nubs, bumps, had sprung up on it. I 

traced the outer rim without quite touching the nozzle of her nipple, 

using just the tip of my tongue. She sighed and tried to pull my mouth 

onto it. I resisted long enough to draw out the tease, then moved to the 

other breast. After a few minutes of this, she was sighing and moaning 

very softly and wriggling sinuously. Finally, I brought one hand up to 

cup one perfect, gorgeous tit and drew my thumb and fingers upward -- 

not lightly, this time, but not squeezing either. I caught her nipple 

between my thumb and index finger.

     "Unnnnhh," she moaned and then gasped when I stretched out my 

tongue and let the wet tip flick slowly and strongly over the tip of her 

nipple. She clutched my thigh between hers and ground her cunt against 

my leg. She was very, very wet; I could feel her moisture on my thigh.

     I reached down, sliding one hand along her back and down to cup her 

hard ass. I squeezed her buttock and then reached farther, till my 

fingers were pressing that sensitive little place between her pussy and 

her asshole. I massaged it, all the while paying justly due homage to 

her breasts.

     I slid the tip of Badfinger into her cunt just as I raised my head 

and fastened my mouth on hers again. She arched up, then back and down 

and took half my finger into her, sighing hotly into my opened lips. I 

wiggled the finger a bit, then pulled her toward me and quickly brought 

my mouth down over her body till I had my lips over her mound.

     She reacted as if I were breathing fire. My  breath  on  her

sensitive, engorged -- and perfectly normal sized -- clitoris caused her 

to arch up. Her ass clenched still tighter and her hips jerked sharply 

once, twice, again and then she held them raised and her thighs shook 

and she gasped and sobbed as she came.

     And my tongue hadn't even gotten to her cunt yet!

     I rolled onto my back and pulled her over me, so she was sitting on 

my face. Yum! I had a feast on her cunt, using every technique I had 

ever learned -- more than a few from bisexual women -- and she came and 

came again, her orgasms rolling through her. I pushed her up slightly and 

licked along the crease of her perfect butt and she got hotter and 

hotter and then groaned when my tongue began probing at her anus.

     She turned herself around above me and flopped over me,  her

magnificent breasts mashing into my lower abdomen as she licked my 

throbbing glans. Knowing it was the first time she had done  this

restrained the impulse to ram my hips upward.

     I brought her cunt back down into my mouth, I sucked the entire 

luscious morsel into my mouth and lightly licked over the compressed 

divide of her swollen labia. That's what I was doing when, for the first 

time in her life, she sucked a cock into her mouth, To be precise: My 


     She sucked me the way she might have sucked a woman, I guess -- 

ultra-sensitive to the tenderness of vulnerable flesh. But at the same 

time, that meant her tongue was teasing and light and the sensation was 

maddening. Still sucking her, I ran my hand from her ankles to her bent 

knees to her hard little ass to her tight waist and down to lightly run 

my fingertips over the sides of her compressed breasts and then to 

gently caress her face. Then I pulled her mouth off me and urged her, 

with my hands, to turn.

     She didn't take much urging. She straddled me, raised herself and 

then -- Bam! Just like that! - aligned her little cunt with my cock an 

slammed down onto me.

     It was tight and hot and wet. It was like being embedded in liquid 

fire. Her eyes, half-closed when she'd climbed over me, widened and 

then she threw herself down flat on me, crushing her breasts into my 

chest, and began jacking her hips up and down. Her pussy was clasping me 

and pulling at me she squeezed her eyes tight and concentrated, her hips 

moving faster and faster, My hands were on her ass, gripping but not 

guiding, and when she came the first time she screamed her pleasure -- 

and began pumping for more.

     She came again and again, quickly, pow-pow-pow. I knew because I 

could feel her spasms. They were doing nothing for my self-control and I 

warned her when my nuts tightened and began tingling.

     Abruptly, she pulled herself off me -- I swear, I could hear a Pop! 

as my cock pulled out of that tight opening -- and wrapped her hands 

around my throbbing dick. She took just the head in her mouth and sucked 

and licked and jerked and then I was arching up and cumming in her mouth.

     She swallowed once and then pulled away and took the rest on her 

tits. Jerking me dry. I pulled her back to me when the spasms faded.

     "I can have babies so I must be careful." There was a hint of 

apology in her tone. "But I liked it."

     "I noticed." I kissed her on the lips, tasted my own sperm and, 

beneath it, her, and kept on kissing.

     "But you don't like the taste of my cum," I said. I could feel her 

tense in my arms. She'd had one thigh draped across mine; now she pulled 

them together. "That's okay," I told her. "That's really not unusual at 


     "I'm sorry to -- " She couldn't say it. 

     "I don't like handjobs," I confessed. "But I like being in bed with 

you, nonetheless."

     "I liked having orgasms with you," she said and risked a kiss on 

the underside of my jaw. "I want more."

     "And you liked having me lick you -- " I put my finger over her 

tightly clenched anus. " -- here."

     She nodded her face against me. "Yes. It was so good, but you must 

have found it very unpleasant."

     "Not at all. You're clean and fresh and tasty. Want some proof?" I 

flexed as if to move.

     "No!" She held me with arms and legs. "Not yet. For now, I like 

this holding afterwards, this -- this -- "

     "Cuddling. It's my favorite."

     "Mmmm." She pressed up against the finger over her butt-hole. "And 

I liked when your tongue pressed there."

     I slid another finger down and moistened it in her cunt, then 

brought it back up and insinuated the tip into her ass. She tensed, 

then moaned -- and melted. I added the first finger. She tensed again and 

then sighed and began moving slowing, warmly, wetly against me.

     I responded. My cock hardened and she opened her thighs  and

pressed her damp pubis against me, then began stroking the underside of 

my dick with her clitoris. She had my prick trapped between her soft 

pussy lips and my abdomen and she would rock along it slowly, head-to-

toe, ending each stroke with a quick, somehow tentative fillip that push 

her ass back and up against my rude fingers.

     This kept on for "a while." I don't know precisely how long, but 

she gradually increased the tempo and urgency of her movements. Finally, 

I couldn't hold back any more. I rolled her off me, raised her legs to 

my shoulders and forced my cock up her slippery cunt. My plan was to get 

lubricated there and then fit my dick into her up-tilted ass...but I 

got, uh, distracted.

     Getting into her pussy even the second time was still work, because 

she was as tight as a clenched fist. She moaned and squirmed, but kept 

humping her vagina up at me, gobbling my dick into her even as she 

writhed. When I was in her to the bone she sighed and then the sigh 

became a gasp, the gasp became a pant and that turned into a moaning 

sound. And then all I knew was how her cunt was sucking on me and 

clenching me and all my plans were forgotten as I ripped back my self-

control long enough to pull out of her before I came.

     She kept arching her ass up at me and somehow, the head of my 

spasming dick got lodged there. It did not penetrate, but it lodged 

there and I groaned in frustration and relief as I blitzed semen against 

the incredibly puckered little opening. I swear, each ejaculation 

against that tiny rosebud was answered with a squirming squiggle and a 

hunching up at me, but she was too tight -- even after having two 

fingertips in her.

     I tried to relax away from her, meaning to take her in my arms, but 

she was too caught up in her passions. She clutched at me with her arms 

around my neck and her legs around my hips, fastened herself to me, and 

she held on with all the strength in that taut young body. She was 

making little screaming noises against me and  rubbing  her  mons

frantically against my limpening dick and nothing careful I said or did 

was going to interrupt her.

     Finally, I took her wrists in my hands and pulled them down to my 

hips, where I grabbed her ankles, as well -- one wrist and one ankle to 

each hand. Then I pushed her legs up and apart and held them there as I 

dropped to my knees on the floor at the foot of the bed and lowered my 

face to her cunt. I lapped and sucked at her swollen clit and labia and 

he kept writhing, all soaking wet and nearly smooth. All the time, she 

was panting, "More! More!" She seemed perpetually on the edge  of


     Then I understood.

     I released my hold on her ankles and wrists and slid my hands down 

over those perfect legs. I spread her cunt lips with the fingers of one 

hand and slid the thumb of the other inside. Her little pussy sucked at 

the digit. I worked it in and out, then twisted my hand and began 

massaging her G-spot, which was swollen to the size of a peanut.

     Then she came. Ye gods and little fishies, did she ever! She 

screamed as if she were falling off a cliff and then she wrapped her 

smooth, wet thighs around my head and came for what seemed a very long 

time. I worked one hand down beneath her to hold her clenching little 

butt. She angled her perfect, hard ass and pressed down and around till 

one slippery finger slid up inside her back door.

     If I'd thought she was cumming before, I was introduced to a new 

level of abandon. Her ass tried to snip my finger at the base, her cunt 

tried to suck my thumb into her stomach and her thighs seemed to be 

trying to crush my head. Again and again they squeezed against my ears, 

each time opening wider before slamming back against my skull. Looking 

up, I could see her pinching and pulling her nipples with what I was 

sure had to be painful force. Sometimes she pulled so hard that her tits 

seemed to elongate -- and these were not tits in need of stretching or 

enlarging in any dimension.

     She bucked and heaved her pubis against my chin and mouth wildly, 

loosening one of my front teeth. Then the juices began to trickle out of 

her and she sucked in a long, rasping breath and let it out with an 

explosive gasp -- and fell back, limbs akimbo and finally still.

     I pulled my thumb out of her cunt and my forefinger out of her ass. 

Both were audible withdrawals. My knees popped when I stood and my legs 

and neck were stiff. They weren't all that was stiff.

     She was gasping the way a serious distance runner gasps after 

pushing through The Wall for a new personal best. I thought she was 

unconscious. I was wrong.

     I touched her face gently to gauge her reaction and see how to 

proceed next. She snatched my hand and kissed my palm, then ran her hand 

up my arm, over my face, down my torso and grabbed my cock. She pulled 

gently on it.

     I lay next to her and rolled her atop me, in my arms. She held onto my 

cock. She lavished about a million little kisses on my face and neck and 

shoulders. Finally, I took her face in my hands and drew her lips to 

mine. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, urgent and hungry. I pulled her 

face away and lay her head down on my chest and caressed her ear and 


     "I never had such orgasms!"

     I put on Skeptical Look #157: Who are you trying to kid, kid?


     "You have had good lovers before, especially your sister -- "

     "Yes, but always, something inside me holds back. With you, I went 

beyond it and could let myself just -- just -- " She hugged me tight.

     It might have been the most flattering thing anyone had ever said 

to me.

     "I never feared you would hurt me or force me to do anything that 

hurt me. I even wanted you to, you know, go in my back, because I knew 

you would not hurt me since your penis -- "


     " -- is not too big and -- "



     "Please. Let's just hold each other quietly for a few moments, okay?"

     "Mmmmmm." She snuggled against me. I held her and relaxed. I must 

have dozed off, because I came half-awake when she disentangled herself 

and began climbing out of the bed. "I'll be right back."

     "Sure." Fucking is serious work, because I dozed off again right 

away and came awake maybe a quarter of the way when she slipped back 

into the bed. I rolled her onto her side, took her into my arms and 

spooned her, kissing the back of her neck as she wriggled her smooth 

butt back against me. And I went right back to sleep.

     I didn't wake when Livinia got there, which scared me at first; my 

doorbell is loud. Later I learned Alicia had watched from the window and 

dropped my keys down. Livinia was getting to be an old hand at getting 

keys air-dropped from the fourth floor.

     I sort of woke when Livinia crawled into bed, which only goes to 

show how well and truly zonked I was. Without thinking, I rolled her 

into my arms and snuggled her from behind.

     In the morning I woke to find myself looking across the side of 

Livinia's lovely, sleeping face at Alicia's wide and lovely eyes. 

Smiling eyes. I slowly kissed Livinia's ear, then snuggled her tighter to 

me and she, never waking, did the same with her sleek sister, who 

reached over to let her hand rest on my arm resting on Livinia. I dozed 

again and when I next awoke, it was with good reason. 

     Livinia was doing mouth magic on my cock. She was kneeling between 

my legs. Alicia was kneeling next to her, caressing her sister and gentling 

her and occasionally letting one small hand come down to caress me. I 

drew her to me and we kissed sweetly. Eventually, she leaned over me and 

offered each of her breasts to my mouth, in turn.

     Eventually, Livinia poised herself over me and began doing that 

magnificent thing of locking me tightly inside her hot self and moving 

up and down, with nothing but her cunt touching me. I wouldn't have 

lasted long even if Alicia hadn't begun suckling at Livinia's lovely 

tits and fingering Livinia's preposterous clitoris. 

     Livinia fell atop me, gasping. Then I felt something between our 

legs and she tensed and began cumming very, very hard. It didn't take a 

rocket scientist to guess what was happening, even before I moved my leg 

to confirm that Alicia was flattened between our legs and licking at her 

sister's cunt and clit and ass. She licked my balls, too, and the 

sensation was maddening -- a vixen tongue on freshly drained and already 

overworked balls is a wonderful thing. Then Alicia crawled up, Livinia 

rolled off to one side and I was the happy meat in their sandwich.

     Eventually, we took a vote and I was unanimously elected to get out 

of the nice, warm, snuggly bed and make the coffee. (They ganged up on 

me, for one thing; for another, I voted me to do it because another dose 

of Livinia's coffee and we'd be busted by the U.N. for violating the 

Geneva Accords on Chemical Warfare.) 

     By the time the coffee was well under way, so were they. I watched 

from the bedroom door for a while before Livinia (on the bottom) noticed 

me and beckoned. Hey, I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. I went to 

them. The alleged cat was whining something in the background, but 

quickly realized it was hopeless and went back to scarfing Cat Chow.

     Livinia reached up and grabbed me by my again-rampant cock. She led 

me to her sister's slick, tight cunt and only the excesses of the past 

48 hours gave me restraint. Periodically, she would pull my cock down to 

her mouth, which she removed long enough from her sister's cunt to 

lavish attentions upon said cock, then redirected me. Periodically, 

Livinia would stiffen and moan and remind me that she was getting as 

good as she gave.

     Then Alicia raised her head and said something quite loudly in 

Tagolog. Livinia made questioning Tagolog noises and Alicia repeated 

herself (I think) rather emphatically and this time, Livinia aimed my 

cock at her sister's butt.

     "Whoa," sez I. I leaned to the side and got the ol' KY out of the 

top dresser door. I squirted half the tube onto my cock and Alicia's 

butt, then took my time about using my fingers to pack it inside. 

Livinia resumed her oral attentions to Alicia's bare clitoris and my 

hanging balls.

     When I slid in, it was tight, incredibly tight. And very, very hot. 

But the slipperiness and the eagerness of all involved  made  the

difference when my fat glans reached the point of penetration that is 

uncomfortable. Alicia tensed and again forced herself to relax and her 

rectum sucked me steadily, relentlessly deeper.

     When her tight little ass was hard against my  abdomen,  she

reached back with one hand and rested it on my hip. Gingerly, she urged 

me back and forth and I began fucking her ass.

     I guess no more than a couple of minutes passed before she was 

arching her slim hips up and back to drive her ass harder onto my cock. 

Livinia was doing things to her clitoris and when Alicia came the first 

time, it was exquisite: her sphincter contracted on my dick about the 

midpoint and kept clenching as she drew me into her. I put my hands on 

her hips and held tight and then threw caution to the winds. I began 

banging in and out of her hard, fast, desperately.

     She came faster and harder and more intensely and then I felt the 

cum wrenched up out of my balls and through my dick and I was pouring my 

cum into her. It was as if I hadn't cum in weeks, instead of hours, and 

I thought my spine had liquefied and poured into her. She came harder 

and faster and her sphincter closing down on my cock only prolonged the 

sensations for me.

     When it was over, I had a tough time keeping my weight  from

crushing into her and crushing both of us onto Livinia. Finally, I 

pulled back and rolled onto my back. My dick looked like it had just 

reamed a virgin asshole, i.e., not pretty, but Livinia started to move 

for it. I stopped her. (I didn't want her chancing all the interesting 

rectal-resident bacteria.) I reached into the dresser again and found a 

handkerchief with which to clean up Alicia's  spectacular  nether

quarters, then took handkerchief and myself to the shower for a rinse. 

While I was there, I poured the contents of the Braun into the Thermos 

Coffee Butler. It smelled so good, I indulged a half-cup and, redundant 

as it may seem, a butt. I felt wonderfully wasted. I also lost about 

fifteen minutes. And that was a revelation.

     When I went back to the bedroom door, I found the two women locked 

in each other's arms (and legs and pussies, etc.). I watched from the 

door and I knew that though it was my home and my bed, I was  the

interloper. I closed the bedroom door and fed the cat, then went out 

for the papers.

     I dawdled. I bought the papers, then walked through the park and 

watched a bunch of kids playing touch football, then went to the Greek 

diner and had a brunch (hash browns, two eggs any way four pieces of 

bacon fresh-squeezed orange juice and coffee only $2.99!) and got back to 

my place around three.

     Livinia was waiting for me, in my robe, at the dining room table. 

She was drinking the coffee I'd made and smoking one of my Winstons.

     "Your sister?"

     "She does not seem to be here." She looked around the room. I felt 

stupid at belaboring the obvious and simply nodded in acknowledgement.

     "She said you were very sweet and very pleasurable."

     I nodded.

     "She thinks you are very nice and likes you."

     I nodded. I was beginning to feel like one of those fuckin' dolls 

in the back of some Chevys.

     "She would like to do this again."

     Livinia looked down and stubbed out her cigarette.

     "Do you think I am terrible?"


     "What do you think?"

     "I think I am a lucky man and you and she are very good together." 

I put down the bakery stuff I'd bought and the papers and went to stand 

beside her. I kissed her forehead. "I would rather be with you, who I 

know, but I think you should be happy and I think you are happiest in 

bed with her."

     She nodded. "But I like being with you and so did she! What should 

I do?"

     "Follow your heart," I said. "Go be with her." It was tough, but it 

was true. I resolved to stand by it. She was too sweet to get less from 

any man she'd privileged with her company.

     "Do you mean it?"


     "You would rather be without either one than see me unhappy?"

     I took a deep breath, exhaled slowly. "Yes." I made it sound 

convincing. Convincing enough that I couldn't go back on it.

     She nodded and said something loudly and quickly. I didn't quite 

catch it.

     "What did you say? I didn't understand you."

     Alicia stepped out of the bedroom, clad in my other robe. "That's 

because she spoke in our language. She said, `Come out, I think this can 

be very good for all of us.'"

     I looked at Livinia. She was smiling. I looked at Alicia. She was 

opening and shedding her robe. 

     "Teach me how to say that," I said as Livinia stood and led me by 

the hand. She pulled her sister to us at the same time I did and our 

hands met in the small-very-small of Alicia's back and the three of us, 

a six-legged creature of indescribable ease, tumbled onto the bed.

     Sometime later, I repeated myself. "Teach me to say that," I said, 

and added: "Because I think you're right."

     And she was, for a few more weeks. Then Alicia flew to Orlando. 

Eventually, Livinia said she was going to go there, as well. I was sad, 

but happy, too, because I understood. I missed Alicia and I was going to 

miss Livinia and, in a different way, Sabrina.

     I insisted on driving them to La Guardia for their flight. It was a 

Wednesday, when the fares were lowest, and I took the day off from work 

and rented the car. (I told Livinia I'd borrowed it. I don't and won't 

have a car in the city. To me, driving a car in New York City is almost 

always a symptom of insanity. People who have to do it are driven crazy 

and people who want to do it *are* crazy.) I knocked and was called into 

the house.

     "I will be ready in one minute," said Livinia and scurried up the 

stairs. Sabrina -- who'd been growing up and out and all sorts of stuff 

-- came to me and said, "I will miss you."

     "I'll miss you, too, honey." I put my arm around her little waist, 

meaning to deliver an affectionate squeeze. Without warning, she turned 

into my arms, plastered herself against me and put her arms around my 

neck and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue was suddenly there and the 

kiss got hot enough to give me a hard-on. She pulled away and said, 

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time. I like it."

     I saw Livinia, so small and lithe, coming down the stairs behind 

Sabrina. Livinia had her coat over her arm and carried her humongous 


     I winked at her and she froze.

     "I liked it, too. Would you like to do it again?"

     "Yes." She wriggled against me, the minx.

     "Then say it again, what you just said."

     "Uh, I've been wanting to do that for a long time. I like it...and 

I want to do a lot more."

     "A little louder."

     "My mother might hear."

     "She already did."

     I put my hands on her waist and turned Sabrina. I felt her stiffen. 

     Livinia barked something in Tagalog.

     "Livinia, do you want to be like  your  mother  --  or  your


     She froze in midstep -- and then the anger drained out of her and 

her face softened. She threw the coat across the bannister and put the 

handbag down and came to take her daughter into her arms.

     "I think this could be a very good thing for both of you," I said. 

"You have much to talk about." I looked around. "I'll put your stuff in 

the trunk and wait in the car. You two hurry up so we can get moving."

     I'm weird. I like airports -- because at airports you find aircraft 

and I love watching aircraft do what they do best. A couple of hundred 

tons of aluminum and titanium and steel going from zero to 125 and then 

hurling itself into the sky, changing from some clumsy, lumbering 

construct into a graceful, silver flash, enormous engines grabbing sky 

and clawing higher and faster, filled with people going someplace, 

always for a reason. Giant, shrieking sky-monsters, fast and bulky and 

sure as sharks, gentling down to brush concrete with a feather touch and 

squeal down to become a vehicle spilling forth its precious cargo. Twice 

a minute, making routine a wonder that would have astonished da Vinci, 

making ordinary a miracle that would have left Heracles gasping for 


     But sometimes airports are not fun: Ruth back to Birmingham. My 

Celtic friend too soon and too often back across the damned Atlantic. 

Yuki to Tokyo. Livinia to Orlando. Sometimes, I don't like airports, 

because when I leave, all I have are some memories and a parking stub.

                                -- end --

Your comments and feedback -- positive and negative -- would be greatly

appreciated. Especially criticism; it's the only thing that'll help me

get better at this. Thanks!



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