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Archive-name: SpecMome/livinia5.txt

Archive-author: Friar Dave

Archive-title: Livinia - Part 5

     Alicia stopped at the top floor landing, the one outside  my

apartment. She and her sister just looked at each other, then Livinia 

nodded and Alicia glanced at me, smiled shyly and looked down and stood 


     "Well, come in, come in," I said. "Welcome to my home."

     She was wearing a light overcoat -- more of a rain coat -- with one 

of those stupid plastic rain bonnets. I took the coat and hung it in the 

shower -- apparently, the drizzle had resumed -- and slung the bonnet 

over the clothesline that is to be found in every cheap apartment in 

Brooklyn and turned to find her taking what looked like ivory combs out 

of her hair. She'd worn it in a neat, severe bun  all  afternoon.

Unfastened, her hair fell almost to her buns. She was wearing Guess 

jeans, high-heel boots and a white cashmere sweater that fit every 

loving damn curve of her. She kept looking from Livinia to me to the 


     "If you'll excuse me, Livinia will show you around while I cook."

     "Oh, you can cook?" Oh, my goodness, but she had such a lovely 

voice that emanated from between such lovely lips and out of a throat so 

slender and graceful -- 

     "Yeah, sorta," I said and exited for the kitchen. Livinia took her 

gorgeous, sexy young sister toward the living room. Both were jabbering 

in Tagolog. I was preparing to stir fry some chicken and vegetables and 

cook rice. 

     Yes, something was definitely wrong with this picture.

     I looked down at the front of my robe and said, aloud, "Down, boy," 

and got the rice started and peanut oil heating. Then I went into the 

living room. Being barefoot and having grown up in apartment buildings 

where One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor, I automatically walked 


     They were in a deep clinch, topped by a deep kiss. I watched as 

they ran their hands over each other and murmured. I could make out just 

enough to know it was Tagolog. I backed into my foyer and noisily bumped 

into the doorway that leads to my home office that leads to my living 

room. The cat ran up to see if I was okay and demanded attention. I 

succumbed to his -- its -- furry charms and straightened. They were 

facing me, each with an arm around the other's waist.

     Of course, by this time I knew what was coming and having avoided 

thinking about it for a good fifteen minutes, my answer was out of my 

mouth as soon as the two of them revealed that Alicia wanted to find out 

what it was like to be with a man -- specifically, me.

     I looked them both up and down and shook my head.


     Alicia stared, numb. Livinia's jaw sagged and her mouth hung open.

     "Want to know why?"

     Both nodded.

     I stepped into the living room. I took Alicia's cashmere clad 

shoulders in my hands. When she looked down, she was looking at the 

front of my robe. She realized it, looked up, looked away, looked 


     "Look at me."

     She did, looked away, then looked at me. She had beautiful eyes.

     "If you had just met me -- at the airport, during the flight, 

walking around the museum or the neighborhood -- would you really have 

wanted to come home with me and stand here and ask me to fuck you?"

     The word seemed to slap her. She caught herself and frowned.

     "You are very nice, and polite, and smart, and good-looking and my 

sister says you are very good in bed -- "

     Alright! I thought. I felt like a million bucks.

     " -- and she says your penis isn't too big."

     Terrific. Brother, can you spare a dime?

     "You make me sound like a Boy Scout. With a cock. But you didn't 

answer my question."

     She took a deep breath -- which took my attention from her eyes for 

a moment -- and said, "Don't you think I'm sexy?"

     "Very. Answer my question."

     "Very well," she said, and the finishing school came out of her 

mouth then. "No, I would not have. Nothing personal, but every time I 

look at a man and think he might be interesting, I think of what men did 

to my sister and what my friends -- my girlfriends -- " Defiantly. " -- 

have told me about men. So I would not have come home with you and asked 

you to 'fuck me,' as you so charmingly put it."

     "I didn't think so. So I don't think this is a good idea."

     Livinia asserted herself.

     "Daveed," she said, pressing herself against me. "We will both be 

there, you know." Her hand slid into my robe. She found me hard, indeed. 

"Wouldn't you like that?"

     "You have to ask? I'd love it -- if both of you wanted to be alone 

with me. But that isn't so, is it?" I pulled Alicia toward me and kissed 

her lips quickly and urgently, half because I figured it was the only 

chance I'd get and half to reinforce my assertion. "Alicia, you may be 

the most stunningly beautiful woman I've ever met face-to-face, but I'm 

old enough to know what counts. I won't be an  experiment  or  an

experience. If we can't be friends and lovers, we can't be lovers."

     I looked at Livinia. "It was a sweet thought," I said, thinking 

that what she was doing wasn't, at some level, different than what her 

uncle had done in arranging dates for her. "But it is not a good idea 

this way. And I am very flattered."

     "Are you mad at me?"

     I almost had been, but I couldn't be. I shook my head. I ducked my 

head down and kissed her lightly on the lips and disentangled her. "No." 

I cupped her butt through the robe she wore. "And I still want you."

     I looked up to get Alicia's reaction. Jealousy flickered through 

her face, then faded. She held her hand out. "Allow me to present 

myself. My name is Alicia."

     I shook her ladylike hand. "Alicia, if you don't put something on 

over that cashmere sweater, which does nothing to hide your nipples, I'm 

going to become unruly."

     After a moment, she realized it was meant good-naturedly and smiled 

-- and then wrinkled her nose. "Is something burning?"

     Peanut oil!

     "Damn!" I fled for the kitchen and took care of things. Both 

pitched in -- Alicia was more of a menace in the kitchen than her sister 

-- and we finally sat down and ate stir-fried veggies with chicken over 

rice. Then we all drank Irish coffee and eventually dispensed with the 

coffee and drank brandy. Livinia got snookies and I put her in my bed 

and crawled in to pull her into my arms after setting up the pullout and 

donating some ludicrously oversized flannel pajamas to Alicia, who was 

perfectly content to roll into the extra blankets on the pullout sofa.

     Livinia and I made endless love in the morning, when we awoke -- to 

be precise: when I awoke to her sucking me. Then she straddled me and 

moved up and down over me with only her cunt touching only my cock. She 

went up and down, up and down, for what seemed like very little time. 

But the moment my cock began swelling and jerking, she crammed all of it 

into her and pressed against me -- with that amazing clitoris, all 

swollen and huge, jammed against me -- and squeezed me inside her until 

her lovely little cunt had sucked me dry.

     I indulged us all in a cholesterol festival by defrosting and 

microwaving a pound of bacon and scrambling a half-dozen eggs with green 

and red peppers and some bits of scallion chopped up in the melange, 

along with cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of pepper. The aroma summoned 

Alicia who looked -- incredibly -- even more edible freshly wakened and 

with her abundant curves moving lissomely inside a pair of my flannel 

PJs. She managed to look cute and sexy at the same time, which is no 

mean feat. The sisters kissed, at first chastely  and  then  with

increasing lust.

     I cleared my throat and told them their breakfast was getting cold. 

They don't call me Captain Bringdown for nuthin', no siree.

     As I might have expected (but stupidly, did not) they scarfed down 

the food prodigiously. I barely got a mouthful of eggs and forget the 

bacon and toast, pal. Sometime during the breakfast, they started 

playing Let's See Who Can Make David Crazy Fastest By Sucking The 

Oranges and then it was time to play Let The PJs Get Unbuttoned (Alicia) 

and Let The Robe Get Loose (Livinia) and finally I stood up and parted 

my robe and told them, "Look, either start fucking my cock or stop 

fucking with my head, okay?" 

     At which Alicia said, very proper and prim, "Why, sir I don't know 

whatever are you talking about!"

     Livinia giggled and made a remark in Tagolog and Alicia laughed and 

I felt even more stupid than usual, standing there with my schlong 

hanging out in front of two beautiful, laughing women.

      Eventually, after helping me wash the dishes and pots and pans (at 

which both excelled) they left, together -- and left me with vivid 

memories of their laughter. By three, I had generally calmed down and 

made a fresh pot of coffee (having sent Livinia's concoction to a justly 

deserved destiny down the drain) and settled in here with a well-packed 

pipe full of Borkum Riff. I was full of good intentions to catch up on 

the writing that had somehow gotten postponed thus far in the weekend. I 

was full of Noble Resolve at my behavior with Livinia and Alicia The 

Luscious. I was full of pride.

     I was full of shit.

     As it turned out, opportunity sometimes does knock more than once.




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