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Archive-name: SpecMome/july-4th.txt


Archive-title: July 4th

This story is for Nicci:

It's the 4th of July in DC.  We're picnicking on the Virginia 

shore line waiting for nightfall and the fireworks to start.  

I'm wearing a pair of running shorts and a tank top and your

simply in a sun dress and panties.  As we lounge on the grass

your hem keeps riding up your long legs and I have to constantly 

avert my eyes so I won't get to turned on.  You ask my why I 

seem so preoccupied with everything but you.  I respond that you

are all I'm thinking of but I must look elsewhere so that my 

hard-on doesn't get to obvious.  You smile and say that now you 


An hour or so later, as it's getting dark, you take me by the 

hand and ask if I'd escort you to the jiffy-john.  I follow

along willingly admiring your beauty as you lead through the


The johns are over near the wooded section of the park 

and I lean against a tree to wait for you.  As you emerge

I call you over.  I pull you close to me and give you along 

loving kiss, my hands running through your hair and down your

back and sides.  Whenever I kiss you I get turned on and 

this time is no exception.  You press youur hips against 

my growing cock and whisper in my ear, "how are we gonna 

go back through the crowd with that thing bouncing all around

in those flimsy shorts.  Maybe we should do something about it?"

You take my hand and lead me deeper into the darkening woods.  

After about 40 feet you turn and look at me and smile while 

reaching into my shorts.  The feeling of your hand wrapped 

around my cock always makes me moan.  I let out a deep one and

you give me a firm squeeze.  "We have to be quiet," you say as 

you drop to your knees.  Your tongue reaches out and flicks quickly 

over the tip of my cock.  I hold onto your head for control as you 

start to pull my cock into your mouth.  It feels so nice.  Your 

tongue is circling around my cock as you move your lips and teeth

quickly over the edge of the head, your hand punping hard on the 

rest of my cock.  You really know how to give head, no other woman

has ever made me cum orally - only you.  But I don't want to cum 

that way today.  I want to be inside of you.

I reach down and grab you by the shoulders and pull you up to me.

Your mouth is all moist and beautiful - you look so sexy.  I kiss you

lightly and slowly run my tongue over your lips and cheeks.  I move 

down your neck to the front of your dress.  Kissing your chest lightly

while my hand slowly unties your left shoulder strap.  The left side 

of your dress falls open exposing your beautiful breast.  I bend 

slightly and tongue your already hard nipple.  I roll its sweet

firmness gently between my tongue and teeth while you begin to 

moan quietly.  

I love the noises you make when your hot.  I look up at your partly 

closed eyes and feel I must kiss you again.  As i kiss you my fingers 

are rolling and massaging your nipple and breast.  We break and you look

at me, grab my cock and whisper, "I want this inside me now!"  I smile

and say okay.

I turn your back to me and tell you to hold onto the tree in front of you.

You look over your shoulder at me and smile as I slide up close behind you.

I run my hands down to your butt and ease the back of your dress up to

your hips.  I reach around in front of you and slide my hands into 

your panties and begin to slowly massage your clit.  You arch your back and

press firmly into me and beg me to put it inside you.  I quickly pull

your panties down to the ground and you step out of the leaving your

leges spread wide.  I put my fingers back on your clit and roll it 

around some as you moan.  I then reach down further and spread your 

moist lips.  I push close to you and with my other hand guide the 

thick head of my cock between your lips.  You want it so bad that 

you thrust back onto it hard.  I smile and slide closer while thrusting 

it deep inside you.  My cock completely fills you up, it feels so good,

almost part of you.  I begin thrusting in and out of you.  My one hand

on your hip while my left one fondles your breast.  You are breathing hard

and I'm pumping harder - over and over - in and out, in and out.  

I'm getting close to cumming and I want to make sure you come too so I 

move my hand from your hip and reach around to your clit again.  You tense

noticably when I slide across your clit, and moan some gibberish.  I 

start pushing on your clit and rolling it in circles, first one way and 

then the other.  You begin gasping and clutching madly at the tree bark.

I know the time is close now so I start simply pounding deep into you

while rolling your clit harder and faster.  I can't take any more and 

start the halting thrust of cum while you let out a sharp quiet shriek

and coppapse against me in exstacy.  Our knees are trembling and we 

colapse to the ground, you in my lap with my cock still inside you 

and my fingers still lightly diddling your clit.  Our orgasms were 

simultaneous and unbelievably powerful.

You rise up slightly, let my cock slip free from you, turn and push 

me backwards.  You lie on top of me and we kiss very slowly.  It's at 

that time that we notice for the first time that the fireworks are 

going off already.  I look at you and say, " this is awfully apropos,

but I think our fireworks will always be better than these!"  You 

simply nod and start kissing me again.

The end for now.



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