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Archive-name: SpecMome/interrup.txt


Archive-title: Sleep Interruption

I'm sleeping.  I am jarred awake by the sound of my bedroom door openning.

However, I do not moving, knowing who is there.  I hear her undress and

feel the covers being drawn back.  I feel her warm body next to mine.

She traces her finger behind my right ear and kisses my shoulder.  Her

hands move down my body.  As they fish inside my underwear (jungle boxers)

I roll onto my back.  We share a deep kiss as I lift my ass for her to ease

my only clothing off.  I kick them off, the kiss is not broken.  After a

few passionate minutes of kissing she kisses her way down my body.  As she

gets to my stomach her hands carress my thighs, beginning at the knees.  As

she gets closer to my erotic center, which is standing proud and tall, with

her mouth her hands work there way up.  As she uses one hand to fondle my

prick and balls she licks my cock and uses her other hand to massage where

my thighs meet my body.  She takes me in her mouth, deeper and deeper,

giving me plenty of tongue action.  Her hand pumps what is not in her

mouth while the other continues it's work at my joints, moving to my

balls and ass as well.  Harder, longer, on it goes.  As I am about to

go over the edge she slows down and licks me like a lollipop. I groan,

and she continues this blessed torture until its just too much.  I

fill her mouth with my come.  A little trickles down the side of her

mouth.  She kisses her way back up my body and we share a soul kiss.

I lick off the dribble from her face. I proceed down her throat, taking

my time.  I run my tongue between then over her breasts, spending extra

time on her distended nipples.  Back between her cleavage and down.  My

tongue swirls into her navel.  She groans.  As I get to her pubes I change

my angle of attack.  I go to her midthigh and lick up, using my hands to

provide moral support from the shin up.  I place her knees over my shoulders

as I near her snatch, taking the time to lick her thigh joints.  I run my

tongue over her labia while stroking just inside her openning.  I plunge

my tongue inside.  I do a bit of in and out action before taking her

clit into my mouth.  She begins to loose control.  I hummmmmmmmmmm, she

goes over the edge and her juices, which have been oozing slowly now

gush into my mouth.  I keep up this exquisite torture until she begs me

to stop, or for 20 minutes - whichever is longer.  She grabs my ears

and pulls me up between her spread legs.  We share a kiss.  I ease into

her open vagina as my tongue delves into her mouth, dancing with her

tongue.  While staying inside I lift off of her, looking down to see

how my body moves into hers.  I place her knees over my shoulders and

plunge in deep, starting slow.  She calls out "Ohhhh, Mike" and I

increase my tempo.  The fine head I have received keeps me from

coming, while the head she has received primes her for orgasm after

orgasm.  I slow up while she catches her breath, never stopping.

When I am tiring I move down and our lips flow together.  I thrust

deep and slow, and then deep and fast, bringing her off again, as

I am moving only an inch off her body.  I am nearing my crisis now.

I grab her shoulders, rest my weight on her body and go deeeeep again

and again.  As I go to the hilt I come hard into her, she joins me

and holds me tightly against her as we phase out of the world.  We

remain still as we catch our breath.  I stay in her as I go soft.

I roll off of her.  We share kisses, carresses and pillow talk

as we relax in the afterglow.  We talk about the day past and ease

away the tensions with gentle kisses and caresses.  As energy returns

I move my hand down her body.  She looks at me with a look of anticipation

(she on her back, I on my side) as my fingers smooth over her openning.

As it relaxes I plunge in one finger, than too.  I go slowly at first,

and deep, gathering juices.  My fingers close on her clit as my tempo

increases with her breathing.  Her sex flush returns.  Faster, faster,

in and out.  She begins to move under my hand.  I stick with her like

glue.  She begins to shake as she goes offffffff.  I show no mercy for

what seems like an eternity, but is really only a few minutes.  I slow

down my fingers and her breathing slows.  I pull out my fingers and lick

my handy work off of them.  She smiles and rolls to her hands and knees.

I have risen to the occassion as I climb aboard and enter her oh so

slowly and ohhh so deeply.  My pace increases as I massage her sides

and reach around to the front.  I pull her toward me, she thrusts

back into me.  Our tempo increases.  My hand goes to her joy button

as we drive into eachother and both go off.  I collapse on top of her

as we catch out breath.  We roll together to out sides.  I reach down

and replace the covers.  I reach over and grab my cup of water, taking

a deep sip and passing it to her, still keeping contact.  She puts the cup

on the floor (or rather, lets it fall) and we drift off into the sleep

of lovers.  To be continued for the morning........



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