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Archive-name: SpecMome/

Archive-author: G.I.Barrie

Archive-title: Innocent Love


Slowly I wake up.

Sounds of the day filter through the windows to my sleepy head, a warm breeze

drifts through the open window bringing the salty tang of the sea to my

awakening nostrils. I move slightly under the covers, enjoying the feel of the 

silky material against my warm skin, caressing my body as you had the night 


Opening my eyes I move my head so my gaze falls on your sleeping form, lying

next to me. In sleep, your eyelids flicker, animating your beautiful face, 

a slow smile comes to your lips, oh I hope that you dream of me, beloved!

I watch you awhile, my eyes following the masculine contours of your face.

A tendril of hair falls down, framing your closed lids and dark, bushy 

eyebrows. Your full lips part slightly, a low murmer escapes as you shift

position, an arm reaches over to me in dreams.

I move closer to you as your arm enfolds me in your quiet strength. I feel the

warmth and power of your manly body next to me and I smile. We are one in Love.

I reach out a hand, letting it glide along the line of your jaw, feeling the

black stubble that grows there. Moving my fingers upward I touch your lips,

remembering the pleasure they give, I smile one more. 

I brush the hair from your face, pausing to run my fingers behind your ear, 

then down your neck as I reach behind with my arm and pull you closer to me.

You murmer dreamily, wrapping your strong arms around me.

I kiss you softly, on your warm lips, gently raising you from your deep

slumber. I whisper in your ear that I love you and you stretch out beside me.

Your long body arches as the ghosts of dreams fall from your mind and you wake.

You yawn, white teeth flash and eyes clench shut.

Finally you relax, your face turns towards mind, your lids open and your

beautiful green eyes smile at mine.

"Good morning beloved."

You sit up, pulling me with you.

Pulling back the silken covers, you rise out of bed, your muscular frame

towers over me. You extend your arm towards me, beckoning me to follow as you

turn towards the bathroom.

Together we step under the hot tingling spray, water courses past your neck,

over your broad chest to run down your torso. You pull me to you and kiss me

once more, passion flaring as the water revives us. Gently I pull back, I have

something else in mind.

Smiling, I reach for the soap. I run my fingers over your body, feeling the

firm flesh that lies beneath my tender touch. You quiver and laugh as I caress

you, the crystal notes of your joy are music to me.

Enjoying the moment, I lather your powerful body, feeling glad. Knowing the

pleasure it gives you, my efforts are repaid, soon you are clean.

Now your turn. As you wash my body, you run your hands behind me, stroking my

back, you move your hands upwards gently running your fingernails over the 

nape of my neck making me groan in pleasure. The passion in your touch, and the

hot tumbling water is driving me insane with pleasure. I close my eyes feeling

nothing but your touch, driving me wild.

Icy water hits my flesh, I screech.

Laughing, your hand returns from the tap, and you encircle me in your strong

limbs, hugging me as I am drenched in an icy shower.

I swear indignantly, jokingly, as you turn off the shower and lift me out onto

the floor.

With pretence anger I scold you. Your face is momemtarily somber, then you

laugh, kissing me gently on the cheek - you are forgiven.

Tenderly, a towel is wrapped around me, with a hug you lead me back to the

bedroom to dress and prepare for another day.

				"That's All Folks...!"  



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