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Archive-name: SpecMome/hideout.txt


Archive-title: Hideout

	      It was nearly midnight as	I plodded through the woods

	 next to the old paper mill off	of Highway 59.	I had sneaked

	 out of	my house through the window in my room just an hour

	 before.  This is the place where I always went	to calm	myself

	 and think.

	      I	was walking down the path that my feet had eventually

	 worn into the foliage on the ground.  I could smell the pine

	 as if that smell were intended	just for me.  All that my eye

	 could see in all directions was the huge pine trees

	 generously spaced throughout the forest and shrouded in

	 darkness.  The	ground was cluttered with pine needles and the

	 sky with stars.

	      I	reached	the clearing where I had erected a crude hut

	 just six months ago.  As I approached,	I noticed that the

	 plank that I used as a	door was slightly cracked.  I circled

	 around	to the other side toward the window as quietly as I

	 could,	fearing	that some pot heads had	found my retreat.  I

	 approached the	window and peered inside.

	      I	was caught totally off guard by	what I saw.  There was

	 a girl	of about sixteen years old lying on the	mattress that

	 I had stolen.	Her clothes were scattered around the room

	 randomly, and she was lying with her eyes open	staring	right

	 at me.	 She was quite attractive with short brown hair	and

	 deep brown eyes.  Her face had	no visible flaws and her lips

	 were thin and wet.

	      I	noticed	to my surprise that I was not embarrassed or

	 frightened, but fascinated with her perfect hips and firm

	 breasts.  As she sat up slowly, and not out of	surprise or

	 fear, but curiosity, I	noticed	that I had become very erect.

	      She said to me in	a perfectly comfortable	voice, "Come


	      So, I obviously went around to the front and walked

	 through the door.  She	was sitting on the bed with her	thighs

	 slightly parted, but not quite	open enough for	me.  She stood

	 up and	walked over to me.  She	led me over to the bed and

	 began to take off my button down shirt.  I could feel the

	 blood pumping through my very hard genital and	I went into a


	      She removed my shirt and went straight for the button of

	 my pants.  As she was unbuttoning them, I kicked off my shoes

	 to avoid confusion.  Then she unzipped	my zipper and sat me

	 down on the bed.  She pulled my jeans off and cast them

	 aside.	 My erection was creating a rather large bulge in my

	 underwear.  She reached for them and began pulling them off.

	 As she	got them past my penis,	I felt the cool	air caressing

	 it and	I longed to put	it in her  warm	wet mouth.

	      She dropped my underwear on the floor and	cupped my

	 penis in her hand.  A shiver ran up my	spine as the touch of

	 her cool fingers penetrated my	awareness.  She	bent down and

	 I noticed her extremely luscious hips.	 She put her tongue on

	 the tip of my penis and I thought that	I was going to yell

	 out.  She slowly encased the tip of it	in her mouth,

	 encircling it with her	lips.  Her lips	slid down it as	her

	 tongue	pressed	against	me.  She moved up and down, sucking

	 firmly, and I felt the	wetness	of her saliva and the warmness

	 of her	tongue together.  It was almost	painful	because	the

	 pleasure was so intense.

	      She continued slowly but smoothly	for a minute or	two

	 with my hands running through her hair	and my head thrown

	 back into a position of ecstasy.  Then	she lifted her head

	 off of	my penis, cupping it in	her hand again,	and she	kissed

	 me square on the lips.	 I opened mine as she opened hers, but

	 our tongues did not meet at first.  I felt the	wetness	of her

	 lips that had just been on my lower body now on my lips.  She

	 kissed	me like	no other girl ever had.	 She closed and	opened

	 her mouth at just the right times, and	she rubbed my penis at

	 the same time.	 Then, as I opened my mouth again, our tongues

	 met for a fleeting moment and withdrew.  I extended my	tongue

	 again and she caressed	it with	hers.  Our tongues did a

	 bizarre dance together	while she stroked my penis to the

	 rhythm	of our kiss.

	      My hands slid down her side as she rolled	over on	hers.

	 I slid	them around her	legs to	her inner thighs.  She opened

	 her legs and I	caressed her pubic area	with my	fingers,

	 making	sure that I did	not touch the clitoris.	 The urge to

	 ram my	fingers	into her was very strong but I held off	and

	 just messaged her inner thighs	with my	fingers.

	      She was pulling on my penis faster now and her kisses

	 were more intense.  With no hint at all, I let	my index

	 finger	slide over her lubricated clit.	 She gripped my	back

	 with her free hand and	let out	a slight moan.	I messaged her

	 clitoris, rubbing my finger up	one side, down the other, up

	 the center, and so on.	 She was pulling on my penis so	fast

	 now that I had	to purposely concentrate on not	having an


	      I	removed	my hand	and she	removed	hers as	I slid down

	 the bed to kiss her.  I gripped her hips with my hands	and

	 began to lick her thighs right	next to	her opening.  I	licked

	 in a semicircle just above her	clit to	the other side and

	 then down her thigh.  I then concentrated on teasing her

	 clit, not quite touching it with my tongue.

	      She was running her hands	through	my hair	and gripping

	 my head firmly.  She cried out	in a soft but desperate


	      I	would not give in.  I caressed her libia with my

	 tongue, but I did not touch her clit.	Finally, as her	grip

	 on my head tightened, I went strait up	her clit with my

	 tongue.  She let out a	satisfied whimper as I began tonguing

	 it.  I	licked with a firm tongue up one side, down the	other,

	 and up	and down the middle.  I	formed patterns	of the

	 alphabet with my tongue.

	      Finally, after the taste of the juices had saturated my

	 awareness for a while,	I lifted my head up and	returned to my

	 position on top of her.  I leaned on one arm and help my

	 penis with the	other.	I guided it to her opening and touched

	 it to her, being sure to miss the clit	again.	I used it to

	 rub her and make her wish that	I was in her.  She was

	 whispering "Now...Now," and I put it into her,	but only about

	 half an inch.	I moved	very slowly up and down, but only

	 fractions of an inch.

	      She panted in a demanding	voice,"Enter me, please!

	 Please!"  After a little more teasing,	I quickly thrusted and

	 entered her.  Her cavity was warm and slippery	as I moved my

	 hips up and down, meeting with	her gyrating hips.  I had to

	 concentrate again on not reaching climax until	I finally felt

	 her hands grip	my back, her thrusts speed up, her breath

	 being held, and the muscles inside of her contracting on my

	 penis.	 I finally released myself and I felt the come rushing

	 out of	me in almost violent pumps.

	      As we were both climaxing, I gripped her back so tightly

	 that she let out a small yelp,	and I felt her fingernails

	 drawing blood from my back.

	      Then the tension was released from my body in a rush and

	 I collapsed on	the bed	next to	her.  She collapsed also and

	 we slept that night, arm in arm.



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