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Archive-name: SpecMome/her.txt

Archive-author: Chrystene

Archive-title: Her

I feel her eyes upon me; I sense the hold I have on her, but I can't help 

but wonder why.  She's watching me -every movement- as I dance for her.  

Yes..I'm dancing only for her.  This gives me great satisfaction -- 

dancing for her.  I would say I feel quite smug, but I couldn't explain 

this feeling very well.  So, I simply body caught up in the 

passion of the music.

The song ends; I look up at her, finally.  Our eyes lock...each of us 

unwavering in this game.  I can feel the temperature of my body raise 

significantly, and  I focus this heat into my gaze.  I'm sure she can 

feel my hunger.  Perhaps I can even call it need.  Whatever it's name, 

this wanton feeling continues to grow, creating a perfectly lustful 

attitude in me.

We've played this game far too long, now.  Dancing.  Watching.  Flirting 

with our desires, but never conceding to them.  Week after week, we play 

the same game.  Now, I grow tired of it.  I want more, and I know that 

this intensified desire within me will demand satisfaction.  It will not 

allow my demure manner to push it aside this time.

I feel compelled to go to her.  Her eyes are inviting me, drawing me.  I 

have no more resistance, and I slide through the crowd, overcome with 


Our faces are merely inches apart, and I could swear we're the only two 

people in existence.  This close, her unbridled passion is intensely 

apparent.  Our eyes are still quite locked on each other, and I'm finding 

it impossible to restrain myself.  Even she seems to be struggling with a 

similar dilemma.

My lips are pressed to hers, and there's no longer time to dwell on it.  

I've done it...I'm kissing her.  What's more amazing is the fact that 

she's returning it!  Our mouths are hungry for each other.  I doubt I can 

get enough; I only want more and more, yet...I pull away.  I look at her, 

asking the question, and she nods.

She's come home with me.  I don't even bother with the lights.  Our 

clothing falls into a heap on the floor.  I lead her to the bed, and she 

crawls onto it, turning back to face me on her knees.  I join her.  I 

begin my 'taking' of her.

My lips press to hers once again, our tongues dancing together...hungrily 

exploring each other's mouths.  I'm reminded of what I like most about a 

woman...her softness.

Soon, my hungering mouth searches for more.  My tongue finds a path down 

her delicate neck.  It spends little time there and continues to her 

breasts, where I suck each on in turn, my teeth grazing her nipples, and 

I feel them harden.  This excites me...her arousal...and I feel a warmth 

spreading throughout me.  My own nipples are hard from her fingers 

teasing them..pressing them.

I lay her on her back and let my mouth wander down her belly to the 

center of her warmth.  Her breaths become shorter as I bury my face 

between her thighs, my tongue flickering and exploring.  She's wet.  I 

slide a finger inside of her and feel her muscles tighten, begging for more.

She squirms, then turns herself around in a position to do the same for 

me.  Which she does.  I can feel her warm mouth sucking and her tongue 

licking me...delving inside me and back out to play with my hardened clit.

She presses two fingers deep into me.  I gasp slightly, revelling in the 

sensation.  Our thrusting fingers and flickering tongues continue their 

pleasuring...the both of us on the verge of utter bliss.  She's 

wonderful...and intensely fulfilling.  I come with a wild abandon, a 

great satisfying pleasure...and am driven even further to make hers 


My mouth sucks on her clit, my teeth nipping at fingers feel her 

clench tightly around them and thrust slightly harder into her...deeper.  

With her hips raised to meet my face, she orgasms, and I lick hungrily at 

her...pleased at her divine ecstasy.



"In our lives, we hunger for those we can not touch"



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