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Archive-name: SpecMome/germany.txt5


Archive-title: Germany

	Germany is a beautiful country. I loved being there just as much as 

every other time I'd been there. This time I was at Kaiserslautern, 

teaching a few classes at Ramstein Air Force Base. The first business day I 

was there, I reported to the Education Officer to find out where my class 

was going to be and how many students I'd have. He wasn't there, but his 

aide had the answers to my questions.


	Betsy and I hit it off immediately. She was a perky little 

redheaded sergeant, cute and bubbly. 


	"You've got a gorgeous Brit in your class," she sighed. "Don't you 

just love those Brits? That accent makes me just melt."


	"I know," I laughed. "I was in Heidelberg a few months ago teaching 

a class, and one of them was in my class. We dated the whole two weeks I 

was there. I don't usually date my students, but I made an exception in his 



	She grinned. "Well, if you decide you don't want him, pass him on 

to me."


	When I sent the class to lunch, I stopped by her office and asked 

her where was a good place to eat. 


	"I'm just going out myself," she said. "Want to join me? I'm tired 

of German food though. I was going to go to a little Italian place over in 

town and pig out on lasagna."


	"My favorite," I laughed. "Let's go. We'll take my rental and let 

the Air Force pay for the gas."


	We had lunch together for the next three days, and I thoroughly 

enjoyed her company. The fourth day, a Thursday, she was bubbling over 

about a new Brit she'd met the night before. He was a singer in a rock band 

which was playing at the NCO Club.


	"Will you go with me tomorrow night to hear them play?" she asked. 

"I hate to sit in the club by myself. All those guys hit on you so bad. 

It's a little easier if there are two of you."


	I usually avoided the NCO clubs on military bases. My civilian rank 

entitled me to membership in the officer's clubs, so I tended to go to 

them. The men in the O Clubs were usually better educated and a little less 

rowdy than the NCOs. But anything for a friend, right? So I told her I'd 

meet her there at eight.


	I'd learned to travel light on these trips. Lugging luggage around 

in airports is bad enough, but when you also have boxes of books and other 

things, it can be a nightmare, especially when you have to go through 

customs. So I didn't bring many clothes other than what I needed for work 

or long walks on weekends. 


	But a nice pants suit can go just about anywhere, with a nice scarf 

and a silk blouse, so that's what I ended up wearing. 


	I walked into the club, and immediately felt the reason I avoid NCO 

clubs. There's a hunger in the air, the smell of woman-starved men. I felt 

like every eye in the place was on me, and it was tempting to button the 

top two buttons on my blouse. I got asked to dance three times before I got 

to Betsy's table.


	She was sitting across from a gorgeous young Brit who looked about 

her age, which was mid-twenties. (I was thirty-six at the time.) I sat down 

between them and smiled at him.


	"Wanda, this is Derek," she introduced.


	He had black hair and big blue eyes, high cheekbones, and the 

sexiest mouth I'd ever seen on a man. I wanted to bite his lower lip so bad 

I couldn't stand it. 


	He took my hand in his and kissed it instead of shaking it. His 

hand was enormous, with long, graceful fingers. I felt moisture on my 

panties from the thought that if the rest of his body matched those hands, 

he'd be one hell of a bed partner. 


	"I'm delighted to meet you," he said in that charming British 



	Just then someone yelled at him from the bandstand and he excused 

himself to go join them. He was tall and slender, with a perfectly shaped 

ass under his tight jeans. I rolled my eyes at the ceiling and then looked 

at Betsy.


	"Now I see what you were drooling about," I said, fanning my face 

with a cocktail napkin. "That's the sexiest hunk I've run across in a long 



	"No, no, he isn't mine," she said, shaking her head. "He was just 

talking to me. He's the drummer of the group. Danny's the singer."


	"I think I'd rather have the drummer," I laughed.


	"So take him," she shrugged.


	"Good Lord, woman, I'm nearly old enough to be his mother. I'm 

thirty-six, and he can't possibly be over twenty-five, unless he looks 

awfully young for his age."


	"So what? You're far from home and no one will ever know. They're 

nice guys. If you want to sleep with him, go ahead."


	I just laughed and turned to order a drink from a passing waitress.


	When the band took its first break, Derek came over to our table 

with Danny. There was absolutely no comparison between the two. Danny was 

nice, and attractive, but Derek was one of the most magnetic guys I'd ever 

met. He oozed sexuality. 


	I was honestly surprised to learn that he was bright and had a good 

sense of humor as well. He liked to read, and we discussed books and other 

things. They spent every break with us.


	When they were on their last break, Danny suggested that the four 

of us go out for pizza after they finished their last set. I hesitated for 

a few moments, and Derek took my hand, lifting it to his lips.


	"Please say yes," he said.


	I pretended to be melting down into my seat. "After a charming 

invitation like that, how can I say no?" I teased.


	He laughed, and they went to play their last set.


	When they finished, Danny said they had to take the rest of the 

band back to the hotel first, and would meet us at the restaurant. I 

shrugged and suggested he just give them the keys. We could all four go in 

my car, and I'd take them to the hotel afterward. They agreed at once, and 

the four of us went for pizza.


	Betsy and Danny billed and cooed all during the meal, making me 

want to rape Derek. But I stayed calm and cool and chatted with him about a 

variety of things. He had been highly impressed with the big BMW I was 

driving, and we talked about my job and what it was like to travel to other 

countries and meet so many people.


	"I want to visit your country someday," he said. "After I finish 



	"You're in college?" I asked.


	"Yes. This is a summer job, to make money for school. Does that 

surprise you?"


	"No. You're obviously very bright."


	I was about to ask his age, when the waitress arrived with the 

bill. Danny paid it, and we all strolled out to my car.


	At their hotel, Betsy got out with Danny.


	"I'm going to spend the night here," she said. "Why don't you take 

Derek back to your hotel?"


	"Betsy!" I cried. 


	Derek grinned at me. "Why don't you take me back to your hotel?" he 

teased. "I've never been ravished by a sexy American woman before."


	Danny laughed and closed the car door, leaving the two of us alone. 

I looked at Derek, my lower lip between my teeth.


	"Don't deny you're attracted to me," he said softly. "I can feel 

it. You're just as attracted to me as I am to you. But if you don't want to 

sleep with me, I'll go."


	I stared at him for a long time, then smiled and started the car. 

He returned the smile.


	As soon as we were inside my hotel room, he caught me in his arms 

and kissed me, long and deep. I pressed against him, feeling his cock hard 

against my abdomen. 


	"Why don't we take a shower?" I suggested.


	I took his hand and led him to the bathroom.


	"You have a private bathroom," he sighed. "We have to share one at 

our hotel."


	I laughed and unbuttoned his shirt as he reached for the buttons on 

my blouse. We undressed each other, kissing and touching all the time, then 

took a long sensuous shower, soaping each other and laughing a lot.


	His cock was longer than average, and thicker, too. I wanted it 

inside me badly, but at the same time, I didn't want to rush anything.


	We dried off and stretched out on one of the beds in the room. He 

leisurely kissed his way down my body, taking his time on my nipples, and 

then his gorgeous sexy mouth glued itself to my clit. I came almost 

instantly, too built up to hold back any longer. He laughed.


	"In a hurry, aren't you?" he teased.


	"I didn't want to be, but you had me so hot I couldn't help it," I 

laughed. "But don't stop, for God's sake. That was just an appetizer."


	He teasingly licked me for a while, slowly building me back up 

again. Before long, I was panting with desire for him.


	"Come and fuck me," I whispered.


	"I don't have my fill of the taste of you yet," he murmured.


	It took him over an hour to get his fill of the taste of me. I went 

through what seemed like dozens of orgasms, my body drenched with sweat.


	Then he built me up again, and came up to slide that thick cock 

inside me.


	"I couldn't stand it. I had to see if it was as hot and wet as my 

mouth kept insisting it was," he whispered.


	"And is it?"


	"Even hotter and wetter," he moaned. "I don't think I can last very 



	I wrapped my arms and legs around him and let my cunt start milking 

him. He gasped and plunged deeply into me, his eyes going wide. 


	"Oh, God, no one ever did that to me before," he whispered.


	Then he gripped me tightly and I felt him pulsating as he came, 

hard. I held him close as his breathing slowly returned to normal. Then he 

lifted his head and looked down at me.


	"You're wonderful," he whispered.


	"Me?" I chuckled. "You're the one who gave me all the pleasure. All 

I did was lie here and enjoy it. You're the one who's wonderful."


	He shook his head. "It's a man's job to give pleasure to a woman. 

But no one ever did to me what you were doing. How do you make your muscles 

do that?"


	"You mean this?" I teased, and started manipulating them again.


	He groaned and his semi-soft cock started hardening again.


	"Yes," he moaned. "That's wonderful. How do you do that? You should 

teach every woman to do that."


	As soon as he was completely hard, he started moving slowly and 

lazily in me. It was nice to build up so slowly, and he felt good on top of 

me, his body hard but his skin soft as a baby's.


	I was ready to come before he was, and when he realized it, he 

speeded up, bringing his own orgasm to the fore as I started arching up to 

him. Afterward, he collapsed down on top of me, both of us drained and 



	He was asleep almost instantly. I waited a few moments until I was 

sure his sleep was deep enough, then slid carefully out from under him and 

went over to the dry bed to sleep. 


	When I woke near noon the next day, he was stretched out beside me, 

smiling at me.


	"Thank you for last night," he said, touching my cheek.


	"You're welcome," I smiled. "I enjoyed it even more than you did, 

believe me."


	He shook his head. "No, you didn't. Did I really please you?"


	"Of course you did. That giant wet spot is the evidence of it," I 

laughed. Then I saw the look in his eyes. "Why would you worry that you 

didn't please me?" I asked softly.


	He blushed. "The other guys were teasing me about it. They said you 

were a sexy American woman and I'd never be able to please you."


	"So American women are wanton, is that it?" I laughed.


	"No. Just more open and more experienced, I guess. But I'd never 

been with one before and I was a little scared I wouldn't please you."


	"Well, you pleased me quite well, thank you," I laughed. "Would you 

like to take another shower? We both smell like a French whorehouse."


	He smiled and got up, holding out his hand to help me up.


	By the time we got out of the shower, we had each other at fever 

pitch again. I led him back to the bedroom.


	"Last night, you did all the work, and I just laid back and enjoyed 

it. It's my turn to do all the work and let you lie back and enjoy it," I 

told him. "Lie down on your stomach."


	"You don't have to do that. I like to eat you."


	"I know, and I'll let you. But first I'm going to make love to 



	He stretched out, smiling, and I started nibbling on his body. By 

the time I worked my way from his shoulders to his buttocks, he was 

quivering and moaning. I teased his clean body, nibbling and licking, 

driving him wild. I worked my way down one leg and up the other, then down 

the crack of his slender ass, my tongue drilling at his anus, making him 

gasp with the shock of it.


	"Roll over," I whispered.


	He obeyed and I started at his face and worked my way down his 

body, kissing and licking and nibbling. I passed his cock by completely, 

even though it was twitching and hard. I went down one leg and up the 

other, then pulled one of his hard balls into my mouth. 


	I normally don't care much for performing oral sex, but he smelled 

fresh and clean, and he tasted just as fresh and clean. I sucked his balls 

for a long time, then moved up to suck his cock.


	"Stop," he begged. "I'll come if you don't stop, and I want to come 

inside your pussy. Please."


	I moved up and mounted him, sliding down onto him in one smooth 

stroke. He caught my nipples in his hands and squeezed. I closed my eyes 

and started riding, soon moving down on him so I could go hard and fast. 


	"I can't hold back," he gasped. 


	"Then don't," I panted. 


	Just as I felt him starting to come, his body arching up to me, I 

felt my own orgasm hit. I gripped him tightly, riding hard until it ebbed 

away. Then I kissed him lightly and laid my head on his chest. He stroked 

my back gently.


	"Nobody ever did anything like that for me before," he whispered. 

"I'll never forget it as long as I live."


	We lay quietly together for a while, then I suggested we go get 

something to eat. We showered again and got dressed, then I took him to the 

O Club for lunch.


	Afterward we drove back to the hotel.


	"Will you come in and meet my friends?" he asked softly.


	I started to say no, then saw something in his eyes, and remembered 

what he'd said earlier. I smiled and turned the car off, dropping the keys 

in my purse.


	They were on the third floor.


	"Remember we're just a poor band," he cautioned. "Our room isn't as 

nice as yours."


	"Don't worry. I've stayed in a few dives in my time, too," I 

laughed. I took his hand and he smiled radiantly at me. 


	He kissed me tenderly for a moment, then unlocked the door.


	"Are all of you decent?" he asked, sticking his head in the door.


	"Bloody hell, no," came the answer. "We're depraved degenerates."


	He laughed and drew me into the room. "But you're under the covers 

and that's all that matters," he said.


	I dropped my eyes for a moment to hide my shock. Danny and Betsy 

were in one of the beds in the room, and two of the band members were in 

the other. The other two guys were in sleeping bags on the floor.


	He introduced me to the four guys. Betsy was stretching and yawning 

lazily, a glow of contentment on her face, and I couldn't help wondering 

how the hell they could have done it with all those guys in the room with 

them, or how the guys could have stood hearing it.


	"I'm starving. Let's all get dressed and go get something to eat," 

Danny suggested.


	"We already ate," I said. "And I have a million things I have to do 

this afternoon."


	I put my arms around Derek and smiled up at him. "Thanks for last 

night, lover. You were wonderful," I purred, just loudly enough for them to 

hear me.


	His eyes twinkled and I knew he understood what I was doing. Then 

he dropped his eyes. "Will you come back tonight?" he asked softly, too 

softly for them to hear. "Tonight is our last night here. We'll be leaving 



	I licked my lips slowly. Then I stood on tiptoe and kissed him. 

"I'll see you tonight," I said clearly. "'Bye, guys."


	I slipped out and closed the door, then leaned against it for a 

moment, listening to the teasing he was getting inside, and not totally 

surprised at his insistence on not telling them any details of the night 

with me.


	Betsy was already there when I got to the club that night. Danny 

was sitting at the table with her. I slid into a seat and smiled at them.


	"Did you and Derek have a good time last night?" Betsy teased.


	"We sure did. That young man is one of the best lovers I've ever 

had," I sighed. "I wish I could take him home with me and keep him for a 



	Danny blinked, then laughed. "We've all been teasing him about it. 

He doesn't screw around much, so we figured he wasn't very experienced, and 

that you'd throw him out."


	"No way! We made love until nearly dawn, then grabbed a little 

sleep and got up ready to go again. If we hadn't been starving, I might 

have kept him there another hour or two. He's marvelous. So sensual and 

passionate and giving. I've known men twice his age who couldn't make love 

as well as he can."


	Betsy and Danny exchanged a long look, then she shrugged. 


	"What is it?" I asked.


	"Just your comment about his age," she said. "It seemed to bother 

you last night that he was younger than you. I'm glad it doesn't bother you 



	"No. Like you said, I'm far from home, and what difference does it 

make. He's bright and fun and a good lover. I'll just enjoy what I can have 

while I can have it."


	Someone shouted for Danny and he got up to leave. Just then Derek 

came over to us. He met my eyes almost shyly.


	"You look very nice tonight," he said.


	"So do you," I smiled. "Sexy and scrumptious enough to eat."


	That radiant smile returned. He kissed my hand. 


	Someone started the jukebox going just then, and the soft strains 

of Chicago singing "Color My World" drifted through the room.


	"Dance with me," he said.


	I walked out to the dance floor and melted against him.


	"I forgot to tell you that song makes me horny," I whispered.


	"Does it? Why?"


	"I don't know. It just does."


	"Are there any other songs that make you horny?"


	"One or two. 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco' usually does. And 

'To Love Somebody' makes me melt."


	He chuckled. "I'll see if I can't get Danny to sing one of them as 

our last song of the night. Then you might invite me back to your hotel 



	I smiled up at him. "You're invited."


	He swallowed hard. "Thank you."


	We finished the dance in silence, and he took me back to the table, 

then went to join the band.


	When they finished the last set, he came to me. 


	"Betsy and Danny don't want to waste their last night together, so 

she's going back to the hotel with him. Do you want me to go with them, 



	"Of course not. I told you I wanted you to spend the night with 



	"You could have changed your mind," he smiled. "I never take a 

woman for granted. Come on. Go with me to tell them I won't be going with 

them. Then we can go. Do you want to go get something to eat?"


	We were almost to the bandstand as he finished the words.


	"The only thing I'm hungry for is you," I said, slipping an arm 

around his waist.


	He smiled down at me, eyes twinkling again. "I think I can assuage 

that particular hunger."


	"Then tell your friends you're going, and let's see how fast that 

BMW can get us back to my hotel."


	"Watch out for that wild Yank," Danny teased Derek.


	"Watch out for your own," I retorted. 


	"Mine's young and inexperienced," he grinned. 


	I winked at Betsy. "You going to let him talk about you like that?"


	She tried to suppress a grin. "You know what they say. Youth and 

enthusiasm can be worth as much as experience."


	I laughed and took Derek's hand. "Come on, handsome lover. Let's go 

find a bed."


	After a long shower, he made love to me the same way I'd made love 

to him that morning. 


	"Did I do it right?" he teased, holding me close afterward.


	"You learn fast," I laughed. "You deserve a PhD for that."


	I drew him down for a kiss. "Speaking of learning, what are you 

majoring in?"


	"Promise you won't laugh?"


	"I promise."




	"Are you serious?"


	He nodded, eyes searching mine.


	"I think that's great. Why would you think I'd laugh at that?" I 



	"Most people do," he said dryly. "The guys in the band think it's 



	"I don't. But it sounds awfully hard. I'm not big on science 

though. That and math were always my hardest subjects."


	"I thought you worked with computers."


	"I do. I know, most people think you need a lot of science and math 

to know computers, but it isn't true. You need to be able to think 

logically and analytically, and most people who can think that way are also 

good at math, I suppose. But I'm not. I dislike it tremendously."


	"Do you know why?"


	"Sure. Same reason a lot of women my age hate it. I did well in it 

in elementary school, and then when I hit high school algebra, I was told 

girls don't do well in math. By the time I was out of high school, my love 

for it had turned to hate, and I could never recapture my enthusiasm for 



	"That's terrible!"


	"You know what's really terrible?"


	His eyes flickered. "What?"


	"That you have that big hard cock rubbing against my belly and you 

aren't doing anything with it."


	He laughed and rolled over on top of me, slipping it inside me.


	"I'd hate for you to lose your enthusiasm for it," he teased.


	"Not likely," I laughed. 


	By the time light started seeping in the windows, I was totally 

drained and satiated. I dropped into the deepest sleep I could ever 

remember having, before I could change beds and get out of the wet spot.


	When we woke up, we made love again, then went to get something to 



	"Where are you guys going now?" I asked.


	"Frankfurt. We're going to be playing at a club there. I wish you 

were going to be there."


	"I wish I had more time with you, too, but I'll be going home next 



	He took a sip of his coffee, eyes lowered, then put down the cup 

and looked over at me.


	"I'll never forget you," he said softly, sincerely. "I've learned 

more about love from you than I have from all the other women I've been 

with put together. You're generous and sweet in addition to being a 

fantastic lover."


	"Generous?" I asked. "How am I generous?"


	He smiled and took my hand. "I think it was very generous of you to 

openly show the guys how you felt about me. And the things you said to 

Danny -- you knew he'd come straight back there and tell everyone. Their 

respect for me has just about doubled. I'm new to the group and was the 

outsider before. Now I feel accepted. They're teasing me with the same 

warmth they tease each other with. It was very generous and kind of you to 

do those things."


	He grinned then. "Not to mention the fact that you've bought lunch 

for me two days in a row."


	I laughed. "I make a good salary, and it's obvious you guys don't 

make that much. And if you're trying to save your money for college, 

there's no sense in you buying my meals when I'm on an expense account. 

Come on. Danny said you needed to be back there by one, and it's almost 

that now."


	We were almost back at the hotel when I asked him how many years of 

college he had left.


	"It seems like a hundred sometimes," he sighed. "I just finished my 

freshman year."


	"Why were you so late getting started? Were you in the military?"


	His face went bright red. He glanced at me and then looked swiftly 

away, swallowing hard.


	"What's wrong?" I asked.


	"Nothing," he whispered.


	I pulled over to the side of the street and stopped the car.


	"Derek, what's going on?" I asked.


	Reluctantly, he met my eyes. "I wasn't in the military," he said.


	Intuition took over then and I felt my eyes go wide.


	"Derek, how old are you?" I asked.


	He didn't answer for a moment, staring down at the seat between us, 

then he slowly lifted his eyes again and met mine. "Nineteen," he admitted.


	I gasped with shock, then closed my eyes and leaned back against 

the seat, hands gripping the steering wheel.


	"I'm sorry," he whispered. 


	The humor of it hit me then, and I started laughing. I fell against 

him and his arms went around me.


	"Don't laugh at me, please," he whispered hoarsely.


	"I'm not laughing at you. I swear I'm not," I laughed. "I'm 

laughing at me. I'm thirty-six years old, Derek. I'm old enough to be your 



	"No, you aren't."


	"I'm seventeen years older than you are. I have a daughter who's 

only a year younger than you."


	"I'm sorry," he whispered again. "I didn't mean to delude you, but 

I liked you so much, and I was afraid if I told you that you'd hate me."


	I looked at him. His eyes were wet and as I looked, one large tear 

slipped from the inside corner of his right eye. I wiped it away and kissed 

him gently. 


	"I don't hate you. I've enjoyed being with you. You're far more 

mature than most men your age. I'm not sorry about it. All right?"


	He smiled then and kissed me. "I wish I were older and through 

college, with a decent job. I wouldn't let you go home. I'd keep you here 

with me."


	"You'll meet someone one of these days. Don't rush things."


	I started the car and we went on to the hotel.


	"Are you going to come up and say goodbye to the guys?" he asked.


	"Sure. Why not?"


	I walked up the stairs with him. Outside the door, he caught me 

close and kissed me warmly, deeply. 


	"I had to have one last kiss," he whispered.


	They were packing when we walked into the room. Betsy was lying on 

the bed crying, Danny trying to console her.


	"You can come up to Frankfurt to see us next weekend, love," he was 



	"You'll have somebody else by then," she sobbed.


	I shook my head and turned to Derek. "I think I'd better go. Good 

luck in school, Derek."


	I took one of my cards out of my purse and handed it to him. "If 

you ever get over to America, give me a call."


	He smiled and placed it in his shirt pocket. "I will. Thank you. 

May I take a picture of you before you go?"




	He got a camera from a small bag in one corner, and took a picture 

of me. The guitar player took it from him.


	"Get over there by her and I'll take one of the two of you 



	"Do you mind?" Derek asked.


	I smiled and pulled him close to me, leaning against him. After the 

picture was snapped, I turned to face him. 


	"I have to have one last kiss," I said softly, and wrapped both 

arms around him. 


	I kissed him with everything that was in me, my body melted to his. 

He held me close, returning it with all the fire of his young body. When I 

finally moved away, his eyes were out of focus and we were both breathing 



	"Goodbye," I whispered.


	I slipped out of the room and closed the door.


	"Oh, shit," I heard one of them say. "I've got to find me a wild 

Yank like that."


	I laughed silently and went down to the car.


	Several months later I returned from a long trip to find a 

beautiful card on my desk, postmarked London. Inside were four pictures: 

the one of me alone, the one of me with Derek, one of him alone, and one of 

the two of us locked in that torrid kiss.


	"Just wanted you to know I still remember," the card said. "I can't 

listen to 'Color My World' without seeing your face and smelling the clean 

fragrance of you and feeling the touch of your lips against mine. Love, 



	There was no return address. But every time I hear "Color My 

World", I remember, too.



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