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Archive-name: SpecMome/georgia.txt


Archive-title: Georgia

     I first met Georgia about a year ago, when	I was moving in	my new

condo in West Palm Beach.  She was tan,	trim, big busted for a petite

lady and the divorced mother of	two children.  She was very out	going,

with a steady stream of	questions, local information, and the latest

gossip going around the	complex.

     Over the next few months, I became	a regular visitor, dropping by

Georgia's apartment after work and on Saturday mornings.  She never

seemed to mind,	and occasionally she would drop	by my place if she

hadn't seen me for a day or two.  I never thought much about her,

sexually that is, as she never mentioned a boyfriend and appeared to

never date or even go out with the "girls".  She was fun to be with,

but I just figured that	she would rather give her time to her children

than be	hanging	out in some bar	or whatever.  She never	mentioned sex,

except to joke about never wanting it anymore, or being	"no mans land"

was better than	putting	up with	a "man"	hanging	around wanting it all

the time.  I would laugh and call her "Ms. Chastity" and then let it

drop.  My impressions of Georgia were to change, radically.

     One Sunday	morning	I was unloading	my car from a business trip,

when Georgia appeared on the steps in a	long tee shirt and apparently

nothing	else.  She seemed normal enough, laughing and talking as usual,

and following me between the car and the apartment.  When I was

finished she ask if I would like some breakfast	and I said sure.  I

followed her back to her apartment, expecting to be greeted by her

kids, and figuring I'd have a good but noisy breakfast.	 As I walked in

behind her, there were no kids,	no noise.  She noticed my looking

around and said	that the kids were over	at one of their	friends	house

and that she had the day to herself.

     As	I stood	in the kitchen doorway,	Georgia	proceeded to start

gathering the makings for breakfast.  As she bent over getting the eggs

from the refrigerator, I couldn't help but notice her bare cheeks

peeking	out from under her tee shirt.  Now my mind started to question

the Ms.	Chastity name, as I looked at her smooth rounded butt, a tan

line evenly marking the	boundary of what was to	be seen	and what was to

remain hidden.	As I stared at her bare	bottom I started getting an

erection.  Still bent over, she	turned and asked if I wanted jelly or

butter on the toast.  That was my first	glimpse	of her large breast, as

she waited for my answer.  My mind was racing beyond comprehension and

the bulge in my	pants was noticeably showing.  She answered herself

with a single word. "Jelly".

     I stood there with	a dumb smile on	my face	and my mind frantically

searching for a	way to see more.  I didn't have	long to	search,	as she

turned her back	towards	me and bend over to retrieve the toaster from

under the counter.  Her	whole ass was now bare,	staring	right in my

face.  I was spell bound as my eyes swept down her luscious cheeks only

to be met by a glistening, smooth shaved pussy.	 My erection strained

against	my pants, my heart rate	soared and my mouth when dry.  I heard

myself stuttering out the word "jelly",	as she raised up and sat the

toaster	down.  Noticing	the now	apparent growth	in my pants, and the

startled look on my face, she asked me if I liked jelly	on other things

besides	toast.	Trying desperately to regain my	composure, I nodded

yes, as	she picked up the jar of jelly and started for the kitchen

door.  As she walked by	me, she	let her	hand brush against the front of

my pants, squarely rubbing across my erect dick	hiding underneath.  She

said with a wink "Lets see if you really do" as	she walked into	the

dining room.  Slowly I followed, trying	now to figure out what was

really going on	here, or if it all was only a dream and	I would	wake up

still on the airplane.

     As	I entered the dining room, all doubts disappeared and reality

hit home.  Georgia was totally naked, laying on	the table, legs	up and

spread.	 Her large breasts rose	like mountain peeks, tall and firm,

lavishly decorated with	dark, large nipples.  Her belly, creamy	white

flowed downward	with seductive curves luring my	eyes even further down.

Down to	a smoothly shaved, beautifully full pussy, glistening from

anticipation and expectation.  I stood in silent amazement and wonder,

full of	a sudden admiration for	the stunning body before me.  She broke

the silence with a giggle as she spooned jelly all over	her pussy and

then cleaned the spoon on her nipples.

     "Breakfast	is served" she announced.  She didn't have to call me

twice.	Without	hesitation I dove in.  With long strokes of my tongue I

started	to make	my way through the jelly.  She gasped when my tongue

found its mark,	parting	her smooth lips	and making it way deep within

her pussy.  Slowly I worked my way up to her clitoris, first gently

flicking it with the tip of my tongue, then increasing the pressure

until she was moaning and gasping at a growing volume.	Quickly	I would

dart my	tongue deep inside her then quickly return to her clitoris

until she exploded into	a long,	loud and violent orgasm.  I continued

to lick	her, covering every surface of her quivering pussy that	my

tongue could reach and at the same time, trying	to strip my clothes

off.  She was gaining quickly on another orgasm	by the time I could get

my pants off and she had starting to suck and lick her own nipples.

With one final plunge, I drove my tongue deep into her wet pussy.  She

erupted	into an	even bigger orgasm, shaking and	quivering, pounding her

ass against the	table violently.  As she settled down, I aimed my rock

hard dick at her soaking wet pussy and drove it	home with one long,

quick plunge.  She sat almost upright, rolling her hips	up and down

matching my thrusting dick.  Locking her legs around my	hips, she

pumped ferociously, gasping and	moaning	louder and louder.  I leaned

forward, capturing a nipple in my mouth	and started to suck on it.  She

pumped harder and faster, until	I started to climax, blasting my cum

deep inside her.  She exploded in an intense, frenzied orgasm that

seemed to last for an hour.  And with one final	gasped and faint cry

she collapsed back on the table, pulling me down on top	of her.	 We lay

there for a long, silent time, caressing each others body, savoring the


     Funny thing though, I still laughingly call her Ms. Chastity, but

about three Sundays a month, I stop in for breakfast with Georgia.



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