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Archive-name: SpecMome/firstrue.txt

Archive-author: JLM

Archive-title: First Time, The - A True Story

(with editorial help from a friend)

  I met Jan through a mutual friend. I was living in Springfield,

Illinois, and Jan was living in St. Paul, Minnesota. My friend was

married to Jan's sister and kept on my case that I should date more and

find the right girl.

  I was 28 at the time and had spent most of my life doing two things--

attending school and working to pay off student loans. At the time I was

one of those graduates who couldn't find a job in my area of study (high

school math teacher) so I was working as an assistant manager at a small

men's clothing store. Anyone who has worked retail knows that it's a 6-

day a week job (at least) and that those in management work more. I

started at the bottom rung of the ladder, which meant lots of hours and

not much for wages--but at least it was a job.

  Since I was rather introverted, plus being nearly broke and busy, my

social life was not very exciting. To put it bluntly, it was non-

existent. I did a lot of reading--mostly Alistar Maclean and Isaac

Asimov--but the only time my blood pressure rose was an occasional

fantasy date with Miss July.

  Randy encouraged me to check out his sister-in-law. The problem was

she lived a long way off for a guy who was broke. On May 6th a buyer's

show was scheduled in Minneapolis, and my boss invited me to go with

him. When Randy found out, he told me he was thinking about a visit back

home at the same time and asked me to drop in on his family while he was

there. He didn't really invite me--he insisted. His folks lived in one

of the suburbs and he knew his younger sister would drive over from St.

Paul if he came all the way from Springfield.

  I was able to get away during the buyer's meeting for more than half a

day. Randy and his wife treated me to lunch at Perkins, and Jan came as


  Jan was two years younger than me and four inches shorter. I liked her

long brown hair, her soft brown eyes, her gentle smile. She wore a

tasteful white dress with blue accents in the fabric. She had a sexy

figure--high, firm breasts, a flat stomach, and a well-rounded ass. I

fought with a hard-on as my eyes undressed her enticing curves. What

appealed to me most was the fact that she seemed genuinely interested in

me. For a guy who was kind of shy, this was an additional turn on. (I

only found out later that Randy had told Jan lots about me--all of it


  Jan had broken up with a guy six months earlier and had not dated

since. I found out later she was disillusioned and didn't want to get

hurt. But for now she was pleasant, engaging, and fun to be with. The

whole meal was a real boost to my ego.

  Half-way through the meal Randy's wife excused herself to go to the

rest room. Jan joined her, leaving Randy and me alone.

  "What did I tell you?" Randy asked.

  "You're right. She's nice." I said, not wanting to seem too eager.

  "Then ask her out for supper." Randy urged me.

  "So soon?" I asked.

  "How long before you think you'll be back here again? If you'd like to

get to know Jan better you'll have to make use of the time you've got."

  I couldn't argue with Randy's logic.

  Randy insisted on paying for the whole meal. While he was busy with

the cashier, I stood in the alcove with Jan.

  "I know you're busy with family this weekend," I said, "but I'd enjoy

taking you out to dinner tonight if you can be free."

  Jan didn't hesitate a second. "I'd love to, Jim," she said. "What


  " about 5:00 o'clock?" I replied.

  "Sure. Where?" Jan asked.

  "I don't know the places around here. Do you have any suggestions?"

  "Sure do." Jan responded. "Tell you what. Why don't I pick you up at

your motel. Randy says you're at the Best Western on Highway 7. We can

go from there."

  The idea sounded good to me, so I consented.

  I was in the lobby at 4:45, and Jan showed up about 15 minutes later.

Since I had no wheels, we hopped in her car and she gave directions to a

steak house in Wayzata as I drove.

  We had a great meal, and a better time talking. I was glad to have her

to myself. Jan was animated and fun to talk with. She was also a good

listener. We had much in common. We found ourselves holding hands as we

talked. After two hours I reminded her of the time in case she wanted to

see more of her brother, but she didn't seem to care. We left the

restaurant about 8:00 and she directed me as we drove around Lake

Calhoun and over to Minnehaha Falls.

  Though the scenery was nice, I enjoyed Jan's company much more, and I

thought the feeling was mutual. Jan sat close to me, our thighs

touching. I placed my hand on her thigh below the hem of her skirt. I

fantasized about sliding my hand up the inside of her thigh and watching

her welcome my touch.

  We eventually made our way to a Dairy Queen at 10:00, where we sat and

talked for another 90 minutes. I returned to the motel parking lot at

about midnight.

  "It's been a great evening, Jan," I said, not wanting it to end.

  "I'll bet your boss has been wondering where his roommate has been."

Jan noted.

  At that point I wished I had a separate room and could invite Jan up.

But then I didn't want her to think I was the kind of guy to try to bed

her on the first date. And to be honest, I wasn't. Even so, trading her

companionship for that of my 59 year old boss wasn't appealing.

  "It's been a great evening," Jan continued. "Really fun, Jim."

  Jan leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I'd like to do it again."

  "A 6:00 a.m. flight makes that difficult," I said reluctantly. "But

maybe I can work it out to see the Twin Cities again real soon."

  "That would be great," Jan replied.

  "For me too," I added.

  Jan pulled on the handle and got out her side. I reluctantly did the

same. She came around to the driver's side and stopped. I put my hands

around her waist.

  "Thanks for a great time! Your brother's got a great sister," I said.

  "And a good friend," Jan added with a smile.

  I leaned forward and kissed her softly, but not passionately. There

was lots of warmth in the kiss she returned.

  After a few moments she slipped out of my hands and sat down in the

driver's seat.

  "Take care," I said I closed the door. "I'll be in touch."

  "You do that!" Jan said.

  Reluctantly, she drove away. Very reluctantly, I watched her go.

  The next day before I boarded the plane I picked up a card and sent it

off to Jan thanking her for the great time. Three days later I had a

response--a card with a two-page letter tucked inside. I replied to her

letter with one of my own, but this time Jan didn't write back. She

called instead. We picked up our conversation about where we left off on

our one date. I called back two days later to find out how she was


  In short, we began to watch our phone bills swell as we did some long-

distance dating. Jan told me about herself and I talked about my world.

I didn't know it at the time, but we were falling in love.

  I sent Jan a card reading: 'To know you is to love you. I know you

very much.' I didn't know how that would change our relationship. She

told me for the first time she loved me too, and at last our feelings

for each other were out in the open.

  In a conversation three weeks later, Jan brought up a subject that was

difficult for her to talk about.

  "Jim, there's something about me I need to tell you." Jan began


  "What's that, Jan?"

  "I'm...well...I went with this guy Gary--the one I told you about



  "And...uh...we went all the way a couple of times." Jan said softly.

  "That doesn't make any difference to me," I reassured her. "I might be

a virgin physically but I can assure you that mentally I've had sex lots

of times."

  "But it's not the same," she protested.

  "I know," I replied. "But that still doesn't affect my love for you,

Jan. I fell in love with you realizing there was a good chance you

weren't a virgin. All of us fall short of our ideals--it doesn't mean

our life is ruined."

  My acceptance of Jan over that issue made a big impact on her--because

it was for her a source of intense guilt. It also opened the whole area

of sexuality between us and made us more intimate lovers--though we

hadn't been sexually intimate yet.

  The fourth of July is not a good selling time in the clothing

industry, so it was a good opportunity for me to grab some time off with

a few vacation days besides.

  I started very early in the morning and arrived about 5:00 p.m. Jan

insisted that I stop at her place before checking into a motel. I soon

found out why.

  I drove up to the old apartment building and looked around. It was one

of those huge old houses built for a family of 15. Jan's apartment was

on the third floor. Her bedroom was in a round turret on the southeast

corner. I made my way up the stairs and rang the bell.

  Jan opened the door. Her breasts stood out proudly against her light

blue cotton top. My hands hungered to caress her mounds. I glanced down

at her creamy thighs and pictured myself sliding my fingers underneath

her navy blue shorts and stroking her pussy.

 The two months apart made the first few seconds of our meeting awkward,

even though we'd talked incessantly in recent weeks. She said nothing

for a few seconds, but smiled that warm smile that caught my heart at


  "Hi Jim," she said softly. "Nice to see you."

  "Same here," I replied as I stepped forward and stood very close to

her. I could smell her intoxicating perfume.

  I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her softly on the lips. She

kissed me warmly, hinting of eagerness as she wrapped her arms around

me. In seconds I felt her pressing her body against me. It felt so warm

and erotic. I could feel her bra through her top. For a moment I

wondered what it would be like to slide my hands underneath, unhook it,

and slowly move my hands around to the tits that were hard against my


  I kissed her more passionately, and she responded in kind. We held

each other close and felt the softness of each other's lips as our heart

beats increased.

  I lost track of time, as our mouths were locked together in a lover's

kiss. On lonely nights back in my apartment, I had fantasized about this

reunion. In my erotic dream she would whisper in my ear, "Make love to

me, Jim. Fuck me! Help me take my clothes off so I can feel your stiff

cock inside me!"

  Reality was different. "The door isn't shut," she said. "Come on in."

  I did, looking around at the small but neat apartment. I moved over to

the sofa and sat down. Jan joined me after closing the door. Her

presence after so much anticipation, was almost intoxicating.

  "Welcome to my place," Jan said as she leaned toward me with another

kiss on the way.

  Our lips met and we embraced again.

  "This is the best welcome of all," I said after a few seconds.

  "Glad you like it..." she replied.

  I interrupted her statement with another kiss, this one more lengthy

and passionate yet. I could feel Jan's heartbeat as we held each other

tightly. I treasured the warmth of her body against mine, especially the

pressure of her breasts against my chest.

  "You know those motel reservations I made," she said.


  "Well, I canceled them. You're staying here."

  I didn't want to be presumptuous, so I worded my response carefully.

"The couch looks comfortable enough," I said.

  "You can sleep on the couch if you want, Jim, but you can have my bed


  "I don't want to force you out of your bed," I added, wondering how

she would respond.

  "Oh, I'm sleeping in my bed no matter what." Jan replied.

  My hard-on throbbed in response. "That's some invitation!" I croaked

out, surprised and turned on by her attitude.

  "So is this," Jan added, as she kissed me again. This time I felt her

tongue dart inside my lips. I loosened my jaw and slipped my tongue out

to meet hers. In a few moments we were french kissing. It was the first

time for me, and I had never expected that two tongues could trigger

such erotic pleasure.

  As I marveled at this experience, I leaned back, pulling Jan down on

top of me. We lay there on the couch necking, her body fully pressed

against mine. I was aware that my swollen cock was pressing hard against

Jan's groin. For some reason I wasn't embarrassed, as I otherwise would

have been. She didn't seem to mind either, so I allowed my passions to

build, along with the size of the bulge in my slacks.   By now, I had my

legs split with hers between me. Her crotch was directly over my

erection. I pushed up against her, and she accepted my actions without


  We kissed and talked in lover's whispers for fifteen or twenty

minutes. I pressed her close to me, wishing we both were naked,

imagining what it would feel like to have her groin grinding against my

swollen rod. Jan leaned up and looked around. I could see down the front

of her top, though I tried not to stare. The cleavage between her

breasts fueled my passion even more.

  "This couch is so narrow," Jan complained. "We can't be comfortable

here long."

  I could have stayed there forever, but reluctantly I watched her get

up. Our petting was triggering a few lustful fantasies in me by this

time. In my mind's eye I saw Jan strip off her shorts, then reach down

and remove mine. I visualized her looking at the outline of my erection

with hungry eyes. And then...

  "I've got a great place for supper," Jan said. "It's right by a park.

You'll love it."

  I was fantasizing another kind of supper--one involving her lips and

all-natural ingredients, but her words brought me back to the present.

  The spell was broken, for the moment. I suspected it would return. I

turned my attention to the mundane matters of eating, trying to deflate

my passion (and one other thing) as Jan picked up her purse.

  Dinner and the walk after was fun. We went around in that lover's haze

where everything revolves around the other person and the rest of the

world ceases to exist. Our hands were all over each other's hands, arms,

shoulders, and waists. After our walk in the park we shared an ice cream

cone. Even watching Jan lick the ice cream brought to mind lots of

erotic thoughts--pictures of her tongue sliding across the swollen head

of my dick. I wisely kept these to myself.

  It was late when we returned to Jan's apartment. We'd talked all

evening, and still there was no desire to quit.

  We sat on the sofa again and in moments we were kissing. I started to

lean sideways to pull Jan down on me again, but she resisted.

  "I've got a better idea," she said.

  Jan stood up and pulled on my hand, indicating that I was to follow

her. We went through a door. Her bedroom was on the other side. Jan sat

down on the bed.

  "More room here," she said with a smile.

  I sat down next to her and we resumed kissing. Not too many minutes

later I was on my back pressing Jan against me. Except for our shoes, we

were still fully clothed.

  I reached around and slid my hands underneath her blouse, feeling her

bare back above the waist. Her skin was soft and warm. As we french

kissed, I slowly moved my hands upward underneath her blouse until they

reached the strap of her bra. Since I'd never unhooked one before, it

took a few moments of fumbling to loosen the clasps. Finally it was

free, and I preceded to slide my hands over her entire bare back as we


  We rolled sideways so we were facing each other as we continued to

kiss. I slowly moved my hand to the side of her ribcage, my forearm

barely touching the side of her bra as it loosely covered her left

breast. My fantasy was about to come true, and I felt as though I was in

a dream, as though I would waken any moment. My heart pounded loudly in

my ears as I anticipated what might come next.

  As Jan and I continued to kiss and exchange tender words, I slowly

increased the pressure of my forearm against the side of her breast.

Then I moved my arm so that the side of my hand was where my forearm

used to be. For the first time my fingertips began to cup the underside

of her breast.

  Jan slid her tongue rapidly around mine. I took it as an indication

she enjoyed the attention my hand was paying to her breast, so I slipped

my hand under the material and briefly held the underside of her breast.

Jan seemed to enjoy that even more.

  Her breasts were just the right size to fill up my hands, and I

enjoyed exploring every inch of them. Small aureoles circled the fiery

red nipples that stood up proud, challenging my fingers to fondle them.

  By now a lot of her blouse was bunched up. I withdrew my hand and

dared to unbutton her blouse, from bottom to top, as we kissed. To my

delight, she began to do the same to my shirt.

  When my shirt was loosened, I sat up and slipped my arms out of the

sleeves, then dropped it to the floor behind me. Jan sat up and did the

same with her blouse. I watched her bra dangle loosely from her

shoulders. She slid her fingers underneath the left shoulder strap and

pushed it sideways until it fell off, uncovering her breast. Then she

removed her bra entirely and lay down on her side again.

  "Better, don't you think?" she said.

  I swallowed hard. She was offering herself to me, and I was getting

more turned on by the second. As I looked at her naked breasts, I felt

an eagerness to fondle her hot tits or cover them with my mouth,

feasting on her nipples and driving her wild.

  I preceded to resume kissing her, pressing her bare chest against mine

with great passion. Once again my hand moved toward her breast, cupping

the underside and delighting in the warm smoothness of her curves. I

tried to fondle her slowly and tenderly, avoiding what I wanted to do

most--rush to feel her nipple. She seemed to enjoy the slowness of my

affection, the gentleness.

  I finally moved my fingers upward and touched the erect knob at the

tip of her breast. Jan moaned slightly as my fingers played with the

summit of her breast. She sighed with pleasure as my fingers lightly

circled her erect nipples.

  Her kisses became more uninhibited as I continued to fondle her.

Neither of us were willing to put our hands below each other's waist.

Not yet, anyway.

  I felt like there were two of me in the bed. One was thinking of

slipping her remaining clothes off, moving lovingly between her creamy

soft legs, and easing my 9" throbbing cock deep into her love nest. The

other one was following all the social norms I'd followed all my life.

Don't ask me how, but the nice guy won.

  After ten or fifteen more minutes of intense petting, I forced myself

to slow down to avoid becoming frustrated.

  Jan sensed my reluctance, but she did not object.

  "You don't want to go too far, do you Jim?" she asked.

  The testosterone inside me replied, "You've got me so horny I could

shove my cock through a concrete block. I'm dying to make love with you.

You're the most fuck-able woman I've ever met. I want to go all the way!

Let's make love."

  "No," I heard myself say, "Not with you. I don't want to do anything

with you that I'll regret. I love you too much for that."

  Part of me couldn't believe what my mouth was saying.

  Jan seemed to understand. She had already told me of her guilt

feelings about her former relationship, and I think she was appreciative

of my sensitivity.

  "If I take the couch tonight, neither of us will be sorry," I added


  "I know you're right, Jim," Jan admitted. "But it's not what I really


  "Nor I. But we both want to get started on the right foot."

  "Yeah," she said. "I'll get you some stuff for the sofa."

  I reluctantly stood up and went through the door into the living room.

It was one of the most difficult things I had done in all my life.

  Jan came in a few minutes later. She had tossed her blouse on but wore

no bra underneath. I started having second thoughts immediately, but

tried my best do drive thoughts of sex out of my mind for the moment.

  It was quite late, so we kissed each other good night and went to bed-

-separately. Somehow I got to sleep later. Much later.

  The next day we went out shopping and sightseeing. It was a fun,

exhausting day. We had a light lunch and then headed back to Jan's

apartment around 1:30 when it started to get hot outside.

  As we sat on the sofa getting comfortable, our conversation turned to

the future.

  "What do you plan on doing in the fall?" Jan asked.

  "Get married," I said flatly. "How about you?"

  Jan turned to me, surprised.


  "If it works out for you." I responded.

  "Oh, YES!!" Jan said, planting a big kiss on me. "I knew when we met

you were the one for me, Jim."

  "I don't have a ring yet...we could look..." I began.

  "That doesn't matter right now," Jan said. "I was given one before--

but not from a guy I'd ever marry. Let's go over and tell my folks!"

  It was like I had ignited a roman candle. The marriage wheels were in

motion. Too late to slow things down, we went to her folks and broke the

news. My future step-parents seemed pleased. I didn't know for sure if

it was because their daughter was finally going to get married, or that

she was going to get married to me in particular.

  We stayed at their place until late in the evening, then left. Jan had

sat very close to me all the time we were at her folks' house. I don't

think her hand had been away from my body for 20 seconds at a time.

  As I drove to her apartment in the car, I felt the same sense of

closeness as she sat next to me in the bench seat. I put my arm around

her as I drove. Good thing the traffic was light. My hand found her

breast and I began to fondle it gently through her top. I wished she

hadn't worn a bra. I had an instant erection just imagining what it

would be like to have her naked tit at the mercy of my fingers.

    "You're playing with fire," Jan warned me. "And I know where the

real fire is," she added as she laid her hand on my crotch.

  Volts of erotic energy spread through my body as I felt the pressure

of her hand against my dick. A long-held fantasy brushed across my mind

for a second. I imagined her unzipping my fly, pulling out my swollen

organ, and giving me a blow job right there on the road.

  I edged into the next lane and a car honked its horn. That quickly

brought me back to reality.

  "Careful," I added. "I need to stay on the road."

  "I don't want to cause an accident," Jan replied, removing her hand.

"I don't want anything to happen to you. It's good to know we belong to

each other."

  I nodded. It was a good feeling. No. It was a great feeling.

  We drove most of the rest of the way to her apartment in silence,

sharing a warmth and wordless communication that marked a new beginning

for the two of us. Though we weren't married, we were publicly committed

to each other. And somehow that changed many things.

  It was very late when we arrived at the apartment. For some reason the

noble part of me was strong that night. We shared a protracted, but

painful goodnight kiss and went to our separate beds. Somehow, I slept.

  Around 7:00 the next morning Jan came out of the bedroom. She was

wearing a yellow two-piece baby doll pajama set. Though her hair was a

bit out of place, she looked wonderful to me.

  "Morning!" I said cheerfully.

  "Morning," she replied, less enthusiastically.

  "Not so cheerful this morning," I observed.

  "I didn't sleep well," Jan replied.

  "Why not?"

  "I was lonely--all night long."

  "I know how you felt," I added sympathetically.

  "Come in and lay down beside me," she said. "Maybe we both can catch


  Mentally, I reversed her invitation to say, "Lay down beside me and

cum in."

  I joined her in her bed. Laying next to her warm body was a wonderful

change from a lonely, lumpy couch.

  Her back was to me and my arm was around her waist. Her body felt

wonderfully warm and soft. I slowly slid my hand up under her breasts.

She wiggled her butt against me in response. I felt my cock begin to

swell as I reacted to her motions. It felt so good to rest naturally

against her soft curves. It made the idea of sleeping alone totally


  I slid my hand under her top and cupped her right breast.

  "Mmmmm, that feels good, Jim," Jan mumbled.

  "I'll bet this does too," I added as I slid my fingers upward and

began to fondle her nipple. It was rock hard in seconds. My cock felt so

hard I'd swear a weight lifter could do chin ups with it.

  "I was dreaming about that all night long," Jan said. Then, after a

pause, she asked "What were you dreaming about?"

  She rolled over so that she was facing me.

  I reached my hand under her top and resumed touching her nipple.

  "I was dreaming about touching you here," I said. "And kissing you

like this..."

  Our lips met, hungry and hot. Our tongues entwined, doing an erotic

dance of their own. She began to suck on my tongue. It felt like she was

offering to suck my cock--anything to get me to shed my inhibitions and

eventually fuck her.

  The good guy in me was losing.

  "...and sliding my hands down your abdomen like this..."

  I moved my hand downward to her naval, then back up to her breast. I

repeated the process several times, moving my hand lower each time. At

last, my hand slid down across her bottoms and rested firmly on her

crotch. Jan raised her left leg up to give me more access, and I started

stroking her inviting crotch through the thin nylon.

  If her kisses were any indication, this was the right thing to do. So

I kept it up, being careful to be gentle and not rushing our petting.

  After a few moments Jan said, "I'm just soaked, Jim."

  Soon afterwards I discovered what she meant. Her nylon briefs were

very wet between her legs. I was delighted that I had been able to

arouse her so much the first time I tried doing so.

  Without any more encouragement on my part, Jan slid her pajama bottoms


  I continued to stroke her pussy through the blue nylon briefs she

wore, trying to figure out her anatomy as my fingers mapped the area. I

had seen pictures, of course, but never touched a woman there until now.

  I could sense the good guy shouting something unintellibible to my

pleasure-numbed brain.

  I wanted to make love to Jan--but not at the expense of violating her

trust in me. I'd have to wait and see what developed. I told myself to

be satisfied with the feeling of her hot, wet crotch. Yet I knew her

fluids were an invitation from her body to mine to slide my throbbing

dick into her love hole. I tried to restrain myself.

  After a few moments, I slid my hand underneath the elastic of her

briefs and felt the soft terrain of a woman's pussy for the first time.

Jan groaned and responded by sliding her hand down and stroking the

crotch of my pajamas.

  I'd always dreamed of a gal doing that, but the reality with Jan was

even better than the fantasy. I desperately wanted to feel her hands all

over my engorged organ. I slid my hand further down and felt what seemed

to be a very wet opening. Then I slid my moistened fingers back up

across what I suspected was Jan's clitoris. It must have been, because

she shuddered in response.

  "I'll get out of these if you'll take off your bottoms," Jan offered.

  It was a proposal I couldn't turn down. Nor could I refuse the

opportunity to gaze at Jan's naked body that had responded so well to my

touch. Jan took off her briefs and her top. My eyes greedily devoured

the sight of her furry mound and the love tunnel nestled below.

  I was still wearing my low cut briefs, assuming that as long as I had

them on I wouldn't go too far. They did little, however, to conceal the

mammoth hard on that was threatening to rip its way through the fabric

so it could bury itself in her hot cunt. The visual impact of seeing her

naked had blown a few erotic fuses in my brain. I was sure of it. The

short-circuits that resulted confounded the thinking of the straight-

laced man inside me.

  I tried to remember information I'd gathered on foreplay and female

anatomy. I didn't get it all right, but was close enough. Jan soon began

to tremble at my touch. As i stroked her, a red flush crept across her

breasts. Her breath came in gasps. Small spasms wracked her body, like

tiny volts of electricity. I'm not sure even she knew what was happening

at the time--or if she suspected and didn't want to tell me. I didn't

realize it then, but she was experiencing the first orgasm of her life.

At first I was frightened, wondering if she was having some kind of

heart disorder. For whatever reason, I stopped, not wanting to hurt or

injure her.

  "You OK?" I asked.

  "Yeah, I guess so," Jan answered. "Give me a couple of minutes to

rest, will you Jim?"

  "Sure," I agreed.

  We continued to kiss and talk and fondle each other gently for a while

until Jan's state became more normal. Jan looked down at my briefs.

  "Looks like something wants out," she said. "Were you planning on

keeping those on?" she asked.

  "No...I guess not," I said.

  To be honest, I was still a bit shy about taking them off. And I

didn't know if she would like what she saw. I turned off the microphone

in my head that the moral voice was using and peeled off my briefs.

  I hungered to press my cock against her as I had thought of doing

earlier, to feel her writhe with pleasure as she pressed her clit

against its steel-hard surface.

  Jan inched closer to me, and we hugged each other. My heart rate must

have doubled as I felt her smooth skin press against mine from head to


  "I love you, Jan," I said softly.

  "I love you, Jim," she replied.

  Our lips met again. First softly and then with more hunger. I fondled

her tits as we kissed. Moments later I felt a new sensation--a woman's

fingers curled around my stiff cock.

  "Ahhh!!!!" I moaned loudly.

  "I can tell you like that," Jan said with a smile. "I've longed to get

your stiff cock in my hands. You seem to get hard every time we're alone

together. Like in the car ..."

  "I wanted you to unzip me..."

  "My crotch was wet, too." Jan said quickly. "I wanted to feel your

hands between my legs."

  "Like this..." I replied, as my wandering hands found their way back

to her most sensitive spot.

  "Mmmmm..." Jan groaned loudly, pressing her crotch against my fingers.

  We stroked and teased each other's genitals until our blood pressure

was about to go through the roof. Holding back the hood with two

fingers, I attacked the tiny hard knob of her exposed clit.

  "Ahhhh...yessss!!" Jan moaned with delight. Her hands stroked my cock

faster, blowing more fuses as the erotic voltage mounted.

  I moved my head downward and began to stimulate Jan's breast with my

lips and tongue. Then I continued south, kissing down to Jan's naval.

Without waiting for any reaction from Jan, I moved lower and was soon

well into Jan's pubic forest. For the first time I could actually see

the pleasure center that I as her lover would make sing with the music

of love.

  I glanced up at Jan. I could tell she wasn't comfortable with me

licking toward her pussy, but her intense arousal was overcoming any

inhibitions she might have had. She was past caring and focused on her

feelings at the moment.

  I soon found her love button and began to concentrate my attention on

the nerve endings there. I discovered that eating pussy was different

from anything else. It wasn't better or worse. Just different. It was

the reaction from Jan that made it worthwhile. She began to breathe

hard. Her face and breasts flushed. Her nostrils flared as she breathed.

  Jan arched her back and pushed her hips against my face. I quickened

the pace of my tongue against her clit as I fingered her tits. Jan

pushed her clit even harder against my mouth to increase the


  She began to moan loudly. I caught her clit between my lips and sucked

hard. Jan's whole body began to shake violently. I didn't stop.

  "Uhhhh!!!...AhhhHHHHHH," she groaned as waves of pleasure crashed

through her nervous system like an enormous erotic tidal wave. I kept my

mouth on her clit like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. She shook a

second time and pushed my head away from her groin, indicating that the

stimulation was all she could take.

  I wiped my face on my pajama bottoms and quickly crawled up to hold

her as she shook slightly from the aftermath of another tremor.

  "Oh...that...was...something else!" Jan said slowly as she caught her


  "I wanted it to be fantastic. I'll always want it to be great for

you," I said. "I'll want to be the best lover a husband can be, Jan."

  "I'm sure you will be," Jan said as she gave me a big hug. "I've

never...felt anything like this. I've never been...this wonderfully my life."

  We lay there for several minutes as Jan caught her breath.

  "Give me a few minutes," Jan added moments later. "And then I'm going

to send you into orbit. I'm going to make you cum like you wouldn't


  I almost did right then, just from her promise. Instead, I excused

myself, feeling a bit self-conscious about my facial aroma. I went to

the bathroom, washed my face, and quickly returned. I wanted to be

kissable, for sure.

  Jan snuggled up against me and she slept for about half an hour. I was

eager for an orgasm of my own, but wanted to show patience and


  Jan seemed to appreciate my unselfishness when she woke up. I kissed

her softly, and she returned my kiss as her hand crept down my stomach.

  "I'm not selfish," she said, grasping my quickly swelling organ. "I

want to make our times together good for you, too, Jim."

  "You don't have to be so gentle," I coached her as she stroked me. "I

enjoy pressure."

  Jan squeezed harder, and it felt great.

  "No part of me was off limit to your mouth," Jan noted. "I suppose

that means you're not off limits to me."

  She moved her head further down and looked at cock, which was hard and

red and bulging.

  "I've never done this before," she said.

  I was dying to feel her lips on my cock. It would be yet another dream

come true.

  Jan slowly lowered her head and took the tip into her mouth. I felt

her lips tightened around me and slide up and down a couple of times. As

she sucked the tip my whole erotic fuse box went up in smoke. Surges of

pure pleasure flowed from my cock throughout my entire body.

  "Ohhhh! That's it!...Suck it!" I moaned, far beyond control.

  Jan tried to take me deep, though I went in only a few inches. I

barely resisted the temptation to push up into her mouth. Her tongue,

lips and teeth triggered explosive sensations that pummeled every neuron

in my brain.

  "Don't come inside my mouth, OK?" she said, pausing for a moment.

  I nodded, having lost the power of speech. I could only feel her mouth

on my cock and the sensations that radiated throughout my body from her

oral stimulation.

  Jan continued to suck me lightly and I soon felt an orgasm

approaching. When I was just on the edge I withdrew myself from her and

squeezed the end of my penis hard, trying to stop the process. I didn't

succeed, and sperm oozed out and slid over my fingers. It was a mild

orgasm at best. I wiped my hand on my pajamas and pulled Jan over to me.

I was not quite as horny as before, though I wanted Jan to suck me more

or stroke my cock with her clit.

  It was not to be.

  Jan and I held each other for a short while, and then she got up to

face the day. I did as well. It was odd that when our passions were not

excited, we were still a bit modest around each other. We showered

separately and dressed alone.

  The remainder of the day found us out shopping for rings. Jan knew my

funds were limited, and seemed to be delighted with a miniature stone in

a setting from a discount house. We were both old enough that the

unrealistic wedding expectations of teenage years were no temptation to

us. We also visited some aunts and uncles and broke the news to other

family members who lived close. They were all supportive and


  That night we found ourselves back at the apartment thinking about


  "No couch for you tonight, Jim," Jan insisted. "I haven't got your

pajamas washed and I won't have you out here in this cold room."

  "What do you suggest?" I asked with a smile.

  "You go crawl in bed," she said. "You won't need any clothes. I'll be

there in a minute."

  I did as instructed.

  Moments later, Jan entered. She was wearing a small black two-piece

outfit. The top showed more of her breasts than it covered and was held

together in the middle with a tiny bow. I could see the outline of her

erect nipples. Her bottoms consisted of a ruffled pair of briefs that

came high on her hips. It was obvious that there was nothing underneath.

I caught a glimpse of stray pubic hairs peeking out from underneath.

  Jan lit two candles, turned out the overhead light, and joined me in

bed. I was fully aroused long before I felt her legs slide in next to

mine and smelled the fresh perfume on her neck.

  Our lips met, and soon our hands began to explore one another. I

pushed her top up and fondled her tits. My hungry mouth replaced my hand

as I sucked and licked her nipples till they were wet with my saliva and

hard with anticipation.

  I stroked her hot box through her flimsy panties with my hand. I

curled my fingers around the narrow strip of material that disappeared

between her legs. I slid my hand up and down along the slit, my knuckles

stroking her between her lips.

  "OOhhhhh!" she moaned. "Where did you learn that?"

  I had just thought it up on the spot. Instead of answering, I

continued to stroke her pussy, feeling the slippery wetness grow by the


  "Time for you to get naked," I said as I pulled on her briefs. She

arched her back and I slid them off her butt and down her legs. Jan

shucked her top and laid back.

  I moved over and knelt between her legs, my cock standing at proud

attention. Jan reached out and stroked my swollen dick. Her touch was

not soft this time, but aggressive, urgent, almost desperate.

  "I need you," Jan said, pulling my cock toward her. I leaned forward,

my erection pressing against her pubic mound. I rocked back and forth

feeling her clit against the underside of my shaft. We were both

breathing hard.

  "That's not all I want. I want you inside me, Jim," she urged.

  I hesitated. This was in a time before AIDS, but pregnancy scared me.

And I was still thinking of saving myself for marriage--an ideal that I

had voluntarily embraced most of my adult life.

  "I've been on the pill a month," Jan said, suspecting one of the

reasons for my reluctance. "If you don't believe me, look on the night


  I turned my head and saw a plastic dispenser with some pills in it and

numbers that I presumed were days of the month marked by the tablets.

  "When we fell in love I knew we'd become lovers for real," Jan

continued. "Anyway, this way my body will be adjusted for our honeymoon

in two months."

  "Adjusted?" I asked.

  "Birth control pills do have some side effects. Most women need to let

their bodies adjust to the hormones. I've been doing quite well. But, of

course, I haven't been able to test and see if the pills work."

  Jan pressed her pelvis up against mine.

  "So if you want to put this where it belongs, I won't object," she


  I still wasn't sure. I didn't want to ruin the excitement of our

honeymoon. But then again I was as horny as a man can get and still be

sane. And we were engaged.

  I continued to slide my erection against her soaked mound. I could

feel the friction of her pussy on either side. Jan arched her back and

pressed up against me, maximizing the stimulation for both of us. It was

as close to intercourse as I could get without doing the real thing.

  "Please slide inside me," Jan begged. "I need you!"

  I had planned to be satisfied with 'outer-course,' but as most of you

know, setting limits while being naked and fondling each other's crotch

is almost impossible. You always want to take it one step farther.

  I slid back and forth, hoping the friction would satisfy us both. Jan

had other plans. Till now, she had moved her hips up and then back in

response to me. I had slid my cock down and was starting to move upward

when Jan pressed her pussy against my abdomen and quickly pulled me up

toward her. My cock had nowhere to go but inside. Jan was so lubricated

that I penetrated her to half my length before I knew what happened.

  "Inside is better," Jan said with a smile. I felt her hand on my

buttocks, preventing me from backing out. "You feel so good inside! Now

make love to me."

  I realized at that moment that technically I wasn't a virgin any more.

I also had to admit that I would not have gotten to this point if I

really wanted to wait till the wedding. I also realized that this was

not an opportunity to run away from. "You're fucking," a voice from

within told me. "Go for it."

  "Make love to me, Jim," Jan persisted.

  "Gladly!" I replied.

  I pushed my massive erection into her, sliding in and out, deeper with

each stroke. The sensations were new and beyond description. I'd never

felt pressure from all directions over the whole length of my penis

before. The stimulation from her vaginal muscles was light years beyond

any masturbation I had experienced.

  "Uhhhhh!!! That feels sooooo good," Jan said as I pumped her. "How's

it for you? Tight enough?"

  "It's incredible!" I said as I slid in and out. "You've got...the

greatest pussy in the world!"

  "All for you, Jim...Ahhh...yes...I love having you inside," Jan

continued. "I've wanted to...feel this for a long time...Mmmmm..."

  "Me...too," was all I could say. I was sweating hard as I drove deep

inside her pussy. My nerve endings were on fire as I felt an orgasm

approach. I stroked faster and deeper. Every sensation I had was

concentrated in my cock and the friction of her tight love tunnel. It

felt like drilling for pure pleasure.

  "!! I cum," Jan said.

  "No...problem," I reassured her nearly breathless by now. "You?"

  "I will," Jan said as her hips thrust against mine. "You first."

  I pulled out all the stops and thrust several more times, then held my

pulsating cock deep inside Jan's throbbing pussy. I felt like I was in

up to her neck. Then my insides exploded. My whole body shook. I could

feel streams of sperm erupt from my cock and rocket deep inside her.

Each round of sperm triggered a lava flow of erotic sensation I could

feel throughout my whole body. I'd never had an orgasm that felt quite

like that before.

  As my pulse slowly returned to normal, I slipped my hand down and

began to fondle Jan's clitoris as I kissed her.

  "I love you," I whispered as I fingered her love button.

  "I know you do," she replied.

  Our talk ceased as her passions began to grow again. I tried to will

my penis to stay firm inside her as I continued to fondle her most

sensitive spot. Jan's passions mounted as my fingers sent erotic shock

waves through her clit. She rocked her hips against me as a blush crept

across her boobs. Her tits stood up proudly as the cauldron of passion

boiled within her.

  "Oh, God..." she said. "your cock..."

  It was coming back to life. I began to thrust her again as I stroked

her clit--showing no mercy.

  "Mmmmm...ahhhhh!" Jan groaned as I covered her mouth with my lips. I

sucked her tongue as my fingers stroked her love button and my cock

fucked her love tunnel. This triple stimulation began to drive her wild.

  "Uhhhh!!!...Don't stop!" Jan said hoarsely.

  "I won't," I reassured her. I didn't.

  Her breathing became more erratic as she approached orgasm. I pressed

my pelvis against her and rubbed her clitoris without mercy.

  "Yesssss...yessssss...ahhhhhhh!!!" Jan came jerking and gasping as

wonderful explosion of sensations catapulted through her nervous system.

Her whole body shook as her hunger gave way to wave after wave of erotic

spasms. She convulsed underneath me, feeling the full effect of multiple

orgasms and aftershocks.

  "Mmmmmmm..." she said at last, the final tidal wave of erotic energy

sinking into a foam of warmth and satisfaction. She wrapped her legs

around me and held me close. I was glad I had been able to push her over

the edge like that.

  She held me there for a short eternity. Not wanting to crush her, I

eventually backed out and repositioned myself next to her, holding her

in a warm embrace.

  Ten minutes later I got up to blow out the candles, then returned to

bed. We slept naked against each other all night, delighted about the

future together and all the good times we would share.

  Because of hectic work schedules and little vacation, Jan and I were

able to visit each other only four more times before our wedding. The

last two visits were so busy and filled with wedding plans that we

didn't have much time alone together.

  We made love once more before our wedding. It was enjoyable, but like

the incident recorded here it carried with it some awkwardness and sense

of guilt.

  We've come to enjoy married love much more. It's guilt-free and

anchored in our mutual commitment. Not only have we learned about good

sex through practice, but we have grown comfortable with each other.

There are times when we're not good lovers, but that's part of every


  Like most people, we would do some things differently if we could turn

back the clock. But like most, we won't forget the first time.



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