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Archive-name: SpecMome/fantasy.010


Archive-title: One Summer Night

While taking a hike in the fields near my summer cottage

one night, I came upon her sleeping under the stars.

She was lying on her back, fully exposed to nature with

her legs slightly apart.  I paused and gazed at her loveliness

for several minutes.  Quietly I kneeled down and crept close,

careful not to disturb her rest.

Taken by her charms I kissed her toes, gently.  Softly, I

licked her toes, one by one. Kissed them lightly and while 

she stirred, she did not awaken. Lovingly, I placed kisses

on her ankles and gently up her legs.  As if she knew what

I was up to, her legs parted further but she remained asleep.

I continued moving my lips up her thighs, massaging softly with

my tongue and almost imperceptibly, saying "mm!"

As my mouth reached her pubic mound, I brushed my whiskers upon

her triangle.  She moaned softly.  I slipped my tongue inside

her pubic lips and licked and said "mm" aloud. Her legs

spread even more widely. I worried she might become startled, 

but she kept her eyes closed and moved as if she knew me... as

if she had been expecting me.  I tasted her luscious fluids and

began to hum, knowing the vibrations would begin to further 

arouse her.  By now she was clearly into it, although her

eyes remained shut.  I hummed and gently sucked on a growing

button of flesh.  Softly she said, "I knew you'd come to me,"

Please, don't stop."  Growing even more excited myself I

continued my oral massaging as her moans filled the open field.

Before long, her moans grew into loud "Ohs" and "Ahs".  My

passion intensified and so did my humming.  One very loud "Oh"

and a rush of moisture saturated my beard. Her hands moved to

the sides of my head and tugged gently.  She guided me until

my body was classically above hers and my lips softly touched

hers and we kissed passionately. Her tongue moved all around

my mouth as she expressed her feelings with a loud "mm!"

My firmness slipped quickly inside her as her hips thrust

against mine, distinctly welcoming me into her depths.  We

danced together that way for several minutes and rolled over

so that I now had my back on the grass and she had her weight

fully upon me.  My hands moved firmly over her back and sides,

exploring the terrain with firm but tender loving care.

I kissed her as my hands pulled her cheeks apart and my index

finger traced a path to her anal bud and probed inquisitively.

Moistening my finger with her juices, I pushed upon her anus.

Responding she lifted her body and as I continued my thrusts

my finger entered her back door.  My ears began to flush and

my body filled with energy as I rapidly pumped with all my 

soul...  I exploded, filling her body and being with my all,

and my cry filled the night air with an echoing!

Then we quietly held each other as she settled down on me.

We fell asleep that way.   I awoke to find her gone.  I never 

saw her again after that... But I think of her often as I walk

that field on starry summer nights.  Life is blessed for me!



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